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    Watch out!

    Don't ignore the fact that there was two components to the announcement. The first and easiest was Pin 2 Drive, but that doesn't prevent entry. But there was also an announcement around replacement key fob which increases the length of the encryption key. It's this bit that stops the fob...
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    Safety concerns

    Congrats on the new car. Teslas, and others are prone to the key fob relay attack where a thief will use a laptop or other hardware to amplify the signal from the key fob to a receiver/amp relay close to the car. The car then thinks that the key is nearby. One way round this is to block the...
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    Parking in Westminster

    You might change your tune when you try it. If you are driving up from south of the river, be ready for the "swarm" of cyclists during the rush hour. I've tried it a few times, but the "ware and tear" on my nerves was too much. You try to give them space to make things safer, but they just...
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    Headlights always on in Auto

    Is it Auto Headlight that the OP is talking about? In which case, personally, I think they turn on at too higher a lighting level and on a dull day, I frequently turn them off.
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    Relying on superchargers

    With the front page news that Volvo are switching to electric (BEV and hybrid), the issue of charging will start to come up more and more as other manufactures follow suit. Worth bringing up at the management meeting.
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    Unable to have home charger installed?

    You may have 3-pase cabling installed already, just that only one phase is wired up. Builders tend to install 3 phase and take one to one house and another to the next.
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    17.24.28 update - warning:changes to AP dual carriageway speed limits

    Umm, the speed limit is the law, not a suggestion folks.
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    Cabin Overheat Protection feature

    Do you have the motion detection car alarm set on? If you have, that will be the reason. The aircon would probably set the car alarm off.
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    Help! - Claiming business mileage

    The company I work for took the view that they would give me the same rate as a diesel car.
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    autosteer above 55mph on motorways

    17.17.4 and above should fix the 55mph limit.
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    AP2 and UK 'A Roads'

    It doesn't see to much like trees overhanging the carriageway.
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    Which Type-2 Lead / Extension?

    Just make sure you get a 3 phase one from wherever. That will work on both single and 3 phase.
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    AP2 and UK 'A Roads'

    I would say from experience, definitely keep your hands on the wheel. Sometimes AP2 will lurch to the left and on a non dual carriageway, you wont have time to correct if your hands ae not on the wheel.
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    Tesla OR third party charger?

    I have the Tesla charger and it works faultlessly. It does not record or track electricity use (I use TeaslaFi to do that). No doubt you will get advice that you can just put a 32amp commando in and use the UMC (but that's not a tethered solution and is fiddly if you keep the UMC in the car...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I did see a report that the Darts Farm site near Exeter is being expanded with 8 additional bays (not verified).
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    autosteer above 55mph on motorways

    What firmware level? I have been using TACC and AP2 at 70 on A roads as well, certainly dual carriageways.
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    Charging around Bournemouth area

    Suggest you look at Zap map - Map of charging points for electric car drivers in UK: Zap-Map There are a number of Chademo chargers and a smattering of 7kW which would give about 22 mph range. There are some 43kW points as well, which I would assume are 3 phase and therefore a bit faster than...
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    Vendor New Cubby Drawer

    Hopefully the following makes sense: Measurements at the top:...............7 7/8th" ........................................... 6 1/2"................6 3/8" ........................................................ 8 3/4" Measurements at the bottom:...........7 7/8th"...
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    Vendor New Cubby Drawer

    More than happy to test :) I will try to get the dimensions over to you.
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    Vendor New Cubby Drawer

    This looks really good and I am interested. However, do you do one for a facelift S RHD for the UK (or Australia). It should just be a mirror image with the long side on the other side (if i'm making sense). Thank you.
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    Where would you like to see a new Supercharger?

    No, 150 mile max. Not everyone has a 90D.
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    Quick connection phone dock

    Yes there definitely is a way of adjusting it. You have to remove the rubber floor in front of the dock to reveal the screws holding the connector in. Once you have done that, adjust the dock connector so you phone fits flush up against the back of the flip up door and re tighten screws...
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    Hampshire/South Coast Tesla Owner meetings UK

    Using Meetup.com could aid getting the message about meets out. Just a thought.
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    Software update

    I have heard that cars that connect via WiFi get the updates in preference to cars that are just 3g/4g connected. Could be an urban myth.
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    FUD Article in the Times: EVs Will Need 20 New Nuclear Power Stations

    Excellent. One thing missed off which is the power needed to refine oil into petrol or diesel which is far more that required to power the car. Having said that, these people wouldn't see that argument or that renewables periodically have to be taken off grid due to over production and there...
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    Software update

    If I recall correctly, the video was for Full Self-Driving Capability not Enhanced Autopilot. If you are expecting all the features from the video, you are going to be disappointed. The Full Self-Driving Capability hasn't been released yet and while an "Elon date" of within 6 months has been...
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    Home Charging

    One thing, how old is your consumer unit? Mine was a really old one and needed replacing which is a long job as the whole house electrics must be tested, so EVERYTHING needs to be unplugged. That also increased the cost some what. Some grant installers wouldn't touch installing the...
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    Home Charging

    Electrician installed 32amp charging circuit including commando, Then took a plug and fly lead to the Tesla charger. If it was very infrequent use, like in a relatives house, I would forgo the charger and use the UMC. The Tesla charger is a well put together unit, much belter than some of the...
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    Please consider signing this petition on EV only Parking

    Petition: Ensure all premises offering Electric Vehicle Chargers enforce EV only parking.
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    Driving north - south Is 75 enough?

