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    All saved setting erased after updating to 2022.20.6

    Just had this happen to me, now I’m on vision despite holding out on software updates. A soft reset forced an update. But I was driving when it happened. Pretty annoyed at all of this
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    Top glass crack

    Hi this is Elizabeth with Tesla Insurance and I am the adjuster assigned to your claim. I see that you are submitting a glass claim. Please note you do have a comprehensive deductible of $100 on your policy if the windshield/roof has to be replaced . You also do get a Tesla Insured parts...
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    Top glass crack

    I was hoping that was caused by friction/glass rubbing together but it’s good that I asked I’ve got a service center appointment tomorrow and Tesla insurance. Between one of the two, hopefully we get it sorted out for not too much out of pocket. I haven’t yet reported to insurance
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    Top glass crack

    hi all Not very well versed in glass but was wondering what you think. I don’t recall ever hitting anything or any rock hitting me. Does it look like a stress crack or a crack from impact? I’m assuming if I hit a rock hard enough for it to crack my window, there would be some sort of...
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    Squeaky /creaky driver's seat issue identified

    My seat squeaking comes when I hit a bump/dip at highway speeds. I took it to the sc and they “re torqued” (read as: tightened) the bolts for free. The squeak is back after a few days
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    had my appointment today and they didnt say anything - thanks all
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    Tesla denied warranty for Upper control arms because of Aftermarket Suspension

    damn, i have a service appointment this week and was going to ask then to double check the front lateral links (from the recall) but im on eibach springs. Are the front suspension lateral links the same as the FUCAs? may just save that request for when a mobile tech comes out. unless theres a...
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    i think i already know the answer, but i have a service center appointment this week for my driver door and seat and was wondering if i should remove the boost 50 module before going to the service center? It seems like i should but wanted to see what you guys thought ive had multiple mobile...
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    Refreshed Model X Plaid 2022 - Service Centre Fiasco

    You should really consider getting a lawyer. The airbags in your car have delpoyed. Most cars would be considered totaled but due to the high cost of your vehicle, it’s not. Also, since it’s not being reported to insurance it’s not going to show up in any reports. Don’t be fooled, your car has...
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    you can set the proximity/range for the feature to work. Aside from that, theres no confirmation or anything, just pops open.
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    the auto-open door feature on the boost 50 module is one of my favorite features - satisfied ingenext boost owner checking in i wonder if ingenext will offer any "tunes" or different "maps" for their modules. I know its probably a liability issue but all you gotta do is tweak some values, im...
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    Just mashed the pedal on a Performance Model 3, OMG!

    i hadnt done so for 2 years until my brother got a performance last week. Now im getting quotes for trade ins. Probably wont go through with it but the 2021 performance 3s are a nice upgrade from the 19 lrawd
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    my brothers white/black went from 7-11 weeks to July 16th-August 6th - is that still too wide a range to expect anything soon? Located in N Cal.
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    they will offer the normal steering wheel soon and also make it available as a post-sale purchase
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    Lowering the Model 3

    ive had eibachs for over a year on 19s and 20s and would do it again in a heartbeat. The eibach kit was out first and thats what i ended up with. To my eye, both hr and eibach are little higher in the rear than up front Id also recommend them to others since I know how the ride feels after...
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    What's next for model 3?

    i just hope they update the UI to something usable. I still havent updated to the "fire" holiday update after seeing the updated ui
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    New Model 3 in 1 month or demo car with est delivery in 4 days

    Honestly, ive gotten bigger discounts on NEW guitars than that. I have the previous gen white interior and while the white paneling is a nice touch, you almost never notice it. I personally wouldnt cancel my order for it, but thats after 2 years of use. I find the alcantara/suede panelling of...
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    Am I getting a rejected car?

    you've articulated the reason i hope to never have to go back to a service center. its like they inherently lack all logic and sense and dear lord help me if someone below chimes in with a "my experience was GREAT!!!11" we get it, you work for tesla, move on :)
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    i wonder if theres anyone in the bay area doing this?
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    thanks for the info @ADAMBOMB @Luudcrs if anyones got one fs, please drop me a line. If not, i will probably just cave
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    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    i once got the rear drive failure notification with the turtle on my 2nd day of ownership. I know the motor was not working bc it felt like it was driving in chill mode. Took it to tesla and they couldnt find any issues. I never had any issues with it since that time almost 2 years ago. I dont...
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    if anyone is selling their model 3 soon and is looking to get rid of their boost 50, shoot me a msg, Thanks
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    Well there’s a thing, sudden unintended acceleration just happened to me

    its the slightly upward sloping angle that does it for me. We have a drain ditch in the middle of the road which i drive over when preparing to back into my garage. Regen doesnt come to a hold but feathers the accelerator - This has happened to me 3x
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    lol at all of us fools that bought a dragy. Use it for a couple of runs before purchasing boost, a few after the purchase to confirm we're faster. Maybe a few more runs once we switch tires/wheels. Then, absolutely useless. I have not used the damn thing since. Not dragy's fault considering...
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    Eibach Releases Performance Pack Lowering Springs

    I installed them about 2 months ago and after about 1k+ miles on them, I have pretty much gotten used to the ride which I think is still an improvement over stock. Before, I felt my car would float over big bumps and was pretty reactive to road inconsistencies. The eibach kit reduces the...
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    the stage 1 seems decent for the folks that havent yet purchased the boost upgrade. The module can be installed/removed in a few minutes and doesnt effect future software updates. If the module gets zapped, the EG devs can adjust accordingly. Not bad
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    Eibach Releases Performance Pack Lowering Springs

