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  1. rgedad

    MX Key Fob Battery - 2354 or 2032??

    If you put one on top of the other - the voltage to the FOB will be doubled - not so good If you are having issues finding them, just search Amazon for CR2354 and several will show up.
  2. rgedad

    Supercharger - Waco, TX

    I stopped there yesterday (Friday 3/12/21) at about 12:30 PM. I was really surprised at how busy/full the chargers were as there were only 3 of the 22 slots open. Used the new V3 and was charging along merrily at 155KW - Had a nearly empty tank after coming cross country from Fredricksburg...
  3. rgedad

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    Sooo - Down in Fredricksburg, TX - and trying again to charge at the Liberty Hydra chargers on Austin st. In thinking about it, I was wondering if maybe I had mad a typing error in my last attempt to charge yesterday - Alas no...Not My Fault. So - I had read that Charger #1 was not functional...
  4. rgedad

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    There is a route from Waco supercharger direct cross country via Killean and Burnet that is 170 miles (3 Hours) - I have a Model X 100D so with a 100% charge I will arrive with 16% charge. I did the route last year from Fredricksburg to Waco and as I recall I got there with about 10% charge -...
  5. rgedad

    Washed my key fob

    Last week my wife washed my pants with my FOB still in it. Took the FOB and removed the battery and put the FOB in the warm desiccant dehumidifier I use for my hearing aid for about 4 days. Alas - to no avail - With a new battery does not operate the car. It does however still open the door and...
  6. rgedad

    FYI - Managing Power during an Outage

    raynag01 So Yes, Texans does permit generators, at least in Fort Worth.( I am in the western suburbs We moved to Texas some 5 years ago from the far north - so used to the cold, not so much the heat. 2 Years ago - just as we purchased our MX, while in the heat of the summer, My wife was...
  7. rgedad

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    Hmmm - In thinking about this - I would expect an increase in TX Teslas in the area - given the closeness to the new Tesla factory, and given that Fredricksburg is such an outstanding vacation area - I do wonder if there might not be a bit more...attention...to this vacation/resort town. One can...
  8. rgedad

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    I did one 2 hour charge at charger on West Austin street when I got there - but mostly I plugged it into the wall at the house we were staying at. We were there for a week and at 3-4 miles per hour charge rate - over the week (including local trips - and the couple of hours at the street charger...
  9. rgedad

    MX Key Fob Battery - 2354 or 2032??

    I have a 2018 MX that needs a new battery for one of my Key Fob. But a little confused as to the correct type to best use. From the MX manual (Page 11) there are two batteries referred to Insert the new battery (type CR2354) with the ‘+’ side facing up. But later on the page it states: "Note...
  10. rgedad

    Bluetooth Attack can steal Model X in Minutes

    I came across this article in Wired magazine today - thought the MX community would like to know about it. From the 11/23/2020 article: "A hacker could rewrite the firmware of a key fob via Bluetooth connection, lift an unlock code from the fob, and use it to steal a Model X in just a matter of...
  11. rgedad

    Video of AP or really engaged driver?

    I found another video of a Tesla AP Save: This one states it is on AutoPilot I really did not understand it was capable of this type of reaction. This one at 6:30 into the Video (I really need to learn how to save just individual clips from YouTube) I assume the shoulder pull over at the end...
  12. rgedad

    Video of AP or really engaged driver?

    I was squandering time looking through YouTube videos on Bad Drivers, Driving Fails (squandering quarantine time). The following YouTube link I came across shows a Tesla avoiding a squeeze play between drivers, one of whom was changing lanes into the Tesla. Really astounding driving. My...
  13. rgedad

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Unable to reformat USB Drive I have a 26GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB memory stick. Originally formatted to FAT32 and seemed to be working just fine for some months (maybe like a year or so). This February it stopped recording. In looking at the unit it is all filled up with recordings. Looking at...
  14. rgedad

    USB Memory - Unable to reformat

    Note: moved (Duplicated) to USB Master Thread MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam (Unable to delete this entry - cannot edit after 10 minutes in TMC)
  15. rgedad

    USB Memory - Unable to reformat

    I have a 26GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB memory stick. Originally formatted to FAT32 and seemed to be working just fine for some months (maybe like a year or so). This February it stopped recording. In looking at the unit it is all filled up with recordings. Looking at this point to just reformat the...
  16. rgedad

    Supercharger - Fort Worth, TX - Clearfork

    But there is still another large apartment complex being built in the Clearfork complex (Looks like it is now weather-tight - so still being worked). That new complex might be the impetus to actually finish this install. Recently - Just for giggles (and waiting for the SO to do some shopping)...
  17. rgedad

    Our license plates came. Did you install yourself or Tesla? If by self- what screws?

