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    New J1772 Wall Connector Installed, may have made the wrong decision

    If you leave J1772 on your home charger, you won't have it with you for free chargers at malls, hotels etc. Another thing to forget when on a road trip too! I use Tesla charger at home and J1772 stays in the glove box. Have bag of other adapters in the rear. Was free with 2018 M3 and I kept it...
  2. K

    Wall connector, or J1772 Wall Connector?

    First of all, don't even dream of using a non-licensed person install it. Your home insurance is void! Ditto for installing gas appliances. Electrician will get a permit (formality...no delay). My hydro company sent an inspector a month later and inspected the install. He knows every...
  3. K

    2020 Performance Missing Miles

    Ok...mystery solved. Thanks bro! No idea why Tesla didn't point this out!!!
  4. K

    2020 Performance Missing Miles

    OK....thats good info! Not sure why they never explained this! What about PUP? How can I determine if I have it?
  5. K

    2020 Performance Missing Miles

    Hey 240vPlug....you may be onto something! I never knew there was a PUP? I bought the Performance model and thought that was that. How can I determine if mine is a PUP?
  6. K

    2020 Performance Missing Miles

    270ish when new, isn't 300mi. My 2018 Model 3 advertised 325mi. when new. It indicated 333 and declined to 320 after 2 years. My Y has never been close to the advertised 300. Those missing miles are noticeable on long road trips.
  7. K

    2020 Performance Missing Miles

    My 2020 Model Y Performance has never showed 300 miles range at 100% charge. Brand new it showed 273. After 2 years and 17,000 miles, a full charge now indicates 265 miles. I asked Tesla and they originally said it would improve with driving as the BMS re-mapped things. After a year, I was...
  8. K

    Angry no Homelink and now no premium connectivity:

    MY Performance was 85k plus our cozy 13% sales tax. 94 out the door, if memory serves. 10 year old Civic that cost 18k has it all! Again, its the nickel and dime optics. They managed to build it into my 2018 M3.
  9. K

    Angry no Homelink and now no premium connectivity:

    Agreed, just seems petty for a premium brand.
  10. K

    Angry no Homelink and now no premium connectivity:

    Y is recently 1 year old. Ford also showed up at my house yesterday with a prybar to rip out Homelink and replace the Bose Stereo with a Fisher Price unit on my $85k F150. Unsure why I'm concerned. Its the new norm. apparently. Luckily my 10 year old Civic still has all these features...
  11. K

    Angry no Homelink and now no premium connectivity:

    Paid premium $ for Model Y Performance. Garage door opener, now extra. Premium connectivity requires monthly fee now! No am/fm radio in a Tesla! Makes we want to drive around with a transistor radio on the seat and explain why to everyone that asks! My friends Civic has both features! My...
  12. K

    Shopping cart hit and walk-caught on Sentry cam

    Lots of angles here. First, always park uphill in any lot. Serving Small claims court action always gets a payout. Not worth their time/legal costs to fight over less than $1000 claim. Works for carwashes, shopping mall damage etc. They all post signs that are meaningless! As for insurance...
  13. K

    Model 3 with an S/X style P100D badge [Update: obviously added by the owner]

    So....its not real. Sure looked the part! Wider than stock tires on 20" rims. Suspension looked lowered too. Made me google it, so I guess I was fooled....or curious if it existed.
  14. K

    Model 3 with an S/X style P100D badge [Update: obviously added by the owner]

    Saw this and took a picture, since I didn't know they made the 3 this way. Can't find any info on Tesla site. Anyone know anything about it, pricing, performance etc.? Huge tires on black turbine rims. Sure looked sinister!
  15. K

    Model 3 light show

    Triggered a seizure for me....lawyer will be in touch...
  16. K

    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    Ran last winter on Toyo walnuts with stock rims. LR/RWD drove very competently! Rotors will rust if you don't use the brakes! Use em! I dim the regen when wet to help dry them out and keep polished. Ditto, after a carwash....year round. Also, I turn charge rate down to 20 amps for...
  17. K

    Model 3 Configurator 6 Months Ahead of Schedule?

    I configured March 28 and no VIN yet. Anyone else care to chime in on their delivery progress?

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