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    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    Just got mine done. Ride quality is excellent and psi was set to 42 and it was still smooth. Way better then PZeros for sure. Thank you for all the help!
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    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    How is the ride quality and range?
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    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    Perfect just got done ordering them from my tire dealer. Will be getting them installed soon. What PSI do you have the tires currently set to? 42 is default. I am thinking of setting them to be 40psi.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    Is below the correct set of wheels? Front: 265/35ZR21 Style: Blackwall Load Range: XL Serv. Desc: 101Y Back: 275/35ZR21 Style: Blackwall Load Range: XL Serv. Desc: 103Y
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    Martian wheels

    Any different in performance between 19 vs 20 wheels? The guy at martian said 20's are better.
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    Model Y PUP 19 or 20 wheels

    Which all season tires?
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    Can you fit 19x9.5 over the MY Performance brakes?

    Which one do you like the most for your PUP?
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    Wiki Model Y 19" vs 20" Decision Guide

    What is the manufacture part number you went with for the wheels? I see 3 of them in 20x8.5
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    I am going to swap out my 21's with new set of wheels and Vredestein tires. What would you guys recommend 19's or 20's? I was thinking about picking up VREDESTEIN QUATRAC PRO 255/40R20 and Tsport line 20's TSV wheels. Would that work for my MY PUP? Please let me know and your suggestions.
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    Model Y PUP 19 or 20 wheels

    Tesla has offered to do the winter tire package for the MY PUP. What do you guys recommend Gemini or induction? I am going to either keep 21's spare or sale them.
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    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    I am in the same boat. Need new wheels and tires for winter. Should i get 19's or 20's? Currently have the 21's with pzero.
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    MY Red PUP

    All i need your help on getting winter wheels/tires. I live in chicago. Winter is coming soon. I need to replace my 21 wheels/tires with winter package or should i just get an all season package? Please let me know. Thank You
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    MY PUP Tires

    Recommendations on tires?
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    center console wrap

    Which one to good? Please suggest.
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    MY PUP Tires

    Chicago Owners. What tires and wheels should i get to replace my 21 inch turbines? Looking for all season and thinking about selling the 21 inch wheels/tires.
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    Roof and WindShield

    I tinted front driver side and passenger windows to 25%. Should i tint the roof and the windshield? Are you guys leaving the rear side windows alone? Please let me know.
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    WindShield Tinting

    Chicago Owners are you tinting windshield? What percent 70%. How would the night drive be? Please let me know.
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    3D Maxpider Model Y Floor Mats

    Just placed an order for the frunk and the trunk. Can i get in touch with someone to confirm that i will receive the full bundle? I tried calling no on picked up the phone and i sent in an email request.
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    It seems the its factory tented to 25% rear and back side. What are your thoughts on the current tint on the model Y. I was planning on tinting driver and passenger side to 25% and windshield to 70% worth it? What are your guys thoughts? Please let me know is it also recommend to do PPF? The...
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    Cleaning MY

    what equipment do you guys recommend for cleaning the car? Pressure washer and what type of liquid? Please let me know.
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    Upgrade from M3

    To have the 19 inch wheels. I am not sure who will buy the 21's. That is my main concern. I live in chicago as well.
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    Upgrade from M3

    All, I am trying to figure out what i should do. I currently have m3 performance stealth with 18 inch wheels. I ordered MY PUP. Is it worth to upgrade to PUP? Or should i change my build and go with MY Stealth 19 inch wheels? I already have the VIN assigned and the car has arrived at the local...
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    Should I add the Performance Upgrade on my MYP?

    You are correct
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    20 inch induction wheels for AWD is all season tires not for my performance non pup
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    MY PUP Owners

    Thats only with AWD not for performance non pup.
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    i even contacted the local tesla center and they said those tires are summer and not all season. We need someone who has the 20 inch induction wheels to confirm.
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    They are not. it's been confirmed by tesla reps. They are summer tires.
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    I have MY PUP ready for pick up today. I am not sure yet if i am going to pick it up or re do the build.
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    Your only option is 19 inch for MY Performance non PUP or Go with LR AWD 20inch wheels which has all season tires. Unless the LR AWD 20 inch inducation wheels are all season tires. Did they confirm that also?
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    FYI i just spoke to the tesla rep. She mentioned that the tires that come with the MY performance model non pup are summer tires and the tires that come with the long range are all season tires.
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    When i spoke to my rep yesterday he said only the 19's tires are all season and not the 20 and 21 tires.
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    Confirmed with Tesla Rep yesterday and he told me it was summer tires.
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    20" Induction Wheels Now Included On Stealth Performance Y

    Those inductions wheels have summer tires and not all season tires. Tesla Rep confirmed
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    MY PUP Owners

    How is the ride quality on the 21inch wheels? My delivery is ready MY PUP Red with FSD. I am trading in my M3 stealth with 18 inches aero. Any Chicago owners who has the MY PUP Thoughts? Wanted to test drive performance but tesla center in highland park doesnt have the performance model.
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    Trade in Value

    Tesla came back with Quote of 44,700 for trade in, back in april it was 47,000
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    Trade in Value

    I was in the process of trading in my m3 stealth performance for a MY performance. Tesla has really slashed trade in values i am not sure why. I was originally quoted 47k and now its down to 33k since the car was delayed for production. At this point i am going to cancel the order. Trade in...
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    Chicago Owners

    MY PUP or MY AWD? Any suggestions?
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    FSD Upgrade and 2020.12.10

    Only have FSD Preview and no automatic stop at red lights and stop signs. 12.10 doesnt have the automatic stop. i am on HW3.
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    M3P- 2018

    Does the M3P- 2018 get 322 miles also?
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    MYP and AWD

    AWD or MYP? What are you thoughts on the range and the weather. I know with the M3 range is more but with the Y it cuts down alot. What are your thoughts.
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    MYP and AWD

    I currently have the m3p- looking to upgrade to MY. Range is the issue and stuck between MYP or AWD.
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    MYP and AWD

    Got it. Did you purchase FSD? Upgraded from M3? Please let me know.
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    MYP and AWD

    Owners who already own MYP and AWD. What are your thoughts? Worth getting the MYP or Stick with AWD? FSD or no? Please share your thoughts.
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    M3 Trade in value

    Lol vroom gave me 29k for my m3p-.
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    M3 Trade in value

    All, Tesla is offering me $47,800 for M3P-. Is it worth it? or should i find someone private or carmax etc? Please let me know.
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    Finance Rate in Chicago

    Anyone able to get a low finance rate? I was able to find 48 months 1.99% and 60 months 2.69%. Please let me know
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    Finance Rate Went Down

    Can't you get a letter from them stating the rate and price match it to tesla?
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    Finance Rate Went Down

    For EECU do you have to become a member? Or just apply without being an member?
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    Need your help

    I have model 3 stealth performance. I am wanting to upgrade to model Y but not sure what to go for long range or performance. Please help me.
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    Trade-in Deal for Model Y

    Anyone trading in your M3 for MY?

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