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    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    You live in a cold environment Batteries hate cold and hills. Batteries love 80 degree weather and slopes. Get a car that is right for your environment
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    I'll never be able to decide on a color

    Tesla should have solved this problem with one color option
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    My Car is on a Diet.

    if you remove the car thats a 4,000 lb savings
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    Anyone else trade up from LR RWD to AWD?

    micky house a few "It's not a Flamethrower" flamethrowers around your tesla. no more will you be stuck think about it
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    Help Me Decide Between Long Range and Performance

    we need to create a sub thread specially for these type of post
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    Sold my Tesla yesterday - No Sellers Remorse Yet

    hmmmm I dont see it. but okay
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    Sold my Tesla yesterday - No Sellers Remorse Yet

    you're talking about BMW and using M3 to described model 3 - I had to pause several times. Anyways I support your decision. It's your money and your happiness NOT OURS. you do not live for us.
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    FSD or Long Range?

    Not that great with the latest updates - at least with my experience phantom braking and sudden braking (i.e. braking way later than normally a driver would)
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    Vendor Paid Research Study LA/OC Area Model 3 Owners $125

    I sent an email. Seems interesting
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    Car Scent/Air Freshener ?

    waaaaaay tooo many packaging for a little scent wedge. reminded me of a russian nesting doll
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    AP aggressive breaking?

    Anyone experiencing this recently? or have I become more obvious that it's always been this bad. I'm traveling along the 405 freeway bumper to bumper ... the AP is so aggressive it feels like its about to skid the tires. I check the rear view mirror and I see cars hopping out of the lane. Was...
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    Jaguar will be all-electric brand by 2025, Land Rover to quickly follow.

    dont worry it's a jag It's going to fall apart
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    Roof Lining Coming Out — Easy Fix?

    Solved: Yes it's a aftermarket gasket. The previous owner should have dabbled some specialise glue for those type of thing. Nothing to worry about but it may fly out if you don't push it back in. Or just remove it and go buy some window trim glue. They're usually dark black-grey color
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    Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord Hybrid

    not to rub it in but ... you came to a tesla thread asking if a turd is better than a tesla? all jokes asides. Tesla>Turd
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    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance [resolved]

    5 pages deep did you make up your mind?
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    High mileage Model 3's

    Elon Musk should make awards. the same way benz gives out awards to people who own high millage cars
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    Tesla Model 3 addon dashboard $575

    heads up - 7 up
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    Tesla Model 3 addon dashboard $575

    I'm not going to get it, but they are trying to tap into a market
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    Anyone Getting Vibrations and Buzzing Noise While Stopped on 2021 M3??

    nope. be sure to make an appointment with tesla service center. let us know what the problem is
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    Why does the navigation always want to go via the highway?

    Oh yeah, I do! manufacture engineer here. I understanding the in and out of this car why it was built the way it has been. Got past classmates who work for tesla as engineers and mechanics - we have lots of design choice conversations about the car.
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    Problem with Hansshow Support

    OP You shouldn't be surprised with products coming straight from china that aren't "filtered" through an american corporate company. Corp companies place high standard of quality control, when you buy directly from China, or buy from a company whose selling products directly from China. open...
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    Anyone in Los Angeles want to paint calipers with me ?

    HMMMM... only 2 post. seems scammy. there are 1000's of questions here. what's stopping you from doing a "hit and run" type of venture. business painting calipers only is very very niche, as in, only a small pool of people will be interested
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    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    god dam that's cheap how many years have you been driving?
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    So you don't have a 2021 "refresh"...who cares, really?

    if only Tesla spec was an actual spec like ISO 9000
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    Has anyone traded in their 3 for a 21 refresh ?

    I got a 2020 M3 lemon and Tesla agreed for a buy back. Im hoping to move into a 2021 and wish for better luck this time around.
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    Ceramic Coating worth the $?

    Interesting review but its such a personal gripe with me. material science was my favorite class during university, did some work/study around graphene. graphene is just a product that allows heat to transfer really good and is slippery around other graphene. im split from product reviews and...
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    Ceramic Coating worth the $?

    stay away from graphene related products. its complete bs marketing. graphene is black, if the product comes out clear its fake.
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    I got my first rock chip :'(

    you mean...tesla sold you a lemon? jk. I got a rock chip. ehh it happens, it sucked, but I moved on
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    This guysTesla got vandalized on Christmas Eve.

    hmmm I don't see the windows damaged but the door! yikes
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    Off-peak Hours confusion…

    I wish Tesla was smart enough to figure this out by itself
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    Model 3 2018(with FSD) vs 2021(without FSD)

    Very true! I forgot about that piece when commentating But we all agree that FSD is not worth it.
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    Model 3 2018(with FSD) vs 2021(without FSD)

    The problem with cars with high resell value. Why do you want a used one when a new one cost just as much? With these cars, you want full warranty
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    So torn between 2021 Performance and LR+Boost

    tell him it's my money, go get a job and work for the difference. He may want it because funner and probably believes it will help him be more attractive/interesting
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    So you don't have a 2021 "refresh"...who cares, really?

    Everyone in this thread.... fight me I care about the latest m3 update
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    Tesla really needs more colors, opened the wrong trunk

    careful, a lot of those cheap vinyl wraps will rip off the paint. you pay for vinly + repair body color might as well just fork over the extra cost now and not deal with it. Unless you are willing to pay up a premium for the vinyl
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    KBB Private Sale Valuation

    I would rather wait out a couple of more weeks than pay more for a used car. IDGAF what KBB says
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    Spider living in vents

    At least it doesn't shed hair like my german shepherd
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    USB stopped working after software update.

    Yikes! Set a roadside assistance appointment and see if you can get a tech to confirm your issues before making a in person appointment
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    Range Anxiety....Just saying

    I said something similar like this in reddit OH BOY, did I get downvoted by all the users who wish to be adopted by papa musk
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    Does It Seem Like Everyone Wants To Race You?

    north or south bay?
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    Tail light cracks, no impact

    Tesla is STILL having taillight crack issues?
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    Model 3 approaches Camry levels

    I had a camry this happened to me.
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    Ceramic Coating worth the $?

    if you have the money to spend, sure. IMO if you are into DIY - not everyone is: I would just do it myself. NO you do not need to go into that crazy detail level that all detailers swear by. It's just upselling. Just simple wash and get yourself a clay bar with soap and get at it. Buy a...
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    What's the lowest charge level you've had?

    Q:What's the lowest charge level you've had? A: Yes
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    Free Tesla 3 [die cast version, at SC]

    these are the correct questions to ask
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    creeping at slow speed and heard mechanical brake pedal sound

    100% make an appointment with a SC and let us know. I've never heard of this before
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    creeping at slow speed and heard mechanical brake pedal sound

    were you doing this uphill? being that you are in SF. I wonder if the car M3 thought you were stop and go traffic going up hill maybe stop and go traffic going down hill hmmm...
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    Has SC Ever Went Above and Beyond For You [due to SC mess up]?

    they should be ashamed of themselves

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