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    Supercharger - Draper, UT

    . Would that be Holiday Oil or Thanksgiving Point?
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    CHAdeMO Charging the Model 3

    I’ve used mine maybe 20 times at a half dozen chargers, all in Utah. And, all free, provided by a power company. I’ve never been able to get more than 29KW at a 50KW charger. Most recently at a charger at the Summit County Library in Park City. IMO it has been worth the $450 for the flexibility...
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    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    Including Bend Here’s a vote for a SC in Susanville CA. Useful for folks like me coming from Reno to pick up I5 south of Mt Shasta.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Anybody got any new theories to explain this battery capacity graph of my 2018 M3LRAWD? One theory is that Tesla reprogrammed the BMS at about 13K miles to clip/cap the max voltage to which the cells were charged, causing that drop from 310 to abt 293-294. It appears to have recovered some of...
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    Supercharger - Ontario, OR

    I’ll be happy when this one’s online, at least if It’s accessibility is decent. I don’t particularly like the access to the Twin Falls & even the Boise SCs & Baker OR to the new Heyburn ID is out of range (285 mi + elevation gain) for my AWD LR M3. Heyburn to Ontario & the return would work...
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    Suddenly lost 10 miles of range.

    Aug 2018 build M3LR, now at 19,100 miles. Mine started out strong & stayed at 310-311 miles range all the way out to about 12,000 miles. From 12,000 to abt 16,000 miles it steadily lost range to about 293-294. From 16K - 19K it has crept back up to 301-302. No explanation. Consistent (slow)...
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    SMT: Nominal Full Pack tracking

    I don’t have the HW to access CAN bus data in my M3. Not even sure I’ll get it, so I may be somewhat off-topic in this thread. I hope you will forbear. This thread seems to be a group with better understanding of the issue than my own. I’d like your opinions if this 100% SOC chart from my 2018...
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    Model 3 100 kWh battery and Ludicrous Mode [speculation about future developments]

    Knightshade, you apparently don’t actually drive in this part of the country. ABQ to Page (& beyond Page) is a route I do frequently. I usually use my ICE (diesel) truck instead of my M3. The key leg is Gallup to Page. 252 miles SC to SC using the shortest & best route thru the Navajo Nation...
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    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    People may forget what you said or forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Be nice to anyone who asks you about your car. This principle extends far beyond EVs.
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    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    For the # of batteries question, I give the accurate answer, 4416. That usually results in more questions.
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    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Maybe, just maybe, the Board will decide not to produce it (improbable, I admit) & redirect the resources to the Y or the semi, or something else.
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    My thoughts exactly. I hope it doesn't kill the company. It's going to be interesting seeing how many pre-orders come in.
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Edsel comes to mind. Where was Franz von Holzhausen when this truck was being designed? I can't see this displacing F150s and Silverados Rams, Tacomas, etc. as work trucks on construction sites.
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Working folks won’t touch this thing. Hope it doesn’t sink Tesla entirely. Ford, Rivian, and every other truck mfg in the world have got to be laughing their a$$ off. What a total screw-up.
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    2019.36.1 Reports Coming In....

    It's my understanding that the power / range improvements are due in part to two different mechanisms. Please correct me if this isn't correct. (1) improved regeneration scavenging at low (to-stop) speeds in the permanent magnet motors. (2) changes to / efficiency improvements in the AC...
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    Michelin Primacy MXM 4 235/45 R18 OEM tire life

    I have 14,300 on mine & they look great and are wearing evenly, maybe a little more wear on the centers. I run 44 psi on them. Based on wear to-date, I'm expecting 30K-35K from them, maybe more. I drive conservatively, and I have rotated them front-rear twice already.
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    Quick question - CCS Adaptor for US Model 3

    I bought the CHAdeMo adapter & have already used it multiple times at several northern Utah locations, including a couple sites with free charging. My one & only (CHAdeMO) experience at my local Wallyworld EA was a total bummer by any measure. Per minute charging basically sucks.
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    1st EA charging experience

    Well, we've got a new Electrify America station at the local Wallymart (Washington City, UT) & I wanted to give it a try. Not a pleasant or rewarding experience. The first time I went there a week ago, the one & only CHAdeMO plug was ICE'd by a big Ford SUV. No EV signage of any kind. This...
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    Klamath Falls, OR to Reno, NV

    Ditto the recommendation on the Tesla destination chargers at the Red Lion in Susanville. Please ask permission before and offer a thank you after charging so that the owners will continue to let us use them for free. Several fast food places nearby. And great scenery enroute! Coming from the...
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    Charging Model 3 off a propane bbq tank...

