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  1. darkNstormy

    [UK] 2021.44.30

    I think there was a similar bug with a previous update that was fixed by changing the language to something else and then back again. May be worth a try.
  2. darkNstormy

    Electric Tow ball

    Jeez that's a pedestrian motor on that tow ball. I can fit the manual Tesla one quicker than that, which is saying something!!
  3. darkNstormy

    How do we get Tesla to add a speed limiter feature

    Completely agree with the OP on this. Have also had a Merc in the past and the speed limiter was an oft used feature. It allows full manual control but just very smoothly cuts the power as you approach your set speed. Works so well as a speeding avoidance measure. TACC just doesn't work around...
  4. darkNstormy

    Fog lights turning off automatically

    I'd just like an easy way to access the fog light switches without having multiple screen presses or flashing the headlights to be honest.
  5. darkNstormy

    Driver Door Unlock Mode 2021.44.6

    Yeah same here. Needs an easier way to unlock all doors - maybe a specific option in the app. Can't see why, if the option is enabled, then the icon in the app changes to "unlock all doors" for the next press of the button, then back to "lock" after that.
  6. darkNstormy

    Panic buying!

    Self fuel filling prophecy, you mean?
  7. darkNstormy

    [UK] 2021.32.x

    Any idea if 2021.32.22 will be coming to Europe / UK? Just looked on Teslafi and seems it's all USA vehicles. Want to see if the Safety Score Beta becomes available!
  8. darkNstormy

    What was the valet parker done wrong at the airport?

    If you are away for an extended period, also turn off cabin overheat protection, as that will wake your car up at regular intervals if it's sunny.
  9. darkNstormy

    UK Tesla App v4

    Mine stopped working, but after doing a soft reset of my iPhone (volume up, volume down, hold power) then the share option reappeared
  10. darkNstormy


    I use ABRP and it's quite easy to use on the fly. I also use this: https://www.digitalautoguides.com/trip-optimizer-tutorial/ It's a bit more clunky but if you are planning a more complicated trip it does the business and also takes into account phantom drain for the time you're not driving...
  11. darkNstormy

    Before buying your Tesla, did you ever Test Drive one?

    I found myself in a position at the start of lockdown 2020 with an ICE car facing huge bills and I didn't have much in the way of liquid assets at the time. I was aware of the 0% BIK and that a few people I knew in the NHS had leased EVs. I did the sums and it was a no brainer to lease an EV as...
  12. darkNstormy

    Strange Acceleration Behaviour [solved: Obstacle aware acceleration]

    It's also happening when there's nothing in front of me. But it's just dawned on me that the front sensors on one side are damaged after a recent deer strike so that might be screwing it up.
  13. darkNstormy

    China build performance charging.

    With the latest software updates you seem to get reasonable regen even at 95% when the battery is warm.
  14. darkNstormy

    Tesla's don't like Deer

    I hit a deer near Hamsterley Forest. It came out of the shadows at dusk so barely had time to register it. Fortunately the damage wasn't too bad and still driveable, so waiting for parts (presumably from Holland) before it gets fixed on the insurance. Heard rumours that some folk are trying to...
  15. darkNstormy

    Tesla's don't like Deer

    What do you call a blind stag with no legs and no genitals? Still no [email protected]@@ing idea.
  16. darkNstormy

    Strange Acceleration Behaviour [solved: Obstacle aware acceleration]

    I've also noticed the same behaviour. Although I don't have acceleration boost. In fact, barely have unboosted acceleration from a standstill. It's been a pain pulling out at roundabouts in busy traffic!
  17. darkNstormy

    Tesla model 3 driver throwing litter!

    Reminds me of the Aussie adverts: "Don't be a tosser!" People capture 'tossing' on their dashcams and the perpetrators get fined quite heavily for it.
  18. darkNstormy

    Indicator question on Model 3

    I've got exactly the same behaviour with the indicators. If I'm turning right at a roundabout, I'll tap the indicator once to cancel it when I reach the penultimate exit, then indicate left when I get to the exit. Still get odd times when I try to cancel the indicator and it doesn't cancel. The...
  19. darkNstormy

    Supercharger questions

    Was anyone else charging next to you? Was this a V2 (two cables) or V3 supercharger (single cable)?
  20. darkNstormy

    IFTTT or google home/alexa integration

    If you don't want to pay for the Stats or Remote for Tesla apps (on iPhone), you can download the Watch app for Tesla. https://www.watchfortesla.com/ It was initially just a standalone app for the watch, but because of Apple requirements for their apps, it has to have a companion app for the...
  21. darkNstormy

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I think 'road' is pushing it as far as a description is concerned. Moon landing training site might be more apt for Woodall! It's also fly tipping central 😐
  22. darkNstormy

    Autopilot draws first blood

    Almost had a similar experience... Be very very careful if you see a cycle lane marked on a pavement like this. AP sees the line as the edge of the road. I've driven along here with AP numerous times without any problem so got taken by surprise somewhat - I think one of the latest updates has...
  23. darkNstormy

    Does anyone wave anymore?

    I still wave if I see another Tesla driver in time. Still occasionally reciprocated.
  24. darkNstormy

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Depending on your spending priorities, you could 'rent' another VPS as a storage backup. I've got a Kimsufi KS-4 that I use as a cloud backup - I just set up a cron job to rsync my teslamate backups from the pi to this vps. Then I just delete all but the last 7 days of backups manually (wouldn't...
  25. darkNstormy

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Does anyone have a reliable way of changing the USA date format to DD/MM/YYYY in the dashboards that use that format (e.g. lists of charges, drives etc). I've tried all suggestions on this thread, and others that I've googled, and nothing seems to work. I am running on a Raspberry Pi 4, latest...
  26. darkNstormy

    Shortage of the standard foam Michelin tyres

    I also got a pair of Primacy 4 on the rear at Kwik Fit (have tyres on my leasing contract through Arnold Clark) and haven't noticed any real difference compared with the outgoing Pilot Sport 4 XL Acoustics.
  27. darkNstormy

    Tyres - How’s it going?

