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    FSD Beta for versions with 2022.28.2 or 2022.24

    Figuring the potential of a downgrade isn’t happening, when is the next opportunity for FSD Beta? After AI Day? On a second note, are these people penalized for upgrading software when it is pushed to them? I wonder the rationale? I emailed [email protected] and tweeted and haven’t gotten a...
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    Full self driving beta queue 13 days? Should I Reset?

    Yeah, it’s a hassle. I’m at 100 and just waiting. The only bad part is no fast cornering really
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    2022.28.1 — Official Release Notes and Discussion

    Most definitely. Now I only got the car a week ago. It’s frustrating because I had FSD on my model X that I traded in for this car. Safety score is 100 currently….again, only a week in. I was also hoping that the new beta release had me excited as a chance to be more widely released.
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    2022.28.1 — Official Release Notes and Discussion

    I was excited when I saw a software update. 2022 model s. I was hoping to get the beta FSD instead.
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    New deliveries come without key fob?

    I just picked up a model s yesterday and I was told key fobs are not given with cars anymore. Has this been the case for others?
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    What is the current generation of Seats in 2020 Model X?

    Yeah i just bought them and am not happy about that. The any model x, or model s built before 12/9/19 makes it still seem like any model x. This is not ok. What did you do for a coat hanger?
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    Coat Hooks for Long Range Plus?

    Same problem here! even the rear seats it doesn’t work
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    2019 front seats vs 2020

    It also doesn’t allow for a coat hanger on the front seats in 2020
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    Another "Should I Upgrade" Question 2016 90D to 2020 Long Range X

    Control arms for what? min debating on the extended warranty and if it’s worth it?
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    $5000/€5000 price drop on all MX

    Correct. But if you don’t travel long distances it’s worth it. I figure 250 total supercharges = 5k
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    Another "Should I Upgrade" Question 2016 90D to 2020 Long Range X

    I just upgraded from a 2013 S to a 2020 Long Range Plus X and cannot be happier
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    Coat Hanger

    These are only good for a model X built before 2020, that’s the issue. Anyone know for ones built in 2020?
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    Coat Hanger

    Just got a 2020 X and realized there’s nowhere to hang a hook/coat. Has anyone figured out a solution to that?
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    Coat Hanger - 2020 Raven Model S and X

    Now that the seats have changed, how are we supposed to hang a blazer/suit etc? Any input?
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    Cargo Space vs Model S?

    Oops the Y is narrower than the S i meant. it’s one of my concerns with the Y.
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    Cargo Space vs Model S?

    The issue is the S is narrower than the Y and it’s by a good 6-8 inches. It definitely will allow for taller items but not as wide. Also, the extra storage area under the floor is not as wide either.
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    Tesla still shipping cars?

    What did they tell you? i put in the trade in info as well, including the title and interestingly they noted it’s only good for 30 days
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    Tesla still shipping cars?

    I was asked to enter all my info for a 7 seater tesla model y. I wonder if it’s coming earlier than 2021
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    Model Y wheel options

    What good are those brakes if you never had to hit the brake pedal.
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    Anxious Father-in-Law blowing new up....

    So my father in law ordered a white/black interior/20in wheels/FSD and is getting anxious about delivery. does anyone have experience with how long from filling out information to being contacted about delivery to Georgia/east coast?
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    7-seat config waiting room

    I’m waiting for the 7 seater too. I expect it to take a long time as a i don’t think they have figured out the rear seats
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    Ordering the Performance Model without the upgrade

    I’m even a little different than that. I just don’t want to be stuck with $450 tires at the 21s and prefer $200 tires at 20
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    Model Y wheel options

    It seems crazy that you can’t choose the 20s or the 21s with the performance option. I like everything except the 21s
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    Double order 5 and 7 seats MY?

    I am worried about the same thing! i ordered the 7 seater but am not sure that’s a good decision.
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    Model Y LR AWD vs Performance

    Agree. I went with speed in the end. I’m not sure the small range difference really matter. It’s a dollars decision in my opinion.
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    Used 2017 S vs. new 2020 Y?

