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  1. Proflig8tor

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Elon has been saying for a long time that the model Y was too expensive to buy, while the company has been working to redesign the thing to make it much less expensive to build.
  2. Proflig8tor

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    That is not how this works. It will take a few months to work through the system. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mazda, Toyota … hell VW… they have all done incentives like this and much much more.
  3. Proflig8tor

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Hmmm… if people walk away… Might be time to start watching banks at the used car auctions.
  4. Proflig8tor

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Seeing as how Elon invested ~$300 million and sold $44 billion, he made money (no actual loss of wealth on the stock price, quite the contrary). Later investors like me and my children (down about $170,000) have transferred wealth directly to Elon because we bought when it was expensive while he...
  5. Proflig8tor

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Have people forgot the mission to sustainable energy? Fools think they are buying a new car as an “investment.” Even if Tesla raised the price, YOU are most likely going to sell at a loss. The dealers lobbied state legislatures to collect sales taxes on us. We aren’t making money on new cars...
  6. Proflig8tor

    Thoughts on a Used 2019 Model X Raven - REMAN Battery

    Thank you forum members for your wisdom and experience. Figured I would put this out to the hive mind. Put down some money to hold a used Model X that was bought from an auction down in Miami. The vehicle appeared nice, but as I drove up my driveway I noticed the lower front shielding was...
  7. Proflig8tor

    Plaid vs F16 Aircraft

    By 'Tesla Speed" I just meant getting used to the acceleration so that it is not surprising. The aftermarket Porsche 930 turbos were similar, where the world came at you so fast (and there was stuff to manage - lousy shifter system, boost limits, over-rev risks and this is before anti-lock...
  8. Proflig8tor

    Purchase a used Model X

    Telsa warranty is good until 50,000 miles or 4 years. Any model X built after 4/19 should be a Raven. Look for adaptive suspension as one way to ensure it is a Raven. I'm not sure I understand what makes a Long Range a Long Range Plus. Apparently, there were several battery revisions in...
  9. Proflig8tor

    2023 Model X

    Tesla cost cutting is wild. On the other hand, Rivian just keeps throwing included extra niceties at the R1S buyers. My guess is that Rivian (and the goodies) are being sold for much less than production cost and Tesla knows it can not last.
  10. Proflig8tor

    Purchase an used 2020 Model X long range plus

    Model X prices are down 13% in the last 30 days. Not sure what is driving this market, but it has been trending down 5% a month since August 22. That is after two years of being the same price as new, if not even more than new prices.
  11. Proflig8tor

    Plaid vs F16 Aircraft

    Never flew the F16, but I've flown a few jets with good thrust-to-weight ratios near their empty limits. Humans "get used" to quite a bit after a few experiences. The Tesla has resulted in jets not feeling all that fast on the takeoff run. If anything, recalibrating pilots to "Tesla speed" gives...
  12. Proflig8tor

    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    Still have not read what Tesla wants to replace the line and the coolant. This does not seem to be a very difficult repair. Rather than making this an test of wills which Tesla is in a superior position to win, why not get and estimate then negotiate? If it were me I'd have already told Tesla...
  13. Proflig8tor

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    Looked hard at the DWS06+. Think it would make an excellent choice with probably better steering feel and total grip at the cost of some range and longevity. If the M3 was exclusively my car, it is likely I would have picked the DWS06+ for the fun of it. We only have an SR+ that is...
  14. Proflig8tor

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    Ended up buying the Continental PureContact LS 235/40r19. Expected a range drop from the Continental ProContact RX installed new. Have not tested the absolute levels of adhesion, but the PureContact LS is quieter on the road and we are getting the same range. The Michelins were not available.
  15. Proflig8tor

    Austin gigafactory party

    Let literally hundreds of people test drive my Tesla. Converted quite a few to buyers. TSLA long shareholder. Three vehicles and solar ordered. Oh, and I know how to hold a camera steady in landscape orientation; know better than to just scream at it while taking selfies and making peace signs...
  16. Proflig8tor

    Did tire shop mount this wrong?

