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  1. grayguy

    Block Gap in Six Seater

    I like that GS-Design trunk shield option, but the price is over 4X what I would imagine it should cost - and it looks EU only. It would have been really nice if Tesla had designed this feature into the 6-seat configuration. It's the only real drawback besides the cockpit seats not laying flat.
  2. grayguy

    Floor mat liner for Model X 6-seater (2020)

    It seems that there wasn't much interest in this topic, so I'll post some options here for future reference in case someone has questions or wants to expand on this. My search as brought me to a few top options so far: 3D MAXpider 16-20 Tesla Model X Behind 3rd Row Kagu Cargo Liner - The...
  3. grayguy

    Anyone get Vin assigned recently?

    When were your original order dates? It seems they are over 1 year out on order-to-delivery dates at this point. Are they still fulfilling January 2022 orders? February 2022?
  4. grayguy

    Floor mat liner for Model X 6-seater (2020)

    Looking for recommendations for the cargo liner for the legacy Model X 6-seater. Ideally, the same mat would work for the 3rd row up or down. If that doesn't exist, that's okay.
  5. grayguy

    HEPA Filter Replacement

    We know Tesla engineers have tested the OEM filter to last 4 years under whatever conditions they are assuming are normal driving conditions, and to do that under rigid HEPA filtration standards. We do not know if a third-party filter has tested the filter, what the resistance is, or what the...
  6. grayguy

    HEPA Filter Replacement

    My only experience with HVAC systems is in residential systems, but I know that the filter chosen can decrease/increase the life of the system based on the resistance of the filter. If there's twice the resistance with a filter not tested for the system of the car, that could end up being a very...
  7. grayguy

    OEM 6 seat all weather model x floor mats

    I have not but am currently looking at various options. I'm starting with trying to figure out how I want to line the trunk area, and if there are good options for putting up a protective cover so things do not fall in-between the two bucket seats.
  8. grayguy

    HEPA Filter Replacement

    It would be great to see if these filters are tested, which is an expensive process. Given how variable the performance is of residential HVAC filters, it would be good to know these filters perform well.
  9. grayguy

    Cashback & Bonus Points for Supercharging and other EV chargers

    Have you used this card yet? I downloaded the app, but I'm leery about giving out my SSN to the company. They state they do not run your credit, but then ask for your social. Some reviews mentioned having their identity stolen around the same time and blamed this company. Of course, the world is...
  10. grayguy

    Thoughts on adding additional support to a bike rack to overcome the 120 lbs weight limit?

    That thing is a fraction of the price of the ones I have been considering from Kuat, 1Up, Yakima, etc. Does it keep the bikes steady and from every touching the back of the X if you were forced to brake hard?
  11. grayguy

    Thoughts on adding additional support to a bike rack to overcome the 120 lbs weight limit?

    Did you ever get further clarification on this? It seems that Tesla did not really give you much other than keeping it to 120 lbs with the bike rack. I've been looking at various bike racks, and some weigh 60-something pounds with no bikes on them, which pretty much leaves you carrying...
  12. grayguy

    Metro Express Lanes rules

    I am also looking for clarification on this subject. I called the 91 Express Lanes which offers a Zero Emission Vehicle account, and it seems like their situation changed from being free or discounted on the other Express Lanes throughout California to only being on their toll roads. It looks...
  13. grayguy

    Functional Third Party Charging Control Software

    Does this company not allow you to provide Tesla credentials other than giving them your login information? I would think there is a 3rd party login option, or a key access like ABetterRoutePlanner offers? I know that conventional wisdom says that if it is free, then you are the product, but...
  14. grayguy

    Adding Tow Package to 2020 Model X - OEM vs aftermarket options

    I recently purchased a 2020 Model X Long Range Plus and it does not have a tow hitch. I would like the option to be able to take bikes on a road trip. Has anyone added it after owning the car? What should I expect to pay, and is it best to go to Tesla for this, or find an aftermarket option?
  15. grayguy

    Tesla X Sentry / Dashcam USB drives failing issues

    Did you follow the instructions above to format to exfat on the Mac and add the proper folder to the directory? I did that, and when plugging into the car the x on the dashcam went away. Don't format in the car or forget to add the TeslaCam folder.
  16. grayguy

