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    Rejected delivery, now what?

    Yeah the mistake I made was signing before viewing in Fremont. Don't sign a THING until you inspect the car. They will pull that sh!t knowing the car has issues because of the immense pressure the company is under. Mission-E and Crozz ID can't get here fast enough.
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    Tesla Model X EVannex Sunshade Heat Protector Every Window

    Included is the ENTIRE Sunshade KIT for every window in the Model X. Might also be useful as a theft deterrent for long term parking which is what I used it for. Only issue: one suction cup on the rear window shield doesn't stick, but there are several others that work fine so it doesn't...
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    Latest update (2018.10.4) wrecked camper mode

    Yup. Make sure to file a bug ticket: [email protected] Or use the voice command and say bug report + (issue)
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    Latest update (2018.10.4) wrecked camper mode

    After turning it on and making custom settings, the car turns off after a while and those settings are lost. In my case I noticed that once the car turns off the fan goes from my custom 1 setting to Max, which messes with battery life.
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    Latest update (2018.10.4) wrecked camper mode

    Moderator note (bmah): Edited thread title to reflect the actual software version number. Always on climate no longer respects the settings you choose. In my case it kicks up the fans to 10 or so, which is crazy. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Falcon Wing Doors Opening By Themselves

    Welcome to the beta!
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    [Bay Area] Model X - 75D - 900 miles - $75k

    Move got cancelled. Car is off the market for now. Please ignore this thread.
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    Falcon Wing Doors Opening By Themselves

    Sambas that's crazy! For me - it hasn't happened again. They tried calling me a few weeks ago but I was in a meeting.
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    [Bay Area] Model X - 75D - 900 miles - $75k

    I haven't claimed the tax rebate but I will be doing so this month.
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    [Bay Area] Model X - 75D - 900 miles - $75k

    Okay. I didn't realize sales tax for used vehicles was 7.5% in California (I've never purchased a used car). Dropping the price down to 70k.
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    [Bay Area] Model X - 75D - 900 miles - $75k

    The car cost over 90k with tax. What are you talking about? If I'm not being reasonable please show me a reference I should be asking.
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    [Bay Area] Model X - 75D - 900 miles - $75k

    Car has clean record, 5 seat, black interior. AP2 not purchased.
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    [Bay Area] Model X - 75D - 900 miles - $75k

    2017 August Delivery w/AP 2.0 Stock everything, w/ metallic silver paint. Excellent condition. Used for camping a few times. MCU was replaced with newer unit on delivery due to a fan issue. HEPA filter installed. Windows are a bit squeaky and so are the brakes. Falcon doors opened...
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    Falcon Wing Doors Opening By Themselves

    Arrived at work yesterday and started charging my car. Didn't have the key fobs on me - locked the car with the app and watched the mirrors fold in. Two hours later I get back to the car (with my fob - retrieved several buildings away) to put something in frunk and the driver side FWD is open...
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    120+ Month Financing

    If your car gets wrecked or needs service you may be spending several weeks without housing. Depending on your situation you need to think through these issues and plan contingencies. You can use the 5S MX for camping as-is, just put in a nice 3-4" memory foam mattress as the seats lay flat...
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    uneven warm air coming out of the vents

    They really need to hire better interns to build their AC software stack.
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    Tesla Trip To Hell & Back

    Should have told him you work for Mr. Tesla and Trump sent you there to assess the parking issues.
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    uneven warm air coming out of the vents

    The AC in the X kind of sucks.
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    My MCU was defective day one. Nothing to do with the cooling system. A replacement fixed the issue. Insist on a prompt resolution, whatever your issue may be.
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    Back to the topic: Build fast, fix later: Speed hurts quality at Tesla, some workers say Build fast, fix later: Speed hurts quality at Tesla, some workers say • r/teslamotors
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    No voice command for heat/ac/climate?

