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  1. Electric Machete

    Model S and X unlock using phone

    The Model 3 is shipping with no fob. They are providing an RFID card instead. Most people will just use their phone, which when paired with the app, unlocks the vehicle as you approach. Does anyone know if this will be possible with existing S and X models? I obviously can unlock the car using...
  2. Electric Machete

    Accident shows safety Model S!

    That is amazing. I love this car. Just keeps getting better. Its been over a year and I still get excited to drive it.
  3. Electric Machete

    Carbon Fiber Valve Caps

    Please ignore the curb rash.
  4. Electric Machete

    P85 wrapped in 3M Black Brushed metal - whats your favorite Tesla color?

    That sheen looks a bit like a mafia guy's suit.
  5. Electric Machete

    Tesla's water based paint

    I did opti-coat on my black Model S and it came out beautifully. I don't have any more swirl marks. I'm also much more careful when washing the car. I have a bunch of microfiber towels and they only enter the bucket once to get wet. After they are on the car they go into a pile for the washing...
  6. Electric Machete

    Overhead Cable Reel Install for the HPWC

    That is a gorgeous set up. Looks like a Tesla museum in there. Is your garage door solid wood?
  7. Electric Machete

    To spoiler or not spoiler?

    For me it depends upon the color of the car. With the white and pearl I think it looks great. I had the same dilema with my black Model S and I elected not to install it. I think it would look good on your car. If you don't like it, I think you will only need dental floss to remove it.
  8. Electric Machete

    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    I think most of the loaners eventually get sold. I suppose they could disclose this information to prospective buyers, but I don't think Tesla is racing to find a new way to depreciate the value of cars they haven't sold yet. Don't hold your breath for this solution.
  9. Electric Machete

    False Positives With FW 5.8.4 Charge Current Reduction?

    After the most recent software update, my mobile connector stopped working. I took it to Tesla in Dania Beach, FL and they said the connector was fine and they have had issues with the UMC since the update. I returned home and it was working again, but I am only charging at 30amps when I had...
  10. Electric Machete

    Geting in and out of the darn thing...

    I'm 40 years old, 6'4" and about 185 lbs and I don't have any difficulty getting into or out of the car. Perhaps raising the suspension when you park may help? The car is low to the ground, but I don't notice much of a difference between the Model S and the BMW 335i I used to drive. Perhaps the...
  11. Electric Machete

    Firmware 5.8

    I noticed that Slacker doesn't seem to have as many skips and pauses as before. After that last update it was an absolute mess. Seems better now.
  12. Electric Machete

    Black + OptiCoat Pro + Swirls?

    I had opti-coat done recently on my black Model S. Looked better than factory when I got it back. My detailer, based out of Miami, sent me a YouTube link. I have Tesla factory paint armor and then had the whole hood wrapped by Tesla Dania Beach right after delivery in January 2013. Advanced...
  13. Electric Machete

    Waterproofed my keyfob (lots of pictures)

    Yes you can. If the fob is dead, the RF still works and allows you to unlock and drive the car.
  14. Electric Machete

    MOTORTREND : Best drivers car

    I saw the dotted yellow line appear when driving 110 MPH on a big sweeping corner of I-75. I had plenty of battery left and I had gradually built up to that speed starting at around 90 MPH when I went into the turn.
  15. Electric Machete

    MOTORTREND : Best drivers car

    I've taken my Model S 85P on the track and had a pretty good time with it. I'm not a pro, was just out for some fun. Later in the evening a pro did drive the car and loved it at first, then after the first lap the power and acceleration dropped off and I was pretty disappointed. I'm happy now to...
  16. Electric Machete

    USB Tethering?

    Is USB tethering available as an option for connectivity in 5.0? I know they have enabled wifi tethering but I would prefer USB.
  17. Electric Machete

    LTE Hotspot Tethering Performance?

