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    FS: Model Y Tuxmats and AUTailors cargo mats for sale - $80 - Denver, CO but will ship

    i would go ahead and just bid on the auction. I'd let it go for 80 a piece, i would bid be cause nobody has a bid and you could get it for that much
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    FS: Model Y Tuxmats and AUTailors cargo mats for sale - $80 - Denver, CO but will ship

    These came off my 5 seater Model Y. They couldn fit the 7 seater as well, i just don't know
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    FS: Model Y Tuxmats and AUTailors cargo mats for sale - $80 - Denver, CO but will ship

    sorry, didn't see the other question. there is nothing wrong with them. i cleaned them but i was in a hurry and i don't have access to a hose. they're like brand new. the floor mats are a little dirty but nothing that can't be cleaned to look like new again. again, i actually did clean them...
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    FS: Model Y Tuxmats and AUTailors cargo mats for sale - $80 - Denver, CO but will ship

    i sold my Tesla. these are the best in my opinion. i also had the max spider model and these are way better. the split trunk cargo is the way to go, so you can access the sub trunk.
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    FS: Model Y Tuxmats and AUTailors cargo mats for sale - $80 - Denver, CO but will ship

    If you want to make me a local offer i am down for that as well. I'm in keystone but come to Denver often. Tuxmats floor mats - Tesla Model Y Tuxmats Floor Mats | eBay AUTailors cargo mats - Tesla Model Y AUTailors Cargo Mats (split trunk) | eBay
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    FS, Denver, Dillon - 20" Michelin Ice for Induction

    8mm on tread. used 1 season around 3k miles on them 1000 or best offer
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    Michelin X Ice 255 40 20 - induction. 3000 miles - $1000 - LA but can deliver anywhere between here and Colorado - $1000

    Comes off of my Inductions 20" Model Y. like new, very little use. I'm currently in Los Angeles but can bring them to Colorado as I'm moving there this month.
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    Model Y Taptes 2022 Floor Mats 5 seater - $80 - los Angeles

    brand new. los Angeles front two seats and back seats
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    How do you get rid of the cartoon depiction on the left?

    On my tesla, on the left hand side, there is a cartoon depiction of what is going on on the road. Is there a way to get rid of that? I've driven about 15,000 miles on my model y, and I don't see what the point of the cartoon depiction is. I've never used it for anything, is it supposed to...
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    FS: model Y Taptes Floor mats Los Angeles $100

    Brand new
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    Model Y Loose bolts ?

    They also covered mine
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    FS, Los Angeles, CA - Taptes Floor Mats - Brand New $150

    Okay thanks. The price is OBO. don't care about the price. If someone wants these make me an offer
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    FS, Los Angeles, CA - Taptes Floor Mats - Brand New $150

    For sale Brand new never used Taptes Floor Mats. Located in Pasadena, CA $150 or best offer.
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    Model Y Loose bolts ?

    Was this covered under warranty? I am having the exact same issue. Bolts backed out as I am driving from Colorado to california. Half the rear skid plate is broken off after the bolt fell off and it dragged on the ground. It is held up with a zip tie at the moment. The bolt on the driver side...
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    FSD Beta Strike Question

    How does one get FSD revoked?
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    FSD Beta 10.12

    I was just approved to FSD beta. I've never had it. My score is 100.
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    Does the trunk have ducted heat?

