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    Granny charger

    The UMC2 commando adaptor does have a temperature sensor. It's at the side just behind the live & neutral pins. I know because I extracted one so I could make up and adaptor with a different plug.
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    What's inside the Gen 2 charging adapter

    managed to do something similar with a 16A 240v Commando/Cee-form adaptor https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6897756/
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    How do adapters signal max amperage to UMC?

    The UMC uses a small circuit which identifies the max current for the connector and possibly a temperature sensor. I have successfully removed one to replace the plug on a 16A (240V) blue commando adaptor - but it wasn't easy. I wanted to go directly to a16A Neutrik PowerCon mains connector...
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    I hate my Tesla! Don’t buy one!

    You just need to put it in park for a second, so if you came off at a junction with a roundabout you could pause at the roundabout to stick it in park and back in drive and then get straight back on the motorway. May slightly annoy the driver behind but if it's another Tesla they'll know what...
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    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    I think the opposite. My car rarely needs charging more than once a week so why bother? I charge it to 80% then use it until it gets down to about 30-40 and then charge again. Really surprised to hear that there are people who plug in every evening no matter what. Also I don’t always park on...
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    Bonnet now has IONITY

    Yep I'm convinced that most of the providers have got it spectacularly wrong. it's going to settle into predominantly just 2 different charging needs: Overnight/all-day ~7 - 11kw ac charging on virtually every residential street e.g. Lamp-post chargers. Used once a week by those who don't...
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    Can anyone recommend a decent PPF detailer in the UK?

    Think you're getting a bit too paranoid. I go slow(ish) on gravel tracks and keep away from the edges of country roads etc where possible and haven't had a stonechip in a year of ownership. That's with ceramic coating - no ppf. And they can fix a stonechip while they have it in the shop. I do...
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    Can anyone recommend a decent PPF detailer in the UK?

    Transported? Just drive it. They're going to have to fix up the paintwork anyway especially if tesla have washed it with the same kind of gritty rag as they did mine. And you get to do a bit more of a thorough inspection, calibrate the cameras, have a play around etc. Just ask them what they...
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    Bonnet now has IONITY

    So now I have: Octopus Electric Juice ChargeMap Bonnet Tesla Superchargers And there are many more overlapping networks of networks. Some of which will have different prices for the same chargers. Some charge by time and some by energy used. So is there any good way to find the best charger...
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    Auto Cabin Temperature Control Safety - Do you use it?

    I use it because it costs me next to nothing and the car won't be super hot inside when I go to use it. I also have a theory that high temperatures in the car causes the plastic to release volatile compounds which settle on the windows and make them smeary. I can't think of any other...
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    Replacement M3 mudflaps?

    So the second picture shows the extended mudflaps so it wasn’t clear to me what you get
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    Replacement M3 mudflaps?

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement for an original pre-fitted 2021 M3 front mudguard? (not the extensions that came in the boot) one got broken while having to manoeuvre around someone stuck in a car park and an impossible to see corne of a kerb. anyway I’ve looked at several...
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    It's mostly useless on UK roads but in mainland Europe it works like a charm. Maybe it's something to do with the UK road layouts, or the fact that drivers here are all doing different speeds and pushing up into every tiny gap. I'll be sad when it goes.
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Although if you've accelerated up to that speed then the battery must have room to put that energy back in.
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    Tesla Roof Rack on M3 - front bolts have virtually no thread showing?!

