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    Quick connection phone dock kit

    I have an extra quick connection phone dock kit with the micro USB cable. Asking $30. Pick up locally in SF bay area, preferably south bay area.
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    Need some minor body work/repair.

    They don't do body work themselves. chilton auto body - It is the one they use/recommend.
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    Nice Bike Rack for the X....

    Anyone know what bike rack this is...
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    Idiot List

    Another one to add to the list on the doors: The front doors swing out fully if they "detect" no obstructions. However, be careful when opening against a curb. I pulled into a parking spot the other day which happened to have a pretty high curb and the door opened full swing. Luckily, there was...
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    Manual trunk release?

    Yeah, I'm not sure what this was so thought I ask if folks knew. I'll check with the SC next week during my appt.
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    Manual trunk release?

    Anyone know what this is in the picture. It is on the left hand side in the trunk area. Is this the manual trunk release? Is this how it is or is something missing here like a pull handle, etc?
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    VIN 22xx

    Hey @umeshunni , congrats on the car. Looks great. I'm surprised that we have very close VINs yet you did not get the active spoiler but you received the bio-weapon defense mode. Do you actually have the extra hepa filter in the frunk or just the button? I'm so surprised at the dependencies in...
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    Black on Black

    I recently picked up mine, Black metallic with black leather and black headliner. Initially, I thought it would too dark but now that I have, I love it. I've had cars with light headliner before and they've always gotten dirty because of kids n all so I'm glad I got black this time.
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    Miles on your Model X at Delivery

    As part of the factory tour, they mentioned that each vehicle is tested on the dyno and test track behind the factory as part of QA cycle.
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    Blind Holster Phone

    It was...
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    Front license plate

    This is from my pick up post: Surprisingly, there were still some S’s in final assembly which had the old fascia but the majority of the ones before final had the new fascia. Interesting note: All the S’s with the new fascia had the front license plate holder installed using the new glued on...
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    Model X May Deliveries

    Here my pick up thoughts and general observations. The X and pickup: The pickup process was very smooth. We arrived a little early for our appt so we got a chance to look at the car and do the initial payment stuff first saving our 45 mins or more after the tour to look over the car and hear...
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    VIN 22xx

    Picking mine up now. Will post details tomorrow.
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    Two Tesla top manufacturing executives to leave following Model X production issues

    Let's see if the get picked up by Apple now
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    Model X May Deliveries

    This wasn't there before. They must have added it recently. I didn't order the PUP so let's see if I actually get it or not. I added it to my checklist.
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    Blind Holster for phone

    I've see another thread where it was mentioned that the blind phone holster is not included if you did not get the premium package. Has anyone with non-PUP confirmed this? As far as I remember, and also from this fuzzy picture, it wasn't mentioned in the PUP selection.
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    VIN 22xx

    I ended up picking next week since I couldn't get time off work this week.
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    VIN 22xx

    Just got the call for delivery for this week. The new estimates seems to be real :)
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    Model X May Deliveries

    Mines been that way for a long while even when I had Late Mar-April text visible.
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    VIN 22xx

    The myTesla page for me updated from Late March-April to: Your estimated delivery window is May 2, 2016 - May 9, 2016 Yay!!
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    VIN 22xx

    Not me, I have leather seats.
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    VIN 22xx

    Yeah man, we have such a low VIN compared to some other deliveries that it is frustrating at times as to why it so. Anyway, I got a call from my DS today that my X is not coming this month. He said early May, within two weeks. It's finishing up quality inspections soon. Let's see if that holds...
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    Model X April Deliveries

    Well, I'm not getting mine in April. My DS says early May. VIN 22nn, non-PUP
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    VIN 22xx

    My DS called me on Friday that I should expect delivery before end of this month but that just leaves a few more days. I'm expecting by next week tho realistically. VIN 22nn - non-PUP
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    Model X April Deliveries

    Got an update from DS that my X is in final inspections but no confirmed date yet. I'm still hoping for by end of April but I think it will slip into May realistically. Hopefully, I'm getting a more solid product in exchange. VIN 22nn, non-PUP
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    Model X April Deliveries

    @asicguy, Looks like you have been one of the first non-Premium pkg deliveries. Can you please post some pics of the front fog lights and interior since these would be different. Also, can you let us know if the tailgate is powered and is the spoiler active or not. Thanks in advance
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    VIN 22xx

    That sounds very similar, i.e. the "emphasis on quality." My DS had this to say: "At this time, we are highly focused on producing a quality vehicle and building a new product such as the Model X, is a lengthy process."
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    Model X April Deliveries

    I had asked my DS whether the recall will affect the delivery timeline in anyway for cars being currently produced. She just responded that there is no impact or delay. VIN 22nn, non-PUP.
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    VIN 22xx

    I haven't heard anything other than the email itself. However, my DS has never been proactive about anything. She only responds when I email her about something and that too after a day or so.
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    What will you name your Model X?

    Black Knight
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    Interesting Ratio 5:7

    Awesome color! Do you mind sharing info on what you got done and cost.
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    Any cars delivered without premium package or uHI-Fi

    Nope, not as far as I know. Mine does not have those options and my DS just informed me that it is in production. Hopefully, we will find out soon what it looks like.
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    Model X April Deliveries

    Just got word from my DS that car is in production and on target for delivery this month. Vin 22nn. 90D with no prem pkg. So, it seems they finally started working cars without premium which was the hold up for mine.
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    Random Model X sightings

    What's a stealth wrap? Do you have any pics and cost?
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    Random Model X sightings

    Saw this one, a P90D Sig at Legoland hotel in CA this weekend
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    VIN 22xx

    The estimates still says Late March - April for me. My DS says my car is not in active production yet.
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    VIN 22xx

    I'm VIN 22nn also but what I've noticed is that they are making cars with premium pkg right now. Not sure if you have that Umesh.
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    Got a new email - Accelerate your Model X delivery

    Seems like a generic email but wondering if this really means that delivery will come shortly?
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    Any non premium pkg deliveries

    I was wondering if anyone has taken delivery of an X without the premium package. Specifically, my questions are related to the fog lights(do they exist in non-prem pkg?) and what is the interior like without the extra trim and ambiance lighting?
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    Production (Non-Sig) Model X Vin #'s now being issued

    Which wheels are these? I don't remember seeing them in the config tool when I ordered.
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    Vendor Red Multi-Coat Protected with XPEL ULTIMATE

    looks awesome. BTW, I think this is the first X I've seen with a front license plate holder
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    Tesla order page change res # to Model X 00XXXX

    This Monday when I saw my VIN was updated, I did not have a estimated delivery either. However, I checked today and I have one. Late March-April :smile:
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    self presenting door

    I needed this confirmed because I didn't order the Prem pkg so I just got off the phone and spoke to someone named Ryan. He confirmed that there are indeed motors in the doors which can be actuated from the fob, console, phone app, etc. He said there is no other way to open them because unlike...
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    self presenting door

    I got a different response for the same question. I was told that the all doors are still powered/motors, just won't auto-present. Not sure what to believe now. :(
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    Vin 346 Delivery

    Newbie question: Is this the way a typical Tesla delivery is? Meaning: Red carpet, employees clapping/cheering, etc.
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    "Meet Model X: Exclusive Viewing"

    Some pics from the viewing
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    "Meet Model X: Exclusive Viewing"

    I'm in the bay area and I just got invited. Will be attending for sure.

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