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  1. KingBozo

    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance [resolved]

    They some real nice caliper covers at RPM Tesla, i just installed on my 2019 AWD+ and the really look.
  2. KingBozo

    Obvious features/functions that weren't obvious to you

    Every now and then it will request key card to open, even with your phone in your hand, of course I think you can open using the Tesla app
  3. KingBozo

    Door or window problems :(

    Have you tried to recalibrate the windows, go to youtube,
  4. KingBozo

    My first winter

    Welcome toTesla in the winter, yup loss of range but managable and don't worry come spring you'll get it back.
  5. KingBozo

    Just another disappointing aftermarket experience

    As the saying go, you knew it was a snake.
  6. KingBozo

    Having hard time using percentage over miles

    I just multiply the percentage by 3, get's me pretty close to what miles would show, other the that, drive it, charge it, repeat
  7. KingBozo

    Someone ran into my new Model 3

    Similar crash but rear right, new bumper cover and little paint and a little rim repair, 3K looks new.
  8. KingBozo

    Wall charge ranging from 2 - 4 mi /hr?

    That's pretty much what you're going to get off of 120v socket, you'll have to move up to a Nema-14-50 220v, standard electric dryer outlet.
  9. KingBozo

    Anyone LR AWDs Showing 322 Miles Fully Charged?

    Not backed by science but I use a simple equation that get's me close, I use percentage so I multiple 3X Percentage, I never look at milage unless I'm looking at the energy chart, just too many variables. As the say, just charge it and enjoy the ride.
  10. KingBozo

    Wh/mi refresh rate

    Pay attention to the graph and not the "since last charge", and milage, look at percentage, the others will drive you crazy due to multiple variants. Enjoy the ride!!
  11. KingBozo

    Tire Break In

    Drive it like you stole it!!!!!!!
  12. KingBozo

    One pedal driving

    Absolutely, why use breaks when you don't need them. Or, go ahead and use the breaks and continue on the next break job.
  13. KingBozo

    Windshield crack on delivery inspection

    Consider yourself lucky, My M3 was delivered to my home with a crack windshield, they did replace it.
  14. KingBozo

    Any strategies going from MR to LR?

    Mid-+ maybe
  15. KingBozo

    Range increase after latest SW update?

    Was just wondering if anyone else notice a difference in range after the last update 2020.20.12, I've had 3 upgrades thus far in the last couple of weeks and nothing in the notes. Yes I know about winter vs summer range loss, but I'm well pass that being June. My 100% charge was 292, I just...
  16. KingBozo

    Why doesnt my autopilot stop at signs and lights?

    Yes assuming you have 3.0 hardware, your car must be able to receive Wifi to update maps
  17. KingBozo

    Rattle right rear seat back area, not the speaker

    Thanks Dolemite, I looked around the C pillar but no luck, but my sound is coming from right around some type of hook with a plastic cover that flips up, so yes metal and plastic for sure, so I went the old school way, rubber mallet, thus far so good, but you may be on to something about...
  18. KingBozo

    Is Anyone receiving Jeda charger orders? COVID-19

    LOL CANCEL!!! So they're still up with the same old issue, take your money and wait for the ship from China to reach harbor, I believe they're a crowd fund business but not saying so, did you did not look at earlier post dealing with them. There are two other companies that sell the same product...
  19. KingBozo

    Rattle right rear seat back area, not the speaker

    2019 M3...Been chasing this rattle for awhile and hard to nail where the is rattle is coming from other , thought it might be an audio speaker or something but after turning the audio off to eliminate that factor, the rattle was still there. Does anyone know how to get to the area between seat...
  20. KingBozo

    Bluetooth audio volume issue

    Having the same problem but somewhat different, when I happen to turn the infotainment volume down for whatever reason, on exiting the car the volume on the phone stays the same as the car, so I've missed many calls because the volume was to low to notice, it took me awhile to figure it out...
  21. KingBozo

    Jeda charged me March 16, hasn't responded since

    So they're still at it, I've bought 2 items and got the same results, apparently I didn't learn the first time, now that they have some competition and at a cheaper cost, you would think they would get the hint. I've always felt it was a crowd funding operation, get enough money, get enough...
  22. KingBozo

    Speedo indicator shows "P" while driving

    Still on 2.5 over here and it happened.
  23. KingBozo

    Speedo indicator shows "P" while driving

    Let me answer this for Bob, some how or other the bluetooth no longer was set the receive and sent text, no idea why it was no longer on. Thank, Bob
  24. KingBozo

    Speedo indicator shows "P" while driving

    Anyone else experience this issue, was driving along at highway speed, well maybe a little over, looked at the speedo WTF, it was showing "P", took the next offramp pulled over and stopped, moved the lever to reverse, the back to drive, then the "D" indicator showed, and.......I was and still no...
  25. KingBozo

    Good Caliper Paint Shop in SF Bay Area?