    Anecdotally, coming from stock 19s, I noticed much more dramatic improvement in handling when I upgraded to performance 20's with michelin pilots. Once I lowered my car, I put the 19s back on and noticed that even though the car was lowered, it did not handle as well (less responsive and turn-in...
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    Model 3 owners getting screwed over?

    strong first post
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    Eibach Releases Performance Pack Lowering Springs

    This pretty much sums up my experience with the eibachs on a LR AWD. I did order the correct part for AWD. I opted to NOT cut bump stops. Had them installed at a reputable shop that did another eibach spring install on the same day. Definitely stiffer than stock and more similar to a 3 series...
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    Eibach Releases Performance Pack Lowering Springs

    are you guys buying the sway bars, too? Figure for only $300 more you may as well add them while the cars on the lift. Any LR AWD folks recommend the sway bars or is that unnecessary? To my eye, the eibach springs bring the model 3 down to a "shoudl've been stock" level and addresses the uneven...
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    Bay Area - New 20" Grey Performance Wheels + Michelin PS4S

    Those are well used (with 11,000 miles) and silver. Might wanna pick your mic back up ;)
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    Bay Area - New 20" Grey Performance Wheels + Michelin PS4S

    Its not that im receiving multiple offers that are low, its just one lowball offer and yours that are ridiculous. Check the listings, theres nothing comparable to what you guys are offering or else you would have bought them already. FWIW, i sold a set a few weeks back for $3,300 to a user on...
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    Bay Area - New 20" Grey Performance Wheels + Michelin PS4S

    if you guys can find brand new, unmounted, unused oem tesla 20s (with brand new michelin p4s4) for 1800, ill buy a set too. @MatildaModel3 @Toppatop55 this may be more your speed - this guys selling 3 used wheels for 1800 Tesla OEM 20” grey performance wheels with Michelin pilot sport 4S tires
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    Op-Ed: Why I’d Still Choose A Tesla Model 3 Over The Model Y

    if the model y came out first and you told me there was a smaller version coming out that is faster, quieter and has better range, I'd for sure upgrade to that vehicle something i havent seen mentioned much is how loud the model y is vs. the model 3. The model y has an open cabin and no...
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    Lowering the Model 3

    about how much should i expect to pay for spring install? In the bay area im getting quote of 500-700 to install springs. UP is charging $300. Whats the apprx going rate? also, was leaning towards UP but just wanted to see if that clicking issue has been resolved. Havent heard anything from...
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    Bay Area - New 20" Grey Performance Wheels + Michelin PS4S

    bump, taking offers. Price is negotiable
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    https://epc.tesla.com/#/systemGroups/47412 they have both a 680 and 800 mosfet rear drive assembly listed. Do with this info what you'd like
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    Anyone regret white interior?

    love the white interior. I noticed this one portion of my seat seems veiny or has striations. Im not sure if this is from denim/dirt (i almost never wear blue jeans). Noticed it pretty soon after delivery and no matter what wont wipe off. Think its dirt/denim or some defect in the seats...
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    Recent Model 3 tint job

    your website shows that you carry only xpel tint...im sure the writeup wont be biased or anything ;)
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    Bay Area - New 20" Grey Performance Wheels + Michelin PS4S

    Selling for my buddy who ended up going with a different set of rims on his performance 3. Ordered from Tesla and never mounted. Grey 20's with michelin pilot sport 4s. Local pickup only. You're going to need a vehicle larger than the model 3 to transport the wheels. 3,400 or best offer...
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    Have You Purchased a Pre-Painted Bumper from Tesla?

    Hi All Just wondering if you have purchased a front or rear bumper for your model 3 pre-painted directly from Tesla? If so, how much did it run you? Do you have a service receipt? I have gone to a few body shops and the prices theyre giving me to repair seems high enough to consider purchasing...
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    Just bought a Model 3 Performance! Quick Question!

    you're gonna want to do a search on one-piece rear window ceramic tint in LA. You should have adequate options. $500-$1,000 for the entire car is realistic depending on film cost and shop rates. I'd call just to double-check they do (or have done) model 3's in one-piece on the rear window. I'd...
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    Woes of having the 20" performance wheels (busted tires... constantly)

    I didn't specifically mention sidewall height. I did, however, link to a 5 day old reddit thread where a model 3 owner busted his 18" aeros on a pothole, so if you'd like to discuss sidewalls I'd just refer you back to that link and re-state: The fact is, a 4k lb car hitting a pothole, no...
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    Woes of having the 20" performance wheels (busted tires... constantly)

    ahh yes, more fear mongering. The guys with 18s and 19s also bust their wheels too: Well this happened. Replacement suggestions? : Model3 The fact is, a 4k lb car hitting a pothole, no matter the size of the wheel/tire, is going to be a bad time. Just by reading your post, I suggest you be more...
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    Tint 35% vs 50% vs Leave it alone

    (I have no affiliation with them) check out TGC in Soquel: Transparent Glass Coatings | Professional Window Tinting | TGC Tint I went there for my ceramic tint and they offered the best price w/ 1 piece rear window, and overall did a great job on the install.
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    I’ll get roasted but here goes anyway

    I don't think I've used the app much since getting the keyfob. If you have the stronger frunk/trunk struts, then the key fob is that much more useful.
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    I don't understand how anyone can say that they don't feel the difference with the acceleration boost. I kept reading that under 30mph there wasn't much power but my butt dyno (and dragy) says differently. It pushes me back in the seat during launch and is noticeable throughout the range...

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