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    M3 SR+ 150 miles on full charge

    Winter is here, sorry to say. This is what I was getting with my SR+, quite normal.
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    Anyone with a model 3 LR in Q4 delivery have the 12 month premium connectivity trial

    Yes 12 months included, ordered Sept 21, delivered 3 days ago
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    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Hi, I have a TeslaOffer frunk kit for the 2018-2020 Model 3s Mark 3 (non-refreshed) that I am looking to sell. I am upgrading to a LR and unfortunately the struts will not fit in the new car. I purchased the kit in November 2020 off the recommendation from Tesla Frugal Guy on YouTube and it has...
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    New style Aero Cap covers now in stock

    Mine just arrived after only 4 days. Was not happy with the non-OEMs as they had started fading and rusting. I'm overall pleased although I can see how it may not be for everyone. I've posted the before and afters if it can be of any help to others.
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    New Navigation Maps for Europe Rolling Out 2021.8

    Would this update give us speed camera notifications like the current Google Maps?
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    Tesla Offer frunk kit

    I've had my Tesla Offer frunk kit for just under a year and never had an issue, including when the temperatures were minus a few degrees earlier this year.
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    M3 insurance with ByMiles

    Not when I'm saving £1k/year based on the next cheapest insurer. I confirmed with them that they don't have access to speed and other information in the event of a crash.
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    M3 insurance with ByMiles

    I've had no issue with Bymiles with my SR+. In fact my renewal with Churchill was 50% more in Sept 20 for no reason. I'm in my early 30s so I'm lucky to get insurance for less than a £1k. As has been mentioned, Bymiles use your Tesla credentials to track your milage so you don't need to plug...
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    What would/will you pay for heated steering wheel?

    I've recently been given a MX loaner whilst my M3SR+ was being serviced. I much prefer my model 3 in absolutely every way, except for the heated steering wheel. I'd much rather save £60k and not buy a MX and pay something reasonable to get a heated steering wheel on my model 3!
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    Power braking assist reduced

    Some good news - less than 24 hours of having my car, the service centre called me to say it was ready for collection. The iBoost was to blame and was replaced: Replaced Ibooster Correction: Electromechanical Brake Booster Assembly (Remove & Replace) (Add Brake Fluid 1060099-00A if Needed)...
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    Power braking assist reduced

    Yes possibly. I did a quick search of the forums and the same error message came up for some Model S's in 2018 and was thought to be related to water ingress and upsetting the sensors/brake booster. There has been a fair bit of melted snow these last few weeks compared with the previous year...
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    Power braking assist reduced

    Many thanks for this. My SR+ is similarly a Sept 19 build and I had the same error messages come up. My car has been dropped off to my local service centre today and I was given a 70 plate model X loaner, so that was kind of them!
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    Power braking assist reduced

    I already had a service appointment booked for tomorrow to check my seals, which I made a month ago. I called option 2 (40 mins on hold), was told that I can change the appointment to a "safety appointment" to check the brakes, as they would cancel my original appointment otherwise since they...
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    Power braking assist reduced

    Lol I should stop posting on my phone
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    Power braking assist reduced

    I found this poster experienced the same problems 26 days in the US: https://www.reddit.com/r/TeslaModel3/comments/kbu4iz/power_braking_assist_reduced/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body Turned out to be a faulty "break booster". Snow was mentioned by that poster also... I've...
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    Power braking assist reduced

    Yes I'm just hoping it doesn't happen mid-drive. Tesla breakdown (option 1) suggested turning up to a service centre asking to be seen, as no appointments are available anytime soon. I will try calling service (option 2) tomorrow.
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    Power braking assist reduced

    Hi all, I've never had a problem with my M3SR+ in 16 months, then this morning the brake pedal barely worked with the error as per the title. I drove for about 1 minute before turning back. Luckily I had a bit of regen breaking to help come to a stop, but to come to a complete stop required...
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    Tesla All Weather Protection Kit [mudflaps/ppf] - Anyone in the UK Been Contacted?

    Paint protection film delivered today. Thank you Tesla!
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    Tesla All Weather Protection Kit [mudflaps/ppf] - Anyone in the UK Been Contacted?

    The code worked for me for the film kit. Good thing as I already bought my own mud flaps. I tried the code for other accessories and it didn't work for those.
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    It’s a Tesla.... & I’m misting up

    Even on rainy days in the summer my screen steams up with climate control on and no A/C. I now leave A/C on all the time. Is this normal behaviour or does it sound like a seal issue?
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    Where did the Hansshow Black Friday thread go?

    Thank you for this, seriously tempted at this price. I was always keen on the powered truck option and I believe this video was previously on the Hansshow website: However the YouTuber has mentioned he no longer recommends Hansshow. Can anyone shed any light on the longevity of Hansshow...
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    Green Homes Grant - PV or Battery storage eligible?

