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    Tesla service on 2017 MS gets blown off!

    interesting thoughts about just biting the bullet and paying for the mcu2. I am also having issues with Tesla service in general. I have a model s out of warranty and a model x with about 9 months left. Both cars have mcu1 . Both are starting to have issues including mcu ones. Tesla has...
  2. Z

    Appt for HW 2.5 to 3.0 Retro tomorrow. Should I?

    Are they only upgrading certain configurations such as mcu 2 with HW2.5? I just had my autopilot computer replaced as it wouldn't upgrade software and they swapped in another 2.5. My X has mcu 1 . My wife picked up the car so I didn't have a chance to ask questions
  3. Z

    Any hacks to avoid 40 min charge limit?

    Or the supercharger network is not designed well for travel on certain interstate corridors. I-26 would be an example. Superchargers are placed on intersecting interstates requiring significant detours. Sometimes it is faster to stay and charge to avoid a long detour.
  4. Z

    Superchargers in the Carolinas

    yep. I-26 area superchargers other then the Asheville one are placed for other interstates and are less then ideal for I-26 travel. they work to a degree, but it does require significant detours. the positive side of it is I have had some rather interesting drives on 2 lane south Carolina...
  5. Z

    P85D With Square Wheels

    My 75d came with staggered 21's. I wanted to swap them for different wheels but tesla declined. The car was an inventory model with a substantial discount. I probably have another summer season left in the tires, but I wouldn't mind having 4 wheels that I can rotate with a better tire...
  6. Z

    Supercharger - Charleston, SC

    Daniel island would be inconvenient for for those traveling to folly or Kiawah . Really hope it ends up by the outlets or north of I—526. The I-26 corridor as been a disappoint for me . Other then Asheville, which I would prefer not to use because it’s so close to the house , there is a...
  7. Z

    Service Center - Knoxville, TN

    Hopefully this is real. I don't hold a lot of faith in what Musk says on twitter though. Especially if a time line is involved.
  8. Z

    1UP bike rack with 4 bikes barely fits for Supercharging

    sometimes the Tesla only sign is placed right at the curb and you have to take bikes off and fold the rack up to charge. I have come across this a couple of times in the southeast.
  9. Z

    Ranger travel distance

    Ranger service is great when it’s something they can fix. They have been up to my area a few times for my X . My ranger actually comes from Nashville even though Charlotte is significantly closer and where I have taken the cars when a service center visit is mandatory . We had to take the...
  10. Z

    Ranger travel distance

    Ranger service is great when it’s something they can fix. They have been up to my area a few times for my X . My ranger actually comes from Nashville even though Charlotte is significantly closer and where I have taken the cars when a service center visit is mandatory . We had to take the...
  11. Z

    Rattle Problem - Tesla Says they Can't Fix

    My car has so many rattles that I actually gave up
  12. Z

    Laguna Beach, CA accident, title claims "autopilot" involved.

    The road design there is very special. I could totally see my car following the line and side swiping if I wasn’t paying attention
  13. Z

    Repair delays on MS

    sounds about right ! My crumpled hood , broken headlight and cracked bumper cover was 12k before the ceramic coating and xpel. It was absurdly expensive for the amount of damage A bunch of stuff under the bumper cover was broken and replace. Radar, radar bracket , radiator mount? ect
  14. Z

    MS Front Passenger Interior Door Panel Becoming Detached

    Mine did that . Clips just popped out . I could reattach it but it would just pop out a few days later. Service center put new clips in when the car was uncorked.
  15. Z

    Who made this Monstrosity

    maybe it’s meant for when Tesla is out of stock of the regular bumper cover ??
  16. Z

    Owning a Tesla in a remote place

    I’m not as far as some other people from a service center . My one way trip is 200 miles. It’s still a pain. Mobile service has come once for my model x. This was nice as it saved me from taking a day off of work. Ranger is coming back next week to replace a 12v battery. I will have a third...
  17. Z

    Waiting a month for a new Windshield??

