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    Brent Cross Charging Experience

    Anyone know where is the 236 bay now?
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    Anyone Getting Vibrations and Buzzing Noise While Stopped on 2021 M3??

    That’s outraged! It is a design fault for sure! We should Twitter Elon all together and make him aware!
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    Park Royal Service Centre Quality? Alternative?

    Hi All, Good to be back to the Tesla family! I sold my MS 6 months ago and bought a 2021 M3 LR last month, and picked it up the 31 Mar at London. As expected, the entire body paint is full of careless washing swirl marks by out-sourced cleaner, panel gaps are also not prefect ... but after all...
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    2021 heated steering wheel Discussion thread

    I have picked up my 2021 LR Model 3 in the uk, with FW 2021.4.12, but do not see the heat steeling wheel option in the system. ...... does anyone in the uk actually see that icon in the system? or is it not rolled in the UK yet?
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    Relocating to UK - take Tesla with??

    Hi there, would you please pm me your contact pls?
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    Complaints Enquiry

    Go to the Tuen Wan showroom, and ask to see their delivery manager. This is how issue usually got solved.
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    Tesla OS 8 Update

    Any one checked with Tesla recently?
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    Summon @ HK

    Thank you for your information! Do we have a specific law/regulation that prohibit such function? If not, what is stopping Tesla to push this to us?
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    Summon @ HK

    Anyone have any news regarding Summon feature @ HK? Is Tesla working to get it out for us?
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    Rear/ Side mirrors auto-dimming in Model S, and my attempt to disable it

    Hi ediot, I have the same issue as you experienced, and I totally agreed with you especially on the part of "young owner" (I am 27 yrs old...) I guess Tesla's training to their staff only focus on getting them to the "introduction" level. For owner like us, who focus on detail and get to the...
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    CHAdeMO Adapter

    That would be a prefect idea, except, The Link/Gov is too slow to make it in action.....
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    CHAdeMO Adapter

    Hi All, do you guys want to do a group purchase from UK/EU?
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    For Sale: New Tesla Universal Mobile Connector

    3300 is too expensive, you do know that there is a lot of 3rd party selling 13A charging cable in the market nowadays right? ** I already got one, just my opinion...**
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    CHAdeMO Adapter

    I have the same problem as well! When I ordered my car, I was planing to use the ChaDeMo adaptor to charge my car as the main source of power. However, Tesla decided not to sell it anymore without any explanation of what has happened and what solution they are working on as well, which is...
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    Dual Charger Pricing (Look at it if you are going to install it/ already installed)

    @cyrushk, please let us know if there is any feedback if at all!
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    Dual Charger Pricing (Look at it if you are going to install it/ already installed)

    Can you ask Tesla for a B&W reply? Then you can definitely go back to HK custom
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    Brake Release issues when putting car into Drive

    Hi, I think you should take your car back to Tesla and ask for a reason....don't waste your warranty lol
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    Why HK no delivery estimate for Model X? Almost everywhere else says 2H 2016...

    I can't agree with you since Model X price will not match the two models you suggested above if the Tax for EV has been revert to the normal standard...
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    Charging cables to buy and dual charger option?

    Hi, what do you have in terms of charing facilities in Cheung Kong Centre? I believe it will help if you can find out what do they have in place first.
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    Sharing EV charger install costs - Bel Air Hong Kong Tesla Owners

    This is their strategy, I am pretty sure I am not the first to ask in my house....there are 3 Tesla here before I got mine....
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    news on re-release of autopilot in HK?

    Guys, can each of us send 1 letter to the TD to represent our hope on this? If my English is good enough, I wouldn't mind writing such template for all of us here. Anyone?
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    Google Maps - any way to get alternate route suggestions?

    give us the autopilot and Summon first! (I don't understand why they have to block Summon? It is not dangerous at all for God sack!)
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    news on re-release of autopilot in HK?

