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    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    Just wanted to update this post. Issue has been fixed as noted above
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    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    I just got my car back from the service center. Drove 120 miles home with no issues (yet…I’m not convinced it’s good yet because in the past the issue happens after driving tons then supercharging and driving again). They said when my new drive unit was replaced, the data values entered into...
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    Model 3 rotor overheat

    Hey. My car is doing this. Got the drive unit replaced in January. I lose acceleration/torque driving down the highway. Now they’re telling me it’s a known issue that isn’t fixed yet but will be fixed by a future firmware update. What was your resolution if any?
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    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    Thanks! My car is getting towed to the service center right now, so i'll deal with them about it when they call me tomorrow and when i pick it up. They do pretty well getting back to me thru the service messages thing on the app too. Last night driving home, i recorded each instance of...
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    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    Thanks much to both of you on the firmware update hope. I've had this car for almost 4 years so I'm not a newbie, yet with the new drive unit being this way , it's just frustrating now. PLUS: i get in the car to go to lunch today, and it completely died. Pretty sure it's the 12v, but...
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    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    Did you figure anything out on this? I had my drive unit replaced in January. Lost torque on the way home once. Haven’t taken a long trip until last month. Lost torque/acceleration 6 times in a weekend. Took it to two service centers. The last one said it’s a known firmware issue that’ll be...
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    Model 3 power loss while driving - right hand dots

    Did you figure anything out on this? I had my drive unit replaced in January. Lost torque on the way home once. Haven’t taken a long trip until last month. Lost torque/acceleration 6 times in a weekend. Took it to two service centers. The last one said it’s a known firmware issue that’ll be...
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    I reached 100 on Sunday, no download yet. Anyone with 100 AFTER Friday and got it?
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    Puddle Lights

    Me too. I’ve had two sets from two different companies and both are dim- really can only see in total darkness. Disappointed
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    New Tesla iOS app available

    Charge screen. Changing the slider shows estimated miles (range)
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    Chargeport door randomly opening and closing

    Try rebooting. It fixed mine
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    Water in Trunk - 1st time

    I just had my trunk seal replaced with a bigger one because of this issue. Honestly can’t tell you if it’s fixed or not but my trunk is a little tougher to close but not too bad. And the car will tell you if it’s open when you try to drive it. So yeah....call service to get it replaced. They...
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    Feature Request: Honk Button while using Smart Summon

    It should auto honk if a car/object is within a couple of feet
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    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    In my Model 3 LR RWD with 19’s, I make it to Trinidad just fine going the speed limit. That’s in the summer. Haven’t gone that direction when I need the heater on
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    Can you talk to Siri?

    Some options: reboot the car. unpair your phone and re-pair it. reboot your phone See if there’s an update for your phone. 13.1 is out I believe
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    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    Denton to Childress. Going 80 except for the last hour where I went 75. I used 295 miles of range. Childress to Denton. Going 80 the entire way, I used 266. This of course with nice weather LR RWD side note: Amarillo to Trinidad, I have to go the speed limit the entire way to make it
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    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    Thanks for the update! I’m headed that direction tomorrow. Bummer I can’t use it but oh well.
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Did you just have service or sent a message to service where they pushed a “new” version to you? Or did you violate early access policy? Odd for sure tho
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    Supercharger - Henrietta, TX

    Bummer. I’m headed that direction the end of this month.
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    We have seen less videos in the past few months than before. Is it because EAP people decided to post less or has Tesla cracked down?
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    Enhanced Summon coming (Elon tweet 6 Apr, 2019)

    While there are some videos out there, For those in the early access program, Tesla specifically states do not post anything on social media, etc about your experience or you will be removed from the early access program.
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    Enhanced summon

    It will
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    Early Access Current Version

    You’re good to go. 20.4.6
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    Been watching my Sentry videos and

    Reboot. My right one often was 0k for some reason. Rebooted and so far it’s fine.
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    Firmware 8.5

    It’s not early access any more. It has been for a couple of weeks at least (2019.9)
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    Software Update 2019.8.1

    Anything about auto lane change when using nav on autopilot (without having to confirm it)?
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    Music bar disappears after navigation

    May not be a bug as it’s probably the way they intended it, but yeah, I don’t like it
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    Early Access Program Invite

    Yep. I know someone who got invited to the early access program and receives updates when 90% of Tesla owners do. He’s pretty bummed about it
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    Road trip: Dallas <-> Denver

    I’ve done this, but in the summer. I have a long range RWD 19”. Started with full 100% charge in Amarillo. Went the exact speed limit (because I knew elevation was a killer) and made it to Trinidad with around 10% left. Colder temps will not help of course. If you’re able to tolerate it...
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    Vendor 3D Maxpider 10% off When ordering Frunk and Trunk w/ Interior mats!

