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    Poll: Will hands free driving be a big win for Tesla?

    Don't get distracted by these types of questions. The question needs to be when Tesla will take liability for accidents when FSD/Autopilot is enabled. That's the key question that nobody is asking.
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    Downloaded 2022.44.30.5 today. I subscribed to a month of FSD a few days ago, and had hit the "Request FSD Beta" button. Most interesting bit is that my car only uploads a few megabytes when I return home from drives, but following this update it uploaded 1.2GB on a drive where I didn't use...
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    One limitation worth calling out is that 2022.40.4.1 still phantom brakes quite often on autopilot on highways when your speed is set above around 79 or 80 MPH, if you're not trailing another vehicle for the cameras to see. It must be losing confidence and tapping the brakes aggressively to...
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    Tesla FSD going to wide release now

    You have to admit how confusing that is, for V11 to be the UI but V10 to be the FSD
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    Reports that 2022.40.x reduce the frequency of autopilot nags + much more gentle intervention needed with the steering wheel when it does nag: 40.X and steering Wheel weight?
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    I have 2022.40.4.1 pending but am too afraid to update before others report no issues. On 2022.36 currently and driving through a neighborhood in the evening is MISERABLE because the car keeps flashing the brights, it looks like I'm flashing at other drivers since it'll be high beams on for...
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    Reddit is reporting that auto high beams work better relative to 2022.36
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    Tesla Insurance Glass and GAP Coverage

    I have Tesla Insurance, I was in a collision a year ago (pretty serious - airbags went off, car was not driveable). The at-fault party was able to flee the scene so I wasn't able to pursue their insurance and went through Tesla Insurance again. I am not kidding when I say that that car still...
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    2022.16.1.1 is now rolling out globally.

    The vehicles surrounding your vehicle in the "Full Self Driving Preview" are completely different after updating to 2022.16.1.1, they're now much more detailed, and they even show a little dot on vehicles with a large antenna or a LiDar camera (like a Waymo)
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    Version 2022.16.x

    I wonder if it brings any improvements to regular Autopilot as well, or if they’re only adjusting the speed cap on the existing algorithms since they believe that it’s statistically safe to do.
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    Had my car freeze for the first time ever on 2022.12.3.1. I had walked up to it and it unlocked, I stepped on the brake pedal to enter my pin and the dialog showed up, but then the touch screen was completely unresponsive. The car then showed no cellular connectivity at the top right (it had...
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    I wish the turning radius on the Model Y was tighter, it’s by far a worse turning radius than any other car I’ve driven. Takes an extra reverse/forward to get out of tiny parking lots
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    Los Angeles speed limit reductions

    Tesla’s obviously not liable if you’re speeding, regardless of what your display shows. Tesla used to use OpenStreetMap, it’s unclear if they’ve now shifted to Google Maps or not. I’ve seen conflicting reports about a shift to Google Maps in 2020.
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    Model Y Repair Experience (Tesla Insurance)

    As an update 7 months in, the airbags and restraint systems are replaced (took the Tesla Service center 2.5 months due to airbag delivery delays, they also discovered additional damage one the airbags arrived and they began replacing them, it turns out the airbag explosion melted some wiring...
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    Front wheel drive/Model Y in the snow?

    Consensus estimates are that the global supply chain shortage will last until the second half of 2022, it'll be interesting to see how quickly prices fall after that.
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    Tesla parts order… significant delay, pleasant resolution.

    Today is the 6-month anniversary of my Model Y repair, they were installing airbags and they found new damage (they said this one wasn't visible up until the airbag installation began), they'll have to order additional parts now. Did you get a loaner during your repair? My impression was that...
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    Blog Tesla Model Y Recalled for Suspension Fix

    I received this recall notice on Oct 28th, VIN is 180xxx. My car has been waiting at the service center due to the collision 6 months ago, they said they'll perform the inspection for me while my car is in the shop so I don't need to make another appointment later.
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    Model Y Repair Experience (Tesla Insurance)

    Repair Update: Wanted to share an update; it has been 5 and a half months since the collision, the car has been at a Tesla-owned Service Center for the past month waiting on airbags to arrive. They quoted me ~7-10 business days for parts when they first got the car, and they send me daily...
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    Model Y - Totaled or repair?

    Can you share the dashcam footage? I'm the OP of this thread, its been 5 months since my collision and I still don't have my car back. It's currently at the San Francisco Service Center, they're waiting on airbags to arrive. The most frustrating part of the entire experience is that Tesla...
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    Car accident, Tesla Insurance experiences/rental questions, more additional concerns/questions

    Tesla repairs absolutely do take a long time. My Model Y has been in the body shop for 4 months now (many months waiting for parts), still haven't gotten it back (it was finally sent to the Tesla Service Center, they found they needed to order more parts, no ETA on completion). There are...
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    Had an accident..

    Is Progressive honoring a diminished value claim for your car? My understanding was that in CA, you can't claim Diminished Value against your own insurance. Do you know what they'll do regarding a rental car if the repairs take longer than a month? My understanding was also that your insurance...
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    Had an accident..

    That's awful. I'm also in CA and had a similar situation (the driver that caused my accident fled the scene), I wasn't even able to get their license plate number, but I showed the dashcam footage to the police and sent it to insurance (Tesla Insurance). My own insurance is covering the repairs...
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    Had an accident..

    I'm so sorry to see that! Hopefully your repair can be quicker than mine if there's no airbag deployment, hopefully the Nissan stopped and you got insurance information as well. Mine is going on 4-months and still don't have my car back: Model Y Repair Experience (Tesla Insurance)
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    Model Y Repair Experience (Tesla Insurance)

    Sorry to hear about your experience OFFXON. For anyone who might be looking at this post in the future, my vehicle is still in repairs (shop has had it for 3 months as-of this week). There's one final part remaining (not sure which one, I don't get emails from Tesla like many others seemingly...
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    Model Y Repair Experience (Tesla Insurance)

    I'd guess 35-45mph, but it all happened so quick that I actually can't recall whether or not ABS triggered. I can't see any slowdown in the video which makes me wonder whether I actually slammed down on the brake or whether it's my mind playing tricks on me. In hindsight it does look like the...
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    Model Y Repair Experience (Tesla Insurance)

    Hi everyone, I was involved in a front-end collision in my 2021 Model Y this May. I thought I'd share my experience with Tesla Insurance and the repair process in case others find it interesting. Google Drive w/ Photos & Videos: Tesla Crash Clips & Photos - Google Drive Collision: A car darted...

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