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  1. h2oAok

    Moved from NJ to FL with Tesla, Do I pay Sales tax?

    In Florida, sales tax is paid during the transfer of ownership (sale) of all new and used vehicles, including electric. Your situation is different as there is no transfer of ownership, so no additional sales tax will be required.
  2. h2oAok

    Central Florida Coilover Installers?

    I'm almost looking for an installer in the greater Orlando area of Florida. Need to do some lowering springs and alignment. Most shops don't want to work on Tesla's because they are unfamiliar and think electric vehicle suspensions are completely different. Or they price gouge you because they...
  3. h2oAok

    Condensation in tail light

    It is a quality issue with Tesla's supplier for the rear tail lights. The manufacturer does a terrible job of fusing the two halves of the tail light. Tesla doesn't seem to be concerned about the quality control issue, probably because lower cost & standards go hand in hand. This is also why...
  4. h2oAok

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    The older firmware on the new vehicles is normal. New owners generally receive the latest software update within two weeks of delivery.
  5. h2oAok

    Supercharger - Winter Park, FL

    It looks like they are finished with construction and waiting on inspection. Here are some additional photos. 12 Tesla Superchargers located on the back end of the Wawa. This is a good location, long over due. It is 5 minutes from the Orlando (Eatonville) Sales Center / Service Center / Body...
  6. h2oAok

    Need help deciding between P3D or new Model S

    You posted in the Cybertruck sub-forum. I suggest you post in Model S or Model 3 sub forums.
  7. h2oAok

    New Model 3 Lease Promo Code

    I sent you a screenshot of the order page. At the end when you are about to place order with the $100 down payment, there is an option on the bottom right to select lease. Also this comes up later in the FINANCE portion of your order details. That is where they ask about how much down payment...
  8. h2oAok

    Length of power outage during install

    Power was shutdown for less than 5 minutes for our install. Medium 8kw system, 24 panels, no powerwall. Our existing electrical system, main panel and sub didn't require any changes.
  9. h2oAok

    Florida solar utility liability insurance requirements

    As someone in the utility business, I can confirm that you should direct your letter to the Florida PSC. FPL will not budge from these requirements. All electric utilities in Florida have similar requirements. They are regulated by the PSC and they potentially can force changes. It would...
  10. h2oAok

    Charging my Y with a NEMA 14-50

    This is the normal charging rate. You are using the include UMC mobile charger and plugging into the nema 14-50 outlet, correct? Also be aware that your charging rate will slow down as the battery nears full. This is automatically adjusted by the vehicle.
  11. h2oAok

    Special characters in last name are not allowed.

    I recall it being a glitch in their system. The description for the error is wrong. I would delete all the other fields (first name, last, address, email etc) and start again. Be careful with the address, email and phone number formats.
  12. h2oAok

    Just purchased a 2017 90D - good deal?

    May want to list the price along with full interior and exterior photos. Its hard to determine if something is a good value without a price.
  13. h2oAok

    Model 3 LR Demo

    Ask for the warranty expiration date. While a dealer might consider a demo vehicle as "New" on the day they sell to you, the clock on the warranty is already rolling. Usually starts on date the vehicle is place in service and not on date of sale like a traditional vehicle. So you may not get...
  14. h2oAok

    Model 3 Collision

    The total loss is determined by your insurance company and they all tend to have differing standards. Body damage is not too bad, if the power train was damaged then more likely for total loss. What version of the Model 3 do you have?
  15. h2oAok

    Model 3 Collision

    Sorry for the accident. I hope everyone was okay. It really sucks that you just got the vehicle and now a major accident.
  16. h2oAok

    SR+ Delivery check list?

    We also took delivery of the SR+ . On the checklist disregard Floor Mats, Frunk Mat, Trunk Mat and 14-50 adapter for the mobile charger, they are no longer included.
  17. h2oAok

    SR+ Delivery check list?