    Doesn't sound right - plenty enough thread on mine and I don't think there's an easy way to install them wrong as long as they fit snugly onto the correct rubber pads and the bars are installed thick edge to the front. However, while the bolts on mine are all the same length, I have heard that...
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    European Tesla Power Connector

    Superchargers are all CCS (plus a Tesla DC over type 2 plug which won't work with the M3), most other chargers are Type 2 (cable should be in the car - check on pick up) The vast majority of European cars now use type 2 so you're unlikely to find a charger that doesn't have that option. Note...
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    best way to keep overheat protection on

    It is on according to the app. Turning it off and on didn't do anything. Then I remotely vented the windows, unlocked and locked it and turned the full climate on for a while, shortly after I got a notification about overheat protection being activated - so one of those actions re-enabled it...
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    best way to keep overheat protection on

    I have to park my M3 in the sun for days at a time. I'm dismayed to discover that the overheat protection only stays on for 12 hours. The car interior can reach absolutely ludicrous temperatures even with reflective sunshades in all the windows - And I don't even live in a particularly hot...
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    iOS widget

    Now would be great if the Tesla battery level appeared in the regular iOS battery widget alongside my phone, headphones and watch.
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    [UK] 2021.44.30

    Quite pleased as now I don’t have to be the mean parent and tell my son he can’t play games while I’m driving.
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    fan speed on auto climate

    Is there any way to keep the climate on auto but reduce the max fan speed a little? The fan is just way too loud on auto but as soon as I try to turn it down it goes to manual. At least 2 other cars I've had have allowed you to do exactly this? Ideally to it could automatically reduce the fan...
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    Did you know? (Charge port open/close/unlatch debate)

    If I understand correctly you scan the tag with your phone which then triggers the option in the app? how is that significantly quicker than hitting the button on the widget? If it is quicker surely the app/widget can be improved?
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    Enhanced Auto Pilot…better than it was?

    parallel park works well for me. If its a longer space its possibly quicker than I can do it. Shorter spaces it shunts forward and back a lot more than necessary and makes me very nervous it's going to scrape the car but hasn't done yet. Complex, curved spaces etc it makes a mess of but guess...
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    Enhanced Auto Pilot…better than it was?

    I gave NoA a good try for several months but found it to be a total pain and turned it off. It never suggests lane changes at the appropriate time. Either way too early or way too late and with no consideration of how busy the traffic is around me. Half the time it's begging to move left when...
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    Did you know? (Charge port open/close/unlatch debate)

    Yes this is exactly the problem - it takes ages - so long that I wonder if it's broken. I can understand that you can't just unlock the charge port when you unlock the car. If the charge hasn't finished then you need to do something to stop the current flow before you pull the plug out. But if...
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    Did you know? (Charge port open/close/unlatch debate)

    Don't worry - I'm always in chill mode press the flap? - does that work to unlock the plug so I can remove it? Will have to nip out and give it a try
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    Did you know? (Charge port open/close/unlatch debate)

    "You can also press the charging handle button to open the charge port." FFS I really don't care. It's not a "handle" it's a plug. And mine doesn't have a button but if it did I would know. And it wouldn't look like that picture because that's an American one. Just unlock the god damn port...
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    Tesla Heathrow Service Center Detailers Experience

    This just confirms that I was right to cancel my Tesla appointment and pay for a professional detailer to fix the paintwork. (Think they used a Brillo pad to wash mine before pickup.) I love the ceramic coating. Every wash it comes up like I spent an hour waxing it with no effort at all. Only...
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    Tesla app a bit rubbish?

    Not only that but when you share the destination it seems to just share the name and not the precise co-ordinates. The car will sometimes find a similarly named place somewhere completely different and take you there. Fortunately the first time it did this I knew it was wrong by the first...
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    Any experience renting out charger and driveway

    I’ve seen a number of websites will now allow you to rent out use of your home charger and parking space. I live fairly near a station and only really need to charge on my driveway for a few hours a week so it sounds interesting. Has anyone got any good or bad experience doing this? And which...
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    Ride / sound comfort

    My family hated riding in the back of my BMW M3 3 series because they felt they got thrown around in corners a lot and the low suspension would always scrapeon speed bumps. In contrast the love the M3 - it just glides around, no more complaints of being throw around or getting "car sick"
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    UK standard 3 pin charging

    Plug fine inside. Could see The pin blackened and pitted. Guessing the contacts in the socket weren’t very good and only made limited contact with the pin. Could have been like it for 30 years but only ever had a lamp plugged in.
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    UK standard 3 pin charging

    Charged for 12 h overnight at my mum’s place (literally granny charging). When I finished one of the pins on the plug was blackened and there were scorch marks around the socket. Sure it was a defective socket (now replaced) but I’ll be a lot more careful and check it a couple of times over the...
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    Creep mode, Am I the wrong one?

