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    Just come across the phantom braking issue, considering canceling my order

    YMMV on phantom braking. Some people never have experienced it, others find it a daily occurrence. I've found it really depends on the road - most roads I drive I never get it; however, there's one section on one road where it happens all the time. I know where it is so I also know to accelerate...
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    No updates lately

    You are correct. Those of us in FSD beta get very infrequent updates. I'm on the same version (as is almost everyone else in FSD beta). The 10.69.1 is out to about 1,000 testers for feedback and we should be getting 10.69.2 maybe in a week or two.
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    Thoughts about possible overall price increase on sept 5?

    Tesla has learned about delays and so far, from what people are saying, are not allowing deferrals. The Y won't get the full credit in 2023 and the credit will only decrease going forward because of battery content. Plus, as you say, they may increase the price such that any tax credit is negated.
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    2022.20.9 - Tesla Vision impressions

    I have radar and joined FSD beta which changed me over to vision. I haven't noticed any significant difference. In heavy snow/snow covered roads, radar was useless anyway. Initially it will kick your high beams on (if you're not around others), but I just switch auto hi-beams off and it drives...
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    M3P 2021 w 60k miles lost almost 20% range, unusual?

    Google how to recalibrate your BMS. It will drift over time and display inaccurate readings even when the battery is perfectly fine. Also change your display to % and never use miles.
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    Fsd beta 10.69

    In the past, they invited groups of people based on their safety score. If you get in, you get the latest version (I did when I got in and that was when they first introduced safety scores). The big question is if/when they will include the next group. My guess based on what Elon said is that...
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    SLC, UT to Jackson Hole, WY

    There's a new charger in Thayne at the Community Center (L2)
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    Discussion : All discussion regarding Model 3 and Tax credit in model 3 subforum

    No - you don't qualify if you buy now. If you wait until 2023 and buy a SR, it may not qualify or only qualify for a % based on battery content. The price of the LR and P disqualifies those models, regardless of battery content.
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    Reboot [of the screen]

    By hard reboot, do you mean you disconnected the connector under the rear seats? A lot of people think stepping on the brake pedal and pressing both thumbwheels is a hard reboot...but it's not.
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    Tesla Service - Accepting Charges

    Also, some states require an estimate be given and accepted by the customer before work begins regardless of warranty status. That way you're not surprised by the cost if it winds up ineligible for warranty coverage.
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    Opinions about purchase

    I live even further from my nearest service center and haven't had any major issues in the 3 years I've owned my Tesla. I've had the mobile service come out twice (once to install Homelink, another time to replace a bad ultrasonic sensor). The mobile guys can do a lot but for major service...
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    Adding FSD after delivery

    I bought mine without FSD since the tax on the vehicle is based on the sales price. About a month after owning it, I hit the upgrade button on my phone by that night, I had an update ready to download and viola - FSD.
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    Navigation errors

    Tesla uses an open source for its maps (I think it's OpenStreetMaps) and errors, etc. would first need to be corrected in that database. You wouldn't see the corrections until then Tesla updated their map package and pushed it to everyone. Usually this only happens a few times a year.
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    Unless you push the "save" button (which I think is now a horn honk), there's a lag in saving the recording and thus no recording may have been saved.
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    Has Tesla Build quality improved on new Model 3s in 2022?

    My 2019 was just fine and I've had only 1 problem (sensors) which was quickly fixed. You hear a lot from the complaints but there are 100,000's of deliveries with no problems. Go on any other manufacturers forums and you'll see the complaints there too. The battery is expensive and takes up a...
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    Car wash needed for Autopilot sensors?

    The car will tell you if a camera is blocked or has vision impaired. No reason to worry until you get a warning (then just clean it off).
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    How to report a bad supercharger on the in-car nav?

    There is not. Supercharger status is allegedly remotely monitored so they know what's working and what's not.
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    Tesla $7500 Tax Credit Coming Back?

    It's limited to cars under $55k and there are income limits as well. Only the bog standard M3 SR+ would qualify.
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    Do all EV let you sit in the car with CC for hour?

    Check Bjorn Nyland's video reviews of other EVs- a lot of them will shut off the air after 30 minutes. You can re-start the process easily enough but many EV's have a set amount of "on time".
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    v10.12.2 aberant behavior today

    It's beta software (especially the stack for those of us in the beta test program) - it will (and does rather frequently) make mistakes.
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    New Tesla Orders Will Require Subscription for Navigation After Eight Years

    I thought the lumbar support for passenger seat was discontinued but everything else stayed. My previous cars with navigation required me to buy map updates periodically if I wanted to keep them up to date. The first update was free but after that, any map updates were at my expense. How is this...
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    So who do I have to sleep with to get FSD beta?

    Admission into the FSD Beta program is usually done in "waves" periodically. Right now, I don't think they are opening it up for new users. As @DerbyDave said, Elon (on the last earnings call) mentioned that everyone who has FSD should get into the beta by the end of the year. In the interim...
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    Winter Questions: Tires, Wheels, Suspension

    Summer tires are going to get stiff and brittle in cold weather and thus less grip. Be careful, don't push it and you should be fine. Watch for shady areas because black ice can form but nothing short of studs will help on ice. The snow NC gets (I grew up in the NC/TN mountains) is honestly...
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    Where is the 360 camera function for parking?