    Thanks! Appreciate the replies.
  17. Proflig8tor

    Did tire shop mount this wrong?

    On the left side the scooped edge faces forward. On the right side the blunt side faces forward. Not sure how we could re mount it, but I thought the scalloped edge faces forward.
  18. Proflig8tor

    Did tire shop mount this wrong?

  19. Proflig8tor

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    Shopping these. Contacted Michelin. The Sport Pilot EV are rated "10" for efficiency (but not available until late summer in a 19 inch). The PRIMACY MXM4 ia an "9" and the Pilot Sport All Season 4 is an "8." Tests and my observation on my GTi is that the PS AS 4 isn't as good a tire on turn-in...
  20. Proflig8tor

    Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Called Michelin today. They will ship the 20-inch versions in January and 21 and 22-inch versions in February to March of 2022. I did not write down the ratios and width because I was shopping for 19-inch tires. She did not know why the ramp up was so slow on these tires.
  21. Proflig8tor

    Should I buy a SR 3?

    IMHO you would be gaining: the SR+ is the lightest and best-handling Tesla (driven everything but the new Plaid). The interior is the same. Can buy the enhanced connectivity for $10 a month.
  22. Proflig8tor

    How does the car know where it is on the map?

    There may be service issues affecting GPS. Weather and our own friendly government can degrade the system. Pilots have to check coverage when GPS is used for terminal area operations & approaches. Avionics have Predictive Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (PRAIM) and I'd bet Tesla has...
  23. Proflig8tor

    2021 Model 3 SR+ vs LR Purchase...Check My Assumptions & Conclusions Please

    Drove all versions of the Model 3 before buying mine. My priority was handling and driving fun. The SR+ had an obviously lighter front end which felt more effortless, compared to the other cars where the front mass was apparent. The regen transfers weight to the front and makes for the nicest...
  24. Proflig8tor

    Subframe Damage [Tesla claims normal wear and tear?]

    Like to see the bolt... something get stripped? What do the threads look like? A problem with torque during assembly creating a latent defect sounds likely, but just a guess without seeing the parts.
  25. Proflig8tor

    Front axles keep breaking

    If this is a problem on the X, the CyberTruck with a tow hitch is going to ....
  26. Proflig8tor

    CT spotted at Giga Texas

  27. Proflig8tor

    CT spotted at Giga Texas

    Looks great on a job site.
  28. Proflig8tor

    Creaking sound from left front suspension

    Is there any danger of this thing coming apart? We have a family road trip coming up and I'd like to take the Tesla to Disney, even if it sounds like the cast of Ratatouille is in the frunk. Also, are the lower arms coming loose the result of improper torque at the factory? Do they publish...
  29. Proflig8tor

    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    My mirrors fell off when that $#1T3Ad hit me.... honest.
  30. Proflig8tor

    4860 In The Model S Plaid+?

  31. Proflig8tor

    4860 In The Model S Plaid+?

  32. Proflig8tor

    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    Bought the Pilot Sport All Season 4 to replace the Hankook AS which came stock on my 2017 GTI. In a few hundred miles I have observed about a 10% drop in fuel efficiency. I've checked and rechecked tire pressures to ensure that's not the difference; it isn't. The GTI does not handle as well as...
  33. Proflig8tor

    Lower Body Panels & Flares

    Does anyone have an idea of what the lower body panels and wheel flares are made of? When I flew to the Petersen to see the prototype the underbody panels appeared to be a thin plastic composite. However, this is a prototype and I am not a materials expert. Frankly, the panels seemed a bit...
  34. Proflig8tor

    Cybertruck design/features

    Disappointed nobody has come up with plans for the Tesla Trunk Monkey Edition or Tesla Techincal Vehicle. Why should old Chevrolets and Toyotas have all the fun? How about door edge protectors?
  35. Proflig8tor

    ABRP Battery Degradation Comparison Post / Poll

    My SR+ at 90% is 193 miles and 12% degradation. It never had 230 miles; 240 or 250. 100% is theoretically 214. Supercharged 3x over 15,000 miles. Charged to 100% twice, went to 15% once. Dunno, but none of the SR+ cars seem to do very well. Tried "rebalancing" by running the battery 90 to 20...
  36. Proflig8tor

    Thoughts on buying Used M3 LR RWD vs. New SR+?