    My Wife has a thing about everything being perfectly lined up. I decided the safest approach was to have the SC do the install. In fact - it was the easiest approach. Made an appointment - they took the car in directly, they had a special fixture just for aligning the plate that aligned the...
  18. rgedad

    New Double Boing alert

    We have started to get a soft double Boing sound periodically while driving around. We are at or under the speed (typically suburb driving). This is relatively new sound. Not as nearly as frantic an alert as the 5 tone "Do You SEE that CAR" alert… We are running with recently installed...
  19. rgedad

    Supercharger Connector and Covid-19

    When home I do charging via my installed home charger. However, I recently (3/6 - 3/13) took a road trip from DFW to Taos NM (11 hour drive) and back, for family vacation - using superchargers for the transit, but home wall charging while there. After my return, and having instituted a hard...
  20. rgedad

    Long Range or Performance for towing?

    I have just finished a 1,300 mile trip towing a 15' Boston Whaler open boat. 1,700 pounds for boat, motor, & trailer. I concur with J-rho that the driver is the aerodynamic effects of the trailer and load - not so much the weight. Any entry imported to the trailer weight to get it rolling will...
  21. rgedad

    Charging Oddity

    I had an odd thing happen while charging on my last trip. I was on my last stop (Model X - 100D - 2018) before home while trailering my new (to me) boat from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Fort Worth, TX (~1300 miles). I had stopped in at the Arlington, TX SC (@ the ATT Stadium) - just down the...
  22. rgedad

    Issues with LED lights on trailers

    I just bought a boat and went from DFW to Florida to pick it up. I brought with me the 7-Pin to 4-pin flat adapter cable I had used for years with my little Harbor Freight utility trailer (Incandescent lights). When I had passed papers at the sellers house, and hooked up the trailer, with the...
  23. rgedad

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    On the way down I went via Waco to Austin then over to Fredricksburg. No trouble with the charger, but the traffic through Auston was atrocious. People we stayed with said they never, ever, go through Auston due to the traffic - at any time. I would now have to concur with them - probably took...
  24. rgedad

    Trailering a Boat - Florida to DFW

    So - the good news - I just bought a 15' Boston Whaler SuperSport bay boat (See Photo). The interesting news is I picked it up in Fort Lauderdale, FL area to trailered it back home to Fort Worth, Tx - 1343 miles total (See attached ABRP chart for trip down to pick-up). First time long distance...
  25. rgedad

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    I cannot recall - but I do remember it did not seem egregious. I used it to make sure I was all topped off prior to my return trip north. I had been charging via a wall plug for several days. I wanted to go back-roads all the way to Waco - and I am still a victim of the dreaded RAS (Range...
  26. rgedad

    destination charging etiquette?

    I carry one 4x6 colored note card with my Phone Number to call if they need to use the charger - I put this in the driver window when charging at a hotel destination charger - I will then let them know when it is available. I also carry a second set of printed business cards size (you can buy...
  27. rgedad

    Supercharger - South Padre Island, TX

    This is great - I was planning a trip to the coast (i live in Fort Worth - just a short 8 hour jog across the state) - Just to get out of the brutal North Texas winter into someplace warm. Was looking for places to get some go juice - now I really do not have to worry. Staying at hotels with...
  28. rgedad

    Katy Tx - Do I need city permit to install Tesla Wall connector

    I am not sure what "...not under city of Katy Limit." means, but you are dealing with a fair bit of power here, and you do not want to see your house go up in flames here to save a couple of bucks on permits, or a sub-standard installation. Get somebody who has done Tesla chargers before. Katy...
  29. rgedad

    Model X parked in a single car garage

    While I do have a two car garage - the driver for me appears to be the height restriction in opening the Falcon Wing Doors (FWD). They will typically open about 3/4 of the way, setting the edge of the door at just about forehead height (don't ask me how I know). After a couple of...painful...
  30. rgedad

    PSA for yearly Vehicle Recall Check

    Just Public Service Announcement (PSA) for yearly Vehicle Recall Check. I do a yearly check on recalls for all of my vehicles (Cars and Motorcycles). I know manufacturers are "supposed" to notify the owners, but with moves, and manufacturer delay issues…stuff happens. The US government site...
  31. rgedad

    Supercharger - Fredericksburg, TX

    I would like to thank the Tesla User Group who took the time and effort to set up those 2 chargers on Austin St. I was down in Fredricksburg over Thanksgiving. The B&B I stayed at had only 110V 12A outlet so I was able to get some charge, but wanted a full charge for our return to Fort Worth...
  32. rgedad

    Stuck Download/Reboot

    I tried a number of things - nothing worked, was just about to schedule a visit tot he Service Center. However - Yesterday I was notified that version 2019.40.2.1 38f55d9f9205 was available for download/update. I authorized immediate update, and all of my issues went away - and life is good...
  33. rgedad

    Can’t open doors manually other than driver’s door

    Three hardest words for a parent to say to a child are..."You were right" or now that I think of it - spouse to a souse too.
  34. rgedad

