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  1. K

    Locking in a price in anticipation of the Federal Tax Credit

    I agree...I can see them increasing the price of the performance and bundling the Full Driving into the price.
  2. K

    Locking in a price in anticipation of the Federal Tax Credit

    The BBB bill limits sedan to $55k including destination charges. Tesla will probably keep make all the configurations of the LR AWD under 54k to qualify. So 2022 prices might be cheaper than 2021 for some configurations.
  3. K

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    It was 240 new but with updates it came down to 219. Has all other features of an SR+.
  4. K

    Is the SR+ range still available for the Model 3 SR?

    I bought the SR without Autopilot like you but it was never downgraded from SR+. This is May from 2019. The 100% range is however only 219 miles, but the computer says "Standard Range Plus." I'm thinking about the AP upgrade. Is it worth 2k as resale in a few years?
  5. K

    Waiting for SR downgrade (1 year)

    Oh not complaining just wondering since I heard others were downgraded from SR+ to SR. But with the 100% at 224, it is not far from what was advertised for the original SR.
  6. K

    Waiting for SR downgrade (1 year)

    Bought the call in May 2019 as an SR. Got an email in July that the downgrade will happen unless I contact Tesla. The car is still an SR+. I took it to the service center a few times for other issues. Is anyone in the same boat? Can I assume it will be a forever SR+ now?
  7. K

    Advice for charging with non-use Tesla

    I understand the 50% is there LI battery wants to be. But I have not read anything that says charging it to 80-90% then letting it vampire drain to 50% is a problem or does damage to the battery.
  8. K

    Advice for charging with non-use Tesla

    The car will be sitting for a few months as I work from home. What's the best way to keep the battery healthy? It is currently under a car cover, but if is better to keep it constantly charged, I'm willing to take it out. Thoughts?
  9. K

    Driving with lane departure assistance on

    It might be psychological, but I notice a slight difference between driving with the lane departure assistance on vs off. It seems like the car is on more constant watch-mode, with the steering wheel a little tighter than when it is off or just lane departure warning. I don't have AP. I...
  10. K

    Reverse Brake LOUD!!! noise

    I had the same problem. It is because of regenerative braking, so we don't use the regular brake much, which causes them to make the sound. Brake real hard 4-5 times and it should go away.
  11. K

    Is 6 miles of battery degradation acceptable on 6k miles?

    I have lost 20 miles from 240 to 220 on 100% on an SR+ and I have 7k miles.
  12. K

    100% charge range of SR+ at 224...new order of same car is 250 advertised

    The SR+ software degrade is necessary to protect the battery according to some of the owners. But if it is SR, it doesn't need to go 7% below the already 10% that is capped. It is more to differentiate between people who pay for SR vs SR+. Do you think the 250 range on the Model 3 now is...
  13. K

    100% charge range of SR+ at 224...new order of same car is 250 advertised

    I have a SR+ waiting to be downgraded to an SR. (I bought it originally as an SR without Autopilot in May. )Just recently charged to 100% after letting it go down to 8%. The 100% charge rated mile was 224. I have 6,000 miles and only supercharged 2 times. I know that recent posts on the...
  14. K

    Waiting for SR downgrade

    I did not know this. I think the window sticker states SR+. The purchase agreement is SR. Does one supersede the other?
  15. K

    Waiting for SR downgrade

    I bought the SR in May and I'm still waiting for SR+ to be downgraded by Tesla to the SR. They sent an email 2 months back but have not heard anything since. Has anyone had their SR+ downgraded yet? Thanks,
  16. K

    First Repair: AC Condenser Fan Damaged

    The car is 2 months old. We visited family today and when we left, after putting the kids in the car seat, saw smoke everywhere coming from the frunk. We panicked, thinking that it was a battery fire and quickly took the kids out. When we got out, it didn't smell like smoke so it is either...
  17. K

    New install of 14-50 outlet only charging at 16a for Standard Range Plus RWD

    I had the exact same problem. The connector from the charger wouldn't go all the way in to the car. It took about 2 days but then all the sudden I was able to charge at 32amp. You can test this out by going to a public charger and using your adapter.
  18. K

    NEMA 14-50 Out of stock?

    It is typically available at the delivery center even though it is sold out online. Call your place and ask them.
  19. K

    Nema 14-50 Adapter

    They are have them at the Service Center eve if it is sold out. Call to check. I bought mine separately after I took delivery yesterday.
  20. K

    Charging problem with new Model 3

    It blinks a yellow light and not a red light at the port...the manual only says red.
  21. K

    Charging problem with new Model 3

    Hi everyone...I picked up my Standard Range today and found a problem with charging when I got home. I have a 14-50 outlet installed recently to use with the mobile charger. When I started charging, it says "limited charging" "Charge cable may not be plugged in correctly" and it is only...
  22. K

    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    I have a delivery appointment this Thursday with the vin 397XXX. Does that mean I have HW3? Thanks,
  23. K

    Need a referral code

    Do we have know if the 5,000 miles expire in 6 months? This is from the Tesla's website: Referral Program
  24. K

    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    That sounds pretty straightforward. Would you be able to do it without the AP through the same method?
  25. K

    Ordering SR through inventory

    Can I order an inventory SR+ and have it downgraded to an SR before delivery?
  26. K

    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    Ordering the Standard Range. I'm looking to buy in a few weeks but the Adviser is not that helpful. I notice that they have inventory SR+ online. Can I order that and get it unlocked to an SR without Autopilot? How does the refund work? My OA says only SR can be without Autopilot. But I'm...

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