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    Rear Ended After Installing Mods

    I was rear-ended by a Honda Pilot going at about 5-10 mph. I was completely stopped at a stop sign (thank you Tesla cameras) and the SUV moved forward and didn't press on her brakes and rear ended me. I had about 3-5 scratches on the bumper, but because I have pearl white its a 3 stage paint job...
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    Tire wear 2021 Model 3 LR AWD

    2019 LR AWD here. Just replaced my tires in OCT 2021 with 31490 miles on them. I drive mixed, both quick at times and like a grandma. I would say 90% easy, and 10% bat outta hell or punching it off the line. Rotated tires once a year. All tires wore out correctly and evenly.
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    Anybody else snap a visor clip yet?

    My passenger side one snapped off ( about 3 months ago) when my wife went to go reach for it. Mobile service came out and said that apparently during assembly they forgot to install a washer ( he showed me the hardware). He installed the new washer and it’s been solid ever since. Some QA issues...
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    Disinfecting options for M3

    This. I’ve trained my kids since they were 3 to go straight to the sink to wash their hands for about 20 seconds any time they’ve been out of the house and return to the house.
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    I went with Satin and I love it. I agree with another post, matte is too dull for my taste.
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    Navigation volume is not stored

    Wondering the same. This has happened to me on the latest software release and the previous one.
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    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    Is that the front apron from RPM TESLA?
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    P3D crowd: Competing vs. high-performance ICE from a roll?

    Correct me if Im wrong, but doesn't the LR AWD accelerate the same as the P3D after 40ish mph? In other words, if the LR AWD and P3D raced from a rolling 40-45 mph and they both accelerate wouldnt it be the same acceleration? Isnt it from the hole 0-60 is where the P3D is faster?
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    Anyone LR AWDs Showing 322 Miles Fully Charged?

    For me, 2019 LR AWD with 9800 miles on it. 100% SOC gives me 298 miles. Not happy.
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    Battery degradation - 2019.32.2.2

    I see what you mention that you were fine until you started charging at 70%; however, Id like to point out that on 08/09/2019 you charged to 71 % and you got 219.21 miles. Technically you should've gotten 220.1 miles. After that point you can see a small downward trend that becomes more apparent...
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    Battery degradation - 2019.32.2.2

    No problem. I believe if we all report back what we did (all data points possible) and the outcome it will be better for all of us that are experiencing this "issue."
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    Battery degradation - 2019.32.2.2

    Absolutely agree on reporting back. I believe this way we can all troubleshoot together and find a consensus (using data points) in order to potentially determine solutions. On that note, last night I decided to conduct another "experiment." I charged again to the 70% mark, but lowered the...
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    No Radio since 12.4!

    Could be they ran a remote diagnostics and found that your radio is not responding i.e. dead. Something similar happened to me. It ended up the mobile service cancelled my appt as well, called me and told me they had to order a part. I later foind out that when I tinted my rear window the tint...
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    Battery degradation - 2019.32.2.2

    UPDATE: So after reading through numerous threads on reports of charging to a certain percentage and not getting the correct amount of miles that correspond to that percentage, I have found a solution that worked for me. Disclaimer: this solution worked for me but may not work for others. I just...
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    Battery degradation - 2019.32.2.2

    What you described happened exactly to me too. Ive adjusted charging at home to only 80% vice 90% and I still see the same 2.27% "degradation." When I charge to 80% I SHOULD be getting 248 miles but I get 241 miles. This is with virtually no vampire drain because I use the new departure option...
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    36.2.1: 90% charge is now 274 miles!

    2019 LR AWD, 8900 miles 80% is 241 miles. Previously to v10 I was on 90% SOC 279 miles. When I hit v10 I started missing 4 miles, now Im missing 7 miles (with 36.2.1).
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    Latest Update and Long Range AWD Distance

    Youre better off than me. My LR AWD charge at 90% yields about 275 miles (missing 4 miles) with 8800 miles driven now. I too would charge to the 90% everyday, driving roughly 50-60 miles per day. I started charging to about 80% (for about 2 weeks) and still am missing 4 miles (seeing 244 vs 248).
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    Seat cover for post workout?

