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  1. LoneStarEve

    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

    Those who think a car is luxury or premium because it has a BMW or Mercedes badge on it have clearly not experienced a 1-series of A-Class… My view is that the model Y is a premium vehicle (not luxury) and only gets that rating due to the advanced tech as opposed to materials and fit/finish...
  2. LoneStarEve

    How much does Full Self Driving affect used values?

    I would expect people to get very little… Doesn’t stop them asking for some high amount but I doubt they’ll get it. I can’t see it’s worth more than $4-5k extra on the used market personally but that’s just my opinion…
  3. LoneStarEve

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Third model Y? The car hasn’t been out long. Why do you trade in for a new one so frequently and how can you afford to do so? Unless the reason is the increasing prices and resale values have allowed you to do so and either make money or at least not lose on each trade? If so that’s not a normal...
  4. LoneStarEve

    Model Y used prices still holding after $13k MSRP cut - when will they drop?

    FSD is pretty much worthless I’m afraid. Buy it be user you want to use it but don’t expect to get any money back on it.
  5. LoneStarEve

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    I suspect the prices will climb back up slowly. At 30% a $66k car is $20k profit, at $54k they make $8k or 17%. That will not make Wall Street happy and Tesla lives to please Wall Street with their numbers. These prices are likely short term, most likely to March, after which point they will...
  6. LoneStarEve

    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

    It doesn’t have to be a Tesla, the values of all used cars was way up. We sold a 2 year old Kia Soul for $3k more than we paid for it new, and used that cash toward getting my wife her electric mini.
  7. LoneStarEve

    Don't shoot the messenger since I have a MY, but a friend got hit by someone in a Tesla. Is there a way to demand camera and telemetry data?

    Dash cam footage is evidence so if you delete it that’s destroying evidence which is a crime in itself. Many people don’t realize this when they buy a dash cam. However we don’t know if this guy has a USB drive in it so that would need to be proven buyers reasonable doubt. A lawyer is required.
  8. LoneStarEve

    Data privacy request denied - need advice

    If you want data from the car for the period before you owned it then it’s not your data that you’re asking for.
  9. LoneStarEve

    New Model Y LR cost is 53000$ today onwards (excluding Tax rebate of 7500$).I bought my model Y in December for 65000$

    These are premium vehicles that no-one needs. We buy them because we want them and we decide at that moment if the asking price is worth it to us. At the moment a used 7 year old Camry or RAV4 is what people should buy if they care about money. New cars are a luxury that depreciate by thousands...
  10. LoneStarEve

    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

    I’m curious how many people who bought in the last year at the higher price are conveniently forgetting the over inflated trade-in/sale price they got of the vehicle their Y replaced. While I’m sure it doesn’t amount to $13k it should soften the blow…
  11. LoneStarEve

    Tesla screwed us

    With finance you should get GAP insurance as you’re always at risk of getting screwed. Other than that, As long as you’re not selling I wouldn’t worry for now.
  12. LoneStarEve

    Tesla screwed us

    You absolutely should get GAP insurance if you are financing.
  13. LoneStarEve

    Tesla screwed us

    Unless you’re planning on soon selling a car you recently bought at the peak, why does this matter? So what if the car value us dropped by $15k overnight, if you’re not selling who cares? Or were you just flipping cars and getting a new one every few months due to the weird market? If your car...
  14. LoneStarEve

    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

    While I would also be gutted if it happened to me (paying $67k for a car that is now $53k and would get further $7.5k check in a year) to those thinking they will switch to another brand in retaliation, wait until you use the public charging network, it’s an absolute unusable disaster zone that...
  15. LoneStarEve

    Does it make sense to own a Tesla or other EV's in So Cal?