    Tesla X Sentry / Dashcam USB drives failing issues

    I started by doing it in the car, which lead to the issue. I followed the instructions above by doing it on my computer, and the issue seems to be resolved.
  17. grayguy

    Tesla X Sentry / Dashcam USB drives failing issues

    I selected exfat in Mac Disk Utility and followed the instructions to add the folder TeslaCam to the drive. So far so good on my Samsung SSD. Previously, I made the false assumption that formatting the drive in the car was the superior option.
  18. grayguy

    Tesla X Sentry / Dashcam USB drives failing issues

    Is there a solution for formatting on a Mac with the regular disk utility tool? I do not have a Windows or Linux computer. I also do not understand the GPT / GUID and MBR discussion.
  19. grayguy

    Model X falcon wing door water intrusion when opening doors in rain

    How well did this hold up over time? I'm assuming the additional drag is pretty meaningless.
  20. grayguy

    Long Range vs. Long Range Plus

    I've had a hard time finding a comparison for the 2020 Long Range Plus and 2020 (2019) Long Range. EVspecifications only has the 2021 Long Range Plus vs the 2020 Long Range, and I believe the 2021 LR Plus is different in that it has a different motor. I came across at November 2019 build (so...
  21. grayguy

    2019 Tesla Model X Performance with Ludicrous (Red/Cream w/FSD 7 seats) - $69,995

    115,020 miles, according to this post.
  22. grayguy

    FS: 2017 Model X 100D w/ FSD - 27K Miles - 68K Firm

    What is the trade in pricing? Why not just sell it for $5K over that to avoid being stuck with the trade in numbers.
  23. grayguy

    WTB: Model X w/6-seat config

    I'm still looking for the right car at the right price. Send me the details and price, and I'll take a look.
  24. grayguy

    Model X LR 2022 - 3.5K miles - best reasonable offer - Princeton, NJ (actual car, no issues, no flipping)

    You just excluded at least half of your potential market.
  25. grayguy

    Model X LR 2022 - 3.5K miles - best reasonable offer - Princeton, NJ (actual car, no issues, no flipping)

    It would probably help the cause to sell it to put a price on it. There's a price at which everything sells immediately.
  26. grayguy

    Not Available Signature Model X - SF Bay Area

    Thanks. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.
  27. grayguy

    Not Available Signature Model X - SF Bay Area

    For those of us less cool and do not know, but are in the market to purchase an X, do you mind posting the list of features - ideally screenshots of the detailed feature list from your car or app? What is the price that will compel you not to take the trade-in value? Is there an extended...
  28. grayguy

    No Way to Talk to Human at Tesla

    Can you post a link to the email address? I can't find it, and the "Contact Us" link just makes you select drop-down options that take you to links for information. I never get a form to actually message a human.
  29. grayguy

    Model X Long Range Reservation For Sale (Pre Price Hike)

    How exactly do these reservation sales work? I see a lot of people trying to sell them, but have no idea if any of them are successful and why Tesla is allowing it. I was under the impression that Tesla does not allow reservations to be sold, which is why so many people who are on a waiting list...
  30. grayguy

    2017 Tesla Model S 100D For Sale

    But a price improvement. Is the appropriate process on TMC for the OP to post a comment on the previous post with the price change, or supply a new post?
  31. grayguy

    Unicorn 2016 Model S P100D

    It's finding these people trading in their cars and intercepting them before they make that decision that is the hard part. Tesla seems to have a monopoly on the outgoing car because they leave people not knowing when they are going to get their new car until right before they take delivery -...
  32. grayguy

    Purchase an used 2020 Model X long range plus

    I'm looking for a similar MX at the moment if I can find what I want before the end of the year. Finding a low-mileage 6-seater with FSD at a reasonable price is not very easy. There's a lot of stuff out there north of $70K though. What auction sites are you looking at? I wish there was an...
  33. grayguy

    WTB: Model X w/6-seat config

    Hi there, just sent you a message. Thanks.
  34. grayguy

    WTB: Model X w/6-seat config

    I am in the market to buy a used Model X with a 6-seat configuration, and these are my preferred setups. I figure someone out there might know a friend or relative who's considering selling. 2019/2020 (raven) model. Ideally, with FSD, but open. 2016/17 - 100D/P100DL, MCU2, FUSC, Free Premium...
  35. grayguy

    Poll: Does your X have the "Shudder" issue?