    Every think about covers, runs about 250ish, easy to put on, I’m talking M3.
  26. KingBozo

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    With the boost that's about as close as you can get, you won't see track mode and bigger brakes with offset tires and a little hit on effecientcy with those low profile tires and 20" rims. I think the 3 AWD is the sweet spot IMHO
  27. KingBozo

    Defective Windshield ????

    Just putting this out there because some things sounded familiar. There's a class action suit regarding Subaru's windshield and some of things noted were, cracked windshield for no apparent reason and/or unreasonably chipping, heard this lately? So I got to thinking who produces Tesla's...
  28. KingBozo

    Solved: wind noise

    LOL, this was not on my inspection list upon receiving my car, now that I looked, I do not have that black plastic insert on the passenger side. Hummm, of course there were other stuff like no back trunk lid, anyway still love the car another LOL
  29. KingBozo

    Tesla replaced my corded mobile connector with the gen 2

    If your talking about the high power wall charger coming directly from AC panel, does the gen 2 not have dip switch for choosing amps
  30. KingBozo

    Would you buy a "higher end" Model 3?

    Just asking, what is your daily commute mileage that you have to charge every night?
  31. KingBozo

    RPMTesla experience

  32. KingBozo

    Scheduled Charging Sometimes?

    I've used scheduled charging for the last to weeks, no issues, then while kicking back I get a notification Charge Complete WTF, peak hours too. Night before notification charging at 3:57 AM, complete 5:19 AM. So the question is why did it happen, could it be that after an update or upgrade...
  33. KingBozo

    Impressions after a week with my Model 3

    Amen to that, I did the same and it changed my anxiety, I think all of us in the beginning were focused on the miles of range trying to get to that magic number 310, I've never seen 310 from the day I got it, but once again it's all of those variables that come into play. My daily run is about...
  34. KingBozo

    Sad delivery wheel and tire story......

    You know the sad thing is that those of us outside the 150 mile mark and no Service Center in the state (yet) have to take delivery from some third party delivery guy who's not waiting around for you to do a complete detail inspection. My M3 LR AWD NP was delivered with a cracked windshield and...
  35. KingBozo

    Windshield angle or Quality of Glass

    2019 Model 3 LR AWD NP, just wondering if anyone else is experience tiny rock chip on windshield, . What I have are so small just peppered over the entire windshield and or so small they can't be filled, but while driving into the sun you see them, if I hear the slight tick of something you...
  36. KingBozo

    Day 1 accessories?

    Funny, when I first my M3 AWD I ran out and got a floor jack, jack jackstands and pucks to do my own, then I went to costco and had them do it for $25, plus they did a rebalance that I couldn't do.
  37. KingBozo

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Yes I have a 250g and a 500g and know issue, no corrupt files, not like the many thumb drives I've had
  38. KingBozo

    Anyone with Deep Blue M3?

    Try Pinterest and do a search for blue tesla model 3, tons of pictures
  39. KingBozo

    Tesla app down?

    Maybe something to do with the reported lost of power at the Fremont location, who knows
  40. KingBozo

    Is Electrify America a scam for EV's?

    Just viewed a video on YouTube where they used the 25kWH per 100 miles, listed on the sale sticker to compare with an ICE, not Scientific but can put you in the ballpark, efficiency efficiency efficiency
  41. KingBozo

    Tesla factory is down, power outage:(

    So what’s the point? Sell my Tesla stock, cancel my Cybertruck reservation?
  42. KingBozo


    Thanks, I’ll give it a try with reinstalling
  43. KingBozo


    Yup, I got it today and everything looks the same as previous update, so maybe bug fixes because I stopped getting notifications via my phone on start of charge and completion of charge and yes, notification is on for the Tesla App. Anyone else having the same issue?
  44. KingBozo

    Sentry-Why no MicroSD w/ USB adapter AND Lightning (iPhone connector)?

    Well I have a bucket of various USB drives I could send you, too much unreadable or corrupt files, ended up going with the Samsung SSD and have had no problems since, don't go cheap, it's a headache
  45. KingBozo

    No longer getting Battery status after Charging

    Been there and done that as they would say with resetting and turning on and off and I'm using percentage vs miles Percent , at least I'm not the only one, may try doing a bug report and see what I get
  46. KingBozo

    No longer getting Battery status after Charging

    Usually you'll get a notification when charging starts and when it ends and the range, rather than having to open up the app to see if it charged at all.
  47. KingBozo

    No longer getting Battery status after Charging

    Just trying to see if I'm a lone wolf or are others are having the same issue, seems like after the latests update 2019.36, I'm no longer getting battery charge status via iPhone after charge is complete while charging at home using scheduled time.
  48. KingBozo

    TMPS Alert on 3 wheels. What's the correct tire pressure for 19" wheels on a P100D

    I have 18's and it calls for 42, maybe they all do.

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