    i got quoted 6 weeks for my wife's X windshield yesterday. This is after waiiting about 2 months for parts for the power assist in the drivers door. I had to wait for parts for my model s repair also. Repair parts supply isn't getting any better
  18. Z

    Parts availabily still problematic

    1600 dollars for a freaking windshield
  19. Z

    Parts availabily still problematic

    Wife had a rock strike on the interstate this morning. Windshield cracked with impact. 2 long cracks. One of the cracks is greater then 2 feet. Looks like its going to need a replacement given the size of the cracks. I called the Charlotte center after checking with a local glass replacement...
  20. Z

    Supercharger - Florence, SC

    People seem to ignore the ev only signs . I was there 2 weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon . When I got there, there were 6 or 7 spots open . When I left , there were only 3 spots not iced including the spot I was leaving. As mentioned before by others , they put the chargers in prime parking...
  21. Z

    Arachnids, unstaggered to staggered, alignment, winter-to-summer and back...

    My 75d with coils came with staggered 21’s. I switch to 19 inch Nokian wrg3’s for a mild winter with no issues in my driveway
  22. Z

    What would you do?

    I would wait for an inventory 100d. Tesla will eventually have some more .
  23. Z

    Reduced Battery Life

    I remember two winters pre Tesla when I had had a leaf and I was worried about a 55 mile round trip in 10 F weather
  24. Z

    Slacker radio stuttering?

    Slacker still sucks on both household Tesla’s running 50.2
  25. Z

    Folded rear seat + 2 kids - any solutions?

    I have a sea sucker for bicycle transportation. Keeps a dirty MTB outside of the car . I’m guessing a bike Is worse compared to ski equipment , but it seriously hits range hard at interstate speeds . I average over 430 wh/m with it on for speeds in the 70’s on hilly terrain . It’s a great...
  26. Z

    Torklift Ecohitch

    I have a sea sucker set up from a previous car that I use for my model s . It works great for local trips to the trailhead and back. If I have to transport a road bike locally , I typically just take off both wheels and it fits in the trunk fine . The problem is when going on a trip with the sea...
  27. Z

    Uncorking official for most 75Ds!

    What is the correct terminology to ask the service center to verify the car? I'm dealing with somebody in Charlotte who can't figure out what I'm talking about. He keeps on telling me to go check my tesla page or that I will get an OTA update to take car of it. I'm pretty sure he has no idea.
  28. Z

    Floor Mats for New 7 Seat Config

    Sorry to revive a threat, but I just picked up an inventory 7 seater model x with fold flat seats that are adjustable fore and aft. The tesla rep seamed to think the car's build date was august 19th. She was not completely sure. Car just says august 2017 on the door panel. Did the build prior...
  29. Z

    Inventory X. What is acceptable wear and tear?

    I picked up a inventory model x on Saturday. It was in perfect condition as far as I can tell. I'm sure if i get this one wrapped (partially or full) , the detail guy will complain about the paint quality. I had a fair amount of time to inpsect the car as the paperwork was not correct. It took...
  30. Z

    Supercharger - Charleston, SC

    tanger would just make so much sense. Any charleston destination would be served by it other then those actually living in charleston proper
  31. Z

    Supercharger - Hickory, NC

    Everbody has their personal preferences about what works best for them, but I much prefer this location for myself compared to statesville. My prefered route to charlotte from NE TN involves I-40 to US 321. So this allows a quick charge on the way to or from Charlotte for me. Now if Tesla could...
  32. Z

    Supercharger - Dickson TN

    I don't know about that parking lot. Looks awful small. Kind of looks like a Columbia SC situation in the making
  33. Z

    Parts Availability

    My car was in the shop about 5 weeks for a collision with a deer . Replaced hood, bumper cover ,headlight , and a bunch of plastic brackets under the bumper cover . There was also minor damage to one of the fenders up by the a pillar that was repaired . Complete respray to the front of the car...
  34. Z

    I hope my experience is abnormal

    I love my Tesla, but it was one of the worst car purchasing experiences I have had. Complete lack of communication after I put the deposit down. Phone calls weren't returned and emails left unanswered. Nobody would send me the final paperwork until just a few days before the supposed delivery...
  35. Z

