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  1. xlpro

    2020 Model X Long Range Plus Raven for Sale - FSD Beta & Xpel wrapped!

    bump! Price reduced to 85K! Need to sell! Very nice X! FSD Beta and Xpel Wrapped!
  2. xlpro

    2020 Model X Long Range Plus Raven for Sale - FSD Beta & Xpel wrapped!

    Bump! Price reduced to 95k! Thanks!
  3. xlpro

    2020 Model X Long Range Plus Raven for Sale - FSD Beta & Xpel wrapped!

    I have a Long Range Plus Raven with FSD and fully wrapped with xpel gloss. Car is near perfect with almost new tires! Blue with creme interior. Asking 99k. Located in Lubbock, Texas. Model Year: 2020 Exterior: Blue Interior: Creme 5 Seat Configuration FSD Beta (15k option) Fully Xpel...
  4. xlpro

    2020 Model X Long Range Plus Raven for Sale - FSD Beta & Xpel wrapped!

    I have a Long Range Plus Raven with FSD and fully wrapped with xpel gloss. Car is near perfect with almost new tires! Blue with creme interior. Asking 99k. Located in Lubbock, Texas. Model Year: 2020 Exterior: Blue Interior: Creme 5 Seat Configuration FSD Beta (15k option) Fully Xpel...
  5. xlpro

    2022 shareholder meeting in-person

    I finally got my registration link email. They did send it to my alternate email address. Contact Investor relations. They did respond and now I have the ticket! Thanks all! See you at the event! I did it on my phone. Just goto ir.tesla.com and then there's a form to fill out. Give them...
  6. xlpro

    2022 shareholder meeting in-person

    Thanks Reddy! I'll try that! I appreciate it!
  7. xlpro

    2022 shareholder meeting in-person

    Reddy, can you please send me this link so I can get my ticket. I can't find my email from Tesla. I've looked everywhere. Thanks! Please send to [email protected]
  8. xlpro

    2022 shareholder meeting in-person

    Can someone send me their email from tesla with the link to get a ticket. I've received the email that said look for an email from [email protected] but I have no email. Please send to [email protected] so I can get my ticket please and thank you!!! Thanks again!!!
  9. xlpro

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    Superchargers are going in at the new Service /Showroom!! Finally!! I can't believe it! They should be on in about 2 weeks 😁
  10. xlpro

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    No they are not planning to right now but that may change. I think they'll have to!
  11. xlpro

    Cyber rodeo tickets Austin Texas

    I'll take 1 or 2 tickets please. Text me please if you have any 806-441-4354 or call. Name your price!
  12. xlpro

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    They told me at the service center they are most likely going to install a few temp Superchargers, my guess is they'll be 72KWH. The chargers at the back are for the service center. It's now open!
  13. xlpro

    Cyber rodeo tickets

    I'll take 1 or 2 tickets, I'll take them now if anyone has any. Please call or text 806-441-4354 Anson H
  14. xlpro

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    I'm painting the new Tesla Service Center and there will be no Superchargers at this site. I'll find out about the Toot n Toteum as have a set of plans and I can ask the project manager. If I find anything out I'll post. New Showroom/service center will be nice with lots of room! Very large...
  15. xlpro

    Performance or LR AWD

    I did exactly what you're doing, ordered the LR non performance, then went for the performance! Either one is great, but I wanted the painted calipers, carbon accent, and rear carbon spoiler. Haven't regretted it one bit! Absolutely love it! You'll be happy with either. You can always add the...
  16. xlpro

    Tesla .. going downhill?

    Owned Model S, X, and 3. All great cars! I live 350 miles from a service center and all my repairs have been at my house! All Tesla Technicians have been great and taken care of any problems with ease, love the mobile service. Heck they have brought me a loaner Tesla Model S from Dallas...
  17. xlpro

    Tesla Model S sometimes cost less to repair than others

    Here's a nice video of what I'm talking about. thanks!
  18. xlpro

    Anyone getting close to 150 kW?

    I'm hitting 149KW at Amarillo Supercharger in my P3D
  19. xlpro

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    This getting ridiculous! However whenever we do get it, it should be V3!
  20. xlpro

    Supercharger - Lubbock, TX

    Yes sad I agree. Tesla has really dropped the ball on this one. The map showed 2017, then 2018, now it's 2019 and still no signs of a supercharger. Well anyway if anyone passing thru needs to charge I have 2 HPWC (240VAC @ 80-amps - 19.2 KW) come on by. I've had about 20 Teslas charge so far...
  21. xlpro

    Anyone still waiting for silver delivery?

    Silver IMO Best color with silver wheels / white interior, looks great with all glass roof, love it. I don't understand why it isn't more popular also, especially after the original reveal!
  22. xlpro

    Web Browser Useless

    Yes I have to reboot the MCU everytime I get into the car to get the browser to work. After the reboot browser is fast and works well and I love the Tesla Winds and Elevation app as I live in windy West Texas. Also I don't need to look at a map all day, so I just put a nice picture of a...
  23. xlpro

    A message to this forum about V9.

