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    New salary sacrifice prices

    Hi Just as an fyi model y is £410 a month and model 3 is £472 a month 3 year term 5,000 a year all inclusive base model. Don’t understand why the y is so much cheaper been like this for months but at a higher proportionate price
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    Forgotten phone

    Hi My wife has forgotten her phone but the car is at her workplace. Is it possible I can start the car remotely via the app so she can drive the car back? Will the car automatically shut off if she comes to a standstill?
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    Sentry Mode while on holiday

    Hi, I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks and I am going to leave the car in the driveway with 100% battery. Any tips on how best to use sentry mode as an additional form of security for the house. Eg reverse park the car, park the car dead centre on the drive? Would 100% be ok for 2 weeks, I...
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    Model 3 v Model Y salary sacrifice

    Hi, On our salary sacrifice website it’s showing as £475 for a model y and £525 for a model 3. I would have thought the model y would be more expensive but it’s cheaper. The y doesn’t look as sporty but would you choose? Pay £50 extra a month for a model 3?
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    Defogging speed

    Does anyone know if you can put the defogger on a lower setting? When I press the defogger icon the speed goes it 6 out of 10. If I lower the speed the defogger turns itself off. Thanks
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    Front windscreen defogging

    Thanks but this is not what I’m use to. Is there anyway to have a gentle can in but have it coming from the windscreen?
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    Front windscreen defogging

    Hi I use to be able to have the windscreen defogging set to power number one so it gently keeps the windscreen clear. For some reason I can’t do this anymore. If I use the defogger the power goes to 6 and if I go lower it automatically deactivated defogging the from window. Any way to...
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    Octopus intelligent test car

    Please see the above screenshot. Because I’m using a granny charger 2.3kw it take a long time to charge. I’ve also got as AC unit running at home with Octopus withdraw the tariff for me? I’m not taking the mickey nor do I want to take advantage but I can see it from their point of view, it...
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    Octopus intelligent test car

    I’m using a 3 pin plug. Is there any way of confirming that I’m paying 7.5p. Sounds too good to be true
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    Octopus intelligent test car

    I think I’ve don’t this right. Please could you take a looks at the screenshot, does it mean I’m getting 7.5p a kw until 9am? That can’t be right can it?
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    Octopus intelligent test car

    Does anyone know how to rest the car when moving to iO? I’ve been told by a octopus that I mined to test but they didn’t explain how to do it
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    Octopus add car in Devices

    Hi I got an email from octopus saying I need to now add my car to devices on the octopus app. Does anyone know where it is as it’s not on my app and I can’t get hold of anyone at Octopus Thanks
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    FM Radio can change station with scroll wheel

    Mmmm The went in for a service and they said it is a bug and have logged it. Hopefully it will be rectified in a future release but they can’t guarantee it
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    FM Radio can change station with scroll wheel

    Hi, Since the new software update I’ve notice I can only change radio stations using the touchscreen screen. Previously I could use the scroll wheel on the steering wheel to change to the next radio station. The message I get now is I need premium connectivity to change preset stations. Has...
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    Octopus app

    Hi I’ve joined octopus standard tariff and my smart meter is going to be installed end of the month. The on boarding for intelligent has begun and as it was started on the 29th June I’ll get the 35p peak tariff and 7.5 for 6 hours. The question is once I’m on intelligent what app am I...
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    Octopus intelligent tariff

    Hi I’m in the process of getting a meter meter installed 4 weeks away. What are the chances of Octopus putting up their intelligent and go tariff for new customers? The price cap comes into effect on the 1st October which is exactly 3 months away when would Octopus pull their current tariff?
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    Smart meter how long without electricity

    Hi Octopus have said they can book me in for a meter installation. However I have builders at home and wanted to know hoe long I will be without electricity while they replace the meter. My meter in under the stairs? Any ideas?
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    Octopus Intelligent

    Hi Today I’ve moved to Octopus and am waiting for the smart meter. If I charge my car using the 3 pin plug only can I still use intelligent? Octopus don’t seem to know 100%.
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    Smart Meter Installation

    Hi I’ve been told by British Gas there is a shortage of meters so they can’t install them. Octopus have said they can’t confirm until I switch over to them and then they can check. Has anyone recently had a smart meter installed in London?
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    British Gas Smart Meter

    Hi Really disappointed, British Gas were suppose to install a smart meter on Friday but just received an email saying there are no engineers available and they can’t rebook it. Is it easier to get octopus to install it? I was trying to avoid going on Octpos interim tariff as I waited as it’s...
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    Spotify without Premium Connectivity

    Hi Can you post a step by step guide on how to setup Spotify via an iPhone and tether it to the car?
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    Spotify without Premium Connectivity

    Hi We have a personal Spotify account. How can we use Spotify in the car without paying the premium connectivity? Is it easy to do?
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    New phone

    Just tried it but the walk away doesn’t work. How do I link my profile to my phone? And not my wife’s
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    New phone

    Hi I’ve just got a new phone what’s the quickest way to setup the phone with the Tesla. Can I copy the settings
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    Windscreen heaters

    Hi How do I keep the front demister on number 1 without the ac coming in? I use to be able to do it but not anymore
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    Winscreen demister