    I have the unlimited plan from AT&T as well. I called and the only way to tether without jailbreaking is to change to a tiered plan with a minimum of 5GB per month. I don't think they will let the unlimited plan stick around too much longer anyway so I'm considering making the change.
  18. Electric Machete

    What if the key fob gets wet?

    I'd like to see Tesla or a 3rd party sell a waterproof key fob.
  19. Electric Machete

    LTE Hotspot Tethering Performance?

    It is my understanding that Verizon's network doesn't allow data streaming to occur simultaneously with speaking on the phone. If your car is using data streamed through the phone, would you still receive calls? If you received calls, would data streaming be suspended? You should find out before...
  20. Electric Machete

    How much are you prepared to pay for connectivity?

    For me a few things will factor in. 1. I cannot tether my iPhone to anything since I have an unlimited data plan. I would have to switch to a limited data plan to tether. 2. I don't like the idea of turning on tethering each time I drive. The question is how much would I pay each month not to...
  21. Electric Machete

    Considering Model S, advice on charging at home...

    It's easy to get twisted up trying to sort out amperage and voltage and NEMA plugs. A toaster plug style outlet (120V) can provide 3-5 miles for each hour it is plugged in. A washing machine style outlet (240V, Tesla recommends NEMA 14-50) can provide 25-30 miles for each hour it is plugged...
  22. Electric Machete

    One Year Later: What's Missing?

    Tesla App Store
  23. Electric Machete

    battery swapping confirmed - no more "mystery" announcement

    I don't see Tesla swapping batteries for the Model S. At least not for a long time. Building swapping stations for the Model S doesn't make sense from a financial perspective. I think the goal was to demonstrate the technology. Model S and Model X owners and reservation holders are a tiny...
  24. Electric Machete

    My charge port won't open

    For about the last month I have had the problem with the charge port door not opening. It makes a click when I use the charging cable button but doesn't open. I have begun using the control screen on the 17" touchscreen. Often times that will click several times in a row, "click, click, click...
  25. Electric Machete

    Firmware 4.5

    There was mention previously that the speaker crackle when streaming an internet source was going to be fixed in the "next update". Does anyone know if this was addressed?
  26. Electric Machete

    Mobile App feature requests

    Enable ability to drive the car without a key present. If you lose the key while you are away from home it would be quite helpful. Perhaps password protected.
  27. Electric Machete

    Tesla Model S P+ vs BMW M3 sedan (and everything else out there)

    "Orgasm on wheels" That should be their new slogan. You've done a great job of expressing exactly how I, too, feel about Tesla and the Model S. Is there an Elon Musk mutual fund yet? Tesla, Space X, and Solar City are all going to be big winners.
  28. Electric Machete

    Performance Plus Package now available as option or retrofit

    Performance Plus Package Is this based upon the tweaked version of the car that Elon was driving? I recall something about wider wheels and a modified suspension. $6,500 for a pre-order. $13,000 for a retrofit. Model S Options Pricing | Tesla Motors Engadget article link Tesla Model...
  29. Electric Machete

    Audio: Speaker rattle

    OK. Good to know. I will ask them to take another look when I bring my car in again. I'm waiting on the carbon fiber dash to replace the piano black that they had installed.
  30. Electric Machete

    Audio: Speaker rattle

    I have the feeling that the rattle people are hearing is not from loose bits in the speaker. I think this is a software or compression issue (low bitrate when streaming). What are the odds that everyones rattle would be coming from the passenger side front of the vehicle. When I hear the rattle...
  31. Electric Machete

    Official: Model S Service Plans

    The service plan page lists the limits at 4 years, 50,000 miles. Tesla Service | Tesla Motors - - - Updated - - - Same here.
  32. Electric Machete

    New Door Handle Fix Sequence....At Least I Think It Was

    First the tire and now the door handle? That sucks. Hang in there. Hopefully they will sort it all out. I fell lucky not to have had any serious issues yet. The guys at the Dania Beach store told me that the door handles are the most complex part in the car. More complex than the motor assembly...
  33. Electric Machete