    I just drape a towel (I keep in my car) over the seat. No sweaty seats so far.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    This. I drive very “accelerator aggressive” at times before this software update and my 90% charge was consistently 277 miles. After the update, which is the only changing factor, I suddenly have a slight loss when I charge up to 90%.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I have a model 3 Dual motor. Always charged to 90% and showed 277 miles. After the new software update I’m constantly seeing 272-273 miles when I charge 90%. Had the vehicle since May 2019 and have roughly 7k miles. Really weird and it bothers me a bit how I can suddenly loose 4-5 miles from my...
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    My tires keep going down

    You can always use an accurate (i.e. 41.5 psi) displayed tire pressure gauge. I have one and I use it at home every time I add air to my tires. As others have mentioned, I would suggest adding air to the tires when they’ve been sitting for several hours versus driving on them and then filling...
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    Sentry Mode Questions

    I know you have to press and hold the camera with a red dot icon down for about a couple of seconds. It will flash quickly and then it will look greyed out. That’s when you can remove the flash drive.
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    @Nikola Pro I know the chrome delete kits are on backorder (7-10 days). Any chance we would get them sooner? *Ordered mine on 10/8/19*
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    Web App for Viewing TeslaCam Videos

    Aha,... I mustve confused your creation with another. Im going to take a look at yours. Thank you!
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    Web App for Viewing TeslaCam Videos

    @jdeskins First of all I'd like to thank you for all the work and effort you've put into this project. Its been very good. I was wondering if you can help me with an issue I'm having. Recently when I go to playback the video files, the software tells me there is a TESLA 24.1.1 bug and that's why...
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    Sentry Mode Annoyances

    So do I, but now I cant play back the videos because the software claims there is a bug in the way TESLA records the videos and you have to end up converting each video in order to play it. Very cumbersome.
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Sounds like great customer service. Will be ordering a sample kit today.
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Are you switching all 1080 series to 2080 or just gloss black?
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    V10 fw version 2019.32.10

    Neither do I. Actually my daughter and I were watching NETFLIX while parked at a mall, about 6-7 days ago, waiting for the wife to come out of a store. In my early testing of NETFLIX, I never experienced video choppiness and/or stuttering. Might want to check either your Wifi throughput to your...
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    @Nikola Pro Im not sure if its been asked or not, but are you able to do a dark grey color?
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Youre right, having a performance model makes no difference. What does is whether or not you have FSD.
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    1. Yes 2. Yes Disclaimer: I was already trying out v10 a while back. So YMMV.
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    V10 fw version 2019.32.10

    Yes, for the EAP there is a NDA to not post on social media pictures and/or videos, etc. If caught violating this NDA, you can and will be kicked off the EAP.
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    Dancing Cars

    Itll be fixed when you get v10. I have ZERO dancing cars or objects.
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    Dancing Cars

    Right now Im on 2019.32.2.12 (which is v10).
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    Dancing Cars

    Version 10 software. It is considered a major release with many new features. Some TESLA owners have already received that update because they are part of the EAP (Early Access Program) where TESLA pushes out BETA software for them to test and provide feedback before the general public release.
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    When will the rear camera be able to record or does it already have the capability?

    I can confirm the rear camera does record in v10.
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    Tesla Rental in Dallas Area?

    You can always schedule a test drive appt at a nearby TESLA showroom online. I know its not the same as driving one for a day or more, but at least its something and its free.
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    Album Art over bluetooth not displaying

    It is, I can confirm it first hand. ;)
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    FM radio stopped working

    Update on the radio issue I was experiencing: Mobile tech came out and replaced the FM modulator that is located in the rear passenger side pillar. Apparently, he has seen this about 3 times and every single cause of failure has been because of liquid intrusion. He asked me if the radio had...
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    Album Art over bluetooth not displaying

    In the newly updated v10 software, BT streaming audio album art will be displayed but the iphone has to be running on ios 13.
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    Dancing Cars

    Yes, there is a slight delay if there are many oncoming cars that are bunched up together; however, if there is enough spacing between the cars (non-tailgaters) the system displays them pretty well.
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    Dancing Cars

    Yes, I dont remember exactly when the dancing cars went completely away. I can; however, confirm they arent present in v10.
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    FM radio stopped working

    Key phrase, "second one he's seen this month." He isnt aware of the same issue happening all over the place. Big TESLA i.e. HQ Im sure has some sort of data base with reported issues, especially repeated ones.
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    Dancing Cars

    It has been addressed in v10 and I believe the previous version (general release) if I remember correctly. I can verify that in both instances there are no dancing cars. In fact, the GUI displays oncoming vehicles very smoothly.
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    FM radio stopped working

    Yup, that would be me. My mobile service appt is for the 24th. We'll see what they discover. They did state they ordered a new radio; they didnt mention an antenna amplifier though.
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    POLL: Checking tyre/tire pressure on your Tesla

    My handheld gauge displays a little different i.e. 41.7 psi versus on the vehicle screen 41 psi. I tend to see a bit of a discrepancy between my handheld electronic gauge versus the tesla TPMS gauge.
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    FM radio stopped working

    Push both steering wheel buttons at the same time. The screen will go blank. When the TESLA logo comes up on the screen, let go of the buttons. You would want to do it while parked (although you can do it while driving). The vehicle will continue to function but you wont see the speed for...

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