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    2023.2.0.5 release notes

    I was also excited for the 2023 update but 2022.44.30.10 just got pushed to my car.... Lame
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    Why Tesla recommends 60 AMP breakers for 48 AMP HPWC (3phase 11 kW)

    If they installed a 40 amp breaker it's probably because that's all the wiring can support. Swapping the breaker isn't going to fix it... Based on your posts, you really need to consult with an electrician...
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    WTT: M3 19" Sport for 18" Aero wheels/tires - Chicago

    I'd be fine with the Mxm4 if they are relatively new. You can PM me with an offer.
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    WTT: M3 19" Sport for 18" Aero wheels/tires - Chicago

    Depends on what you have and the condition. PM me with more information.
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    WTT: M3 19" Sport for 18" Aero wheels/tires - Chicago

    Want to trade the following: 19" Sport wheels, OEM Continental tires (7-8/32), BT TMPS sensors from a 2021 Model 3 with about 8-10k miles. Great condition, no curb rash. Looking for 18" Aero wheels, tires, TPMS, covers, from a '21 or newer Model 3 + cash. Located in NW Chicago suburbs.
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    Autopilot - lane centering

    It's also possible that the car does see and process the information but they chose not to display it to save memory or whatever. The map also doesn't show vehicles very far behind you but presumably the car does see them for safe lane changes? Idk
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    Cold weather driving sucks up the battery

    By “optimal battery temp” I meant the range. I didn’t emhasize this because the post to which I replied showed the car being driven at -6F. This is obviously well below the “fairly extreme threshold” to which you refer, and the car will have to actively heat the battery. I fear you didn’t...
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    Cold weather driving sucks up the battery

    Perhaps the graph is a bit misleading. The graph tells us an extra 22.5% is used due to cold weather, but the breakdown is a bit misleading because it says only 7.8% was used by Climate, suggesting more losses by the air drag and tire drag. In reality, I think more was used for “heat” than...
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    Help me rate this deal - mY'22 LR with FSD (< 80 miles) + 7 seater

    Depends on your financial situation. Can you afford a higher payment? Do you plan on riding out the entire loan term or paying it off sooner? If you're getting a simple interest loan, you can pay higher payments and save money on interest. There is no penalty for paying off the car sooner. You...
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    Help me rate this deal - mY'22 LR with FSD (< 80 miles) + 7 seater

    The new 5-seater is $66k. You're getting essentially a new car, 7-seater, with FSD for the same price. This is a good deal.
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    Fixed my squeaky seat (issue I haven't seen on the forums)

    My grommet fell out again after about a week causing the problem to return, so I added a touch of superglue to help keep it in place.
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    MY thinks charger is plugged in, can't drive

    This can damage the drive unit and may void the warranty. Call the tow company and explain the problem and see if they have a solution for you without dragging the car. They will probably be able to help you. Better yet, let Tesla's tow company handle it since they are acting on behalf of Tesla.
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    Federal Agency investigating Tesla for two more crashes possibly FSD related

    I guess if the driver "confirmed" it, the authorities and investigators can go home...
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    Just got 44.25.5 update over night. I like that I can see consumtion/tire psi on the main screen, but not at the expense of audio controls. I wish they could be displayed at the same time. The giant screen could be more customizable. I like the new fan controls. I like that auto climate is...
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    22’ LR range - 1000km return trip…real world range.

    Heated seats on in 18c?
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    Model 3 as a regular Taxi car?

    I've seen a few Model 3 Taxis and a ton of Uber/Lyft around Chicago. They mostly appeared to be SR+ not LR. I'm guessing that decision was based on the extra $11k. This is surprising since we get snow/cold weather and the supercharging infrastructure could be better. I'm not sure the economics...
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    M3 Hit and Run, how bad is it?

    Temp tags are temporary license plate (registration number).
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    Pricing regrets?

    Just enjoy the car mate. You made a decision to dish out the $$$ and buy it. Who cares what their rest of the unpredictable, crazy market is doing.
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    Tesla Model 3 steering wheel only turns one full turn (360 degrees)?