    Think the experience is different if you’ve rarely driven an automatic. Having driven almost exclusively manual ice cars for 27 years on the few occasions I’ve had to drive an automatic I’ve absolutely hated the creep. Trying to get an unfamiliar automatic into a tight parking spot without it...
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    What's the best accessory for your model 3?

    I know I get a full day out of my phone battery. If that fails my watch works or I’m sure I can contact a family member (I know their numbers) and ask them to unlock it if they’re not with me already. Yes tiny chance the car has no signal but it’s pretty rare round here.
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    What's the best accessory for your model 3?

    Check the app permissions are set to always use location etc. always works for me. Once the door didn’t unlock but I tried it again a second later and it did. I only take the card as security on long trips
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    What's the best accessory for your model 3?

    I saw someone take a key fob out of their pocket to lock their car recently and it seemed like a really odd thing to have to do. Then remembered I had to do the same only a few months ago.
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    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    I really don't believe it's water cooled if the cable gets hot it's much cheaper, safer and way and more efficient to increase the conductor size (and keep it short) than it is to add water pipes and everything required to make that work. However it is a bloody heavy cable with serious safety...
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    What's the best accessory for your model 3?

    I have glossy and it's great. I put it on 5 minutes after picking the car up (and managed to peal back and remove 2 specs of dust that using the supplied stickers - Yes!). Looks perfect - absolutely no loss of sharpness compared to before I put it on and I've never had any issue with glare. I...
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    Installing the official Tesla model 3 roof rack

    Anyone managed to get the sticky pads on without them looking bad? No matter how much I tried on a (very clean car) I got bubbles and fingerprints under them. When I take the bars off they look awful. Should I have used a soap solution or something?
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    If your wall charger doesn’t do this automatically then you should probably get a better one.
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    [UK] 2021.36.x

    Which is what I do using the schedule in the wall charger. But if I set a departure time and charged to a high level then I probably want to use power from the house for preheating even if it is slightly more expensive. I can’t do that without manually re-enabling the wall charger It’s just...
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    [UK] 2021.36.x

    Perfect for scaring the trick or treaters if we get it for hallowe’en. 🎃🤣
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    Rent Tesla and go abroad

    I’ve hired Tesla from ufodrive before. Good service and fairly sure you can take them abroad.
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    UI & AP improvement wishes/suggestions

    More along the lines of "Look farther ahead" Move over _much_ earlier for an exit NOA seems pretty hit and miss, but even when it's working it leaves lane changes far too late leaving me completely blocked from ever getting the exit. On busy UK motorways you need to start moving over at least 2...
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    [UK] 2021.36.x

    2021.36.5.5 this morning - updated via the app and the schedule option is there. Car is plugged in but I haven't gone near it today. Charge current appeared maxed at 16A - so I disabled the charger schedule so it could charge again and the current limit jumped up to 30A by itself. Schedule...
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    UI & AP improvement wishes/suggestions

    Please please please Where traffic lights have an advanced stop line for bicycles please stop at the car line and not in the bike box. Makes me look like a total arsehole.
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    UI & AP improvement wishes/suggestions

    Please please make cruise control look farther ahead. So many times I can see slow or stationary traffic a couple of hundred yards ahead but it carries on at the speed limit for ages before braking much more harshly than it needed to. If I press the brake myself then it cancels AP and I have to...
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    UI & AP improvement wishes/suggestions

    +1 this (except I typically want the left) I've never left it long enough to see which lane it picks. Usually it aims for the middle and I have to pull the wheel cancelling the autosteer before people think I'm driving like an idiot.

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