    Stuck Download/Reboot

    Thank you Shawn for your suggestion Just went out and tried it - but alas - to no avail. I also just moved the car to the front of the house to get an even more better WiFi signal (2 bars in the Garage, 4 in the front drive) - again - no difference.
  35. rgedad

    Stuck Download/Reboot

    I have an odd problem. My software download/reboot seems to be stuck I am currently showing version 2019.36.2.1 ea322ad on both my MX and on my iPhone App. However : the App is continually showing the car as Software update "Rebooting" And the MX is showing Downloading Software Update...
  36. rgedad

    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    I have been updating OSM for the shops and Malls where I live. I am a newbie to OSM - but have enjoyed several days of detail work in defining the areas where I will - someday - be using the summons feature. A couple of questions I have been cogitating on while I update/add in the roads and...
  37. rgedad

    UV Worked great on my badly yellowed screen

    Had my 2018 MX (received 6/2018) 100D yellow screen issue fixed via the UV Process just a couple of weeks ago at the Dallas SC. I live about 45 minutes away from the service center. I did not know the process took about 3 hours when I went to the appointment. They did offer an UBER ride home...
  38. rgedad

    Blog Tesla Owner Cleared of Criminal Charges After Explaining ‘Dog Mode’

    We have our small toy Poodle in a full harness, and it is tied into the shoulder belts of the grandkids car-seat belts. The dog rides in the Kids seats as she clearly likes the better view out the rear window, even more than on my wife lap. Have not had both the grandkids and the dog riding at...
  39. rgedad

    National Drive Electric Events Sept 14 - 22, 2019

    Last year I displayed my Model X at a local energy fair. I had some issues with parents not controlling their kids (standing on the seats to jump into he back, or getting face paint on the seat backs. When I asked the parents to please be careful as this was a privately owned vehicle, and I was...
  40. rgedad

    Bashed Supercharger - who to inform??

    I am on my first longish road trip. I stopped into the charger at Dickson, TN to stay the night and get a full charge Noted that one of the charging stations had been backed into and had a broken case near the bottom. How / who do I inform that this has happened? Could not find any issue...
  41. rgedad

    Tesla Coat Hook - SKU Issue

    Just to follow-up. I contacted Tesla, They responded and said they would send a correct set of coat hangers. They immediately emailed a label to return the white set. Which I did the next day. I got the correct black coat hangers this last Saturday. So wife loves the new black OEM hangers...
  42. rgedad

    Dent repair possible on liftgate?

    We literally just got back from going to the Service King shop to get an estimate to repair our lift gate. We got hit at slow speed when we were making a right turn (on red) but stopped when we saw close in approaching traffic. The following vehicle did not stop in time. Luckily the individual...
  43. rgedad

    Tesla Coat Hook - SKU Issue

    So - I had ordered a set of Black Coat Hooks from Tesla (I know, I know - there and several other less expensive ones out there, but she wanted the Tesla ones, and I decided peace in the kingdom was with the extra $$). In any case for some time only the white ones were available, but when the...
  44. rgedad

    Sudden slowing on AP at highway speed

    I have a June 2018 MX. I have had this happen about 5 times since we have had the car. I travel at Speed limit up to +5 and have the follow-on distance set to 6 (Very conservative - Old fart distance). Seems to be most prevalent when on a light colored roads (Concrete) with a strong overhead...
  45. rgedad

    Audio Help - Radio.com

    Two Audio Issues My wife's favorite radio station is AM only (KLRD 1080) but it simulcasts on Radio.com. I can see the Radio station on the web browser but cannot get audio to work. I know I am just not setting up the audio system correctly and would like a bit of help so she can listen to her...
  46. rgedad

    Programming Sommer Garage Door Opener

    I have a 2018 Model X. I have been trying to get my Sommer garage door opener to work with it. The Sommer unit \operates fine with my Volvo, and with the two Sommer remotes. The MX operates our daughters Chambrerlain Door opener just fine. So it appears the Sommer unit is working fine, and the...
  47. rgedad

    Charging via Back-up Generator

    Yes - I concur with that over-power / start-up current draw concern. In discussing that potential issue, one solution discussed with the representative would be to put in a prioritized transfer switch where if the generator is running it would prioritize the usage and effectively disable the...
  48. rgedad

    Charging via Back-up Generator

    Yes - I concur with that over-power / start-up current draw concern. In discussing that potential issue, one solution discussed with the representative would be to put in a prioritized transfer switch where if the generator is running it would prioritize the usage and effectively disable the...
  49. rgedad

    Charging via Back-up Generator

    This is not meant as a permanent charging option, but as a back-up when/if the power drops off. If I am in a no power situation - I really do not care the cost of the limited number of re-charges of the car (or at least I would hope a limited number situation excepting like hurricane Sandy or...
  50. rgedad

    Charging via Back-up Generator

    I did one sweep looking for articles on charging via generators , but I will look again. I am looking at a permanent installed (non-portable) unit, powered via permanent (black pipe) connection to the house Natural Gas line. The units at this size will have an automatic transfer switch...

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