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    The new media controls are crap

    Is there a way to have music controls and navigation on screen at the same time (like before the update). I was able to have "recent", "upcoming" in the music player along with the navigation in the same window. the new music card doesn't keep the extra info, only to play or skip tracks. Also it...
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    Frunk opening randomly

    Occured at least 3 times recently. Twice at in laws during Thanksgiving then once at home when returning. Believe was on 2022.40.4.1. Has not occured since so far.
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Baba Voss
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    DI_a124 and APP_w009

    The following day the errors went away, and so far, has not returned. Service center gave me the same canned response about firmware bug. However this "firmware bug" has been around many revisions ago so not sure why it still hasn't been resolved. Which firmware are you on?
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    Best 2022 model 3 car mats/liner option?

    If you want good protection from snow and the elements, look at Lasfit mats. Fit is spot on. Good side walls. Made of TPE material. $100 on their eBay store for 1st and 2nd rows. Only downside is they fit all pieces in a small box so it causes some bends and buldges. Laying them flat for some...
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    DI_a124 and APP_w009

    Spoke too soon. Reoccurred next 2 drives.
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    DI_a124 and APP_w009

    On the way to work when I disengaged TACC, the above error alerts popped up (Cruise control disabled and Automatic emergency braking is disabled). Then the interface doesn't show other cars or cones, just lanes. Could not use TACC or autosteer. Used the car again at lunch time some hours...
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    unable to download tidal for offline playback

    yes, I am on WiFi with very good data speeds when attempting to download. Are you able to?
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    unable to download tidal for offline playback

    In the tidal interface on the MCU i hit the download button and shows up in the downloaded tab. However, if I go offline I can not play the songs. Tried removing the downloaded. Signing out of tidal, restart MCU, sign back in. tried to download and same thing occurred. Currently on 2022.20.8...
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    Vinyl wrap in southeast Wisconsin

    I contacted them. The reply was $4500-$6500. Strange to have such a big range as I asked about the model 3 specifically. Appears to cost more than most?
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    Vinyl wrap in southeast Wisconsin

    Any recommendations for vinyl wrap? How much for a model 3? What kind of warranty if any? What brand? TIA
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    Auto Pilot Hands Free

    At least for this part, you can scroll any button on the wheel and the nag goes away. I usually just scroll max MPH down then back up
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    Software Update 2022.16.1.2 install stuck.

    Contact Tesla service in your app and they will force a download to reset.
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    Hotspot instead of Tesla connectivity

    I'm currently unlimited but likely changing plans. Even so no reason to not use my home wifi if possible. Even though it's connected to home while parked, I've gotten all my 2 updates while driving on the phone hotspot.
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    Hotspot instead of Tesla connectivity

    Did you ever figure this out?
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    PSA: Tesla Opens Up Vehicle Service/Repair Documentation For FREE

    Does this auto renew after 1 yr?
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    Driver LCD has Bubbles after Visit to Clarkston, MI Service Center.

    Occured to me also after emmc repair but not nearly as bad 2 or 3 small bubbles. Didn't persue it, figured hard to prove and wasn't too severe
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    Has anyone sold their car through Driveway?

    after being held up so long I tried Kelly Blue Book instant offer. They work with local dealers so it is kind of YMMV situation. First dealer I went to (Honda) took forever to look over the car (I think they were kind of clueless on Teslas) and then they finally came back with a lower offer than...
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    Has anyone sold their car through Driveway?

    Keep us updated, I also accepted driveway offer but getting held up to the next step
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I've been lurking in this thread. I'm also waiting on my LR AWD. Expecting VIN very soon. I read in here that DCU has great rates and to become a member. However, upon signing up, it appears I don't qualify to become a member as I have no family member with them. Am I unable to join? Also I...
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    Has anyone sold their car through Driveway?

    do you mean Inride?
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    Has anyone sold their car through Driveway?

    Not to hijack your thread but I'm in the process of selling or trading my S for a 3. What are the top options for online selling. I'm just hearing about Driveway but knew of Carvana and Vroom. Any other alternatives worth looking into?
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    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    do you know the max rate on the CCS? on the freewire website it appears to be 150kW?
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    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    So if this passes, Tesla's wouldn't be eligible for a tax credit until 2027?
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    Supercharger- Kenosha WI

    Took a pic as I passed by today...
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    Cost of outlet installation went up?

