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    German Court Orders Tesla to Stop Clearing Land at New Factory Site

    Interview with president of Grüne Liga Brandenburgs, Heinz-Herwig Masche: (Google translate is your friend) Interview | Grüne Liga Brandenburg: "Tesla besitzt keine Baugenehmigung" - Brandenburg - Startseite "We don't want to stop Tesla"
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    Blog Report: Tesla Has Refunded 23% of Model 3 Deposits

    A bit strange they only show numbers after May 2017. Why? Could it be because so many ordered the Tesla Model 3 in the year prior to that that these later numbers doesn't matter in comparison? Show us the numbers of May 2016 for scale!
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    Did we witness a delivery event - without any actual, you know, deliveries? :confused:
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    Were any Tesla Model 3 actually delivered to anyone today?
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    That's it?! We didn't even see any actual cars being delivered? Well THAT will start all kind of conspiracy theories...
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    I certainly hope I don't need to order a third Model 3 to watch. Can't see any bl*dy countdown :mad::mad::mad:
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    Inside the NVIDIA PX2 board on my HW2 AP2.0 Model S (with Pics!)

    @kdday: do you have bought fully autonomous drive or just the enhanced autopilot? Because it could be different boards for those two with one or two GPU-s.
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    Integrated solar roofs

    Batteries are not especially heavy. 1 kWh of batteries is enough to store a day's production of electricity from one m2 of solar panel. That is about 5 kg of added weight to a solar panel typically weighting about 15 kg/m2 already. Plus about 5 kg for the cooling. Results in 25 kg/m2 instead of...
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    Integrated solar roofs

    What if we should read the master plan literally? "Create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage" Imagine this: a solar panel with batteries attached to the back of it. Thus it can "provide power" even after sunset! Between the solar panel and the batteries coolant...
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    Tesla Master Plan Part 2 & 3

    Part 2 of the master plan got delayed, because:
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    Tesla's Prayer

    At Tesla Club Sweden our member Wahll came up with this brilliant prayer: (if anyone gets offended please accept our apologies) Tesla's Prayer Our Tesla built in California, hallowed be thy name. Thy made in your factory. Thy will be driven on roads as it is in navigator. Give us this day...
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    Towing Capacity 5000 lbs, no mention of mileage

    In Europe, where we love towing stuff, Tesla has a different setup on (some of) their Superchargers: some do not require the driver to reverse into the charging spot, thus trailers can remain attached.
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    Another Dealer EV Horror Story

    Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to emission test an electric vehicle?! Every time they try they don't get any readouts! :biggrin:
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    Private Tesla Fastcharger? [Not quite a supercharger] This guy bought 2.

    You get two 60 kW chargers for €60,000 - including installation.
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    Private Tesla Fastcharger? [Not quite a supercharger] This guy bought 2.

    Read more about the Karlskrona Fastcharger at Tesla Club Sweden: Google Översätt They are privately owned, but free access to all Tesla owners. They are limited to 60 kW due to simpler mains connection (100A 400V three-phase). The TCS article also describes how to order your own, they cost...
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    ICEing at SCs and how to handle it

    We handled it in our own little way: We BEV-d a gas station :biggrin: Last Saturday suddenly a dozen electric cars -silently!- appeared out of nowhere and occupied all available pumps at a gas station in Stockholm, Sweden. Read the whole story at BEV-ing a gas station - Tesla Club Sweden
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    BEV-ing a gas station

    It is a custom wrap. Hexis blue metallic. More pictures of the car at teslaclubsweden.se
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    BEV-ing a gas station

    From the people who gave you "test drive of a petrol car": We BEV-d a gas station :biggrin: Last Saturday suddenly a dozen electric cars -silently!- appeared out of nowhere and occupied all available pumps at a gas station in Stockholm, Sweden. Read the whole story at BEV-ing a gas...
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    Test drive of a petrol car

    We had to quickly add some extra CPU-s to it. The first peak shows how high load our server managed to handle before it got overloaded: Tweet from Elon Musk = DDoS attack :biggrin:
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    ICE Trip

    It IS already in a separate thread here at TMC: Test drive of a petrol car
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    The Nissan LEAF emits such a noise. I have a LEAF and can testify that nobody NOBODY is alerted by it. People are not even alerted by gasoline engine noise any more - unless you step on the pedal so the motor revs up. Not being able to do so with the LEAF noisemaker renders it useless. Oh...
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    Test drive of a petrol car

    This is what many Swedes and Norwegians have been laughing at this week: Test drive of a petrol car - Tesla Club Sweden
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    As a Leaf owner with an annoying artificial sound generator I can affirm you it does not help at all. People still can't hear you coming. They are used to move aside only if you roar your engine :-(
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    Elon "About to end range anxiety"

    They will obviously release a new firmware with the words "DON'T PANIC" in large, friendly letters on the center screen :tongue:
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    Model S trailer hitch testing?

    Tommy Rojas tweeted this pic: tommy rojas on Twitter: For me it looks like a dual-motor Model S with wheel sensors hauling a trailer loaded with test load. TM doing some testing of a trailer hitch? The D versions of Model S do have the same motor combination as Model X, that will be...
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    Tesla 3rd party api now available?

