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  1. Tron 3

    The playlist on the phone won't play through car speakers

    The odd thing is I can control the phone playlist on the car touchscreen, so it's connected. I just got the latest FSD Beta downloaded, would that just be a coincidence? Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks for your time!
  2. Tron 3

    How good is tesla road side assistance on cross country trips?

    Ahh, of course. All I need to do to evade the necessity is have one at the ready. I should have known that.
  3. Tron 3

    How good is tesla road side assistance on cross country trips?

    Hi, Not sure where to place this query, but I'm looking for some advice from the collective experience here. I have an early M3 with only 18,600 miles, but we are planning a trip from Colorado to Georgia. We have made the trip before, and it was the best cross-country trip I ever had. My concern...
  4. Tron 3

    Torrential rain + 45-degree temps + 30 mph headwinds + 75 mph = OMG!!!

    Going from Denver to Tenn navigating to the next charger, midway got a message to "Stay below 75 to reach your destination." 5 minutes later another, "Stay below 70 to reach your destination". Another a few minutes later "Stay below 65..." I decided to just hit a closer charge station instead...
  5. Tron 3

    Frunk: soft close?

    I wasn't happy with the force needed to shut the frunk, I could feel the sheet metal deflect under my hand. I took the spring out and stretched it slightly, just a little less pressure needed. Now there is no danger of denting the hood.
  6. Tron 3

    Instant Torque - Near Miss

    Your situational awareness saved the day there. Another thing about instant torque, people are not used to cars moving that fast. I enjoy the acceleration at my disposal and usually take advantage of it. I had an individual pull out in front of me who, judging by the distance between the light I...
  7. Tron 3

    Crossroads: Sell P3D- and Invest in TSLA?

    Cathie Wood is a RockStar investor. I think the major disconnect is that we're in the midst of technological disruption. It also happened about a hundred years ago. . Things are changing. Within my life, it was science fiction to power transportation on sunlight. Tesla has moats around it...
  8. Tron 3

    Crossroads: Sell P3D- and Invest in TSLA?

    "All that you hear is opinion", mine is I wish I had kept the '99 Dodge van 3 more years and put the $60K into the stock. I would be able to buy outright and have lots left. < Hindsight. A friend invested 120K a bit over a year ago when it was in the 300's, Yeah, do the math. I was wringing my...
  9. Tron 3

    A sad day. Got T-boned today.

    I'm wondering how the hell a deer got on that highway...?
  10. Tron 3

    Rock chip, should I be worried

    Check with your insurance carrier, mine fixed a chip for free - because that might save them from having to replace the windshield.
  11. Tron 3

    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    Most people historically wouldn't keep a car more than 10 years because at high milage they are worn/wearing out. I think comparing a Tesla to one of those mechanical monstrosities in terms of longevity isn't valid. I personally believe these cars will last much longer. Traditionally...
  12. Tron 3

    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    Spirited debate. We all have our own perspective. Mine in upgrading to HW3 is looking toward the future. Robo Taxi? My thought is to have a vehicle that can shuttle me around when I reach geezerhood. I don't want my kids to be forced to have the "We gotta get the keys from Dad" intervention. If...
  13. Tron 3

    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    I purchased it several months ago.
  14. Tron 3

    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    Got the $5,000 EAP in the 2018 DM LR M3 and enjoyed it greatly on cross-country trips, also love it in rush hour stop & go. Don't use it at all in-city. Recently upgraded to HW 3 for $3000, so a total of $8000 for F$D. :confused: I remember having the "We need to get the keys from Dad now that...
  15. Tron 3

    2 year maintenance

    I'm wondering if the service centers have some discretion in pricing. Perhaps one would be prompted to better price a service in an attempt to secure a new customer...? The $ differences I've seen remind me of the old dealership model.
  16. Tron 3

    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    I had the upgrade accomplished last week. Denver SC said it needed to be done in-house because they had found that many customer's WiFi integrity was an issue in the firmware update. They also said that doing them in batches in-house was more efficient. It was done in about 3 hours. Smooth...
  17. Tron 3

    Model 3 Multiple Issues

    Because of the minimalist design I expect most if not all functions will eventually be addressed by voice command. On a long road trip driving around 80, in route to another supercharger using NOA I get a message - "Stay below 75 to reach your destination." A few miles later Another, Stay...
  18. Tron 3

    Interior temperature at 135

    You could "vent" the car from your app, which lowers the front windows an inch or so.
  19. Tron 3

    More TSBs out there than I thought for my car

    Thank you!
  20. Tron 3

    More TSBs out there than I thought for my car

    How do you tell the month of manufacture? VIN just lists the year.
  21. Tron 3

    Your gonna get it tonight!

    I always do my best proofreading right after I hit "Send".
  22. Tron 3

    MICHELIN® Primacy™ MXM4 Holding up pretty good

    If you are doing it yourself or getting it free, great. You can save a few bucks. If you are paying to have it done, figuring the additional miles you might get out of the tires as opposed to what it costs - it's pretty much a wash.
  23. Tron 3

    Soon to be owner of new Tesla Model 3 long range

    Boomer here, @65 I have owned a lot of cars, my first one was a '61 Chevy Impala and cost $300. Having never touched a M3 I handed the check for $60k and drove it away. I was 50% excited about the car and 50% terrified at spending so much. Within 4 blocks of the service center, I maneuvered...
  24. Tron 3

    Do electromagnetic fields cause long term damage to health by driving an EV?