    Hate V9. Tesla has ruined my car. Drove my X all day today with V9 and I can honestly say it's the worst UI ever!!! If I have the web browser up ( which I do all the time showing Tesla Winds & Elev) when I get back in the car, the radio pops up and the web is now gone. If I have the browser up...
  24. xlpro

    Web Browser Useless

    My browser will not work every time I get back in the car. I have to reboot MCU then it works fine for the rest of the drive. I think it's almost every single time. Also if it's running slow reboot. They definitely need to fix this problem along with the DashCam not working after driving a...
  25. xlpro

    295 miles, no EAP

    Same thing happened to me. They didn't configure your car correctly at the factory. I called them and it took about 2 business days and it was on. The bummer is that I received my car on a Tuesday and we went on a 1000 mile road trip the following weekend, so by the time I figured I had no...
  26. xlpro

    Supercharger - Sweetwater, TX

    Iced at Sweetwater! Only 2 stalls available last night. Some people just don't care!!
  27. xlpro

    Supercharger - Amarillo, Texas

    Me too. Charged my Model 3 at Amarillo and no charge, no idle fee charges either. Don't know why as all other SuperChargers I've visited have charged me. But I'm not cmomplaining!
  28. xlpro

    Supercharger - Austin, TX

    I've been to Austin 3 times on the last year including today to see my daughter and still no Supercharger. It's getting ridiculous!!! Heading to San Marcos now. Had to stay in a hotel with Tesla HPWC last two times. Disappointing to say the least!!
  29. xlpro

    22" Model X Wheels W/ Tires - Silver

    any pictures?
  30. xlpro

    Model S Price Cut: How Telsa treats new owners

    There should be a 30 day grace period IMHO. I just paid $10,300 (with tax) for Model X upgrade, and then it was cut to $6500, and now $4500. I emailed Tesla 2 times on this, got a response, but no action yet.
  31. xlpro

    SoCal: Tricked Out 75D or Bare 100D?

    75D with all the options (6 seater) is the way to go:)
  32. xlpro

    For Sale: 2017 Model S 75 - Loaded - Free Supercharging - SunTek Wrapped

    My mistake! I thought it was a Model X!
  33. xlpro

    For Sale: 2017 Model S 75 - Loaded - Free Supercharging - SunTek Wrapped

    Does this have the 6 seat interior?
  34. xlpro

    X60D Range Upgrade to 75 price reduced!

    Wow I just bought an X off the forum, haven't even picked it up yet, had the range upgrade done last week at a cost of $9500 + tax. I wonder if Tesla would give me a rebate as it was done in the last few days! I doubt it!! :(
  35. xlpro

    Model X 60D For sale 8K+ Miles Mint condition $73.5K

    sold to me! Can't wait to pick it up! Flying in from Texas and driving cross country back. Should be a lot of fun:)
  36. xlpro

    Tesla X 75D 4,000 miles For Sale

    Any pictures?
  37. xlpro

    Software update 8.0.2

    Yes I noticed the speed on autopilot is now restricted to the actual speed limit. I usually set the speed to 3 mph over the posted and now I can't ! Man this is irritating! Every upgrade is a downgrade (in some respect!!!) I hope they fix this, I wish they would just leave it alone sometimes!!!
  38. xlpro

    Supercharger - Sweetwater, TX

    I noticed Sweetwater was down yesterday, looks like it's back up today. Hopefully they fixed the problems it was having with charging bouncing up and down. Anyone been by there today?
  39. xlpro

    My first Texas road trip using superchargers

    Same problem with Sweetwater last weekend. I took a trip from Lubbock to Austin to see my daughter. On Friday the 21st of this month we arrived at Sweetwater with around 75 miles in the pack and the supercharger only hit about 100-115 amps. So I tried another stall and same result. It also kept...
  40. xlpro

    Supercharger - Childress,TX

    I've got an upcoming job in Childress of all places. I rarely go that far for a job. Now I can take the Model S! I was surprised to see how quickly this one popped up. Thank you Tesla Supercharger Team:)
  41. xlpro

    Not a Fan

    Just bought a rare P85 RWD w/autopilot with dual chargers and yes it's a great touring car, feel lucky to have it! Can't ever see selling this one! But you never know what the future holds:)
  42. xlpro

    Supercharger - Sweetwater, TX

    Come charge at my house at 80amps! Just let me know when you're coming and I'll be glad to accommodate! Anson (806) 441-4354
  43. xlpro

    Supercharger - Sweetwater, TX

    Looks like they're both up!! Now I can finally go to DFW!! Thank you Tesla SuperCharger Team!!
  44. xlpro

    Supercharger - Cisco, TX

    It showed up on mine! Yehaw!!
  45. xlpro

    Ordering OE Model S Center Caps?

    Yes you can get them at a local service center. I stopped at the Nashville SC on the way back from picking up my P85 and they had both grey and silver in stock. I bought both as I have 2 sets of wheels. And you won't believe it - they are only $ 5 a piece! Has to be the cheapest part on the...
  46. xlpro

    Anyone else affected by data connectivity outage today (8/15/2016)

    Yes had problems all day. Hot spotted the iPhone and working now.
  47. xlpro

    Loss of connectivity Today

    Same here in Texas! It's been this way all day! I hot spotted my iPhone and connected and all is well now.
  48. xlpro

    Brand New Model X 75D

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