    Yes, it is a smartphone app. See their press release: ​Henk charges his Tesla when electricity price is low
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    SpaceX rocket landing pad! :D OK, serious now: if you are going to build a hundred wind towers it is easier on flat ground. Moving cranes and equipment around. You don't do it for one, but perhaps you do it for one hundred.
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    One thing strikes me looking at the pictures: why ONE building instead of several ones? If say a fire starts in the factory isn't it easier to contain it if the factory is split up in say 8 large buildings, instead of one HUGE?
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    Where is the Model X Test Mule? Is there one?

    Something is wrong with that back door. Isn't it properly closed, or what?
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    Tesla moments

    So they managed to put it back together again? :wink: Obviously it was an early Tesla they bought for "engineering evaluation" meaning buying a competitor's car and dismantling it to pieces to see how it was made.
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    Where is the Model X Test Mule? Is there one?

    Secret Model X test mule? :wink:
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    New Gen-III Renderings Request -Theo Chin, Others?

    A bit confusion right now. According to Auto Express Elon Musk said "three bars", according to Tesla Motors tweet it will be "Model 3". Anyway, it was easier for me to horizontal flip the upper part of the "S" in MODEL S in the picture and thus create a "3" than make three bars.
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    New Gen-III Renderings Request -Theo Chin, Others?

    The badge on the car:
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    Falcon wing door - rain concern?

    Breaking news: Model X passengers will get wet in the rain after they have left the vehicle!
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    The Oatmeal's Description and Review of his Magical Space Car

    I loved the cartoon too, but wish he didn't bring the fires up again. People have actually already forgot those fires. During my conversations with people noone mentions them any more. So why bring it up again?
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    Tesla Abandons Model E Trademark

    I don't care what you are calling it, just sell me the darn thing already!
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    What questions should be asked during the Conference Call of ER Q1 on May 7th, 2014?

    I would like to know what has happened to the European Supercharger rollout? According to plan, around a hundred of them will be installed this year. But after a third of the year gone we still only have the same 14 of them we had at the beginning of this year :-(
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    New model E, or 5yr old model S?

    If they cost the same I would definitely take the used S. At least the first year, until any issues with the Model E has been worked out. Aand apart from early issues, the Model E will have lower specs, both in handling and range.
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    April Fools: Autonomous Driving Early Beta

    Translated news article from teslaclubsweden.se: Autonomous Driving Early Beta The newly launched release 5.9 of the Tesla Model S software contains a hidden beta version of the self-driving autopilot Tesla Motors are developing. Elon Musk has repeatedly stated that Tesla Motors are...
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    Volkswagens MODEL X doublette- Prototype Clipper, 560km range, EV, 9 seater, 2 motor

    It is simply solved by the fact that the Model X has a B pillar...
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    Volkswagens MODEL X doublette- Prototype Clipper, 560km range, EV, 9 seater, 2 motor

    It seats 6, not 9. And if you look carefully at the video you will see that the left rear door fails to close properly first, only on the second try. :smile: The driver gets so stressed he drives aways without waiting for the front door to close properly. I wonder if the rear door can be...
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    Tesla Model X camera like mirror on a Honda Accord??? (video)

    I don't know about rear-view mirror usage in the USA, but here in Europe you are thought in driving school to look at your rear view mirrors every 5 seconds. You can't rely on any switches then for the images to appear - they must be visible at all time.
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    Tesla Model X camera like mirror on a Honda Accord??? (video)

    On the center screen.
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    If you were a designer for competitor what would you do to combat Tesla?

    Sure, why not. No can do. Your customers are not the people buying the cars, but the resellers. And resellers WANT people to bring in their cars for expensive maintenance. No can do, for the same reason as above. Resellers WANT people to abandon perfectly working good cars just because they...
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    Tesla Model X camera like mirror on a Honda Accord??? (video)

    The picture you are referring to actually already shows the rear mirror camera images to the left and right of the spedometer. I recon the information that was shown next to the spedometer in Model S will be moved to the center screen in Model X. Only the spedometer will remain in the...
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    New Seats and Retro Fit Seats - Does anyone know when?

    Several Swedish car magazines have complained about the poor design of the Tesla Model S headrests. They offer no whiplash protection at all. (You know, Volvo-country...) However, as the European crash test EuroNCAP do check for whiplash protection we certainly hope Tesla Motors will improve...
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    What's going to be at the 2014 NAIAS Tesla exhibit?

    Perhaps ALL 2014 Model S will have 4 wheel drive! :cool: I mean, all Model X will have 4-wheel drive, so why not all Model S too?
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    What does Toyota see in "Fool" Cells?

    Toyota needs fuel cells because they realize they simply cannot get enough batteries for all their future vehicles. Tesla Motors will need to build the largest battery factory in the world just to supply batteries for their expected volume of 500 000 cars a year in the future. Toyota makes 10...
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    Stockholm Meeting

    Tesla Motors has today opened its first pop-up store in Täby Centrum, Stockholm, Sweden! Teslabutiken i Täby Centrum - Tesla Club Sweden Come and meet Tesla Motors and Tesla Club Sweden at Täby Centrum Saturday 14th of December at 3 o'clock! See the car, meet Tesla Motors' staff, meet other...
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    Anyone replace the horn?

    Air horn in electric car: Ylvis - Elbil med toghorn (English subtitles) - YouTube (Yes, from the guys who gave you "What does the fox say?")

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