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  1. calikid

    Tesla's FSD Camera Upgrades | TMC Podcast Clip

    So forgive me for the ignorance. So if I currently have a 2022 refreshed Model S Plaid with FSD am I eligible for the upgrades free of charge, or does there have to be a defect somewhere or reason for a replacement? Or does this just apply to early generation hardware?
  2. calikid

    Help - I don’t accept this car - Tesla won’t take it back

    I would call up the Manager of your local dealership. I would also contact Tesla support and explain to them. [email protected] is who you can email to start
  3. calikid

    Plaid Radar Detector install with switched power

    Any way to make your mount for an Escort Redline 360c
  4. calikid

    FSD Beta Attempts to Kill Me; Causes Accident

    What I am hearing is a lot of people need to be reminded that they are using a BETA and that THEY chose to let a computer drive, knowing it was far from perfect and in BETA. Then I hear they want to sue Tesla for doing exactly what it told you it was doing and to be ready to take over at any...
  5. calikid

    After what time has passed would you consider an FSD class action lawsuit?

    When buying such an expensive vehicle, an additional $10,000 or $12,000 spread out over several years is equal to just dollars per month on the payment. I obviously keep faith that they’re going to get this wrapped up and that I just had some bad luck on my last one. I know that if they flip the...
  6. calikid

    FSD beta waiting game

    What about the people who paid for FSD years ago and their leases ended? What did they get?
  7. calikid

    After what time has passed would you consider an FSD class action lawsuit?

    I would expect to see ANY kind of return on the $10,000 I spent on FSD for my '21 Plaid and now the $12,000 I am paying on in my '22 Plaid. Not asking for full atonomy, but I am definitely expecting to be in the beta when I have spent that kind of money and been waiting, and waiting and waiting...
  8. calikid

    How to erase your current trip for Safety Score

    I tried this on my 2022 plaid, and it did not work. My early collision warning went off and then I reset my vehicle and then parked, and it still counted.
  9. calikid

    iOS 15.6 and 2022.20.7

    I’m on iOS 16 beta 4, having same issues. Has happened a few times where walk up won’t work. Turn off Bluetooth on iPhone and right back on. It works for me. This is on Model S Plaid 2022 with firmware 2022.20.8
  10. calikid

    FSD beta expansion to new beta testers June 2022

    I’m calling bullshi*. I’ve tried this numerous times on several vehicles.
  11. calikid

    Creaky sound plaid

    I ended up getting rid of my 20 04 21 Plaid and I got a brand new 2022 Plaid that was just built three weeks ago. So far the build quality is much better and I only have squeaking coming from the driver seat far and few between. The new screen tilting is definitely nice, and I have yet to hear...
  12. calikid

    2021 Refresh Factory Firmware Hold

    I hate to do this to you, but I don’t believe it’s mileage-based. I bought a 21 plaid brand new and my firmware updated within a couple days. I just got a 22 plaid. I picked up three days ago and it’s stuck trying to download the new firmware. It’s got the orange download. I click on it. It...
  13. calikid

    What minimum amount of miles do you figure we'll have to drive to get FSD?

    You only need to drive 100 miles. I drove my Plaid about 15 miles a day for a week, and after 100 miles it allowed me to install it
  14. calikid

    Model S Plaid Lease Question (technical)

    I agree with you. When I bought my Plaid, I was one of the first ones to order, and I got mine with every option and fully loaded for 137K. The same car today is 157k I believe with price increases to the car and FSD. But I think you are right in the sense that I can get out of this one with a...
  15. calikid

    Model S Plaid problems?

    I wish I had you luck. I have a 2021 Plaid and it came all screwed up. No clear on front half of the car, dashboard incorrectly mounted, windshield was not seated and front fender was not on correctly. Also, one of the headlights was all foggy and looked like a chemical ate it or burned it. They...
  16. calikid

    Model S Plaid Lease Question (technical)

    I have a 2021 Plaid with 12k miles. Has FSD and enrolled in beta and all options. I paid 137k and the same vehicle now is in the 150k’s. My Plaid is a lease. I’ve paid on it a year and I owe 112k. I was offered from a Ford dealership today 128k to buy it. I had the rear qtr panel replaced...
  17. calikid

    Sirius/XM app comes and goes

    Same in my 2021 Plaid. Happened just yesterday. Came here to post and ask about it and saw your post.
  18. calikid

    Refreshed MS LR/Plaid Firmware status

    I just got 2021.32.20 in my Plaid.
  19. calikid

    Question on iOS App

    LOL. Thank you for that post. I appreciate the insight and it is noted! Love the 🚽 reference, it brought it all together for me! Thank you again. Made me smile.
  20. calikid

    2021 Refreshed Model S Owners (Plaid & LR): What's your average wh/mi so far

    The windshield wasn’t seated correctly when it came from factory. The entire dashboard was also shifted to the left quite a bit. They were shocked the doors closed correctly. You could look down from the outside, into the lower corner of my windshield on the passenger side and see wires and even...
  21. calikid

    2021 Refreshed Model S Owners (Plaid & LR): What's your average wh/mi so far

    Me too! Same colors as yours, Plaid. Been in service and body shop almost a month. Fixing paint, windshield put in wrong, dashboard but in wrong

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