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  1. YisSerL

    WTF Alignment Estimate from Tesla

    Should have ask the SC: Great, can I bring the car in today? By the way, can I pick the color of the roadster loaner you're giving me? And I know you guys are pretty booked, would an alignment takes a couple of weeks to complete? I'm not in a rush since I'm shelter at place at home. Take...
  2. YisSerL

    Tesla Used Vehicle Listing

    I would think the golden rule of buying a used vehicle would apply to EV as well. It is not the number of miles you put on the car, it is how the owner takes care of the car during his/her ownership. I could do a lot of damage in 15k vs takes care of all the preventive maintenance and...
  3. YisSerL

    Tesla remote detects Boost50 acceleration mod

    Fine, be that way. Elon will never disable this mod I added. I win! :D
  4. YisSerL

    TeslaFi - Battery Degradation Reports (upload your data)

    Mine is kind of terrible too.
  5. YisSerL

    ABRP Battery Degradation Comparison Post / Poll

    Thanks, that makes sense. I will have to find time to go for a drive to let it calibrate itself. That's a good excuse to go outside. :D
  6. YisSerL

    ABRP Battery Degradation Comparison Post / Poll

    @KenC I still don't know how to "calibrate your reference consumption" inside the app. Does it make a difference that I haven't driven the car and I just download and install the app?
  7. YisSerL

    ABRP Battery Degradation Comparison Post / Poll

    This is what shows up on mine:
  8. YisSerL

    ABRP Battery Degradation Comparison Post / Poll

    How did you get to that screen showing the battery degradation in A Better Route planner?
  9. YisSerL

    Buying P3D, what to look out for?

    look out for cops obviously.
  10. YisSerL

    Whose M3 has NEVER been back to SC for ANY reason? Any??

    I read the title at first and keep thinking SC = supercharging station
  11. YisSerL

    Never used Evannex car cover for sale

    Wrong forum. you should post here: Tesla Parts for Sale
  12. YisSerL

    California Front License Plate

    That's cool. Where did you get that made?
  13. YisSerL

    Reduced Range - Tesla Issued a Service Bulletin for possible fix

    Just asked Tesla about this. This only applies if your car is built between approximately 12/14/18 - 12/17/18. FYI.
  14. YisSerL

    Reduced Range - Tesla Issued a Service Bulletin for possible fix

    @SomeJoe7777 Just got a cancellation appointment text from Tesla after making an appt on the mobile app last night. My car is manufactured on 9/21/18 so the service bulletin does not apply. Just my luck. Hope you have better result than me. I guess I'll just be stuck with the reduced range. :(
  15. YisSerL

    Reduced Range - Tesla Issued a Service Bulletin for possible fix

    @SomeJoe7777 Your reduced range is very similar to mine. Every time I made an appointment on the Tesla app, the appointment gets cancelled. The latest appointment I got a text from the service center telling me everything is normal and I should keep the car charged to 90% nightly, that's...
  16. YisSerL

    Push for Autopilot 3.0 hardware now or wait for 4.0?

    Why settled for 4.0? Maybe 5.0 will get you this:
  17. YisSerL

    J1772 adapter for sale

    Wrong forum. You probably want to post here: Tesla Parts for Sale
  18. YisSerL

    New seats or new car, my spouse HATES the M3 seats!

    Is new spouse not one of the options? :rolleyes:
  19. YisSerL

    TeslaFi Battery Report - What does your LR car charge to @ 100%?

    This is me, is that normal? It is a 2018 model, but due to work last year, I wasn't able to drive much of it. It currently has 5100 miles. Mostly I charge it to 80%, and just started to charge to 90% nightly per Tesla service center.
  20. YisSerL

    Will Elon give Autopilot free for 2018 or early 2019 buyers

    I will just return the Model 3 at Nordstrom and get full refund and buy one with autopilot. :rolleyes: ref: Nordstrom Tire Return
  21. YisSerL

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    It is ok, at this point no one knows what will come with the acceleration boost option. Maybe we'll all get a Tesla branded air freshener that gives us 10 hp. But the debt/equity discussion sure makes my Wednesday morning more alive. :)
  22. YisSerL

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    What about the reverse, it cannot always benefits you. If Tesla decides to sell the Model 3 for $150k now, and all of a sudden it actually "increase" your resale value, you can sell your used P3D on craigslist for $120k, would you voice your concern? You'll probably giggle yourself to the...
  23. YisSerL

    Door Sill Cover

    Looking good!
  24. YisSerL

    Scan My Tesla (OBDII) Install

    @Ryefry That is a neat setup. But you do have to turn on the tablet every time you get into your car before driving?
  25. YisSerL

    Has Anyone Else Gone Anti-Stealth Model 3???