    Body shop repair >2 months no end it sight

    Definitely call the number and talk to a body shop advocate if you haven't done so yet. I got that advice when I was waiting for a couple of plastic brackets with no ETA per the bodyshop. I called the number and things started to happen. Tesla was able to verify that the delay was on their part...
  36. Z

    Supercharger Needed on I-26 in South Carolina - help submit to Tesla

    Asheville Nc is the only supercharger on I-26. The rest of them require detours. At least asheville is there. Greenville would really be out of the way for I-26 travel. Columbia Sc was the biggest disappoint for me. They could have put it a place where I-26,I-20, and I-77 all had easy access...
  37. Z

    N&O: More Tesla dealerships could be coming to NC under Senate bill

    hope it passes!. I just want a service center in Asheville. It's only 60 miles away and would make my life easier
  38. Z

    Vented seats gone, alcantara dash gone, air suspension gone = new S interior coming

    There are also inventory cars with big discounts and 50 miles listed again. Last time I saw this, I ordered my model s and ap2 hardware came out the day after my car was delivered.
  39. Z

    Supercharger - Bristol, TN

    I used it today for giggles. It's basically local so my Father's Day present was to go check it out and eat lunch nearby .
  40. Z

    Question about HPWC

    I wish I had wired my place at 100 amps when I had my clipper creek charger installed for my leaf prior to my Tesla purchase. The electrician talked me out of of future proofing it. The clipper creek works fine for my current use with one tesla at 32 amps charging, but I'm contemplating a...
  41. Z

    Motley Fool story - Tesla Replacement Part Delays

    I just wanted to leave a positive update. My parts came in and the bodyshop had the car fixed and flat bedded back to me 24 hours later. I believe calling the advocacy number helped. The funny thing was that tesla was emailing me telling me they still didn't have an eta for the radar bracket...
  42. Z

    Motley Fool story - Tesla Replacement Part Delays

    Waiting on brackets to hold the bumper to the fender and the bracket that holds radar sensor in place. Rep confirmed that this was accurate. I'm guessing that the problem is going to be the bracket for the radar sensor. I would assume its different then what is being used with ap2 cars. This is...
  43. Z

    Motley Fool story - Tesla Replacement Part Delays

    I called the number and spoke with somebody in the body shop advocacy team. She said she would look into it and call me back later in the day. She actually did this after talking to the body shop. Basically, the body shop was telling the truth. Apparently there are 3 missing parts. 2 of which...
  44. Z

    Motley Fool story - Tesla Replacement Part Delays

    How would I find out how to contact the rep? Emails I have sent to Tesla have been like all of the ones that I sent when I was trying to arrange delivery of the car. Unanswered. I'm well aware the body shop may playing loose with the truth. I don't doubt that for a second. They did ,however...
  45. Z

    Motley Fool story - Tesla Replacement Part Delays

    Tesla hasn't fixed anything in regard to repair parts availability. I am waiting on a 2 plastic brackets according to the body shop with no eta for arrival
  46. Z

    Non approved body shop

  47. Z

    Non approved body shop

    I've only been without the car for a month. I dropped it off in Charlotte at the end of April . It was driveable without autopilot which is part of the reason why I let the non certified shop try to figure out how to get parts for about a month . Then it was 2 months of the certified shop...
  48. Z

    Non approved body shop

    No. My car had minor damage back In February from a deer suicide. Given that it only needed a new hood, headlight , and bumper cover , I tried to use a local non certified body shop . The nearest certified body shop is 200 miles away. The Nashville service center said they would sell parts to...
  49. Z

    Version 17.4.14

    I got an alert to update. I'm waiting to make sure it doesn't mess with autopilot again. I have a 75d AP1
  50. Z

    Boone, NC - 4 Wheel Drive?

    While snow is possible this time of year in WNC, 4wd is not needed based on the current weather. We haven't had any snow so far this year in the higher elevations of WNC or Northeast TN. I still have summer tires on my model S.

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