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  1. J

    Wiring a Prodigy RF brake controller to the X trailer harness

    This forum doesn't appear to allow for edits, and it looks like the images aren't showing up. Here are the direct links for those who wish to see them: http://www.rhoadescamaro.com/build/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/IMG_4692.jpg...
  2. J

    S Plaid track prep?

    Anyone considering tracking their Plaid? Wondering about safety prep (roll bar, driver seat) - has Tesla ever shared how they prepped their development cars? Was planning on waiting for Plaid+ but there’s an event I’d like to do next May, probably won’t be out by then.
  3. J

    Is 350 miles enough for towing 10k pounds?

    Have towed an enclosed race car trailer a lot with a Model X 100D. I expect double the usable range in a tri-motor CT because it start off much bigger and dirtier in the airstream, should be less impacted by the trailer's aero hit.
  4. J

    What do you plan to tow?

    Hi Thomas - I think that q was for me. The trailer is a Montrose: Montrose Trailers - Custom Aluminum Trailers It has a tire rack up front and empty weight is just over 2000lbs. I’d rather not share total weight but it’d be 2k plus the weight of the car and spares and things. It’s 20 feet inside...
  5. J

    What do you plan to tow?

    The X goes 100-120 miles, hoping the tri motor can do at least 2-2.5x that. Would also like to not have to have an ICE for fast track day toy, where’s my Plaid S at yo
  6. J

    Poll: Does your X have the "Shudder" issue?

    2018 100D. No shudder these days. Used to get it between 40-45mph at full throttle but it doesn’t any more. Guessing a software tweak.
  7. J

    Long Range or Performance for towing?

    The 6 and 7 seaters get additional AC components to better cool the back half of the vehicle. Though if the vehicle will often be used for heavy towing without much rear area use to counter-balance, a case could be made against the extra weight of the higher seat count configs. 100D vs. P100D...
  8. J

    As anti-sway ever kicked in for anyone?

    In my experience towing an enclosed race car trailer, the X is extremely stable even in the worst of crosswinds. It's just so heavy compared to what you can tow with it, and everything is very low. I don't have WD or anti-sway, don't really need it. If the vehicle's anti-sway kicked in, I never...
  9. J

    2018 X front power outlet stopped working

    Appreciate the response ZRitchey. Has anyone here attempted to repair the fuse referenced? I am fairly electrically and mechanically inclined but there's just so little factory repair guidance to go on for basic stuff like this in Tesla land...
  10. J

    2018 X front power outlet stopped working

    No coins got in it, not sure how it died. All USB ports still work, and the 12v plug in the rear hatch area works fine. Tested with multiple known-good devices, no luck. It did work earlier in the year. Where should I look to repair? Are there fuse diagrams somewhere? Was picked up new in...
  11. J

    No tutorial on the internet for Model X Sub Install??

    +1 requesting pics and also specs. Have the upgraded audio but would like a lot more sub power/presence added to the system, ideally with no other mods and a minimum of space sacrificed. Just a sub amp and sub box.
  12. J

    Anyone buying the new 2020 Corvette C8 before the Roadster 2020?

    Drive a Model X today but getting a C8 to replace an aging Viper ACR as the track toy. May not keep it long depending on when Plaid S comes out and what it can do. I suspect it’s gonna be Roadster 2024 by the time it’s out.
  13. J

    Compete with Taycan on Nurburgring?

    You can’t really get a time during tourist hours, and you can’t film on manufacturer days (if you even have time booked) except for an extra-cost narrow time window at the end of the day, basically one shot at it. Everybody who’s tried to track a P Tesla overheats it within the first 90...
  14. J

    Model X handling compare to Porsche Cayenne?

    As with any car tires make a big difference. The X's OE options tend to focus on range and NVH. My X has the regular 20" Continentals and the handling is "okay". The low CG keeps ultimate body roll in check, and the AWD system is quite sophisticated - the X puts power down very well at corner...
  15. J

    Michelin Pilot Sport SUV

    Brand new tire out from Michelin, available in MX sizes (at least, the 265 & 275-20's on my car). Am a big fan of Michelin and having had 2 flats and almost 20k miles on the OE Contis, looking forward to trying them out. Anybody tried them yet? If so would be interested to hear driving...
  16. J

    Superchargers capped at 80% in some locations

    Sorry for dupe thread, mods please merge. My SC cut off at 80% as promised.
  17. J