    Was planning to install a 2nd outlet for now 2nd EV. It appears the cost of copper has went up drastically since 2016 first EV. I haven't measured yet but probably need 100 ft 6/3wG. Was wondering if cost of professional install went up as well as of recent compared to years ago?
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    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    Great to hear! Have a trip coming up through there. If it's not on the Tesla website and/or in car nav is there a chance will go offline? Or just a formality waiting for it to be official?
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    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    Both of my DRL are dead. started with yellowing on one side then both died with just the small vertical strip lighting. Not sure its worth going the eBay route as it may last a week, month, years or anywhere in between.
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    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    @Griffey any update from your contact? Eventually they will be correct 😃
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    eMMC recall reimbursement

    Got a check couple days ago but oddly it is short less than $1.50...
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    Model S won't sleep

    Did you ever figure out a solution? I can hear my car cycling every couple minutes. The contactor will switch on and the louvers will open/close.
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    AP 1 removed feature?

    I found that image online just to show there was a dedicated toggle for the option. Current software does not have a toggle any longer but appears is activated for auto lane change. I'm on MCU1 I think its unrelated to MCU version? Both on they way to and from work today it worked right away...
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    AP 1 removed feature?

    Yes mine looks same as above. Today the auto lane change worked but used to have a toggle like this: Not sure what changed. Last couple days I had the signal on when it was clear of any cars and I had to cancel it after it wasn't doing anything. Anyway thanks for all the replies.
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    AP 1 removed feature?

    Yes I have those same options. It used to have an option to toggle something like "auto lane change (beta)". does her car still auto lane change? @LateToTheParty does your autopilot tab have a toggle button for auto lane change? Perhaps I just need to wait for an update.
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    AP 1 removed feature?

    Not sure when this occurred but I lost ability to automatic change lanes by using the signal stalk. This was always available before. I have a 2016 AP 1 software 2020.48.37.1 Looked under "Autopilot" settings but didn't see the option to activate it. Was it removed or am I missing something? If...
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    Federal Tax Credit may be coming back for Tesla purchases

    Section on new vehicles: If it does pass, will it apply to vehicles sold this calendar year or for vehicles after it was passed?
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    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    Wow if they charge you $39 for labor, and I'm doing my math right, they are charging you for a 12 minute job. You may be the first and only that I've heard of for a 12 minute job for anything :) Brand should be Atlas, I think that is all that is used currently.
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    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    Nice. Labor for me was $53. Total $229 with tax. What is your service center hourly rate? Mine is at $175.
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    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    Another data point.. Got the alert on my car. Communicated to both mobile tech and another tesla rep that contacted me when I initiated the service through the app. Conveyed I wanted to purchase the battery from parts and do self install. Both said would be fine. (I like doing the work myself...
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    Hummer EV

    wonder the kWh size of the battery to get 350+ miles out of that boxy design with huge wheels? can't imagine it being efficient so the battery must be huge?
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    I also did the daughter board replacement preemptively. Was able to keep my original tegra board upon request no core charge. Though I guess I can use only for back up purpose? Selling it seems like a risky idea since the eMMC has personal cert files specific to your vehicle no? Not sure what...
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    Appears to be the original tegra board with the 8GB eMMC. Not certain but if that is the case you are better off with the new design with the larger chip.
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    Worn frayed seat belts warranty?

    I have Oct 2016 with the same on going issue. Perhaps they changed suppliers around that time? Or maybe the seat belt holder design was changed due to some excessive friction?
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    Interesting the labor cost went up $22 when its preventative.
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    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    Good to know. Perhaps that is the reason for the delay? When the permit was granted it was through Black & Veatch.
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    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    I emailed Meijer which basically said they have nothing to do with the build out of superchargers, they just host the site but it's on Tesla. In the permit document the person in charge is Christina Suarez who works at Black & Veatch. They are responsible for the construction of Superchargers...
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    SSupercharger - Milwaukee, WI (Showroom and Service)

    Does anyone have the email address for the service center here?
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    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    Don't suppose you can text back if that is a refurbished board? And what eMMC chip is on the board (size/brand)? Does it come with a warranty, how long?
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    On a technical level they can program the chip remotely no? They should have the certificates etc.
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    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    surprised it took Tesla this long to do instead of replacing entire MCU. Wonder if one can proactively purchase the upgraded Tegra board and self install?

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