    Sonos sound systems and Tesla

    I've been a Sonos fan for about 5 years now. I can't speak to the quality of the speakers yet though. I have two powered amps and one passive that runs through my receiver. They all run to in ceiling speakers or outdoor speakers. The software is what I think separates Sonos. I am expecting the...
  34. Electric Machete

    Before and After tinting on Black S

    Ok, then it was 20%. I was pretty certain that was the correct number. $600 maybe? I can't recall exactly they did some other work and a hood wrap as well.
  35. Electric Machete

    Tesla Tire Repair Kit details

    This conversation is only about 19" wheels, right? It was my understanding that the tires on the 21" rims cannot be patched. Or am I mistaken?
  36. Electric Machete

    Before and After tinting on Black S

    I believe I took both sets of photos after washing the car and forgot to get it out of high. I had not seen before and afters yet. Posted for those thinking about it.
  37. Electric Machete

    Before and After tinting on Black S

    15 or 20% tint (can't remember which) applied by Tesla at the Dania shop in Florida.
  38. Electric Machete

    When would you let your kids plug in your car?

    I asked my kids to make signs and put them on the garage door to remind me to plug it in. I still forget sometimes. It hasn't become a natural thing even after 3 months.
  39. Electric Machete

    No car after 24hrs of taking delivery

    I'm never surprised at how dealerships can screw up the simplest things. If they promise a car on a specific day, they should call if the vehicle is not ready - preferably as soon as they know. In my experience this almost never happens. It is a rare instance when I am contacted by a repair...
  40. Electric Machete

    Audio crackling with slacker - sounds different from FM to Slacker

    It would certainly save Tesla some time if their service department doesn't have to replace the same front passenger side speakers. It seems like a software vs. bandwidth problem rather than a bad speaker.
  41. Electric Machete

    Audio crackling with slacker - sounds different from FM to Slacker

    I think the crackling sound from the front passenger speakers must be a non speaker based problem. I have been unable to reproduce the sound while listening to FM either. I imagine Tesla could fix it if they were aware it is a system wide problem. Does anyone not notice that sound when streaming...
  42. Electric Machete

    how to tell if you have upgraded audio?

    I have the same speaker crackle. It has been noted by others. There is a posted thread about it. When I brought mine in they were unable to reproduce it. I don't think they tried very hard - it's pretty obvious.
  43. Electric Machete

    GPS position Stuck?!?

    Is the little location icon lit up in blue or is it grayed out? If you uncheck it your position won't move.
  44. Electric Machete

    First experience with a Ranger

    I just got my car back from the South Florida service center where it was detailed, the hood wrapped and windows tinted. The car was also pulling slightly to the right and they realigned it. There was something in my paperwork about updating the DC to DC converter (not sure if this was a...
  45. Electric Machete

    Can it replace my Jag XF Suprtcharged? the numbers do not add up......

    The Model S would likely offer you less convenience than an ICE considering your 220 mile R/T unless there is easy charger access at your destination, then I would say the Model S is more convenient. Those of us who have made the move to the Model S did so knowing the limitations of an...
  46. Electric Machete

    Big Brother Inside

    Does anyone know of a real world example where the kind of data Tesla is gathering has been used to perpetrate a crime against an individual? Has it ever happened or is there just theoretical concern? I would think GPS data would likely serve to exonerate me from a crime rather than make me a...
  47. Electric Machete

    Media Playlists - I'm surely missing something

    The heart with a plus will add the station to your favorites. The plain gray heart icon is where this list is stored. The music note with the plus will tell Slacker that you like that song. It will play more often and the qualities that that song contains (many factors go into this) will allow...
  48. Electric Machete

    XM radio no longer available after one week

    I was able to convert a lifetime Sirius subscription to XM lifetime. They initially were only charging me the standard $75 to move the subscription, but that price would not have included "Best of Sirius", so they charged an additional $100 for that for the lifetime. I am really just using it to...

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