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    Poll: Who paid the highest MY

    i feel more bad for those people that bought off the scalpers
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    Brake pedal arm covers available? (not pedals)

    maybe use electrical tape vertically for a temp solution
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    Skid plate justification

    about to install my front and rear aluminum plates. how are you guys installing? jack up from one side? rhino ramps?
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    What to do when Power Frunk Completely Fails to Open?

    maybe try push down or pull up on the frunk while the mechanism is trying to work?
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    Cracked roof using roof rack w/ cargo box

    i wonder if the spot welds for the j hook gave out? does the roof rack come with nylon locknuts? does it require re torquing? how many in/lb do you need to tighten to?
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    Advise needed. Cannot take delivery right now

    text the tesla number to put it on hold. i didn't get a vin yet and was able to hold in nov 2022.
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    How different is the new Comfort Suspension (October 22 -) to the previous gen (prior to Oct 22 change)?

    similar thing happened to toyota avalons. stiff vs comfortable suspension was just changing out the springs. i think the spring rates are slightly different. how do we find out the tesla part number of the newest spring? I found rears have these 2 part numbers between 2020-2022 1188479-00-A and...
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    2021 MYP Trunk Leak - bad service experiences

    after the california cyclone yesterday my 12/22 austin built lr is still dry. i checked the rear tub, side tubs, trunk strip and trunk lid was not dripping anything internally.
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    Model Y LR Austin Build Have Matrix Headlights?

    my PA039XXX does not have matrix headlights. when i try to push back and fold the cargo cover into a z, it just slides back flat. trying to figure out if i need to break it in.
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    Delivered yesterday, today $7500 discount rolled out

    got a vin and picking up tomorrow, i wonder if there will be any more incentives next week.
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    Almost every one of these 2023 MY LRs has matrix lights

    any austin LR come with matrix lights recently? i got a vin this morning
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    Would you move forward with Buying a Tesla?

    my order is on hold, tesla just texted me to take my order off hold for the $3750 discount. long shot but should i reply asking if there's more discount available?
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    Struggling to remove Yakima Bike rack from hitch

    which bike rack? sometimes it fuses to the hitch after a while so once you loosen the locking wedge just rock the hitch a bit and it should free itself.
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    Rust on the spot welds or something else?

    hopefully they at least grinded away the rust before putting on touch up paint.
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    Model Y 6-seater Mod

    removing half of the backrow seat may or may not compromise the integrity in a crash. maybe get a x 6 or 7 seater.
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    Tesla Y oem spoiler 3m VHB precut tape?

    Looking to get the precut 3m vht tape for the Y oem spoiler. I used to see it on ebay but not anymore. is there a part number or where can i get it?
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    Which SSD

    do you need to partition in order to store dashcam footage and music separately? has anyone checked the ssd with crystaldiskinfo after a year?
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    2022 delivery or wait til 2023 and loose $250 vs $7500 gain?

    when you placed your order, what was the original edd?
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    Unable to get financed and can't pay for Tesla. What happens now?

    i think you'll be able to request hold till march 2023.
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    Delay Delivery Strategy

    when did you order the tesla? what was the original edd date when you placed the order? i ordered in june 2022 and original edd was march 2023-june 2023. when i requested to hold they texted back based on your order date it looks like you're eligible to hold until march 2023. so i confirmed by...
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    How long can I hold my MY delivery?

    you do not need a vin to hold. i got the text that that y will be available in the next few weeks. my eta was dec 22-31. order date was june 2022. holding till next year. i texted back the number and confirmed. checked the app and now it's on hold.
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    Wiper Blade Replacement Tesla Model Y

    so piaa sitech aren't so you can't take apart the ends of the piaa sitech to insert new piaa refills?
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    June 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    ordered june 11, had eta dec 22-31. just put older on hold till next year.
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    Delay Delivery Strategy

    So I texted back the phone number to request to hold and they replied yes, I can hold until March 2023
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    Delay Delivery Strategy

    I don't have an SA. I ordered online June 2022 at 3k less msrp today's price. Original edd was Mar 2023-June 2023. I don't see the edd in the order agreement. do I have to go to a Tesla showroom to put it on hold? Or do I text the number back? I got the text today saying my order is expected to...
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    Mobile Connector

    i ordered mylr $250 deposit mid june with mobile connector $200 and got the mobile connector yesterday. recently found a new in box wall connector $350
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    Model Y Trade In values FROM Tesla

    i don't know if it's possible in the tesla but sometimes i wish for less control like you can just swap in a newer heated steering wheel and have it function.
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    Ambushing Tesla Today (In a Good Way)

    are you supposed to pay after you take delivery and accept?
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    Model Y has anyone received 2023 VIN yet?

    How do you know if you have new cameras or not? are they the 5mp cameras?
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    MY LR waiting room.

    ordered mid June with no options. checked today and eta is jan1-feb12. last week was dec 2022.
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    MY LR waiting room.

    ordered 6/11 MYLR gray/black 5 seat no options, was seeing april-June 2023, checked today and saw feb 20 - april 23
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    Phantom Braking

    anyone ever setup an autopilot caravan to see if the phantom braking is consistent?
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    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    were the interior cabin filters still needed if the hepa system is installed under the hood?
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    Portable hard drive recommendations?

    anyone run crystaldiskinfo after a few months to see the ssd health?
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    Recommendations for tinting in Los Angelos?

    when i get my my y, i'm going to g5 tint alhambra. did my camry with 20% crystalline on the windshield, 30% front, 15% rear. i'll probably do 30% windshield with the tesla. different brands have different shades.
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    Used Model Y Price Gouging

    i inquired about the bz4x. 10k markup so it's a 55-60k car. getting a tesla y instead.
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    MY LR waiting room.

    MY LR Midnight Silver Metallic, 19’’ Gemini Wheels No Hitch, Black interior, 5 Seats, No FSD OD: 6/11/22 EDD: March 2023 - June 2023

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