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  1. ucsdsig

    Potential PPF Group Buy - Sticker City (Los Angeles Area)

    Here's some info from the group buy I set up last year. Good luck. Potential PPF/Ceramic Group Buy - Sticker City (Los Angeles Area)
  2. ucsdsig

    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    Understood. Would be great if air suspension was offered as an option for the MY.
  3. ucsdsig

    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    Pretty gutsy to purchase a car without test driving it. Can't rely on magazine/online/Reddit reviews. Ride quality is way too subjective.
  4. ucsdsig

    [CA] Personalized Plates

    Ordered my personalized plates in August 2021. Received a letter from my local DMV office that they were ready to pick up last week. So about an eight month wait.
  5. ucsdsig

    Bad XPEL Installation?

    Wow, that looks terrible. Hopefully you can get a refund and take your car to a different shop. Need to make sure the shop you choose has skilled installers and stand behind their work.
  6. ucsdsig

    Full matrix headlight functionality just approved by NHTSA!

    The Matrix lights have been shipping on the entire Model 3 range (including SR) and MYP since approximately Spring 2021 in the US.
  7. ucsdsig

    Tesla updating Model S headlights

    Unfortunately with Tesla, all too often it's hope for the best, but expect the worst.
  8. ucsdsig

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    My check was cashed on 2/1. Still haven't received the stickers.
  9. ucsdsig

    New California License Plate Option - White on Black

    He wasn’t referring to the RPlate. He was talking about those custom black/white plates people buy on Etsy.
  10. ucsdsig

    Turning in my FanBoy status

    I've noticed this issue as well with the v11 software rollout. Hopefully will be addressed in a future update. Actually curious if newer Model Ys with the AMD processor are experiencing any lag.
  11. ucsdsig

    Reviver Plate Discount

    How has the plate held up physically? Does the display have any blemishes/scratches after a few years of use? Thanks.
  12. ucsdsig

    Endless search for a MagSafe phone mount is over?

    FYI, I have the Spigen and it doesn't block the front view or get in the way of the gear stock. I originally bought a Topfit mount but returned it since the phone was sitting too high when installed on the driver's side. The Spigen mounting position is much better...but definitely wish it had...
  13. ucsdsig

    rim rash guards: Uberturbine rims

    I had a mishap last week and damaged a front rim. I used a mobile wheel repair company that repaired my Model S wheels. Was worried about the color match but the repair turned out great.
  14. ucsdsig

    Getting PPF - valet mode?

    100% agree.
  15. ucsdsig

    Tesla's amateurish service lives up to its bad reputation

    This is spot on. Back in 2016 when I got my Model S, I always got a Tesla loaner during service visits. Those were the days…P90D S and X loaners that weren’t software restricted! Now with the influx of 3 and Y owners, there simply aren’t enough loaners. My local service center uses Enterprise...
  16. ucsdsig

    Model Y Performance headlights in a LR

    Just strange that the MYLR is the only variant of the M3 and MY missing the upgraded lights. The matrix headlight array is starting to appear in the Model S (albeit in foreign markets).
  17. ucsdsig

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    If everything else looks ok, that’s a good option. If you refuse delivery, there’s no guarantee that the next car won’t have issues. Good luck.
  18. ucsdsig

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    Congrats on the car. But yikes, that looks bad. Tesla should have a certified body shop repair the defect.
  19. ucsdsig

    Ordering California Personalized Plates

    I ordered my plates in July as well. DMV cashed my check in August and I received a notification in the mail that they received my order. No updates since then.
  20. ucsdsig

    Model Y Performance headlights in a LR

    Two years isn’t too long of a wait. But yeah, fair point about when this will be fully implemented. A shame, there’s so much great headlight technology from manufacturers like MB, Audi and BMW that we’re missing out on in the US...
  21. ucsdsig

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    This is Tesla. No one knows. A new feature or improvement is always around the corner. People have been waiting for the MYLR to get the updated headlights since last Spring.
  22. ucsdsig

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    LOL...that's true. But the next big improvement is always just around the corner. When cars start shipping with the 4680 batteries, that'll be what people want.
  23. ucsdsig

    Giga Texas Updates

    LOL. You stated the advanced matrix features would never be approved in the US. Looks like there’s progress on that front. And now the Model S headlights have been revised to start including the matrix projectors. That’s great. The headlights on my 2016 Model S were really underwhelming. And...
  24. ucsdsig

    Giga Texas Updates

    https://jalopnik.com/finally-our-headlights-will-suck-way-less-1848067412 https://driveteslacanada.ca/software-updates/tesla-model-3-y-owners-with-new-headlights-get-extra-bonus-in-light-show-holiday-update/ Finally getting a small glimpse of what the matrix headlights are capable of.
  25. ucsdsig