    Just had the rears replaced at 18k miles (they were down to 1.6). Front are still at 4. Probably reflects my driving style... M3 LR. Michelin PS4 XL Acoustics (OEM). I was told that there's a shortage of these tyres in the UK so I ended up with Michelin Primacy 4 on the back (I lease so it's...
  28. darkNstormy

    Car behaviour on Minor Roads

    Should get a few Model 3 owners to go down to your bend of doom and try to replicate the problem!
  29. darkNstormy

    Things to learn from PoleStar

    Indeed. They are just mates with Matt Hancock and get paid enough for a whole fleet of Model X for producing software with a UX designed by a 6 month old blind monkey.
  30. darkNstormy

    Insurance under the age of 25

    My folks always said that I'd be a delinquent if I played games all the time :D
  31. darkNstormy

    Selling my car .... What's the best place to put an AD?

    If you've got any little dinks, alloy damage etc then I'd recommend spending £150 or so (or your own valuable time) fixing everything and then going with WBAC. They will knock a lot more than that off the quote for any scratches, stone chips, alloy scratches etc. You'll probably be spending too...
  32. darkNstormy

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Had lots of trouble with missed drives and charges but the new 1.21.5 update seems to have fixed that. The changelog mentioned some issues about login tokens expiring so I think that must have kept happening. Recommend updating asap.
  33. darkNstormy

    Octopus Go - Specific Charging Time

    In what way did the Ohme app not work? Presumably you set it up with the correct tariff and used the Tesla log in. There's a setting within the app to prevent it charging above 5p/kWh. That being the case, it will only charge between 00:30 and 04:30. If it can't charge to the set target SoC...
  34. darkNstormy

    Question about home charging the Model 3 - Tesla button alternatives

    Remote for Tesla app is a bit steep but it is very good in terms of automation. You can use the shortcuts app to write automation scripts very easily. You can then use these with a widget, Siri or NFC tags.
  35. darkNstormy

    The Pub - OT posts and discussions

    :D So how do I wire this up to make it into a Tesla HUD?
  36. darkNstormy

    Things to learn from PoleStar

    Working in the NHS, and being regularly exposed to the onslaught of un-user-friendly software (and even trying to find a workstation sometimes), and stuff not doing what it should, then tolerance builds up rapidly and Tesla is like a prime finished product in comparison :D
  37. darkNstormy

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Thanks for the instructions, @DaveW - very easy to follow. I've imported all the supercharger geofences, but do you know if there's a way of going back through historical charges and adding how much it cost? I don't have many so it shouldn't be too laborious to add the data manually with...
  38. darkNstormy

    Guess the battery level

    How do you know the car isn't sleeping?
  39. darkNstormy

    Please don't rely on tesla road assistance

  40. darkNstormy

    Please don't rely on tesla road assistance

    https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/emergency-planning/pdf/winter-driving-checklist.pdf Winter driving tips UK: the best tyres to use, how to handle snow and ice, and how to prepare your car Winter driving advice | AA Essential Winter Driving Kit Checklist | Halfords UK
  41. darkNstormy

    Tesla Range - Surely there’s something wrong?!?

    I was doing a regular trip from Teesside to Cheshire over the summer. There were a few times I did this at 60mph following lorries if I could, with aircon on at 20C, just to see how it worked out. 140 miles used 36% of the SoC (90% to 54%) and that's going over the Pennines (although I accept...
  42. darkNstormy

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Yes but not quite as long as that! All seems to be working fine now.
  43. darkNstormy

    Agile plunge pricing predictions

    Brill, thanks. Managed to switch painlessly.
  44. darkNstormy

    Agile plunge pricing predictions

    I've looked all over the Octopus website, have even switched to the old dashboard, but can't find a way to switch tariff online. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Maybe I just can't see the wood for the trees!
  45. darkNstormy

    Dashcam/Sentry keeps failing

    I've gone for a Sandisk 128GB endurance micro SDXC card with a multi-adaptor (USB-A / USB-C / lightning). That way, if I'm on the road and ever need to download video footage to distribute somewhere, I can do it via the Apple SD card adaptor plugged into my phone / iPad. It's very light and...
  46. darkNstormy

    48.26 UI Changes - thumbs up or down?

    I'm sure I read somewhere that there will soon be an option to customise the size of the visualisation part of the screen - just this update was rushed out without all the planned options. Possibly also map waypoints. Goodness knows when though!
  47. darkNstormy

    FSD / AP Rewrite - turning the corner?

    I don't understand why Tesla try to emulate what the driver sees - IIRC the bulk of the FSD 'brains' is analysing what is seen from the camera set in the top of the windscreen. It would surely make more sense to use more advanced tech, such as cameras in the corners of the bumpers to be able to...
  48. darkNstormy

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    You could try: docker exec teslamate_database_1 pg_dump -U teslamate teslamate > backup_filename.bck This should also work from a script too - I kept getting an error that docker-compose wouldn't work from a script file via cron but the above command works flawlessly.
  49. darkNstormy

    Which charging cards to sign up for?

    Might give that a try, always handy to have optimal preparedness!

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