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    Sirius Satellite Tuner

    The upgrade was aftermarket (Al&Ed's Autosound). There's nothing special with the stereo. Any generic system of the correct form-factor will work. If you have an earlier Roadster (like mine -- 512), you can purchase a double-din upgrade from Tesla which is essentially a modified bit of...
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    Sirius Satellite Tuner

    I'm surprised you still have the original JVC stereo after all these years. I upgraded mine about a year after first getting the roadster and then again about 2 years ago. It's not that expensive to upgrade and (if I recall) the original only supports Sirius but not XM-radio since they were in...
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    coolant leak, need advice

    I had the same problem about a year ago and it was also traced to a crack in the plastic reservoir tank. It took a few months for me to actually bring it in since I only saw a puddle form every few weeks.
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    Newbie question #1 out of........

    I'd ask your local service center. In San Diego, they treat roadster owners *REALLY* well, and are super helpful. I'd have to imagine the same is true in Nor-Cal.
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    Sentry Mode question(s)

    I'll add another question to this thread rather than starting a new one: I just took delivery of a new model-3 on Friday, and cannot figure out how to enable Sentry mode. I've seen videos on the web that have a clear "Sentry Mode" option on the touchscreen and in the app. In my case, I don't...
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    Remember When?

    On one of the other threads, it was mentioned that this was an Autopilot 1.0 model S (mobileye). I'm not sure if that's correct or not, but the early autopilot wasn't able to see ahead with radar.
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    How about a slower roadster?

    As a current roadster owner, I would seriously consider upgrading to a more mid-range Roadster2020. The existing/proposed new roadster, though, just seems like too much car for me. Especially with the price.
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    Roadster Forum Thread Reorganization

    I like the idea of a reorg -- assuming someone is willing to categorize the historical threads. it's just really hard to find stuff as it is.
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    Reliability concerns

    I've only had two significant issues with my #619 since I got it (original owner). One was the break boost pump which was fixed quickly and with little drama. The second was a mechanical failure (broken connector) in one of the PEM boards during service. The PEM took forever to get replaced...
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    Slight bump(s) while stopped

    This will sound silly, but make sure something isn't rolling around in your trunk. This happens to me all the time.
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    Trading in Roadster for M3P - Pros and Cons

    I'm in the same position as you are, but have already made my decision. Last year I brought in my roadster for annual service and they accidentally damaged one of the PEM boards. Took 2 months to get a replacement (they didn't charge me). The scarcity of parts is making it a very difficult...
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    70 amp HPWC connector

    This guy is non-functional. Something died in the power-electronics/switch and I got a new one a few years ago. Held onto this one for spare parts. Any interest? //dan.
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    70 amp HPWC connector

    I might be able to help you. I think I still have a dead 50A box/connector that I've held onto. Give me a day or so to check.
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    Greetings, What charging accessories / adapters are still available. I have a roadster and...

    Greetings, What charging accessories / adapters are still available. I have a roadster and wouldn't mind having a backup charger since they are beyond-rare at this point. best, dan meacham 619.922.0824
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    How to justify buying the new Roadster

    So my original roadster was around half the price of what they're asking for the new one. My decision to buy that car (sight-unseen from a preproduction startup company) was based around the premise of (1) it looked like a lot of fun, (2) the technology appealed to my nerdy side, (3) fewer...
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    RIP #994

    Sorry to hear about your roadster. If you still have the soft-top, I'd be interested -- mine is falling apart. //dan.
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    What kind of Roadster charging adapters do you sell? link? //dan.

    What kind of Roadster charging adapters do you sell? link? //dan.
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    Parts to aquire...

    what about the soft-top? is it in good shape?
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    0543 is not feeling well...

    You mentioned this is a new roadster ... and from your logs it might be a problem with the charger (as opposed to the car). Have you tried to reduce the charging current? Dial it way down to 8A or so and see what happens. You might also want to watch the VDS screen when it starts charging to...
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    Geico won't insure 2008 Roadsters?

    I've still got mine insured through Geico. Never had a problem and reasonable rates....
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    This Infographic Reveals How Tesla Model S Beats Range Anxiety

    Really? 90% of household trips are less than 100 miles? I guess that might be technically true, but I seriously doubt anything close to 10% of trips are greater than 100 miles. //dan.
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    Roadster Tetris

    OK..... flagged the thread. I will take a picture next time I go shopping. It's Tetris every time ... with the added complication of squishing an 11yo in the front seat. Fortunately, he's well padded in toilet paper and misc veggies. //dan.
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    Rattle from somewhere in front

    I had an interesting rattle about 6 months ago from the front of the car. There was a metal bracket that supports the front-bottom skid plate and also the curved front lower plastic piece that's under the grille. It'd finally cracked and broken after many years of bottoming out. It wasn't...
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    TPMS - Again on my LEMON. 4 times 37,000 miles

    I'm kind of late to the thread, but it's worth mentioning that you aren't the only one with this recurring problem. I've been through at least 4 replacements of the TPMS if not more. Currently have the "TPMS Hardware Error", but am waiting for next years service to do something about it...
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    An open letter to those people who like to post open letters to Elon or Tesla

    Mine's one of the first with the VDS in the center, but it predates the double-DIN stereo, improved stereo, better acceleration, color choices, etc. Got my numbering wrong I guess.
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    An open letter to those people who like to post open letters to Elon or Tesla

    If you S/X types feel cheated, imagine how it felt to be an original roadster owner; a legitimate "early adopter back-in-the-day" who put money down on a car before Tesla had built their first vehicle. The rules and the car seemed to change from week to week (as did the CEO at one point). Were...
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    Looking for a new interior

    I had Al&Eds completely redo mine about two years ago. It wasn't cheap, but well worth it. //dan.
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    Roadster production dates

    #512: May 2009 (one of the first v1.5 roadsters)
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    Anyone interested in trading R/C Roadsters? I've got red w/ Black interior

    Mine is red with a tan interior. I opened it and gave it to my 3yo son when it arrived (many years ago). It's been chewed by the dog, driven off the porch, tumbled down the stairs, and bonked into the wall so many times the front paint has white spots. Not quite suitable anymore for trade or...
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    Brake Failure Anyone?