    Superchargers capped at 80% in some locations

    They say you can get more than 80% if using the trip planner, but I tried that and it didn’t work, still stopped me at 80%. Maybe because there were superchargers to stop along the way. I’m not worried about the early stoppage, worried about not being able the leg to the next station.
  18. J

    Superchargers capped at 80% in some locations

    Be aware should this impact your trip planning in any way. No indication on the map of the policy. Experienced today at my local SC which was less than half full. Maybe just an inconvenience for some but for those of us who tow or otherwise push range limits regularly, this may be catastrophic.
  19. J

    New motor/range increase and towing

    This could go in several threads but this is the most recent... I was capped at a SC this morning to 80%. Apparently a new policy for high traffic spots. The SC itself was only half full (6 of 12 avail). Today this is only a minor inconvenience in that it may add an extra stop to a routine...
  20. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    Oy, bad headwind headed west from Indio tonight. Figured leaving with 96% would get me to Lake Elsinore (90 miles) but even at 50mph, wasn’t gonna happen. Making an extra stop at Cabazon, which is right off the 10 and quite trailer friendly. Figure it must be a 20+mph wind. Going the other...
  21. J

    New motor/range increase and towing

    I have a 100 and use more like 700wh/mi towing - so the usable increase is maybe 10-12 miles? Figure this won’t be my last X (or, EV daily driver and tow rig), will be holding off on the second depreciation hit until there’s a bigger/better battery, at least a 120 but ideally a 150. Combined...
  22. J

    Tesla Service tech says Tow Package software controls trailer brakes w/o separate controller needed

    At least in some recent X builds, they've deactivated the +12v aux pin. Some trailers or brake controller systems needs this to work. Some info in how to handle it: Wiring a Prodigy RF brake controller to the X trailer harness
  23. J

    Qs about Towing with Model X

    Did Regen get switched to low (there’s a menu setting under Driving I think). Or did you charge up near full? I’ve towed quite a bit with mine now, Regen works great to keep things in check down grades, it’s never changed the setting. Never seen that error, sure looks like something up in...
  24. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    ;) Errr, ummm, well, let's just say that based on my experience, one probably needn't worry about things bursting into flames if they go a bit over the limit.
  25. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    Gen4 ACR. X pulled it out to Willow Springs last weekend, worked great. Before purchase I’d had concern about a non-P’s ability to pull this load up steep grades, but it went southbound up the grapevine just fine, needed only about 60% throttle. On this trip was able to do 4 of 5 charges...
  26. J

    Removed rear seats from 6 or 7 seater?

    Not enough space, even when folded and second row slid forward.
  27. J

    Removed rear seats from 6 or 7 seater?

    Hello, Imagine the process is the same for 6 and 7 seater. I have a 6 seater where the rearmost seats are rarely used, but the extra space would be of frequent help. Has anyone ever had removed, or removed themselves, the rearmost seats? A lot of minivans and SUVs make this possible. Looking...
  28. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    Seatbelt always on, weight doesn't leave the seat...this is something else
  29. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    Did a big-ish tow last weekend, about 240 miles each way to the track and back. The X did great, pulling over the Grapevine without issue. On the way north, started the descent with 66% and finished it with 70%. Regen was more than sufficient to maintain/control downhill speed. Pulling up that...
  30. J

    Wiki Trailer-friendly Supercharger Locations

    Some quick experiences for those towing in Southern California, two spots I've used twice each now with a trailer. Both are "Category 2" in that unhitching is required- The San Clemente supercharger is adjacent to the Outlet mall's parking garage with very high ceilings, plenty of room for...
  31. J

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA - Camino Del Sur (Black Mountain Ranch area, LIVE 11 Jan 2019)

    Went by around 10:15 last night, all spots taken. One opened up after a couple minutes. By 11 most people were gone, and at 11:30 they turned off most of the lights, kinda creepy. Kept charging till a bit past midnight, no issues. From 12 to 92 percent on a 100D.
  32. J

    U-Haul Trailer Tips

    Speed-wise, what’s safest isn’t always what’s slowest. Have towed the I5 corridor many times, and semis generally are going 60-62. I’d advocate ensuring your rig is safe and stable to those speeds so as not to impart any additional risks from yourself being a rolling roadblock. My trailer is a...
  33. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    First decent length tow today, bit over 200 miles altogether, San Diego to LA and back. Had been scoping out So Cal superchargers for what would be compatible with the trailer. Chose to hit Fountain Valley on the way up. There's a big Petsmart and it wasn't too busy in the morning - plenty of...
  34. J