    This was the checklist I used for our Model 3 delivery two weeks ago. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://teslabros.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Tesla-Model-3-Delivery-Checklist.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiojqnttuboAhULUK0KHdouCIAQFjAAegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw23QYwWASkbuGNKPz4fKFVo
  18. h2oAok

    Model 3 inventories up -- any deals happening?

    It depends on your location. Some delivery centers/ service centers are still open. Our local Tesla service and delivery center is still open.
  19. h2oAok

    Product Review- BougieRV Trunk Organizer

    I purchased this exact organizer but from a different vendor (largest online store, you know who I am talking about). The organizer does fit in the sub trunk and is well made. I am very happy with it and use it at least once a week.
  20. h2oAok


    Did you turn on the driving visualization preview in Autopilot settings? Tap car icon on the bottom left > Quick Controls > Auto Pilot Slide the screen up until you see CUSTOMIZE NAVIGATION ON AUTO PILOT {Enable} FULLSelf-Driving Visualiztion Preview
  21. h2oAok

    How do I get the window sticker and bill of sale

    They can reprint the window sticker if needed and not abnormal. Sometimes these window stickers need to be "corrected" as options are added or removed. This also happens at dealerships for other brands.
  22. h2oAok

    Elon: Wi-Fi-based garbage-door opening coming soon!

    The delay is minimal, usually less than 3 seconds. Most smart garage door openers are continuously connected to the home WiFi network. Generally your phone and probably the Tesla will not be connected to WiFi, instead it is using the mobile network (LTE) to connect to the smart garage opener. I...
  23. h2oAok

    Where to buy new OEM wheels after damaged?

    You should be able to get the wheels individually when ordering thru your local Tesla service center.
  24. h2oAok

    Steerling wheel shakes post tire swap

    As stated above, the tires are not properly balanced. Easy fix at most tires shops.
  25. h2oAok

    Model 3 SR+ 1 year review

    Thanks for the one year review. It is reassuring for us new owners.
  26. h2oAok

    Forgive me Elon for I have sinned! (HUD rough in)

    This actually looks good, nice and clean. I really wish Tesla had an option for the HUD or if their was a 3rd party solution that had a seamless fit (OEM Look).
  27. h2oAok

    Any delivery in Florida?

    Check your loan agreement, it will list the VIN. They did the same thing to me, listed VIN and removed a few hours later but the loan agreement doc still has the new VIN.
  28. h2oAok

    Any delivery in Florida?

    Wow, that is super fast. So you ordered and received your model Y in less than 10 days. Probably a record. I was contemplating a model Y but couldn't stand the estimated wait.
  29. h2oAok

    Did I buy a dud?

    There is no way anybody from an online forum would be able to make that determination. if you're buying a used car that should be inspected by a qualified mechanic that's familiar with the vehicle.
  30. h2oAok

    Any delivery in Florida?

    No worries, Tesla service center will still be open. They are on the very long list of exempt businesses. These stay at home orders are so ridiculous and have so many exemptions. They mostly block recreational activities, shopping and social events. The news just likes to sensationalize it.
  31. h2oAok

    Your helpful guide to the Tesla Model 3 parking brake

    Is the "manual" parking brake exactly the same as the regular parking brake? or is it similar to a hand brake on a regular vehicle. If they are exactly the same then why is there even a need for a "manual" brake mode?
  32. h2oAok

    Charging cable - doesn't come with the Model 3 anymore?

    Looks to be about 12" right angle lightning cable. Most people are going with the Tesla or Nomad wireless phone chargers instead of using the cables.
  33. h2oAok

    Today is the Day!

    Congratulations, while it is just a car, the excitement is real. I hope everything goes well with your delivery.
  34. h2oAok

    New Nav maps coming?

    Wish it was seamless updates like google maps but Tesla's updates are way faster and better than any other car manufacturers (without Apple Carplay or Android Auto).
  35. h2oAok

    Are Service Centers Still Open???

    Our service centers are open here in Florida. With the current situation the best thing to do with most business is to give a quick call to confirm they are open. Here auto suppliers and auto repair are on the long list of exempt businesses.

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