    It seems it's solar heating, not PVs. However is anyone aware of a PV that also does solar heating that might be included in the grant? I've also been thinking about PVs and a powerwall for some time.
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    "Young" Tesla drivers

    I'm in my early 30s and insurance is still £1k per year. Churchill were the cheapest last year but hiked up my renewal to £1.5k this year. No points, convictions etc, no changes. ByMiles saved the day for me at £800 based on my estimated annual mileage, so just a suggestion to others in a...
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    Insurance New Vehicle [2020 Megathread]

    £50 of miles credit to both
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    Insurance New Vehicle [2020 Megathread]

    Churchill increased my renewal from just under £1000 to £1500 for no reason this year, no claims/changes etc. ByMiles turned out to be the cheapest anywhere, by at least £600, despite their pay per mile policy. No need to plug in the thing that goes in the diagnostics port, just need to login...
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    M3 Struts for Trunk/Frunk Auto-Lift

    Just an update to this: The VXDAS Trunk struts now only work 60% of the time and there is a "metal warping" noise coming from one side of the trunk on opening and closing. Looking at the latest reviews from the US this seems to be an issue with version 2 (i1Tesla appeared to use V1), which also...
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    M3 Struts for Trunk/Frunk Auto-Lift

    Thank you Pagemakers, I took delivery and just installed mine, works perfectly! It's a bit stiff to close - swinging the trunk down using the internal trunk handle doesn't quite cut it, need to push down externally from the top middle. Perhaps this will get more slack over time? PS the Strongarm...
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    Glove Box Light Not Working

    I had a faulty glovebox light on my SR+ which I noticed soon after delivery. It turned out the connector was not properly pushed in. The mobile service sorted it in about 5 mins
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    Business Car, Personal Registered Keeper Nightmare

    Thanks all for all your replies! I confirmed with Churchill that they would be happy if both the legal owner and registered keeper are in the company's name and address and it would not make any difference to the premium. @Jason71 Always happy to see the positives! I'm kinda hoping Boris or...
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    Business Car, Personal Registered Keeper Nightmare

    Many thanks for this. I think my initial qualms were with insurance accepting the Registered Keeper situation. Here's hoping to the DVLA letting me reverse everything to how it was!
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    Business Car, Personal Registered Keeper Nightmare

    Hi all, I would really appreciate some advice: I bought my Model 3 through my business with a view that the business would be the legal owner and I personally would be the Registered Keeper. I notified Tesla of this, typically no reply from them. At the delivery appointment in September, I...
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    Home charging dropping to 16A

    I was getting 32A, then all of a sudden started getting only 16A despite trying to manually increase the Amps on the car. I called up PodPoint, they informed me that the amperage was set low on their side for some reason. Within 5 mins I was up to 32A. Perhaps the car being a bit too clever...
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    UK accessories for RHD Model 3 [megathread]

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm staying at a friends house in a few weeks and hoping to charge my car using his 3-pin socket. I understand I need to use the provided UMC, but can anyone recommend a heavy duty 3-pin extension cable to use?
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    Final Invoice Black Horse HP - should the loan be included ?

    Pacman, I did exactly as you described, paid the difference, received reconfirmation of my delivery appointment stating "fully paid", but at my delivery I was about £1500 short as Black horse seem to have added interest from the onset. I was told to pay via bank transfer there and then before...
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    Delay registration till Sept UK

    Just an update: I just received my delivery reconfirmation email for 2/9/19, says I'm all paid up and told me my registration, which is a 69 plate :D. Please note your new Tesla will be registered 24 hours prior to your scheduled delivery. As such, will not appear in databases. We recommend...
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    Delay registration till Sept UK

    Hi all, I finally have my delivery date for 2/9/19 :D. However I was wondering if I am guaranteed a 69 plate, or is this dependant on when Tesla registered the vehicle? If it's the latter (and I've had to wait this long!), what do you think can be done to push for a 69 plate? Surely vehicle...
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    Was your delivery window missed?

    My delivery window email was between 17/8/19 and 24/8/19. I received a delivery appointment email today for 2/9/19. So looks like there's a weeks delay atm...
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    Insurance UK

    Does anyone have any recommendations for GAP insurance providers? And an idea of costs please?
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    Birmingham Delivery

    Hi all, Does anyone have a number/email address for parts for the new location. Summer Hill isn't on the Tesla website yet nor and likes like Digbeth has been pulled from it...
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    Company Purchase of M3

    Out of interest, is the First Year Allowance calculated based on the total cost of the vehicle excluding, or including the £3,500 Plug in Grant? Many thanks in advance.

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