    @mact3333 Was it difficult to source the performance OEM brakes?
  26. YisSerL

    Bug with new One-pedal driving mode

    If this is something that you can consistently reproduce, you should just take a video of it and tweet Elon about it.
  27. YisSerL

    Seeking help. Brand new M3 got damaged at service center :(

    The driver side door panel is a replaceable part that can be swapped out by mobile service. I have had mine replaced 3 times on my driveway. Maybe they currently don't have the part in stock? You should ask them. I actually think it would be beneficial to you to have the work performed by...
  28. YisSerL

    FS: Taptes Model 3 Seat Covers - White

    Wrong forum. You should probably post to Tesla Parts for Sale
  29. YisSerL

    Vendor Pre-Order Special for Vorsteiner V-FF 103 wheels for Model 3

    For a 19" square setup, what are the spec and tires that is recommended?
  30. YisSerL

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    So you have the blue mirror on the driver side and the stock mirror on the passenger at the moment?
  31. YisSerL

    Front bumper damaged

    I would call Elon Musk. But that is just me. :rolleyes:
  32. YisSerL

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    To get the defroster function to work with your mirror, what kind of installation do we need to do? It is not simply remove original mirror and replace with yours? There is wiring we need to splice?
  33. YisSerL

    Ceramic recs in/around San Jose?

    OC Detailing is busy for a reason, they worked on a ton of Tesla. Another option for you since you asked about shops around San Jose is Elite Auto Films. Good luck!
  34. YisSerL

    Ceramic recs in/around San Jose?

    The shop you got the protection film done doesn't do ceramic coating? Usually you can get a better package deal if done at the same shop.
  35. YisSerL

    Vendor 30% Off HRE FlowForm Wheels! Ceramic Coating Included!

    Oh, I didn't even catch that bit. So for Model 3 owners, is 20" the only option, @EliteFinish ?
  36. YisSerL

    Vendor 30% Off HRE FlowForm Wheels! Ceramic Coating Included!

    Does the HRE FlowForm actually come in 18"?
  37. YisSerL

    Whoomp there it is !!!

    Very nice. I had a 2002 IS300 back in the day. I was on is300.net daily also. Wish I still have it. Love that car.
  38. YisSerL

    Whoomp there it is !!!

    Congrats! You're the same TEG from my.is? Your username sounds familiar.
  39. YisSerL

    Crack Front Roof

    Perhaps try a Tesla authorized body shop?
  40. YisSerL

    Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Thanks for everyone's interest. The spoiler is sold.
  41. YisSerL

    Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    It is not scratched. I am in the South Bay. Is there some place we could meet in the middle?
  42. YisSerL

    Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Someone asks if this is the new 00-A part number. Here is a picture of the part number showing it is the new 00-A part number.
  43. YisSerL

    Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    I bought this from another member here and decide not to put it on. Selling it for what I paid for it. $500. Bay Area local pickup preferred and I'll have to find a box big enough if I need to ship it. Thanks! (Ignore the dirty carpet in the garage)
  44. YisSerL

    How many times have there been sales on AP/FSD?

    Only part of your statement is true. Yes, I agree there is no hardware change, no service center appointment require for them to enable AP for potential Tesla owner. They can flip a switch, click on a button on a browser, etc. But I wouldn't necessary call it pure profit, because the AP...
  45. YisSerL

    Model 3 Trunk Emblem Positioning

    I know if you were to order a replacement emblem from Tesla, the mobile service has a jig that would align it to the trunk properly. I replaced my hood emblem after my PFF installation and mobile service was able to install it for me.
  46. YisSerL

    Engine noise

    Just made an appointment at the service center as I could not find the engine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  47. YisSerL

    Am at a loss: is the $2k FSD offer going away on Monday?

    Well, @Fernand, if you hang out here more often, you would have known about the sale, about when the sale will end, about when the sale was extended for an extra couple of days. Morale of the story....hang around TMC more often. Welcome!
  48. YisSerL

    Made the right call upgrading from EAP to FSD for 2k

    Well, I think if you real the original post again, he said: "AND no I did not go for the 2k incentive because I think they will need to give me HW3 even for EAP to work as originally advertised." I interpret it as I am entitled to a free HW3 upgrade to get EAP to work. I could read it wrong also.

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