    Alexa/Google assistant integration is the future when it comes to this stuff. I hope Tesla partners with Amazon, personally. And yes, it's kind of disappointing such a minimal effort was placed on the natural language processing functionality. But it should be easy enough to improve, given...
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    Hey buddy I'm all out of Kit Kat bars - sorry. I never posted this here but my screen crapped out due to a failed OTA a few weeks after the replacement. It was a software glitch though and yeah I alternate between salty and hella salty when it comes to Tesla. As an owner I can express...
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    Not surprised others have the issue but very surprised to hear your X has been in the shop for such a long period of time when they can just replace the MCU. Unless Tesla offers me a free upgrade to EAP or something along those lines, I don't think I can get over the crap experience I had. I...
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    new model X actual reliability, if you live far from a service center

    QC is hit or miss. Roll the dice at your own expense ;) My vehicle had a defective MCU day 1, so if that happened to you, at least you wouldn't find out...later.
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    Model X pulled into the charger beside my smart ED. IT WAS HUGE.

    The Model X is about the same size as the Ford Explorer. Not exactly huge, but it has intimidatingly sexy looks.
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    Bioweapon Defense and HEPA

    Just finished installing my HEPA filter. Can confirm that all air will pass through it regardless of fan level.
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    So, when should I start thinking I've got a lemon?

    They still don't know how to build the X correctly. Their workforce is overstressed and overstretched. Word of mouth is going to tank the reputation of the company. And yeah, I had to go to a service center for my newish X a few days ago too. QC is crap in these vehicles. Glitchy software...
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    How about this for a rip off?

    I'd happily buy this as my next car. Pretty sure it will have better interior quality than anything Tesla is capable of producing.
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    Tesla First Car

    Stanford has several L2 Chargepoint chargers. Get him a BOLT, it's a fantastic electric car for the area and put the rest into some Vanguard funds for him.
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    Model X Delivery #failure #day1

    Please do not sign paperwork before taking delivery of your vehicle. Their modus operandi is pass off to the customer and hope they don't notice. This isn't going to fly with the M3 and it's unacceptable in general.
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    Radio silence after putting deposit for Inventory car

    Because Tesla. Word of mouth is going to wreck this company. Especially once the service centers become overloaded with Model 3s. I've had nothing but piss poor communication with this company from A to Z. It's ridiculous you have to escalate to executive level for responses at times...
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    Door opens on its own

    I saw a Model S at work with an open door and no driver present. Haven't had this issue personally.
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    Can you damage the charge port door by manually opening it?

    Hey guys, Didn't realize the charge port door on my X doesn't open when pushed if the car is locked. I'm new to the car and had a dumb moment where I tried to pry the charge port door open by hand out of frustration. Not a crazy amount of pressure but it did start to give. Bad habit from...
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    HW2.5 capabilities

    I spoke to someone a year ago on the Autopilot team. They were not super confident that 2.0 hardware was going to get it done (L5 proper). And it looks like that's indeed the case.
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    HW2.5 capabilities

    Just had my MCU replaced. New part number says: 1045006-00-D Not sure if that's the latest but I couldn't find it with a Google search. I also picked up my car on Monday...so I have no clue whether I have the new hardware.
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    Update: I spoke to an excellent individual high up at Tesla yesterday. They helped get the car into service asap and get me a non ice loaner. Service was completed just now and hopefully I can put this headache behind. Thanks all. Sorry if I overreacted at any point - I was pretty upset.
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    They drove a Model S from Fremont so I don't have to deal with an ICE car. Service time estimate is unknown. :/
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    It's more of a fan continuously running and hitting a wire kind of noise.
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    +1 for factory tour 8/22-25?

    Message me and we can talk. Cheers.
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    Tesla: Revenge of the Electrics [Video]

    Hey all - made a quick video you may enjoy for my Harvard media class. Cheers!
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    I could have refused delivery, but I want to support Tesla and did not want to come off as petty. But I don't know - maybe I should have refused...
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    Model X needs a better Quality Control team

    Hey guys. Unfortunately what a lot of others have been saying regarding quality control is still an issue with the Model X. The second I sat in my new car at the Fremont pickup center, I could hear a buzzing coming from the center dashboard. The delivery specialist acknowledged. Now I have...

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