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  1. J

    Can I get my order fee back if I Canceling my order [no]

    I couldn't even get a refund when I cancelled my original order so I could re-order a different model. They wouldn't even transfer the order fee over... so... no.
  2. J

    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    Gonna play devil's advocate here... if the Tesla rep has made you this offer, my first instinct is that they know they screwed the pooch big time on this, and could really be on the hook for a whole lot more than just replacing your car at the same price you paid. After all the stories I've read...
  3. J

    "New" Sources of Tesla 'OEM,' Tesla-like, and/or Third-Party CCS1 Adapters

    Thanks, X... I saw that post a few days ago. I always get nervous when 1 company is selling something for $230 that everybody else wants $1k for.
  4. J

    "New" Sources of Tesla 'OEM,' Tesla-like, and/or Third-Party CCS1 Adapters

    I've been looking into getting one of these for a California trip this fall, and have been reading that you could no longer get the Korean model. However, after doing a little on-line research I started getting --- of course --- bombarded with ads for these, so I followed the link to the Harumio...
  5. J

    Something Rolling Around Back There

    Starting about a month ago I could hear something rolling around in the back of the car... sounded like a screw or a pencil. I looked around and could find nothing. The noice was sporadic; sometimes it was there when I went around a corner, sometimes not. I looked again, trying to find where in...
  6. J

    Best speed for road trips?

    When you turn 70. At that point you will no longer be able to drive for more than 2 hours without having to stop for a bathroom break or to get out of the car to unlock your knees and hips. Plus, you will need a nap which is not something you should do while driving even with FSD. Since you'll...
  7. J

    Change only one tire? NTB won't do it

    Former tire buster for BF Goodrich here... this is the oldest tire con in the book, dating back to when "radial" tires started to come on the market (just shortly after the invention of the wheel and the discovery of fire). We routinely told customers that you could not replace just 1 tire...
  8. J

    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    As an old fart Boomer myself, I feel entitled to express my intimate knowledge of Boomer Refusal and the use of the so-called Boomer Voice... First, one of the essential parts of being said Boomer is never acknowledging personal responsibility, especially when it comes to tech things. One of...
  9. J

    Phantom Braking issues improved in 2022.4.5.17 update?

    I'm having an interesting phantom braking experience, although I can't say it's related to any software update. Here goes... We recently drove from Albuquerque to Tucson, multi-lane interstate all the way, and had maybe 4 phantom issues both ways. Typically just a sudden slow down, only 1 time...
  10. J

    Valve Stem Reapir Kit?

    75 bucks for a new TPMS unit? Dude, you're getting off cheap. I have 2 bad TPMS sensors on my F150 and they're $250 EACH. Fixed the problem myself, though. Bought a $10 tire gauge, which I use to check my tire pressure once a month, and already had the black electrical tape, a piece of which I...
  11. J

    Having second thoughts

    The electrician said your panel was "overfull"?? Sorry, but I call bullshit on that. If your panel was overfull you'd be blowing circuits every day. Besides which, what does "overfull" even mean? What, you have breakers waiting in line to get a slot, just hanging out of the panel waiting until...
  12. J

    Finally ready to get my dream car… need advice

    New. Used Tesla's bear a premium because you don't have to wait. That's the only reason... there's nothing about a used Tesla that makes it more valuable. So, it comes down to whether you absolutely must have the car next week and are willing to pay the premium, or whether you can wait. Aside...
  13. J

    Driving DNA vs Auto Pilot

    OK, great, thanks... so, I'm guessing pulling into the station and up to one of the pumps, getting out of my Tesla, grabbing one of the gas hoses, opening my charging port and then hollering "OH MY GOD, I FORGOT I DON'T PUT GAS IN THIS THING!!!", laughing and then driving away is probably not a...
  14. J

    Driving DNA vs Auto Pilot

    The thing is, I truly love ALL the technology in the car... I can't think of a single thing I don't like. I even like the phantom braking feature, because it's like having my own little personal defibrillator giving my heart a jump start every now and then. I love the regenerative braking thing...
  15. J

    Driving DNA vs Auto Pilot

    Yes, I see what you mean. The pages of ME TOO and I'M REPORTING THIS replies in response to my irresponsible diatribe about Auto Pilot has deeply disturbed me. I had no idea I was about to start a flame war... So, thanks for setting me straight on why I bought my Tesla, how I should respond to...
  16. J

    Driving DNA vs Auto Pilot

    Likewise no offense, but nowhere did I say this was a problem. It was merely an observation about my personal driving experience with a new piece of technology. It is not necessary to scold every post with unsolicited "get used to it advice"... tends to put people off their cornflakes. Thanks.
  17. J

    Driving DNA vs Auto Pilot

    Back in days of yore, cars came equipped with steering wheels the size of satellite dishes because of what was called "recirculating ball steering". The way this thing worked required that you turn the steering wheel 3 or 4 revolutions just to make a left or right hand turn (side note, this why...
  18. J

    My dogs keep opening the windows!

    This doesn't answer your question but it's a good story. Years ago we rented 2 U-Haul trucks to move to California (long story, another time). I drove one, and my wife drove the other with our Miniature Schnauzer (terrorist). Before we hit the road we needed to stop and gas up her truck. So, she...
  19. J

    What are some alternatives to buying homelink?

    Wait... I thought "HomeLink" cleaned the house, made the beds and vacuumed. All it does is open the garage door?? What the hell good is that?! How is it a "HomeLink" if it doesn't do anything in the house? That makes it a "GarageDoorLink". So, if I get this thing do I also need to get one of...
  20. J

    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    This post about owning a Leaf cracked me up, because we still have a 2015 Leaf... gets "90" miles. Last week I took my grandson to the museum that's less than 25 miles from our house. Straight there, straight back, and had 3 miles left when I pulled into the garage. Was I worried? Nah... par...
  21. J

    Quick Model 3 Review - The Best Car I've Ever Owned, With The Most Issues I've Ever Had In A Car.

    Old fart chiming in... in over 50 years of buying cars, everything from new to used to rebuilds to junkers to disasters, high end, low end, middle end, domestic, foreign, alien, trucks, sports cars, muscle cars, sissy cars, ocean liner sized automotive couches, floorless Flintstone-like cars...
  22. J

    Master Thread: 3 Delivery experiences

    That could be it... I've always heard Raton Pass was haunted...
  23. J

    Master Thread: 3 Delivery experiences

    See that "N" in the VIN? That means "2022" (so I've been told). Picked up my M3LR from the Colorado Springs location on 12/20... easiest new car delivery I've ever experienced. Signed 2 pieces of paper, walked me through connecting my phone to the car, in and out in 10 minutes. So far...
  24. J

    Tesla Showroom Opening Sept 9th in Santa Fe County, NM !

    Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll offer me free delivery, too! Although I wouldn't mind driving it home, give a shake down cruise, see how it does over Raton Pass in December...
  25. J

    Tesla Showroom Opening Sept 9th in Santa Fe County, NM !

    New guy here... got my VIN yesterday. Had been pushing on my SA to get delivery in Santa Fe, but as everyone has pointed out here, it's a no go right now. I was offered home delivery for $750 --- not free --- but then my delivery has always been set for CS. No new info, just confirmation of...

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