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  1. lasttourist

    Miscellaneous Model 3 Accessories For sale

    Just wanted to bump this one more time. Everything is still available except the 14-15 adapter.
  2. lasttourist

    Miscellaneous Model 3 Accessories For sale

    yes, it is a GEN 2, originally purchased from Tesla in 2021. I'll have to see about shipping cost and get back to you.
  3. lasttourist

    Miscellaneous Model 3 Accessories For sale

    No, not OEM. Visually it looks the same - but I'm guessing the main difference is, there is no lock/key built into the legs.
  4. lasttourist

    Miscellaneous Model 3 Accessories For sale

    Hello. I sold my 2021 Model 3 a few days ago. I have some items from it for sale: official Tesla All-Weather Interior Liners. Condition: used, but good. $100. 1 Center Console Tray. $5 14-50 NEMA Adapters. $20 4 jack/lifting pucks (used once). $10 model 3 windshield sun shade $15 roof rack...
  5. lasttourist

    Cyber truck

  6. lasttourist

    Tiny trailer options

  7. lasttourist

    M3 roofracks constantly sold out in AUS. Any other options?

    Knockoffs from eBay worked me. The only difference was they did not provide the locks.
  8. lasttourist

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Will the mobile apps always be free? No subscription?
  9. lasttourist

    Has anyone gone from a Model Y to a M3P

    i'm looking to go the other way. i have a 3 with spouse and 2 kids. just looking for a little more room with the Y. (I've never been in a Y though).
  10. lasttourist

    Charging while camping

    Sorry to beat a dead horse. But can someone confirm what I'm understanding from the thread - that a random adapters won't work with mobile connector. I'll be visiting a relative who has this adapter - but I'm not sure sure if it will work. Or do I need one of the ones above that specifically...
  11. lasttourist

    Annual subscription for connectivity

    Just fyi. I discovered that if I enable in-car upgrades and then go through the car ui, the annual plan is available to subscribe there. I still can’t do it on the phone. 🤷‍♂️
  12. lasttourist

    Annual subscription for connectivity

    sorry, just want to bump this one more time. i was thinking maybe i would see the ANNUAL option once my free trial expires, but nope. It has now expired, but my option option is still just $9.99/month... anyone else have the same issue? or know why i don't have the option to pay annually? thanks...
  13. lasttourist

    Annual subscription for connectivity

    I just wanted to add that on the second screen, my billing information is there as well as payment info.
  14. lasttourist

    Annual subscription for connectivity

    thanks for the info... sorry - but i'm still not getting it. First attachment is what i see after selecting MANAGE. And the second image is what i see when I select "premium connectivity". What am i not seeing?
  15. lasttourist

    Annual subscription for connectivity

    Hi. Just wondering if there’s something I’m missing - I don’t see the option to select the annual plan for the connectivity subscription. I only have the $9.99 monthly option in the app. I’m currently still on the free offer that I got when I purchased the car but that is expiring soon. Do I...
  16. lasttourist

    How do you fast forward music with the new update?

    i haven't tried it - but does pushing and holding the left scroll wheel to the right do the trick?
  17. lasttourist

    Driver Side door creaks when opening

    just wondering what came of this? i have the very same problem, wondering if i should bother with having tesla fix... ?
  18. lasttourist

    Ebay roof racks

    Just bumping to see if anyone has any new info on these eBay racks.
  19. lasttourist

    Down Payment Question

    Yes. It can be changed at a later point.
  20. lasttourist

    What did you sell/trade for your 3?

    Subaru wrx
  21. lasttourist

    Mud flaps or PPF, which is better?