    I guess no news is BAD news this time, otherwise, there would be update/newsletter in all our mailbox already.....no hope on that at all~
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    Tesla's biggest issue in HK

    I can't agree with you more. And if Tesla has a team who dedicated to help customer (other than just providing basic advice, which can be provided by any Electrician), I am sure their sales will boost at least a few 100%.... Charging, Charging, Charging!
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    Delivery Status

    Thanks MingMan. I appreciated it! Lets update each other on this thread. Then we will know whether she is as good as her peer.
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    Delivery Status

    I guess she is better with phone call? I tried to call her as well, she never picked up my phone...and I email her yesterday, but no answer from her yet as well....lucky you!
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    Hong Kong Tesla Special Event - 25th January 2016 6:30pm HKT

    Thanks! Thats Awesome!
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    Delivery Status

    I second your suggestion for Group delivery! My DS is Carmen, who's the DS for you guys?
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    Delivery Status

    I was expecting something like Mid-Feb...
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    Delivery Status

    Ms C (My DS) has replied my email with the following information, which I think you guys might as well be interested. 1. Delivery of our car is going to be March 2016. 2. ChaDeMo adaptor is no longer being sale until further notice. I am trying to get the reason why.
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    Best way to spend Marketing budget

    Promoting Fuels/gas coupon on Tesla forum....great
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    Delivery Status

    Hi All, Cindy has not yet came back to me yet for my email last week. Would any one care to PM me her phone number please?
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    Tesla CHADEMO Adapter for sale: SOLD - No Longer Available

    Is it sold? If not, I will take it.
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    Delivery Status

    I wish I ordered the 85D, but the quote I uploaded is for 70D NCD60.
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    Tesla CHADEMO Adapter for sale: SOLD - No Longer Available

    I am interested, but not 100% sure this is compatible with my Hong Kong version Model S, do you mind to upload some photos of the connector here?
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    Delivery Status

    Sure! Let's see when Ms Carmen going to arrange my pickup then... Btw, Anyone have any experience with DirectAsia? Their online quote is only $6xxx premium with $5000 excess, which is quite reasonable. Any idea?
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    Delivery Status

    thank you for sharing! Then what's your plan for charging?
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    Delivery Status

    Got it! Cheers!
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    DIY 3M cabin air filter

    I don't think that's design for HK...or China...
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    Impact test of Oracal paint protection film

    WOW! Amazing! How much is it? What does it cover?
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    How was your "Delivery Specialist" and car collection experience?

    Hi ifung90, I didn't dare to spell the name out here...haha, but yes, I agree with you, she is terrible in almost every aspect. But I have to Thank my sales advisor, Hugo, who is super helpful and responsible. Tesla HK, if you see this, please promote Hugo, he deserve it.
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    Delivery Status

    Great! Would any of you PM me Cindy's contact please? Thank you! Also, did anyone here manage to install the Charger at home? Any tips?
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    Delivery Status

    Mingman, MS85D, unihappytime my status changed to Production completed this morning. It only takes 5 days in total. I have the pano options, but didn't have the electric life gate, I believe that is the most time-consuming part?
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    Delivery Status

    Hi MingMan and MS85D! My status changed to "In Production" at the 15th, and still remain the same. How's yours?
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    How was your "Delivery Specialist" and car collection experience?

    Yes, I have some very similar experience as you did.
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    How was your "Delivery Specialist" and car collection experience?

    I have the same experience as well. My DS's name start with a C, are you the same?
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    Elon in Hong Kong 26 January 2016

    I really hope Elon will try to meet TD/Gov about the AP issue, as what I can search online, HK seem to be the only city in the world blocking this function. If Elon is really a great entrepreneur, he should know this, and will try anything he can to get it fix.
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    Fuse replacement for P85D

    2 Months??? Are you serious? Replacing the Fuse is as easy as it can get about Fixing a car to be honest....Go talk to Elon Musk on the 26th Jan, I am sure he can speed it up for you lol
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    Google navigation map in Chinese

    Google did evil this time. The back-story is, google map will read the language you are using in your "OS" (iOS, Android, TeslaOS...etc) and automatically adapt to the language you use for Google Map as well. Unless Google map have a separate setting developed by Google, otherwise, there is...

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