    So on my app, when I defrost my car, it says that the trunk has heat. Signified by the red glowing light. Is this true?
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    I called Tesla of Savannah Georgia and the technician told me that camber and caster are indeed NOT adjustable on the Y and 3. He said on the X and S there's is 1 degree adjustability but not on the Y/3.
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    I just want to give people benefit of the doubt that they're honest/upfront with things. Especially in things im not an expert in. Thanks for being patient with me, I am still learning
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    I called the shop again and they said "We did not touch the camber and caster, the car does not have adjustment for this". When I told him "I'm looking at the manual right now for how to adjust this" he replied "Yes, you adjust it by drilling out the struts and we do not do this". I looked...
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    When i took it the shop and they gave it back to me and said that they couldn't get it aligned any further. I asked them why it didn't align and whhether there was anything damaged or bent and they told me there was no damage. Whatever that's worth? My friend, a Tesla certified technician...
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    Is this relevant for the Model Y as well? That diagram looks like it is for the model 3.
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    Yes it is, everything is fixed now, just this little alignment issue.
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    Can the caster and camber of the Y be adjusted? It's almost like they didnt adjust those at all.
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    Big O Tires. 12k miles on my car. Don't know, i just got the alignment done today, with 2 brand new tires. Yes I am, there could definitely be something bent in there.
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    Below is my alignment specs. The shop said they could not get the driver front camber and caster within spec. Left front camber is one degree more negative than the right and the left front caster is 1.5 degree less than the right. What are the implications of this? The shop sent me on my way...
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    New wiring harness and parking sensors - "Park Assist Unavailable"

    Hi, I recently got a new bumper with a new parking sensor wiring harness and a few new parking sensors. When I go to drive the car now, it says that park assist is unavailable, it also says that auto steer and cruise control is unavailable. Does the car need to be recalibrated/reprogrammed/reset?
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    Autopilot causes an accident. What now?

    The car doesn't even think anything is wrong with it other than low PSI. Fender, bumper, headlamp, fascia light, lower valance, skid plate, fender bracket, 2 parking sensors, lower reinforcement, wheel. I already bought everything from eBay. The parts were ~$4500. Got very lucky. Airbags did...
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    Autopilot causes an accident. What now?

    I think it thought the median was the lane... It drove me into it wanting to put itself back into what it thought was the lane and hit the sign/median, i was looking away when it happened. It happened really quickly. I'm very grateful nobody was hurt... but my confidence in the system has been...
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    Autopilot causes an accident. What now?

    I was going through an intersection, autopilot was on, and the autopilot steered me into the center median and hit a traffic sign. I do not have a full coverage/comprehensive insurance. Not interested in lessons right now. I have never been in an accident in all of my years of driving and...
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    WTB: Model Y LH Fender - Black or any color

    Hi, I'm looking for a Model Y left hand, drivers side fender
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    Thule Roof Cargo Box Size?

    Could you let us know? I'm thinking about the the XXL. If the hatch doesn't open, why couldn't you just move it forward more?
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    Denver: Will driving to Keystone be okay on Wednesday?

    I put the factory all season tires back on during a road trip to Los Angeles a few weeks ago. I want to go to keystone on Wednesday but it will be snowing, I am going to take 70 all the way and then get off in dillon. Well I be okay on the Tesla factory All season good years? Or should I go...
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    Feature Request: Pitch shift (lower or higher key) in Caraoke

    Dear Elon, it would be fantastic if Caraoke had the ability to lower or raise the pitch of a song by few pitches. This feature would enable us to sing at more comfortable and natural registers. Thank you
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    Acceleration boost upgrade

    Interesting, it really was not worth it for me. It is definitely way faster, but it seemed like the car wasn't really meant to handle the extra speed. Even with sport handling on, the extra speed made the car not very comfortable to drive. Fast yes, but not very enjoyable for me at least. Just...
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    Chime on greenlight no longer working?

    Has anybody else's chime on green light feature stopped working in the past day or two? Mine has always been on, but randomly it stopped working. No changes by me and no updates.
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    Hol Update suggestion; Move blind-spot monitor to top of screen

    In school (California) they taught me to put my signals on, check to make sure it's safe (blindspots), then turn. Never heard of your check to make sure it's safe. Turn on signals, then turn technique. Are you in Europe?
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    Model Y - Sharp leg pain driving

    Elon would say that you're not using autopilot enough
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    I want to let my friend drive but not affect my safety score. How?

    Didn't see this post until i let my friend drive. I tried this and indeed it didn't work. He got dinged by a bunch of stuff. Luckily my score actually didn't drop. It is still 99
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    I want to let my friend drive but not affect my safety score. How?

    Id like to let my friend drive my car. But he's a terrible driver. How does one let someone else drive but not affect your safety score?

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