    Hi since the software upgrade I can’t use the windscreen demister on minimal power with it automatically selecting AC Am I doing something wrong?
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    Scheduling a start and end time for octopus go

    Cool I use a granny charger and I think I add 4.5% a hour so I can set it to add 18%. Sounds rubbish but I only use about 15% a day
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    Scheduling a start and end time for octopus go

    It’s me being thick but how do I set a start and stop time for charging? I want it to start at 12.30am and stop charging at 4.30am How do I do this?
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    Changing electricity supplier

    With octopus go I’ve read you can amend the 4 hour window for cheap electricity has anyone done this? If yes why did you manage to change it to
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    Changing electricity supplier

    But electricity prices are going to increase again in October as I’m on a capped rate. Isn’t this too good to be true am I missing something?
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    Changing electricity supplier

    Hi I’m current with British Gas and am paying 29.24 kWh and a standing charge of 38p I’ve called octopus go and they have quote me 30.83 kWh and 7.5p for 4 hours and a standing charge of 24p But they have said the charges are fixed for 12 months. I do about 5000 miles a year, is it worth...
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    Granny charger

    Why can’t granny chargers be used long term? My house has complete new re-wiring with a new modem fuse box. When I charge it over a long period eg 10 hours the plug socket isn’t even warm. Should I stop?
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    Granny charger

    Hi I’ve been using a granny charger for over a year and it works for me. However before on the app it use to charge between 2kw and 3 kw. I noticed it would flicker between 2kw and 3kw. I’m pretty use it use it charge faster over night. Now it’s always at 2kw. Nothing has changed any ideas...
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    Spotify Password

    Hi I have a lease car and we’ve had Spotify included for over 15 months. All of a sudden it’s stopped and asking for sign in detail. Does anyone know what I should do? Please see the attachment
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    Stone Chip Repair

    Hi I was driving on the motorway and heard a terrible crack. I knew straight away it was a stone chip. I checked when I got home and yes it’s a stone chip. It surprisingly it’s small. It’s a salary sacrifice car and I have to pay £250 for any windscreen repair even a chip repair. Any...
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    Supercharging cost

    Hi Do all Tesla super chargers charge the same per kilowat? I’m looking to do a journey from Brent Cross to Manchester and wanted to know where is the cheapest charger also my the day. I’ve had a look at the Tesla website but it doesn’t state the rate.
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    SMET2 meters

    Hi I’ve received an email from my electricity provider offering a free gas and electricity smart meter. Are there any disadvantages of installing g it? Did anyone have a bad experience and regrets getting it?
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    Boot has a mind of its own

    Hi Since Tesla decided to do something with the o ring on the boot it’s now got a mind of it’s own. The boot doesn’t open to the full height set but stops half way and then beeps. When it does occasionally open its hit me twice on the head when it decided to close on me. Has anyone else come...
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    Buying Salary Sacrifice Car After Term

    Hi, Did anyone end up buying their salary sacrifice car after the term was up? What price did they offer was it competitive? Mines with Arval and I’ve heard a whisper at the end of term they offer market price minus 5% apparently it saves them money picking up the car and then selling it at...
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    Insurance question

    I have a quick question. My son is 20 years old and has his licence for over 2 years. He’s been caught speeding 53mph on a 30mph. It was dual carriage way that had temporary speed restriction. He knows he made a mistake. He will likely get 6 points. His car renewal is in the 3rd March and...
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    How to disable rear seat belt warning beeps

    Hi I’ve heard you can disable the annoying rear seatbelt beeps for the journey How do you do this I’ve tried pressing the red seatbelt icon but no luck
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    Swapping driver profiles in new version

    Hi How do you change drive profiles in the new software update? In the old version it was easy it the means was at the top of screen and to change profiles you just clicked on it
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    Free charging points?

    Costco Watford have opened a huge petrol station with loads of free charging points. I called them and they said there is no maximum stay. Apparently the lady told me people charge their car early in the morning and leave it and then pickup their cars in the early evening. Just a thought if...
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    Smoke when charging

    Hi Im at the telsa supercharger and just noticed smoke coming out of the front of the car near the headlights. I got out but seemed to stop has anyone witnessed this? Also for the fastest charging is it best to use the ccs charger or the standard charger?
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    Tyre pressure warning

    Hi I got a tyre pressure warning, on checking all 4 tyres are 38 I think I need to pump them up to 45. Once I’ve done it so I need to reset anything
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    Mobile app

    Hi it doesn’t seem to work please see the screenshot
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    Mobile app

    Hi This morning I tried to demist the car from my phone but noticed the windscreen an rear window symbols are no longer there. Now you can in have the climate control on or off for the car. Is this the same for everyone?
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    Dashcam Dummies Guide

    Does anyone have a guide in when the dad am records? I’ve looked at the manual and I’m still unclear. I know if I press the horn it saves it, and I right in saying all sentry mode activations are recorded permanently until I go into the viewer and delete it? Also with the dashcam does it...
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    18 inch grey alloy touch up pen

    Mine is a 2020 70 reg the new version with the black handles is yours the same? I’m worried that the pint colour is different in the 2 different models ie upgraded model Could you confirm?

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