    I have a Honda 2000i with a Hutch Mtn propane conversion. I’ve test charged my 3 at 12 amps for about an hour. It charges at 4mph just like a normal wall outlet. You do have to make or buy a plug to bond the ground on the generator or the UMC will refuse to charge at all. It would have to be a...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Ditto this. I took delivery Sept 29, 2018. M3 VIN 113xxx. I was happily motoring along at a constant SOC = 310-311 miles, with -no- apparent loss or degredation until almost exactly 1 year old & 13K miles. I didn't note what software update(s) happened at that time, but I lost 5-6 miles...
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    Don’t trust trip Nav in colder weather!

    Although I'm mostly in a warmer climate, I do make trips to the Pacific NW & BC. Seat heaters and blankets are your friends. Cold temps, cabin heat, headwinds, and speed are your enemies. Think twice before passing up any charging opportunities, as even an hour of L2 charging can sometimes be...
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    About 1%-1.5% after 13K miles. What's curious is that it occurred pretty much all at once, in a period of 5 days & 500 miles on the odometer. It had been holding steady at 310-311 @100% up until then. Now at 306-308.
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    Software 2019.32.2.2 thread

    Mine did not come back. After 2 days, I called Tesla support, and after they tried a couple things on their end, I had to delete and reinstall the mobile app to restore connectivity. Another downside of this was that my data (Stats battery degredation data included) was lost.
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    Model 3 Performance Battery Degradation One Month (Story)

    Wow. My 11-month old,13,000 mile odometer LR AWD M3 has been happily motoring along with 100% SOC consistently 309-311 miles. Then, all within a recent period of about 5 days and 600 miles, 100% SOC dropped from 310 to 303-305 miles! I think that Tesla may have changed the BMS software to...
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    Charging in Spokane & Spokane Valley WA

    Here I am awake at 3AM. Might as well do something helpful. I know most of your route. Getting to Spokane should be NP charging-wise. Weather-wise the entire route can be treacherous in winter. I-15 from LAS with SCs in St George, Beaver, Nephi, Tremonton. I-84 from Tremonton with SCs inTwin...
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    IOS App & Stats app have lost connectivity

    No, seriously, but thanks for the jab. If I were a little mote astute I might have more quickly recognized that my issue was also a ‘server maintenance’ issue, but I didn’t.
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    IOS App & Stats app have lost connectivity

    OK. The app (& phone key) is now connected but the Stats app still says I have no cars. ??? Strange.
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    IOS App & Stats app have lost connectivity

    My Tesla mobile app (IOS) is stuck on a wait cursor when attempting to update. Last update was abt 12 hrs ago. Also, my Stats app (IOS) now says I have no cars in my acct!! All was working normally earlier today. Both the phone & the car have several bars LTE. The car’s bluetooth is connected...
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    M3 Range Loss Date and Mileage Trend

    Knock on wood. After 11 months, my LR AWD battery is doing just fine & hope it stays that way. VIN 11xxxx. My charging to this point in time has been a mix of about 50% L1, 25% L2, and 25% Supercharging. I normally charge to 70%-80% at home on a 120V, 16/20A NEMA 5-20. It's been charged to...
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    Home Charging Question on Using Electric Dryer Outlet 10-30A

    Parkworld 886580. 10-30 2 for 1 Y splitter cord. Available on Amazon for $70. It serves the same function as a dryer buddy, but you have to manage it yourself so as to only use either the dryer or the UMC at any one time. Use them both at the same time and you'll throw the breaker (should be...
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    Charging LR AWD M3 at 120v

    Yes, you're good for 12a, depending on what else is on the circuit. -If- you are truly on a 20a circuit (check the breaker) and if the electrician only installed a double 15a double face panel (which is allowed by code, btw) , you can buy a small $7 5-15 to 5-20 adapter plug from Amazon or...
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    Windshield Smear

    I’ve found that this works well both outside & also to remove the film that seems to accumulate on the inside. It’s a pain to reach the lower inside no matter what you use. I used to use washer fluid that contains Rain-X but stopped & it took several emptying of the reservoir plus several Dawn...
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    Windshield Smear