    For commuting, running around locally, charging at home and never needing public charging, the question is it worth it while questioning power costs suggests a decision driven by economics. It is cheaper ti run an EV and they are much nicer to drive and are more convenient than an ICE vehicle...
  16. LoneStarEve

    EV6 to a Model Y

    I actually agree with virtually everything you stated in your original post comparing the two, the only exception is the eficiency which I would place roughly halfway between the Ioniq5 and the Y. Granted this is only my experience from renting an EV6 and running 70mph tests, vs owning one, but...
  17. LoneStarEve

    EV6 to a Model Y

    “The EV6 is a charging hero, and I don't expect the Model Y will be able to beat it.” A lot of people fall for this… In my tests the Model Y adds as much real world 70mph range in 18 minutes as the Ioniq5 does due to the fact it travels further. Yes the Ioniq5 hits 80% in the time the Tesla...
  18. LoneStarEve

    Blurry side repeater with water ingress

    I booked the mobile tech a couple of days ago but today they messaged on the app and said it was not bad enough for a warranty replacement. Arguing with them and have someone review the case resulted in them sticking to their position that they would not replace it under warranty. Ridiculous in...
  19. LoneStarEve

    Blurry side repeater with water ingress

    So since I drove the car in heavy rain over thanksgiving weekend the passenger side side repeater has been giving a slightly blurry or foggy image (see the different in the photo in terms of the concrete driveway and the garage door pattern): Tesla service center claims it’s not blurry enough...
  20. LoneStarEve

    I don't care about non-EVs anymore

    I was, and to an extent am still, a car guy. Did the whole European hot hatch tuner thing in the very early 2000’s spending an absolute fortune. Have done the muscle car thing with tuning etc. Done the off-roading thing with a heavily modded a wrangler TJ. Have had the comfy luxury executive...
  21. LoneStarEve

    What was your fueling routine pre-EV?

    Run down to a 1/4 tank then fill.
  22. LoneStarEve

    Just got quoted $3000 to re-paint hood

    $3,000 to repaint a hood is daylight robbery…
  23. LoneStarEve

    Sentry Mode. Doesn’t record much activity 2022.20.8

    I find sentry mode to be intermittent at best, even in terms of triggering but yes sometimes even no recordings available (recently) despite claiming alerts.
  24. LoneStarEve

    Supercharging now more expensive than ICE

    “undeniably less convenient than gas...” Adding “undeniably” to your opinion doesn’t make it true. It’s still just your opinion. It *can* be less convenient on a road trip although in my experience not by much, adding 30 minutes to a 9.5 hour trip based on the measurements from my trip tracker...
  25. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    Of course it’s on purpose. That’s why I’m gonna laugh long and loud when gas goes up again as it is guaranteed to do. The funny thing is even in Texas rolling coal on EV’s was no longer a thing in early summer as they couldn’t afford the fuel, LMFAO!
  26. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    Which is why we need these: https://www.carscoops.com/2021/12/tesla-refines-supercharger-lock-to-prevent-gas-car-owners-from-iceing-spots-in-china/
  27. LoneStarEve

    Vendor (Harumio Korea) An Open Letter About CCS Adapter

    I just wanted to say I was fortunate enough to get the genuine Tesla adapter through you guys a few weeks before you had to switch to the third party one. I was very happy with the service!
  28. LoneStarEve

    Supercharging now more expensive than ICE

    The last round trip I did from Dallas to Houston two weeks ago worked out to be the same cost as a gas car getting 35mpg. That’s at Texas highway gas prices which are pretty low. Not many gas cars get an honest 35mpg when cruising at 80mph… The cost included 3 supercharger sessions plus charging...
  29. LoneStarEve

    Are supercharging road trips time consuming?

    Albuquerque to Vegas is nearly 600 miles and it took me 9 hours 20 minutes in our gas SUV with 2 restroom stops and one lunch stop. In the Model Y it took 9 hours 50 minutes also with 2 restroom stops and 1 lunch stop. If the supercharger sites were v3 we might have been able to shave 10 minutes...
  30. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    I would not say anything as the root cause of this, deliberately parking an ICE vehicle in a charging spot, was by a perpetrator (dictionary: a person who commits a harmful, illegal or immoral act) who would not feel any shame or remorse nor would he adjust his behavior in future. And it matters...
  31. LoneStarEve