    I own a 2013 model S. It’s been great. That said Teslas are like computers. The newer the car the more options and future proofing it is. Less depreciation with the used model S but more future proofing with the Y. Plus you can always get a used model S in a year if you decide to go that route...
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    How to request V10

    Is there a way to request V10? I have a 2013 P85 and haven’t received an update. I would love to get Spotify instead of Slacker.
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    Model Y Vs X Cargo Capacity

    I don’t think anybody knows
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    Model Y Red

    That’s my color!
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    I’m curious if it’s worth buying it now to lock in prices
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    roof rack

    any update on how the bike racks are working? i'm thinking about buying a bike for the first time and need some way to get it to the closest greenway.
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    Stranded! (forgot keyfob at home, was still able to drive car away)

    The best solution is not to store the key in proximity to the car so u don't do it again. If I recall this had happened to you before only you found it before you got anywhere. we cant blame Tesla for us forgetting our keys or leaving them a foot away from the car on a shelf. Now, I do agree...
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    New door handle design

    my daughter (3) just got her hand caught in the door handle today as she was trying to open it and it closed. my wife had that happen to her too. is there any sensor to reopen the door handle if it feels pressure. the little one was crying for quite a bit - even though is wasn't awful it wasn't...
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    Multi-coat red should be called multi-color red

    To each their own. I thought the red is great but I'm very happy I didn't get it. The red wouldn't work for me but I appreciate its beauty anyways.
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    What is Tesla's upcoming 'under your nose' announcement?

    Elon's announcements in the past have not measured up to the hype. I'm a believer in the key to success is managing expectations. He has set expectations extremely high and thus what normally and otherwise would be viewed as breakthrough or wonderful is viewed as a disappointment. Example given-...
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    Time of phone calls 3 hours off...Anyone have a solution?

    Hoping someone might be able to figure this out or lend some ideas. Thanks. I have not yet called Tesla about the issue. I live on the east coast. When I use the phone app, the times are off by 3 hours. For example, my car says 1:15pm, phone 1:15pm but if i got a call 15 minutes before...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    does the rear hatch have rubber or aluminum? it would be interesting to know as carrerascott noted his is rubber.
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    Metal vs Plastic inside rear hatch...?

    i get my car next week, will let you know what i have. i surely hope they didn't do that, and if so, they need to change it when they come back in stock!
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    Metal vs Plastic inside rear hatch...?

    would love to hear why? could it possibly be a change with regard to the new third row seat option?
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    Opinion on carbon fiber wrap for nose cone and rear valance

    looks sharp...almost like a cop car all blacked out...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    i miss cville immensely, did residency there. best 3 years...
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    How often does Tesla miss their delivery window ?

    my car is shipping from CA to GA tomorrow i believe and my window is march 14-28 so they should hit it at the beginning or somewhere around there. my experience has been that a phone call every other day or so to follow up while might be an annoyance to the folks at tesla seems to help me.
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Usually window is given about a month out from delivery. They are likely batching 60s, red and 40s too now though
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    where are the pennies???
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    Follow car from production to delivery through the app??

    never found the car even after a phone reboot
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    Follow car from production to delivery through the app??

    so, received my VIN both through the PS and the app. signed final MVPA yesterday. any time i checked the app it had read, "need to activate mobile access" but today it said this... does that mean the someone activated mobile access or just that the car is in a place where it can't receive a...
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    How to finance with PenFed quickly without going insane

    you don't have to have the check cashed by 2/28, you just need to have it issued by 2/28.
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    S is in production + trying to switch from 19" to 21" wheels and told NO - frustrated

    I have often thought anyone should be able to make changes at any time; however, every time a person switches their order it then means there is additional chance of messing things up. This doesn't mention the supply issues if there are any. I think it's much more reasonable to switch the...
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Time from VIN notification in app to delivery??? for those of y'all who have received their cars recently or about to receive them, how long has it been since finding the VIN in the app to actually getting the car? i just got my VIN 6419 and have a delivery date of march 14-28. i presume...
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    Opportunity Console - New Photos, Poll

    i use my center console to store my id badges for different hospitals, parking cards and a couple pens. i'm sure i'll find another way but i do find that useful currently.

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