    I’ve found that plain water with just a little bit of Dawn dishwashing liquid works very well. Use it on a cool windshield & wipe it dry before it has a chance to evaporate. I’ve also found that wiping down the wiper blades with a cloth dampened with liquid glycerin does wonders to prevent &...
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    The perfect Model 3 emergency jack?

    mswlogo - Where did you get the 1/2" drive adapter for the Porsche jack to use a ratchet wrench? TIA.
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    Lost range? Poll

    I'm knocking on wood. My LR AWD battery appears to be still improving after 11 months and 12,800 miles. No apparent degradation at all. VIN 113xxx, delivered 9/30/18. My charging pattern & history is approximately as follows: Level 1 - 50% 120V NEMA 5-20 at about 6-7 mph. I typically...
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    Battery Degradation - How concerned should I be?!

    References “miles to Albuquerque” caught my attention. % or miles. ?? Hmmm. What I know for certain is that on my route St George UT to Albuquerque I don’t dare drive from the Page AZ SC to the Gallup NM SC using the most direct route, which is 255 miles through Kayenta AZ. Doesn't matter if...
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    Rocket Fuel at Cordes Lakes AZ SC stop

    My LR AWD set two PRs a couple weeks ago. 600 mph at the Nephi UT SC, topped shortly thereafter at the Twin Falls ID SC at 606 mph. I won't make a special trip for this, but I am anxious to see what the V3s at the new Las Vegas SC will do. Both were set by entering the SC as the navigation...
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    CHAdeMO Charging the Model 3

    Not really, nope. Try going from Ontario OR or any other location on Oregon's east side to any location on the Oregon coast in a LR M3 on a single 100% charge. It can’t be done because of the distance & elevation crossing the Cascades. Even getting from Ontario to the Bend Supercharger is...
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    Hand Wash is still a thing?

    Hand wash w/ a carefully cleaned mop, lots of warm water & Meguiar’s Gold wash in a very clean bucket, followed w/ a cool water rinse & dry with a real chamois. In between full washes I use Aero Cosmetics WashWaxAll & buff with a clean MF towel. It’s a lot of work but worth it IMO. I don’t...
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    What is this part? I found it loose in the area under the console

    It goes on the end of the rails on which the seats move back and forward. I had one come off, too. It slides right back on.
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    CHAdeMO Charging the Model 3

    You're probably talking about the Maverik station at exit 15. There is a new Black Bear diner at the same exit. We love Black Bear. There's also an Electrify America (EA) CHAdeMO at the Flying J in Scipio. Supposedly EA chargers will now also accept a ChargePoint account for payment. I have...
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    Anyone tested S/X CHAdeMO Adapter on Model 3

    My CHAdeMO adapter is scheduled for delivery Friday. I was updated to 24.4 today, & I am anxious to try it out. The closest CHADeMO to me is about 8 miles away (a Maverik Station in Washington UT). PlugShare lists it as a ChargePoint 50KW. We'll see. This adapter opens up a half-dozen or so...
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    Phantom Breaking Getting Worse?

    I just completed a 3300 mile road trip & had about a half dozen or so such events. Highly irritating to me & scares passengers. Also irritating is when passing a slower vehicle, the TACC sometimes thinks I’m still in the same lane as the vehicle I’m passing & slows unnecessarily to maintain...
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    Can Model 3 charge at 10KW with J1722?

    I didn't note the brand / model of the EVSE, but the Co-Op and Garden store on E. Washington St. in Sequim, WA has a J1772 that charged my M3 LR at its full rated capacity of 48 amps at 244 V. This on July 10 2019. 48 x 244 = 11.7 KW. That's about as good as it gets for L2 charging a Model...
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    Sentry / Security incompatible?

    duuhh on me. I thought the graying out meant Security alarm was off. Thanks!
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    Sentry / Security incompatible?

    I did a reasonable search for this topic & didn't find anything. Why can't I enable both Sentry Mode and the Security Alarm at the same time? Anybody understand the reason? I'm at software version 2019.16.2.
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    List of Unique Supercharging Stations?

    I'm still a newbie on interesting superchargers, but I can second Twin Falls, ID, for the reasons stated above. Also, the scenery either side of the Mt. Shasta supercharger (northbound or southbound I5) is spectacular. Either of those may be too far out of your way if you're going to SoCal...
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    Wall connector charging a bit every hour

    It started doing this some (??) number of software revs ago. I don't find it annoying at all & I like when I'm keeping the climate on, because it's using house power to do it. A plugged-in Tesla is a happy Tesla.

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