    Regardless of the motivation for the OP, reading the thread suggests there is some ambiguity concerning electromagnetic radiation. Without a certain degree of scientific literacy, it is quite normal for the void in understanding to be filled with suspicion or even fear. Asking a question most...
  25. Tron 3

    Learnings/Feedback from completed Car Camping Roadrip

    So, it's been eliminated from the design? I had assumed you closed it off yourself. Without a "port" to the interior, the bass response is diminished since the sub is in the trunk.
  26. Tron 3

    Learnings/Feedback from completed Car Camping Roadrip

    That deck cut-out is a bass port, the sub is in the trunk...
  27. Tron 3

    EAP to FSD upgrade price drop by $1k. Will be $3k until July 1st

    I would have to agree that putting the $ into Tesla stock would yield more value now. That said, I do have EAP from 2018, in a fully loaded M3 ( that's all they were ready to deliver just before the federal rebates expired) so we spent more than originally intended, but I do want the car to be...
  28. Tron 3

    One pedal driving

    My second favorite feature! ICE cars spending fuel to get tons in motion and then turn all of that potential energy into heat - while I'm feeding my battery with it! I can't help but feel how wrong that is now. Kinda like how they used to throw most of the rocket away after a launch...:confused:
  29. Tron 3

    Former muscle car owner - thoughts and opinions

    Man, I have a classic HP '66 Mustang coup, Shelby suspension, the whole thing completely restored. Over 20 years I have poured treasure into and bled on. I loved the exhaust note on that thing, I've had people follow me home wanting the specs on the exhaust. I took delivery on a DM LR M3, in...
  30. Tron 3

    How my stupidity is costing me the CO $5k tax credit

    Wishing you good luck!
  31. Tron 3

    Tesla Removing Features...

    That must have been what I was thinking about, thanks!
  32. Tron 3

    Tesla Removing Features...

    I'd swear I read somewhere a few months back that Tesla removes special features if the car is sold because the original owner paid for it not the new owner. I may be mistaken, and I don't agree with it if it's true. If it were, then when the seller buys another Tesla or a new one then the...
  33. Tron 3

    If I accidentally switch to neutral while driving, can I switch back to drive?

    I'm curious, If on a downgrade and switched into N, gain speed (*potential) and switch into D without any input from the accelerator - Would the car drop into regen? * using potential energy to feed my battery gives me great pleasure when I see all the brake lights around me light up converting...
  34. Tron 3

    How to use my M3 as a stereo sound system?

    The car can sense if there is someone in each seat, I believe that's how it activates the airbags and seatbelt warning.
  35. Tron 3

    How to use my M3 as a stereo sound system?

    You might try putting some weight on the driver's seat.
  36. Tron 3

    Rear Drive Unit Failed

    Yes, in manufacturing it's known as infant mortality. Sorry for the bad luck.
  37. Tron 3

    Do you use pin to drive?

    Every. Time. It's two-step verification, added security. I'll endure the very minor inconvenience for the piece of mind.
  38. Tron 3


    I wonder if the owners that get it purchased FSD. I have a late 2018 model without the new computer and didn't throw the extra $ for it, but I did go for EAP and have everything except traffic control signs/signals and trashcans. I have been anticipating a day when my car doesn't qualify for...
  39. Tron 3

    Umm...I don't think so.

    I hadn't seen this anywhere on the forum, apologies if it's redundant.
  40. Tron 3

    The Telsa smile, have I joined a cult ?

    More like the car possessed me than I joined anything. I was helpless the first time I put my foot in it.
  41. Tron 3

    Am I the only one with a (nearly) flawless overall experience??

    Great thread. Tesla recently delivered its millionth car, so take all the problems you have read about here and put that total against that number for perspective. 2 years in Sept., almost 14,000 miles. I also have had nothing but joy out of this thing. Wiping it down in the first week of...
  42. Tron 3

    Am I the only one with a (nearly) flawless overall experience??

    Great thread. Tesla recently delivered its millionth car, so take all the problems you have read about here and put that total against that number for perspective. 2 years in Sept., almost 14,000 miles. I also have had nothing but joy out of this thing. Wiping it down in the first week of...
  43. Tron 3

    light hearted request... your car name? - and why

    I was surprised it was available, but like the plate says...
  44. Tron 3

    Automatic Garage Door Safety

    I back mine in for better access to the plug. I painted an 18" long by 1/2" wide black line on the garage floor, and just when the line disappears from the backup camera image it's perfect.
  45. Tron 3

    What is more damaging to the battery?

    As I understand it 100% SOC isn't that bad as long as the battery doesn't dwell in that state. Dumping a charge into the battery would be more harmful.
  46. Tron 3

    ...worth a Thousand Words...

  47. Tron 3

    Body improvements since Monroe teardown?

    I have a late 2018 model and all the fit & finish is fine.
  48. Tron 3

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    The middle tier of charging (NEMA 10-30) from an unused 30 Amp circuit for an electric dryer works great for us. I just extended the circuit from the adjacent laundry room to the garage.
  49. Tron 3

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    There is ONE reason every car manufacturer is scrambling to offer an electric alternative - Tesla. I'm 65, formally trained in aircraft maintenance and have always done my own mechanical work. After 13,000 miles this car has inspired me to sell a classic high-performance '66 Mustang I spent 20...

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