    My order was October 12th and still waiting.
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    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    We just got a couple of inches yesterday and I’m waiting on EV Tuning too (10/12 order so i guess I’m in for a long wait)
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    Radio Audio level as a Function of Speed

    It seems like the latest update (nav on autopilot) is where I first noticed volume change while driving. Doesn’t work quite right but it is better than having to deal with it. Sometimes it seems to get too quiet.
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    El Paso Texas options

    Hmmmm. Mine came from OKC
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    El Paso Texas options

    Closest service center in Texas may be San Antonio. Phoenix area has one, which is closer. You can always get home delivery. As for body shop, the closest one I see is in ABQ I’m in a similar boat...6 hour drive for me. I’ve had mobile service come out once. I bet El Paso has mobile service...
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    Should I Notify Tesla? Is it a bug?

    You can drop a pin on google maps on your phone and get a lat/lon from it...it’ll show in the description of the dropped pin
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    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    Windows 7 doesn’t recognize 2 drive letters for multi-partitioned usb drives. I think that didn’t become available until windows 10. I tried doing this on a windows 7 computer and it errors trying to create a second primary partition. I even tried using a third party app. It’s a no go unless...
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    Wow! Really Tesla? Are you guys made in China? Water leaking inside the trunk

    When i washed my car, i had water in the trunk. Had Tesla Mobile Service come out and fix it (they added silicone caulk in a few areas). This was over a month ago, and I haven't looked to see if that truly fixed it.
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    FM Radio "Favorites"

    touching them at the bottom of the screen should select them. I have a few FM favorited and a few slacker options favorited. Touching either of them goes to that station.
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    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    I had something similar to this on the right side. I didn’t even try the other mats (rear/driver). I just returned them. The guy said I’m the first that’s complained about the fit. Waiting for weather tech still I guess
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    Lumbar adjustments not working as expected

    Well, Tesla mobile service came today and found nothing wrong with the lumbar. Huge bummer because now I think it just keeps getting worse. I want to take the seat apart and deflate it myself
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    I took delivery of my 3 in June - Now I want to add EAP

    Canada, you have to call your service center US, login to tesla account, manage vehicle, then click on autopilot upgrades
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    Phone key drains iPhone rapidly

    when i was on 2018.24.1, i had very little phantom drain and no noticeable iphone battery drain. Now with 2018.28.1, I have more phantom drain and much more iphone battery drain. I have always had background refresh turned on for the Tesla App. I'm on iOS 12 public beta.
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    Help me understand the rationale behind on/off with doors

    Let’s say you have a backpack in your front passenger seat and leave the car. You want your car to run with the A/C on all the time? I get what you are saying and it’s simple in other cars as you just leave the car running. But there is no on/off in a Tesla, so this is the way it works. It’s a...
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    Lumbar adjustments not working as expected

    No update yet. I have a mobile ranger coming out in two weeks and have that written down for them to check. For now, inflate it all the way, then you can deflate it some. Mine doesn’t go back all the way but it’s close.
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    Your thoughts on Screen Protectors

    i wish i didn't buy one. I got the abstract ocean "anti-fingerprint" one. It does absolutely nothing to help fingerprints.
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    Lumbar adjustments not working as expected

    Exactly. I have this issue on both front seats. In order to deflate, I have to fully inflate it first, then it will deflate, but it doesn’t deflate all the way like when I originally got the car. So he lumbar is still too much PLUS: saving the profile doesn’t actually save the lumbar position...
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    Sudden Unexpected Acceleration today

    thanks everyone - now this thread can die again.

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