    The SR+ battery does not seem to hold up as well as the LR. The premium sound and ambient lighting would be nice features to have. I prefer the handling of the SR+. Range has not been a problem because there are so many places to charge.
  37. Proflig8tor

    Water inside the front hood

    The storage area should be dry (inside the rubber seal) there is nothing protecting the area outside the seal. Most gas cars have nothing at all preventing the accessories from getting wet and inasmuch as the accessories are sealed, doesn't matter. In fact, you want this area to get airflow and...
  38. Proflig8tor

    I've loved Tesla for 7 years. But after years of abuse, I'm out

    Tesla cut the warranty on replacement MCU to 2 years or 25,000 WECF. That's just admitting to failure of the unit's design and passing it along to the end user rather than fixing it. I'd love a Model S or X, but no, not with this expensive headache looming. Frankly, replacing the eMMC shouldn't...
  39. Proflig8tor

    Cybertruck at the Petersen Museum - lousy turning radius

    Watching the CyberTruck get delivered to the Petersen Museum in LA seems to reveal this long vehicle has a terrible turning radius. 4 Wheel Steering would be a big help. Still the more pictures we see, the more stunning it is. Tesla CyberTruck Arrived The Petersen Automotive Museum
  40. Proflig8tor

    Range increase after latest SW update?

    Have yet to ever even hear or read about a SR+ that has 240mi of range. The fleet average on TeslaFi is 228 and mine is 224.
  41. Proflig8tor

    Rust - from the metal flakes in the paint?

    No, the "metal flakes" in the blue paint are not metal and will not rust. The flakes are also small enough to cause absolutely no problems with adhesion. Simply stated, Tesla failed to engineer the car for use on dirt, gravel, or salty roads. Most every manufacturer (including now Tesla on the...
  42. Proflig8tor

    New Model 3 vs CPO Model S?

    We are actually more cross-shopping a Model Y with a used Model S because of the hatch & room. The Model 3 drivetrain seems pretty bulletproof, whereas the Model S, at least the early cars, tended to eat bearings as I guess the bearing was a grounding path for the inductive motor. I checked...
  43. Proflig8tor

    Significant range drop

    SR+ ... never has had the range I paid $5,000 for. 228 on day one. 223 now. Fleet average 232, now 228, during the period of my ownership. I would recommend the SR or the LR. The SR seems to hit it's 220 reliably based on web board posts. $3,000 or $5,000 for fog lights, immersive sound and...
  44. Proflig8tor

    Favorite and Most Trustworthy Tesla App?

    TeslaFi has Sleep Modes which confused me. It misses more than 50% of my drives and seems to always miss longer drives. Why can't this program just log when you wake the car? Like the data and functionality. Dislike the settings which have confounded me and resulting data loss.
  45. Proflig8tor

    Why isn’t range upgrade available yet.

    If you are seeing 220, you're only 8 miles off the fleet average for the MS SR+ I enjoy autopilot but think the SR+ is not the value proposition the SR and LR AWD are.
  46. Proflig8tor


    Also June 2019 SR+ we were supposed to have the lights and we do have the lights.
  47. Proflig8tor

    Returning Tesla M3P after month, possible?

    Over on the VW GTI threads every winter there are people shocked at the lack of efficiency of their cars because the fuel injection pumps a bunch of gas while the engine and the emissions control system are brought up to operating temperature. Driving it just like I do my Tesla it can do 40MPG...

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