    I have mud flaps installed since the car was new and it still has debris/scratches. So I would say that it doesn’t help.
  22. lasttourist

    "ev rate" [is a regular rate or time of use rate generally better?]

    i get that this answer might depend on individual households. but generally speaking, for us average people.... what's better - the "default service" rate... or picking the "ev rate" which has peak and off peak rates.... ?
  23. lasttourist

    Ebay roof racks

    Keep us posted
  24. lasttourist

    Mobile service clearing notifications

    Just wondering if technician ever clear all notifications off of your car after service…? it just seem weird to me that he went out of his way to do that. He asked for my key card and said it would save him from doing it remotely. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. But now, thinking...
  25. lasttourist

    The weird front

    agreed. i'm still waiting for that acquired taste.
  26. lasttourist

    Sentry Mode says there were 3 events but not seeing the video

    I did do a search for this. And found a lot of sentry mode issues but not exactly the issues I'm seeing. For me sentry mode has worked previously. But the last time sentry mode was triggered - it said there was 3 events, and I go and look for the video and see only one for that day and it was...
  27. lasttourist

    Ebay roof racks

    Anyone have experience purchasing from eBay? Found these official looking roof racks on eBay for fraction of the price. Seems too good to be true. eBay listing
  28. lasttourist

    I finally found roof shades that for M3 2021!

    Anyone have the shade that Tesla sells? Based on the picture, it looks to span the entire length of the rear window. Can anyone confirm? Link
  29. lasttourist

    Has Anyone lifted their model 3?

    Just wondering out loud (so don't hate too much) - anyone lift their model 3? Just wondering what the ramifications are for the car - whether it's ride or efficiency. Never done it to any car. But mostly it's to help with passengers getting in/out of the car which is the main complaint i hear...
  30. lasttourist

    Looking for “3” emblem

    @Tsportline any ideas where this emblem can be bought?
  31. lasttourist

    Looking for “3” emblem

    This also looks bigger than the “Tesla” emblems that I have found.
  32. lasttourist

    Looking for “3” emblem

    Has anyone seen this? I’ve checked eBay, Amazon, and google. Looking for the 3 emblem. Found this picture on tsportline’s website but didn’t see it actually for sale there.
  33. lasttourist

    Multiple Bluetooth connection?

    I don’t believe I have the wall connector. Just the charger that came with the car - but does that have Bluetooth…?
  34. lasttourist

    Multiple Bluetooth connection?

    Hello. I’ve had my M3 for only a few weeks. But only noticing now that there is an unknown device connected to my phone via Bluetooth. I’m wondering if is also the Tesla (somehow)? Obviously I see the the device that says Tesla. But are there multiple connections…? I can’t disconnect and I...
  35. lasttourist

    Door handle not flush

    Same here. Both rear door handles are slightly recessed compared to front. I didn’t bother having it fixed.
  36. lasttourist

    Tesla dashboard -- Tesla api analytics

    Nice! Possible to open source your code?
  37. lasttourist

    Trade in offer conveniently expiring

    That worked out nice for you! I had no luck with the sales adviser.
  38. lasttourist

    Trade in offer conveniently expiring

    Yeah. Definitely too late.
  39. lasttourist

    Trade in offer conveniently expiring

    Was just curious how common this was. yeah. It was either that or figure out alternative financing in 2-3 days and/or lose this delivery happening Friday.
  40. lasttourist

    Trade in offer conveniently expiring

    Was just curious how common this was.
  41. lasttourist

    Trade in offer conveniently expiring

    Additionally, because of the pandemic I put only about 40 miles on the odometer.
  42. lasttourist

    Trade in offer conveniently expiring

    It was only 30 days. Lost $400.
  43. lasttourist

    Trade in offer conveniently expiring

    Wondering if this is a racket that with Tesla making an offer for your trade-in at the time of your order and days before your delivery, it works out that the offer has expired and you lose a few hundred or thousand dollars because you have to get a new offer from them. It just happened to me.
  44. lasttourist

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    My delivery date is a little earlier than yours. But I can’t complete the insurance part because there’s no vin.
  45. lasttourist

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    how many times a day are you checking the delivery date on your order?
  46. lasttourist

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Order 3/25. Delivery date just pushed back to May 24 - June 13.

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