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    Experience with new software upgrade?

    Yes, but pretty useless in most parts of HK
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    Experience with new software upgrade?

    MS AP2: very positive experience. I would call it equal with AP1 now ... however auto windshield wiper still missing
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    Bioweapon defense mode to the rescue this wee

    AirVisual - Earth
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    New Supercharger planned for 2017/2018

    ... and with FRT, Model 3 sales will be mediocre
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    Autopilot and parking now available in HK for AP2

    I believe at the moment you are the only one with this update in HK. Maybe you got it in error o_O
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    Autopilot and parking now available in HK for AP2

    17.17.4 Don't know anyone who reported auto steering on AP2 available in HK yet
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    Autopilot and parking now available in HK for AP2

    Anyone can verify above statement?
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    Charger Space Usage Monthly Fee

    My electric bill is less than 20% of what my usual fuel costs were. If you have to rely on Superchargers, it's definitely recommended to have your own charging facility at home. Superchargers are quite crowded.
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    Anyone not received 8.1?

    Call support and ask. Maybe they need to push it to your car again.
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    What is your Daily power drain when not charging

    about 2% for P85+
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    A sad day for EV adoption in HK. It happened exactly what I was worried about. The stupidity of our government is beyond my believes.
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    Window Tinting

    T&T FILM PRO Good experience with 2 cars
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    Problem with charging facelifted model s 75

    Is it known what's EV Power's comment on the situation? Are they working on it?
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    Problem with charging facelifted model s 75

    Has this charging problem been sorted out, or does it still persist for facelift MS?
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    Thanks to Mark and charged.hk for the continuous efforts to promote EVs and keep the FRT exemption in Hong Kong.
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    @Matador: unfortunately I have to agree with your assumption
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    Would you buy another Tesla?

    Having my Model S for almost exactly 2 years now. There were 2-3 minor problems in the first few months, but overall I'm very happy with the car. I do admit, the built quality and ambience is not like in a top German car but I'm happily accepting this. And yes, I would buy it again. I just...
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    But can't be ordered yet. Talked to the showroom today. They have no information.
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    Just hope Autopilot 2.0 and P100 will be announced soon, so I can put my order in for delivery before 31.3.
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    In my opinion: 2nd prices will increase insignificantly only. EV market will collapse and all efforts of the government concerning charging infrastructure was a waste of taxpayers money. Let's hope for the best that FRT exemption will stay.
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    Model S delivery delay

    Why need HKMI to inspect a new car? If I don't trust a supplier, I rather don't buy his product.
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    Autopilot: Your view

    I love autopilot and would always buy it again. However it's not really necessary in HK, because usually we don't have long highway commutes. It would very useful for stop and go travel in HK, e.g. going into tunnels, but this functionality has been disabled in most places thanks to our lovely...
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    Total agree. If there has to be FRT on Evs, so be it, but keep the difference in FRT between ICEs and EVs like it is now.
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    Misleading SCMP Article

    The fact that this "analyst" works for the oil industry speaks for itself. It's just so disappointing, that SCMP didn't point that out very clearly in their article.
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    Jerk who interrupts others charging to get higher amps

    As I wrote several times on this forum, charging depending on superchargers will not be sustainable in HK, even with the best efforts of Tesla to build more and the EV community with charging etiquette. If (hopefully) there remains a big difference between FRT of EVs and ICEs in future, the...
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    New Software Release?

    @wongsters: even you don't use Autopilot on highways, you would be surprised how much you would love it in stop and go traffic jams
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    problem in reading illuminated speed signs

    Don't think it's GPS, but camera based. Yes beewalker, I made the same observation like you.
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    news on re-release of autopilot in HK?

    Elon was here and met the Transport Department. Do we know anything about the outcome for the Autopilot re-release?
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    Hong Kong Tesla Model S Charging Standard

    Charging rate will be about 95km/h
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    news on re-release of autopilot in HK?

    He can land a rocket .... can he change our TD's mind?
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    Stopping at traffic lights: P, N or (H)

    Drives me nuts, that 80% if the drivers in HK do not use their turn indicators.
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    Stopping at traffic lights: P, N or (H)

    no vibration in a Tesla :wink:
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    news on re-release of autopilot in HK?

    Anyone got some hints from Tesla if/when we might get Autopilot back?
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    Stopping at traffic lights: P, N or (H)

    Putting any car on P or N during traffic light is absolutely unnecessary.
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    Summon mode experience, anyone?

    Correct. Thanks to our Transport Department.
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    Hong Kong CLP (ABB) triple-standard combo charger tested (Jan 2016)

    Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Phase 1, Level 4
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    Summon mode experience, anyone?

  38. V

    Spotify in Tesla

    Tether it to a smartphone using the smartphone as hotspot. Let's see if you get it sooner.
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    Spotify in Tesla

    I wish I could share your optimism.
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    Spotify in Tesla

  41. V

    Spotify in Tesla

    Spotify works nice. Didn't use my own account. Might try later.
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    Spotify in Tesla

    Got 7.1 up and running
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    Hong Kong First Registration Tax

    Only when the same FRT percentage, which might be imposed on EVs will be added to the existing FRT for ICEs cars as well, EVs will have a chance to succeed here. Ultimately the majority of owners care about money first and and clean air as a distant second.
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    Spotify in Tesla

    Did they tell you by end of which year? Love Tesla, just their promises concerning dates are not really that accurate.
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    RDIO going bankrupt

    RDIO is RDIO, Tune In is Tune In. These are two different services.
  46. V


    Do you mean with Autopilot re-enabled?
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    Any recommendation on Rim Repair Center?

    Had good experience with them: https://www.facebook.com/empireautohk
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    Tesla After Sales Services

    You don't have to bring the car for any maintenance. Tesla just suggests to do it. 2-3 days without a car is not great, but my life won't end if that's really the case. I still doubt, that it will take them really that long. Lets see. Still much better than BMW who in the past 12 months returned...
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    Tesla After Sales Services

    After almost one year of owning a Model S, all interactions with the Tesla Hong Kong service centre were professional, efficient and courteous from their side. To compare with other brands I have experience with, they are same or better than Lexus or Toyota in Hong Kong. Tesla's service is...

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