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    CA Waiting Room

    Delivery now scheduled for Sunday. Got the delivery text and date an hour after getting the VIN.
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    CA Waiting Room

    How do you tell if the car was rejected by another customer? Did you ask for another car to be matched with?
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    CA Waiting Room

    Last EDD was 8/6 - 8/18 this morning. The VIN I got 229XXX seems a bit older than what others have been getting in so cal (244XXX). I hope this is not a rejected car. The review button seems to be greyed out still.
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    CA Waiting Room

    Just got my VIN 5 mins ago after checking my account. 229XXX Estimated Delivery: August 05 - August 09 Do I need to email my SA for next steps or how do they schedule the delivery. Also when/where do I need to make the payment?
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    CA Waiting Room

    My EDD has disappeared today as well. Previous day was 8/5-8/25. Hopefully this is a glitch.
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    Biodefense mode

    What's the vin range on your Y with the new bioweapon defense mode?
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    Biodefense mode

    what are VIN range is this on? Just for reference so we know what VIN it started coming with the new hepa filters.
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    Biodefense mode

    I think the tweet said it started in 7/21 (July 2021) builds.
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    Biodefense mode

    Wonder what VINs start getting this. My EDD is 7/16-8/3 so hopefully mines will have it as well.
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    Model Y West Coast Waiting Room (April 2021 Orders)

    Are those new projector headlights? Long range?
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    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    I got approved for 1.99 through penfed, but did not click the select offer button and only took a screen shot. Autofinance team from Tesla said they needed the full letter with terms. I have a few questions. 1) If I click select through penfed, would I be obligated to take their loan? 2)...
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    PG&E Rate Schedules: "Home Charging" (EV2-A) Goes Live vs. Others

    I'm getting solar installed. 6.6 kwh system and no powerwall. The solar installers recommended etou-d rate vs EV2-A since we get more cents per kw off peak when we generate during the day. Any thoughts on that? We have a model S and Bolt that we plan to charge. Not driving much since covid.
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    Solar Design received - Roof too small for medium size 24 panels?

    I’m in contra costa county. My roof is only home/roof is only 5 years old, so not time to replace the entire roof yet.
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    Solar Design received - Roof too small for medium size 24 panels?

    Thanks for the layout @mstgkillr. I called Tesla and they basically said that would be the most ideal layout and would still cover 92 percent of our usage. They said there has to be 3 feet from the edge of the roof for each panel clearance. I will get a couple of local quotes and proposals...
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    Solar Design received - Roof too small for medium size 24 panels?

    I just received a layout proposal from Tesla. Seems like the panels are placed all over the place. I see two lower panels on the bottom right thats on a lower part of the roof and theres a house next to us that will block sunlight. I see most of my neighbors place their panels on the upper...
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    Maximum battery charge level reduced

    What's your new max rated range after the new battery swap?
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    Model S85D slow at supercharger

    Same issue here as well. 2013 P85+ here. It never goes above 50kw. Is there any fix for this?
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    Supercharger - San Ramon, CA - Diablo Plaza (LIVE 5 Apr 2019, 20 Urban stalls)

    There's almost never a wait here when we go supercharge here and we charge about once a week.
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    '13 -14' Model S vs. 17'-18' Bolt

    I have both a 2019 Bolt and a 2013 Model S P85+. The bolt is much more efficient than my P85+. I easily get 250 miles + on the bolt of real world range on a full charge. The model S on the other hand with the staggered 21" wheels and summer tires, I only get around 175 miles even though the...
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    Supercharger - San Ramon, CA (expanded to 16 V2 stalls)

    Drove by this station a couple days ago and it looks to be closed off? Anyone know whats going on?
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    Car Squeaking when coming to complete stop (only with 21" Performance Wheels)

    I have 21" wheels too and had the same issue with the breaks squealing coming to a stop. I recently switched to Falken FK510 tires, and the noise is much less than it had before when I was running the Michelin PSS and PS2s before that. Not sure why the tire swap would make a difference. I...
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    Continuous Faint Humming Noise When Parked

    I average about 325 Wh/mi. Must be the heavy 21" wheels.
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    Continuous Faint Humming Noise When Parked

    Did your real world milage decrease as well? I only get about 70% of whatever the rated miles (ie. 229 miles on the indicator nets about 160 miles of real world range). P85 with 21" wheels here.
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    Continuous Faint Humming Noise When Parked

    Same issue here with a 2013 P85+. First time hearing it today. Any updates on what is causing it? Software 2019.16.2
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    Need New Tires - 21" - What's Best?