    There is generally a trade-off between steering ratio and how much the wheels turn at lock. I agree backing into the garage is a bit more difficult, but it's a minor trade-off that you make once? per drive compared to the benefit of awesome steering you feel throughout the drive. This is further...
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    Air drag & Tire drag?

    You are confusing the sluggish accelerator feel and efficiency. There is not much you can do about tire/air drag and cold weather. This probably didn't change from last week. I'm not sure why your accelerator pedal feels more sluggish than last week, but by design Chill mode is supposed to...
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    M3 Hit and Run, how bad is it?

    I'm sorry about your ride and that you have to deal with this. If the driver was drunk, by this time that's not something they would be able to prosecute. If they identify the owner of the vehicle, they'd still have to prove he was the driver. This is probably not a felony since there are no...
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    How warm does your heated steering wheel get?

    I've used this feature recently since the temp dropped into 30s. It seems like it gets too hot for comfort and rather quickly. I didn't know it "dials back" so I usually turn it off. I'll experiment more as it's gets colder.
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    Got pulled over yesterday, interesting?

    Seems like this is him telling you why he stopped you. What's the legal tint % in California? I bet just about everyone has illegal tint there.
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    PSA You will NOT get into the FSD beta if you already have 2022.24 or higher.

    I was just reading posts here from everybody that recently got the FSDb update and feeling jealous, when all of a sudden I received a notification from my Tesla app that I have an update ready. It was the 2022.36.20 /FSD Beta upgrade. It is amazing. I was upgraded from 36.6.
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    Loud wind noise coming from roof on freeway?

    I put black weather stripping around all the doors on my 21 M3LR. It's very concealed and I think it helped reduce some wind noise. Sometimes when I'm driving 70 mph on smooth roads (19" oem wheels/tires) the interior is extremely quiet. Other times I'm driving on different paved surfaces and I...
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    Fixed my squeaky seat (issue I haven't seen on the forums)

    Thank you for the post. I had the exact same problem on my 21 M3LR and your post was instrumental in getting it fixed.
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    Why do I need a wall charger at all?

    I personally prefer a NEMA 14-50 plug over a hard wired wall connector. It's less "permanent" and easy to install a non-Tesla charger. I have a J1772 for a non-Tesla car and use an adapter for the Tesla. My setup can go up to 40 Amps but I have my charger limited to 32 Amps max and I find that...
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    Disney+ not play videos

    2022.36.6 same issue here
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    Tint & PPF issues

    For $3,000 it better be perfection.
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    2022 M3 RWD reservation for sale - CHICAGO

    M3 RWD, MSM, black, aero, Autopilot. Current EDD NOV 1 to Dec. No VIN assigned yet. PM for info with offer.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    2023 M3 LR now available for order in Tesla's existing inventory.
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    Buy 2021 Model 3 or wait for my 2022?

    If you're open to buying a used Tesla you should check Tesla website. A 2021 model 3 RWD with 11k miles can be had for about 51k. That's with full FSD and additional 1 year /10k warranty. These cars are usually not LFP.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Nice. How many miles?
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Did you have to pay the $1,200 destination fee?
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    Model 3 Performance (High Mileage Users)

    Saving $7,000-$8,000/year seems like a bit of an exaggeration, unless your current car gets like 10 mpg and has a terrible maintenance schedule. While Model 3 can offer some long term savings in gas, you'll spend more on insurance, tires and other possible repairs. A M3P with $70k OTD cost is...
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    Used Model 3 long range is it worth the price?

    That's is well below the market value and is a great deal. The only odd thing is that he could get way more from Carmax or Caravana.
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    Tesla Semi 500-range variant starts shipping this year: Elon Musk

    Everything uses little power going down hill. Gravity is doing the work. Going up hill has little to do with drag and more to do with the fact that you're fighting gravity. Of course, some of the energy utilized going up hill can theoretically be recouped going down hill. That is additional...
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    How soon is too soon to buy accessories?

    I have the exact same EDD. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm hoping they move the EDD bye at few more weeks. Happy waiting!

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