    Your poll might be measuring how many of each model exist out there (or on this forum thread). What it does not measure is the percentage of each version of the vehicle that has (or had) shudder, which is what I think you were hoping to find out. It is probably a hard question to answer, and...
  36. grayguy

    Dashcam doesn't work due to DAS 2.0?

    Resurrecting an old thread here because I see some things stated that do not align with my experience. I posted in more depth about it in this thread, but in short the cameras on my MS with HW 2.0 (delivered end of March 2017) recorded Sentry and Dashcam footage onto my SD card when I tested it...
  37. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    @ucmndd and anyone else that was following this, I confirmed with Tesla that HW 2.0 / MCU 1 cars had Sentry and DashCam for a period, but it was [silently] "removed in a software update at some point."
  38. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    I'm pretty sure I've already looked and confirmed with Tesla that I have HW 2.0 and MCU 1, and given my production and delivery dates in March 2017, that would confirm it. I can't check at the moment because the car is in the body shop from an e-bike that crashed into it while parked in front of...
  39. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    There is no 2nd Tesla in the family, although I have someone that very much wishes that to be the case. Also, I remember specifically grabbing these DashCam clips when I added the USB drive to the car to test it out when I received the feature update. I'm sure someone can go back and unpack what...
  40. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    I can't speak to what other people have claimed about my car, but it most certainly - 100% - had not only Sentry, but the ability to save DashCam footage while driving. It sounds like those two features are separate as well, right? Like some cars have Sentry but not DashCam? Here's the TeslaCam...
  41. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    Just following back up on this to make sure you saw that I am happy to provide the videos recorded on my HW 2.0 MCU 1.0 MS built in 2017. I'm just not sure how to share the files in a manner that they can be verified. It would seem uploading them to Youtube or a similar site does not allow one...
  42. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    I'm happy to provide them. Let me know how you would like to see them. The feature was alive and well on my car. I only recently realized it was no longer there when I purchased an SSD and plugged it into my car to use the feature again. Until recently I didn't even know there were HW 2.0 cars...
  43. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    What I find most frustrating and confusing is that this feature was removed from my HW 2.0 MCU 1 Tesla Model S. I used to have Sentry recordings and 360 recordings while driving. I have the recordings to prove it and can upload them somewhere if someone wants me to. The files look like this and...
  44. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    Are you saying they give me Sentry Mode, but it will not work? I'm not clear on that. I did read the link you sent, but it did not seem to cover my setup.
  45. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    A quick update: I re-formatted the drive to MS-DOS (FAT) through Disk Utility and added back a folder named "TESLACAM", and still get nothing recorded to the drive after an event. Update 2: I called Tesla customer service (actually got a human!) and the guy told me that he's seeing an error on...
  46. grayguy

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    I have a 2017 MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1 with eMMC replacement. I have the most recent version of the car software and the Android app. I see the Sentry mode on in the car and have it tuned on in the app. I have a Samsung T7 1GB formatted in ExFAT with a single folder created named, "TeslaCam"...
  47. grayguy

    Unable to use sentry remote viewer despite having necessary hardware and software

    What is the current availability for the live camera view feature from the iOS/Android App? Does older 2017 HW 2.0 Model S that buys the MCU upgrade get this feature? I'm considering paying the $2,250 or whatever it is for the upgrade after seeing no real benefit with the eMMC recall upgrade.
  48. grayguy

    Custom fit trunk cooler

    I've wanted this exact thing for years. Has anyone produced anything for the MS well or frunk?
  49. grayguy

    Model S Phone Mounts

    Is there a current version of this for sale somewhere? I tried the link as well as searching on their site, but they seem to have shifted to primarily offering products for the Model 3 and Model Y.
  50. grayguy

    First Repair: AC Condenser Fan Damaged

    I think I might have a similar issue with my 2017 Model S. The bottom of my car scraped went on vacation going down a steep driveway, and now every time my AC is on I can hear a fan noise from the front right tire area. I wonder if this is something that's easily replaceable yourself? Where I...

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