    I think the 75's battery has more capacity than my bladder, so stopping off for a recharge wouldn't be a problem - I hope.
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    Mobile Connector and Chademo

    Perhaps the problem is local to the service centre. Had a great experience picking my 60D up on the 30th and they had quite a few deliveries that day. My pickup was from Gatwick though.
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    Quick connection phone dock

    I have it installed but the guide rails weren't installed. I tried fitting them, but, the connector was too far back so if is slide the phone in, the connector is in front of the phone. Looking at some youtube vids, there is a "slotted" mount holes for the mounting screws, so I may be able to...
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    Where would you like to see a new Supercharger?

    +1 But on reflection, Bournemouth/Poole would be better served by an SC on the M27/A31/A35 area.
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    Insurance quotes for the Tesla MS in the UK.

    I had a chat with LV a while ago and was told that they would count the Tesla tracker. I suspect if you go over £90k price they might want something extra. Also I noticed that they have one of those "if you drive sensibly for 200 miles we will give you up to 15% discount" apps.
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    Supercharger's "opening soon"

    It still has the East Filton charger on it though.
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    Bristol East Filton Supercharger Closing 30-Nov-2016

    I do wish they would say if that's the case. They need to learn to "manage expectations". Most (not all) people will forgive a delay if they are told about it and the reasons behind it. Hearing nothing is never a good plan.
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    Bristol East Filton Supercharger Closing 30-Nov-2016

    The reason I would like to see a J18 M4 SC is that Reading is a no go for me. I would have to turn back towards London. I could use the Badgers Farm/Norton Park SC's off the M3/A34. All add time to the trip and to get to the Bristol area by about 9:00am I already leave at 5:30-6:00 to miss...
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    Bristol East Filton Supercharger Closing 30-Nov-2016

    I have to do the trip fairly often from the SC desert on the south coast. I frequently stop at M4 Junction 18/17 Leigh Delamere for a comfort break. It would seem that would be an ideal place. It does currently have an EcoTricity charger, bust that usually has one of those Japanese plug in...
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    Catering for horses

    Ok, this is probably off topic, but, years ago I was working with a young lady who had a passion for horses. She said that it was written into common law that if an employee wanted to ride a horse to work, the employer was obliged to provide stables, water etc. for the horse. She would often...
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    MoT tests?

    A quick question, do the Tesla Service Centres do MoT tests? I am really jumping the gun on this, but just wanted to know.
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    Used Tesla UK pricing?

    I can't see "free data" ending any time soon. Tesla get the better end of the deal with all the telemetry data that goes back to them so they can improve and adapt AutoPilot. It will be even more important with "Fully Autonomous" systems.
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    Free Supercharging Coming to an end

    You still need to take delivery before April 2017 for unlimited SC.
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    Enhanced Autopilot - Extra Costs

    I know that the announcements have created a "storm" of queries about the status of orders. In many respects, its the "perfect storm"; a large number of orders to beat the price increase, then a change of spec. Personally, assuming my order has the AP2 hardware (i have been told it does), I...
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    Enhanced Autopilot - Extra Costs

    Hmm. I got my email that the car "entered production" yesterday! So for me the question is will it have the new hardware or not. I have emailed the DS (I guess they must all be a bit busy at the moment). If it hasn't got the new hardware; pity, but I knew what I ordered so the hew hardware...
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    Post Brexit Price Increase Due 1st October?

    They sold them all in the pre 1st Oct rush, at least that's what Tesla told me. I wonder if the announcements next week will prompt some more being added? Just a thought.
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    New Hogarth Roundabout Tesla Store

    Having had to use that stretch of road for years, its an absolute nightmare for traffic on the M4 approach. Good for a store maybe (lots of Porsche, BMW, Merc garages locally to show up).
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    Post Brexit Price Increase Due 1st October?

    I was in Gatwick today and was told that the current inventory stock had all been sold. I was also told that the price of the inventory stock would not have changed after the October price increase. That's what I was told
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    Anybody still bother with Ecotricity chargers with the new 6GBP tariff?

    The Ecotricity chargers at MSA's, well, ICE drivers pay a premium for filling up so I guess I can understand that. Premium at ALL Ecotricity chargers, that's another matter. No doubt it's going to cost them to have them sitting idle, but not as much as when they were free to use. Market...
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    Fellow UKers, I made a CPO Tesla Tracker, check it out!

    Been broken for a while. It's not picking up the new batch of "showroom" cars.
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    Which after market audio?

    I don't think its out yet but you could look here: While you drive the world’s best electric vehicle, you should be listening to the world’s best stereo.

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