    Also put on the falkens about 1000 miles ago. These are so much quieter than the Michelin PS2s and PSS that I had. Also much more comfortable as the bumps felt are much less harsh. The steering is a little bit looser than the PS2s, but at half the cost, and much quieter and smoother ride I think...
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    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    Luckily the car is still under CPO warranty. Lets see what they try next.
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    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    I’m on 2018.50.6 as well and can confirm the issue still persists. Any update from Tesla on when this will be fixed for good? Had to unplug and plug at least 10 times today for it to start charging. Tesla just replaced the charge port as well.
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    Cannot super charge my antique 2013 S (jan build)

    Same issue here as everyone else. 2013 P85+. Getting red ring as soon as I plug into supercharger. Version 2018.48.12.1. Tesla mobile service is coming with a new charge port in a couple weeks. Sounds like this is more a software issue though. Should I bother with the charge port...
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    Supercharger - San Ramon, CA (expanded to 16 V2 stalls)

    Thanks for that. Scheduled for a mobile tech to come take a look at it while replacing one of my door handles.
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    Supercharger - San Ramon, CA (expanded to 16 V2 stalls)

    Over the past couple of sessions here at San Ramon, I've been getting the red light when trying to supercharge. It goes from white to red immediately and getting a message in the car saying check charger power. I have to unplug and replug back in a few times before it starts charging. It...
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    2018.12 has ruined the audio system

    I got updated to 2018.34 and the sound quality took a huge dip. The bass sounds way over compensated and treble lacks clarity. I have the standard audio. Anyone else notice the same?
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    Software Update 2018.34

    Anyone notice the audio quality is worse after the update? Bass sounds super muddy and treble sounds very restrained compared to before update. I have standard audio.
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    2013 MS60 Driver Dash/Instrument Cluster Random Reboots

    2018.34 Fixed my reboots as well.
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    Software Update 2018.32.2 3817fdd

    Did it fix the instrument cluster rebooting when using Nav? I have a 2013 P85+ that's on 2018.28.5 that has that bug.
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    2013 MS60 Driver Dash/Instrument Cluster Random Reboots

    Same issue with my 2013 P85+. After 28.5 update, Reboots if using Nav.
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    My horrible experience in 10 months ownership of a CPO Tesla

    After I got my touchscreen replaced due to bubbling, the car started throwing warnings for the airbag. They found the harness needed replacement, which resulted in a one week wait. When they got the airbag fixed, somehow my alignment got messed up. Let's see what happens today.
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    My horrible experience in 10 months ownership of a CPO Tesla

    Got a call from service saying the car has been fixed... Whoever installed the airbag module installed the wheel crooked which caused the traction control light to go off. Also had to get the car realigned. Will be picking up the car later today. Not feeling too great as each time they work...
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    My horrible experience in 10 months ownership of a CPO Tesla

    Yes good thing I took a picture of the errors on the screen.
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    My horrible experience in 10 months ownership of a CPO Tesla

    Update: I was getting my car back today. Less than a block away from the dealership, I noticed my steering wheel was upside down, but I'm going straight! Then the stability control turns off and says contact service. It's back at the shop once again. One thing after another. Honestly, I no...
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    My horrible experience in 10 months ownership of a CPO Tesla

    Both half shafts were replaced. An alignment was done. I'm not sure if the wheels were balanced. It was just taken in for annual service as well back in April.
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    My horrible experience in 10 months ownership of a CPO Tesla

    Still have the vibrations, although its harder to reproduce after the half shaft replacement. Now I need to deal with this airbag light that was not there before they replaced the MCU screen.
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    My horrible experience in 10 months ownership of a CPO Tesla

    I've had non stop issues with my car and issues have resulted in multiple visits to the service centers each time claiming the issue has been resolved but in fact they have not. In the past 10 months of ownership of this car, I've been back for multiple issues over 9 times. The car was a CPO...
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    Help Locating my Unicorn

    Found this one: Tesla Tesla This one has the next gen seats, but not sure on the plus suspension since its a later VIN
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    Glove box latch failure

    Same issue here. The tabs were pushed in. I used a paper clip and fished it back out from the right side tab and it came back out. Thanks!
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    Apple Car Play?

    Definately want CarPlay now that it supports Waze!
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    BT Streaming Broken on 2018.14.2?

    Same issue here. I have a iPhone 8 Plus. On firmware 2018.16. The song only plays for a second then stops. It doesn't matter if I press play on the console or not.
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    2013 P85 vibration from suspension

    @AmpedRealtor Any updates on if your car was fixed? I have the same issue with my P85+ where the seats and car starts shaking from about 50-75 mph. Tesla service is replacing the rear half shaft, hoping the problem will be fixed.
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    New Goodyear tires for EVs

    Just saw this: Goodyear unveils new tire for electric cars to reduce wear from powerful instant torque Sounds interesting. Finally a tire that lasts longer. Hopefully they make these in 21" staggered sizes as well as the 19s.
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    Longer lasting tires for 21" wheels?

    I just had america's tire price match discounted wheel warehouse on some Michelin PSS 265/35/21s for $300 + 11 shipping = $311 a tire. Appointment scheduled next sat for install.

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