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    Replacing Panoramic Roof Rubber Seal

    As it turns out, my 2014 MS has a couple of tears in the rear pano glass that just appeared. SC just advised me after making appointment that the entire glass sheet will have to be replaced as well at a cost of $642.00 since I'm out of warranty now. Sigh...
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    2014 Model S Nosecone

    So I had the entire front end of my 2014 Model S wrapped with PPF including the nosecone. A few weeks ago, an odd crease appeared on the nosecone, but there is no paint damage whatsoever. It would appear someone backed in to me, which is interesting considering I park far away from other cars...
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    2014 Model S 60 Battery Question

    That's odd. My Service Advisor told me that this particular model can be software-unlocked. I emailed Tesla Support a couple of weeks ago to get clarification and they haven't responded. Even if not though, I love the car and I have a deposit on the Cybertruck, so I'll be happy no matter...
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    2014 Model S 60 Battery Question

    I have a pre-owned 2014 MS 60 that I bought at the end of October this year and have heard that the 60 battery can be software-unlocked to a 75. I asked my SC about it when I took the car to get a new 12v battery two weeks ago and they explained that Tesla controls whether or not this is...
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    Best Service Visit EVER!

    Had my first SC appointment today with the 2014 MS60 I bought last month. I was getting the 12v battery warning. They replaced 12v battery and completed a couple of recall issues (airbag, etc). I asked the service advisor if my 60 qualified for an upgrade to a 75. He said it did but it has...
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    Wheel Configurator Advice...

    Good morning! I have staggered 20" Slipstreams that I plan to have mounted in the next week or two and have a question: Once installed, I know I would go to the Wheel Configuration window on the MCU but it looks like the only choices for my 2014 MS60 are the 19" and 21" wheels. Which should I...
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    Took delivery of my PO 2014 Model S yesterday - wow, just wow.

    So for seven years now, I've been wanting to acquire a Model S and along the way, have been tripped up by either my wife talking me out of it or other factors like needing a truck, etc. This time last year, I was making about three times as much as I am now, but that gave me an opportunity to...
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    Anyone run Model X wheels on Model S?

    Agreed. I'd like to use the 20" factory wheels as well. Any suggestions on tires? An eBay seller recommended 245/40-20 front and 275/35-20 rear.
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    20 Inch wheel options for Tesla 100D

    Has anyone tried using stock Tesla Slipstreams from a Model X? If so, which tires did you use?
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    20 Inch wheel options for Tesla 100D

    These look great. It looks like they no longer offer the silver color though. Boooooo!!!
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    Vendor The Tire Rack and Axis wheels bring you the new Model MS in 21" !

    I know this is an old thread but it looks like Tire Rack no longer carries the Axis 21” MS. They have three left on close out so I guess these wheels are no longer an option. They also don’t carry a 21” version on the Rial. Argh...
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    2014 S60 Charging Decisions

    This is great information, Rocky_H - thank you! I'm actually contemplating using a ChargePoint 14-50 charger that is user-configurable (meaning I can set the amperage during initial setup via software), rather than the Tesla wall charger since it won't have a 14-50 pigtail on it. Let's say...
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    Tesla CPO: Smoke free? Or,...

    I just purchased a used Tesla from Tesla this past weekend and am waiting for them to tell me to pick it up. When I spoke with the sales representative, he told me that Tesla will not re-sell a car that has been smoked in. Slight cosmetic damage that can be repaired - yes. Smoked in, no? He...
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    2014 S60 Charging Decisions

    Yes, I bought it from their website this past weekend but I haven't heard from the DA just yet to ask which charger if any. I see what you mean. You wouldn't think they'd send me off without it. I just hope the service center has it and I don't have to order. I driving it from Orlando...
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    2014 S60 Charging Decisions

    This is great information - thank you! My electrician is wiring for 60A in order to provide more flexibility with my charging options, i.e. UMC, wall-mounted charger, etc. I'm not entirely sure why the cost was going to be significantly more for installing a circuit for the Tesla-branded wall...
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    2014 S60 Charging Decisions

    Hello! I'm an almost owner of a pre-owned 2014 MS 60 that I've purchase and will be picking up in Orlando soon. It has 41k on it and as I have not spoken with a Delivery Advisor yet, I have no idea whether or not the UMC is in the car and will be included. So I have questions that maybe some...

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