    Side pillar camera fog

    I’ve only had the issue on the passenger side.
  26. ucsdsig

    Reviver Plate Discount

    Thanks OP. Order arrived today.
  27. ucsdsig

    Side pillar camera fog

    This issue started happening on the passenger side for me last month (no issues on the driver’s side). Mobile service stopped by this morning and replaced the pillar assembly.
  28. ucsdsig

    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    https://driveteslacanada.ca/software-updates/tesla-model-3-y-owners-with-new-headlights-get-extra-bonus-in-light-show-holiday-update/ Finally getting a small glimpse of what the matrix headlights are capable of.
  29. ucsdsig

    2021 Y LR headlights

    Interesting. https://jalopnik.com/finally-our-headlights-will-suck-way-less-1848067412
  30. ucsdsig

    Spigen OneTap Designed for Tesla MagSafe Car Mount

    No issues with the replacement so far.
  31. ucsdsig

    Lets talk mud flaps, spot welded nuts and loose bolts (also why every Model Y owner needs mud flaps)

    Yikes, sorry to hear that. The A-Premium flaps have been holding up well and have done a good job keeping the side of the car clean. Granted, the weather in So. Cal. isn't too harsh.
  32. ucsdsig

    Factory installed PPF?

    LOL...no. Would be nice though.
  33. ucsdsig

    2021.36.8 Adds Remote Sentry Live Footage on App

    You need to enable it from the car. Toggle on the remote camera option in the security settings.
  34. ucsdsig

    2021.36.8 Adds Remote Sentry Live Footage on App

    Wow, got the 36.5.5 update last night. And just got notification that 36.8 is ready to install. Glad to see updates are starting to roll out quick. 6/21 build.
  35. ucsdsig

    2021 Y LR headlights

    I'm just wondering if the lights shown in Berlin are different from the "updated" lights currently shipping on the M3 and MYP. Or if it's the same hardware that's been software enabled to fully utilize the matrix features.
  36. ucsdsig

    2021 Y LR headlights

    Trying to figure out what headlights these are. Something newer than the matrix headlights? https://insideevs.com/news/539622/tesla-modely-new-adaptive-headlights/
  37. ucsdsig

    Spigen OneTap Designed for Tesla MagSafe Car Mount

    New one is holding up ok. But still not 100% sure it can support the weight of my 13 Pro Max long term. We’ll see. On the plus side, there was no leftover residue from the adhesive. I like the mount overall. Had the Topfit mount previously but couldn’t place my phone on the driver’s side...
  38. ucsdsig

    Spigen OneTap Designed for Tesla MagSafe Car Mount

    I ordered the mount a couple of weeks ago when there was a 20% coupon available. Was pretty pleased with the magnet strength (I have a 13 Pro Max with the OEM silicone case). But on the 5th day, out of nowhere, the mount fell off while I was driving. Amazon sent a replacement and it’s been...
  39. ucsdsig

    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    That’s correct. Minimal sag compared to the Topfit.
  40. ucsdsig

    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    Quick update. Returned the Topfit sunshade since it developed a very noticeable sag. Decided to try out the Temai and been pretty pleased with it. Much sturdier than the Topfit and very minimal sag. Back in the storage bag until next summer!
  41. ucsdsig

    iPhone13 Pro Max

    My 13 Pro Max charges fine on the wireless charging pads (using the OEM silicone MagSafe case and the Mous Limitless 4). Had no issues with my 12 Pro Max either.
  42. ucsdsig

    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    LOL, had the exact same thoughts. I did purchase the Topfit Sunshade since it's been hot here in Los Angeles this summer, but was undecided about tinting the roof. To my surprise, the sunshade does make a noticeable difference in reducing the cabin heat. Will be useful in the summer but plan...
  43. ucsdsig

    Basenor Sunshade for Model Y - super helpful! Reduced temps 20 degrees!

    Please post some real life pictures of your product. Other manufacturers with the one piece design have resorted to using magnets to get rid of the middle sag or switched to a 2-piece design. Interested in how your product differs in design to eliminate the sag.
  44. ucsdsig

    Valet wheel damage

    I used this company to repair three wheels on my Model S that had significant curb rash. Repair was done in my garage and the wheels looked brand new afterwards. https://yelp.to/NH7yBVIbxjb
  45. ucsdsig

    Opinions on this paint defect

    100% agree with the above. I noticed a couple minor paint issues during my delivery inspection as well. The shop that installed my PPF discovered a few more small issues but I told them not to show me. Ignorance is bliss, haha.
  46. ucsdsig

    Homelink Module installation and programming (2021 MYP)

    Yeah, I was surprised to see this feature missing on my MYP.
  47. ucsdsig

    12v switched power for Radar Detector

    I'm keeping an eye on this thread. I'm currently just using a 11ft cord (tucked into the A pillar panel) between my V1G2 and the 12V outlet. Would love a better solution, especially since the 12V outlet doesn't seem to power down when sentry mode is active.

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