    I'm a roadster owner, so this may not be relevant to you folks. My break booster pump went out about 3 months ago. This allowed the breaks to still work, but I had to push down the pedal *really* hard for them to engage. The odd thing was that, although i recognized the breaks felt weird one...
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    Graphene batteries

    You should probably take a look in: Battery Discussion the graphene thing's been discussed for awhile now. //dan.
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    Roadster production/sales history

    There was a google dox spreadsheet that we kept up for awhile listing when we got our roadster, when it was ordered, etc. Wow! it still exists. I'll give you the link if you PM me and no one posts here objecting to it... //dan.
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    TSC told me "No more loaner Model S cars for Roadster owners"

    To throw my 2c in here, I was told recently when going into service (San Diego) that since I was a roadster owner I couldn't get a model-S loaner. I dug a bit deeper, and the issue was a concern that I couldn't charge it. Once I let them know I had a 220v/40A outlet in my garage there was no...
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    Is anyone going to attend CES 2016?

    I'll be there Wed/Thurs. A bunch of private meetings, but no press events.
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    Passenger Airbag Disable Switch - Anyone in SoCal have one installed?

    I was sorting through some old files, and came across my receipt from the airbag install. It was done in October of 2009, so these folks may not be around anymore. I purchased the airbag switch from Sensible Solutions LLC in Fredrick, MD. Their number was 301.473.7908. They put me in touch...
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    Passenger Airbag Disable Switch - Anyone in SoCal have one installed?

    I didn't have it done in a shop. The guy came out to my house and did it on the weekend in about an hour. He asked for $100; I would've gladly paid more. Sorry -- don't have his contact info anymore. I posted some pix to this forum ages ago of the car with a disassembled dash. you basically...
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    Has anyone changed the color of their interior or wrapped the dash?

    I went to Al&Ed's in Los Angeles. They're a custom shop, so not cheap. Completely redid the interior including double-DIN, seats, audio, leather, etc. Other's have done the same and there are pix floating around the forum.
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    Passenger Airbag Disable Switch - Anyone in SoCal have one installed?

    I had one installed (San Diego) by a lotus mechanic a few years ago. The dash is put together almost identical to the Elise and any lotus dealer / exotic car shop should be able to handle it. There's an old thread somewhere on the this forum about roadster airbag switches....
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    WANTED: Roadster Hardtop

    I might be willing to sell mine. Never use it here in San Diego. But it's the metalic dark-blue color....
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    1.5 Key Seems to Stick in "Ignition" Cylinder

    There was an issue with some of the 1.5's ignition cylinders. Mine (one of the first manufactured) got stuck to the point I eventually couldn't even start the car. A ranger came out and replaced it a few years ago which fixed the problem. He was the one who mentioned that it was a problem...
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    Tell us how is your Roadster Interior holding up???

    Not doing as well here. I still *love* my roadster, more than any other car I've owned ... but the interior is showing it's age. After ~45k miles, there are a LOT of squeaks and rattles and creaks. The seats are on the verge of falling apart; many of the seams are coming loose, and a couple...
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    240 Volt NEMA 14-50 Charger No Longer Working

    I'm on my 3rd charger. The first two went out slowly. They were working fine, then would occasionally not charge, then would never charge at all. After my first one failed, I worked with the Orange County store to get a replacement (San Diego wasn't open back then). They said that since San...
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    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    I doubt this would end up being practical (Roadster frame isn't built for towing, among other things), but in any case it can definitely *NOT* be done with the first generation of roadsters. For the first batch (I think it ended with the 1.5's), Tesla licensed a patent where they reused much of...
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    TMC Chat Room?

    Anything that would reduce the thread-clutter here would be a welcome addition.
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    How many roadster owners active on TMC, and what type of roadster?

    #619 (blue 2.0) in San Diego. Been on the forums since before Elon got the first Roadster.... but not as much lately. With all the Model-S owners, the forum is pretty noisy now -- I only check in periodically.
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    HPC In Del Mar, California?

    I live in Del Mar (on the hill, walking distance to track/village/beach). You're welcome to borrow my garage to charge your roadster. I've got a 40A/220v roadster charger...PM me if you're interested. also on plugshare. //dan.
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    SpaceX F9v1.1 First Stage Recovery: Where are the Best Videos?

    BTW: The first stage did in fact relight after separation on the most recent (SES-8) launch, but it isn't shown in the video.
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    Uh oh. Received unsolicited lost password reset email

    A quick web search shows you own two domain names hosted by dreamhost. The email could've been sent to the <domainname>[email protected] which would've then rerouted the email to your primary account. Also, you posted a pdf document online with your username in the properties. Best...
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    June 20th Speculation

    Anyone have a link to the announcement livestream? I don't see it on: Tesla - Events Presentations //dan.
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    Roadster UMC fails - what are best options today?

    My UMC (original 40A "box-style" unit) died about a year ago. Apparently a number of them here in San Diego had problems about the same time due to poor incoming power quality after they shut down San Onofre -- the local nuke plant. The symptom was about as you described. It would charge for...

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