    Wall Charger: poor form but good substance

    The success of powerline adapters depends on the wiring of your home. I have never managed top get more than 20Mbps out of them in this house or the prior apartment and house on the east coast. They do work for some people but I have stopped recommending them as they don't work well often...
  32. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    You’re not the one bing the “Richard head” for confronting someone who is ICEing (or EVing or whatever the term is for gas pumps), the person doing the act is. That said, I wouldn’t bother doing what the OP did as despite being in the right you have to consider the intelligence and character of...
  33. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    I road trip a lot. When it comes to destination chargers at hotels you can’t rely on them at all because in my experience they are ICEd half the time. Specifically the ones located anywhere near the door as people are both lazy and selfish. Clear signage makes no difference, on a pole, on the...
  34. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    And how many times does this happen? You can’t tell me because it’s far, far, far rather than the ICEing. But yes, it does go both ways.
  35. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    Herein lies the problem of laws not catching up. There should be a law against it and it needs to be enforced quickly and consistently. A law would benefit EV drivers by not potentially leaving them stranded, and it would reduce the likelihood of this ending badly. Two months ago I was trying...
  36. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    Not relevant. In the same way that if there is another disabled bay available you can’t park in one of the other disabled bays. He would be forgiven if the parking lot was full but it was not.
  37. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    I’m well aware of both what is means and that he was seemingly doing it intentionally.
  38. LoneStarEve

    Electrify America Complementary Session Check-in

    I don’t care how good the pizza is, if the guy has a bad attitude I’ll go to the nearest chain instead and get merely acceptable pizza. The only way people like that learn is by hitting their wallet. And if they prefer to go out of business rather than learn and adjust, it’s no loss.
  39. LoneStarEve

    Disturbance at super charger

    Sadly fighting stupid with politeness, forgiveness and understanding isn’t yielding the results we want, or rather need, either.
  40. LoneStarEve

    Snippiness 2.0

    Parking in an electric car spot while not plugged in should be a towable violation. And in the absence of that it’s not unreasonable that offenders should come back to 4 flat tires.
  41. LoneStarEve

    The Ups and Downs (not just elevation) of a First Real Road Trip MYP '22 - 1,400+ mi. trip

    I’ve done Dallas to Albuquerque and back a few times, going again next week. In terms of charging etc my experience mirrors yours except I’ve never had a technical issue with the car. And yeah, get lunch while charging. Seems like you have a glitch with the charge door and (hopefully) a minor...
  42. LoneStarEve

    Key fob vs. washing machine

    I like the fob purely for the ability to open the frunk without having to either get my phone out of my pocket, unlock it, open the Tesla app, go to controls etc. or walk up to the car , open the door, and use the screen. Just putting my hand in my pocket and pressing the button is much quicker...
  43. LoneStarEve

    Slow DC charging with CCS - why?

    35kW or so is what the charging stations drop down to if the cable overheats or if they lose the signal from the temperature sensor in the cable handle. There is an epidemic of this issue going on at the moment and why owning a Tesla vs a CCS car makes life so much easier.
  44. LoneStarEve

    Is Model Y not compatible with the wall connector with Elon Signature?

    I’m generally pretty helpful when I can be but if I was in your shoes this has gone on beyond reasonable help. My response at this point: It was sold as new and works as you confirmed. The initial issue was incorrect configuration on your part (or that of your installer) and a lack of...
  45. LoneStarEve

    Why won’t my Y follow closer than 3 car lengths?

    And this is why we get multi car pileups in the US… 1. You will not be delayed by any measurable amount due to people “cutting in”. It’s your ego and nothing else. 2. If people are driving around you and then pulling in front of you in the sensible gap then I commend you for keeping a safe...
  46. LoneStarEve

    Will Auto Lane Change even be included with Basic AutoPilot

    Because that may not be the speed they were previously set to and is not what they want.
  47. LoneStarEve

    Will Auto Lane Change even be included with Basic AutoPilot

    Tesla know full well that having to re-enable autopilot whenever you change lanes is annoying. They were hoping people would find it annoying enough to cough up for FSD using man math to justify it. As FSD has climbed in price they introduced EAP just under what FSD used to cost, hoping that...
  48. LoneStarEve

    Model Y tesla with spacex badge and yoke steering

    I have a SpaceX badge on mine. I got it on Amazon. It does seem to intrigue ppl in cars passing by…
  49. LoneStarEve

    Almost $500 to mount/balance tires and align?

    Land Rover charged me $250 for a 4 wheel alignment so seems like standard “premium” dealer rates to me…
  50. LoneStarEve

    Preventing and curing wiper chattering

    I found this thread today after experiencing the worst chattering I’ve ever heard during a massive downpour today. Using the washer fluid seemed to help for a few wipes but it always came back. As others have said, I was worried I was damaging the wipers. So have a Stek stone chip protection...

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