    It's a subject of great debate on whether or not the cameras cover enough space to do it. Rumor also has it that the "360 view" technology (in stitching together the views) is patented and Tesla doesn't want to pay more for the license. This has some weight because Tesla dropped Homelink as...
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    2022.20.6 Cabin Camera and Autopilot Nags

    Not installing updates can void your warranty as well
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    Expected Option Returns

    In the short term, pricing can be driven by momentum and other factors but in the long-run, EMH (I think) holds true. As for options, the only way I know to make some "extra" return is writing covered calls. You will always pocket the option premium regardless of share price movement and can...
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    Solar superchargers

    There was never any plan to make all the superchargers solar. The chargers are at mercy of the local utility and the local governing laws regarding solar production and net metering. The cost to make awnings large enough to trickle charge a battery storage device would be extremely expensive.
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    Wh/mi - Rated Range

    It's the dotted line on the energy graph. Not in my car ATM but I think it's around 225-ish if I remember correctly
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    First no charger, now no key fob, what's next??

    I don't think it's about being cheap but rather about the lack of chips and whatever else goes into the items. Tesla also has said (and to my surprise confirmed by a lot of people on this forum) that not many people were using the charger. Personally, couldn't do without it.
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    Auto steer temporarily unavailable after supercharging.

    At times, if I'm parked and the sun is hitting (strongly) my cameras, I'll get similar warnings when I get in and drive. It's like the cameras are "blind" from direct, intense sun exposure. I park in my garage, wait just a minute or two and everything works fine.
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    Can't Adjust Navigation Volume

    As MP3Mike suggested - go to the navigation screen and you should a slider for navigation volume. I think if you use the thumbwheel, it will only adjust while it's speaking...next time it goes back to the level set on the nav screen.
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    Does adding EAP push up EDD?

    I highly doubt it. There was a big controversy a few months ago where adding FSD did bump up your delivery date. People howled and Tesla said it never should have happened - a glitch in the software was responsible. The glitch has been corrected and given that Tesla has said FSD (and I'd have to...
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    Updates, updates & updates...

    Basically no. Even if you refuse, it will eventually update via LTE if there are safety related issues in the update. Also, refusing to update voids your warranty.
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    Any best practises for charging

    If plugged in, the car will use outlet power to pre-condition and to balance your battery pack.
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    Tesla Lays Off Over 200 Autopilot Data-Labelling Employees

    They laid off people who do labeling - a job that the dojo computers should be able to do. It looks like they are just automating the process which should yield faster improvements in FSD since the computer can do it faster than a human.
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    Heated seats

    Seat heaters may be set on auto...make sure they're in "manual" mode.
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    When was the Month that 2022 model delivered in 2021?

    Tesla doesn't do "model years" the way conventional auto makers do. Improvements are rolled out when they're ready. So the "year" may change in the fall but that has no bearing on the actual physical changes with the car.
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    Autopilot keeps slowing down in same area on I-5 (Orange County to LA).

    There are mapping errors in the nav database which can cause the slow downs. It happens a lot less now than in the past (there are a few areas where I drive and get the same thing).
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    Something wrong with MY M3?

    FSD performance is highly dependent on the roads you're on, the traffic situation, visibility and a number of other factors. For me, the latest version is worse than the last one. I never got "ping ponging" until this version and it used to be able to keep its lane better; now it confuses right...
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    Model 3 front style

    Looks may be deceiving. The Porsche 911 has a coefficient of drag of 0.33...the Taycan has 0.22. The Model 3 clocks in at 0.23 so if you're talking about Taycan versus Model 3, very slight edge to the Taycan (but a huge difference in price). You want laminar flow to achieve low drag and my guess...
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    Tesla in Violation of Contract (Order Agreements)? A discussion

    Plus, adding FSD which changed order ranking was an error, discovered by Tesla, and a fix was implemented a few months ago.
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    Tesla Tech broke my roof glass...

    I use the SLC service center and they have very few loaners. Last time I brought my car in, the manager said they reserve loaners for long-distance customers (like me) and give Uber credits for people in/around the SLC area.
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    AP/FSD scared of the dark?

    It's not the dark; it's condensation and while it throws a warning, AP/FSD (I'm in FSD beta) never stops working.
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    Battery Charge Level Upon Delivery?

    My showroom location is at the supercharger location so it was delivered at 100%
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    Recapping my 3500 mile road trip frustrations

    The other unfortunate thing that Tesla has to deal with is SC location. Gas stations were there decades before Tesla. Tesla has no other option but to negotiate for land "somewhere near an exit". They don't get to pick it nor the amenities since it's so late in the game. All the prime spots are...
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    2018 Model 3 Battery Degradation

    The first thing I'd try is recalibration of the BMS to make sure it's working correctly. Drain the battery to below 20%, charge above 90% and repeat 3 or 4 times. When your battery is below 20%, let it sit for at least 3-4 hours so pack voltages are stable (that's when BMS will be re-calculating...
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    Tesla Charging Maintenance

    How would they contact you? I'm not sure there's a system in place.
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    Long drives with degrading battery

    I've done several long (1,000+ miles) trips and you'll see, after a while, the BMS struggle with constant, hard-core supercharging. Rest assured, your range hasn't changed, only what's being computed. The BMS needs time to recalibrate and it can get confused with fill/drain/supercharge cycles...
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    Why not show estimated range (based on recent driving trends) instead of rated range?

    It's been several years ago, but I read where someone asked Elon Musk about that. He said he initially didn't want any mileage - only show % to avoid all these discussions about miles. He said the minute you put a miles figure in, people will focus on that. However, his design team talked him...

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