    Modifying hitch receiver dust cover

    I think Ohmman might have flush-mounted his. Definitely a much more tidy appearance when not towing. I didn’t like how it would direct the plug downward however. My trucks have always had the plug facing straight back like I did. Something that swung out from flush-mount when unladen to...
  35. J

    Modifying hitch receiver dust cover

    I did as XtheGas describes, here: Wiring a Prodigy RF brake controller to the X trailer harness That is with the DrawTite fixed hitch installed, but would be similar for the Bosal setup.
  36. J

    Wiring a Prodigy RF brake controller to the X trailer harness

    Did another short tow the other day. Things were much less stressful with working brakes! However with the lights off, the Prodigy lost connection with the trailer while driving. Thankfully this didn't occur while trying to brake Not sure if it's some sort of battery protection thing with...
  37. J

    Model X Travel Trailer Consumption Analysis

    Yep - I agree with you. What I'd tried to convey, is in a scenario where one goes over 5k, I don't think it's the Draw-Tite hitch that's going to fail first. It's going to be something in the car's structure or chassis or overloading of its mechanicals.
  38. J

    Model X Travel Trailer Consumption Analysis

    The 5000lbs limit is just Draw-Tite being safe and parroting the Tesla limit. They make the same basic hitch for other vehicles that attach in the same way and have higher ratings. I cross shopped the X with a BMW X5, they have a hitch for it rated for 6k (that car’s factory limit) it’s...
  39. J

    Wiring a Prodigy RF brake controller to the X trailer harness

    Couple revisions to my setup to address the above two concerns. First concern was getting +12V to the aux pin of the 7-way trailer connector, so the Prodigy RF would turn on. Before going any further, member ShawnA solved this in a different - and probably better - way than I did here: Tesla...
  40. J

    Elon's Tweet - Drive On Nav Wide Release Tonight in NA!

    I'm one of those who always had the rear-view camera up top on the screen, and with this update you can put it almost at the top. So for me, the update has all the benefits of V9 without the downside. Been playing around with autodrive on Nav. It handled the 5N to 710N transition great on a...
  41. J

    Elon's Tweet - Drive On Nav Wide Release Tonight in NA!

    Got it, it works.
  42. J

    Software Update 2018.42.x

    I don't think I'm in any kind of EAP, but got 42.2 this morning, and it fixed my big V9 complaint - that rear-view camera was stuck at the bottom. Great job listening to your customers and getting a solution turned around Tesla! Really like how things are working now.
  43. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    There were hills but I drove a loop so no net elevation change. Little wind if any.
  44. J

    Tekonsha Prodigy RF Brake Controller

    Hi Atlantian, Looks like I'm in the same boat as you- 100D vs. P100D and towing Using this wiring diagram as reference: http://www.tekonsha.com/support/installation/N90250.pdf I think the solve will be to splice the wire running to the "Tail & License" pin, so it also supplies its power to the...
  45. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    Trailer lights are regular old-school bulbs, gotta be the 12V thing. Car is a June 2018 build. A bummer they nerfed the supplied 12V, wonder if it was to prevent people from using it as a power take-off for their trailers when not towing.
  46. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    Maiden towing voyage was a success. A mix of 55-60mph highway and a few miles of 45-50mph surface streets, averaged just under 600wh/mi over about 30 miles. This should mean a 120 mile towing range without stressing out too bad, a little better than I was expecting. At one point there was...
  47. J

    FS: Bosal Hitch setup for Model X - never used

    From my July 2018-delivered MX, never used Bosal hitch setup. Includes the cross-bar and the insert thingy in bag, none of it was ever used and is all in perfect condition. Does not include the 7-pin electrical connector or its bracket - WYSIWYG. Asking $700. In San Diego, not gonna ship - can...
  48. J

    P100D: what differentiating features would you request?

    The P only provides much better acceleration performance, but that’s only one of four primary directions - the other three being left, right, and braking. As an auto enthusiast, would have spent if the performance increase was more comprehensive. Bigger/better brakes, significantly updated...
  49. J

    Draw Tite hitch twist?

    Queston for users of the Draw-Tite aftermarket hitch for the X. Did yours have any “twist” in it as delivered? On mine, if one side is on a flat surface, the other side is a bit twisted, such that the highest corner sits 3.5mm proud of the reference plane. Thinking I maybe just got a poorly...
  50. J

    100D vs. P100D and towing

    Does chill mode just ramp up power more slowly, essentially damping accelerator input, or does it hard-limit it to some % of normal available power? I'd be wary of having limited the rig's maneuverability in traffic conditions with reduced accelerative capability. Yep, I goofed on the units...

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