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    Alert warning: "Vehicle may not restart. Service is required" Code BMS_a035. "Electrical ...."

    Now this problem changed to "Vehicle is Shutting Down: Pull Over Safely". I think I will ask Tesla to test drive it for a couple of days before I pick it up this time.
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    Alert warning: "Vehicle may not restart. Service is required" Code BMS_a035. "Electrical ...."

    I have a 2018 M3P with 28000 miles. I got the BMS_035 "Car may not restart" error starting in June. I finally got into service Aug 12 and they replaced the HV wiring harness to the port and the Power Conversion System was not replaced until today, Aug 25. Unfortunately, when I got the car home...
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Elon's twitter says touchscreen for PRND.
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    I was thinking about upgrading my P3D+ to an S, but looking at the new S controls? NO WAY. First, I am pissed at Tesla for crapping up the Model 3 UI with the recent update that hogs all sorts of screen for white space and puts the speed and other indicators in hard to see smaller locations...
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    This new user interface is terrible. Much less elegant. All those numbers cluttering right next to the speed indicator. I find the text harder to read.
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    New Model 3 Performance only getting 294 miles on full 100% charge

    When I first purchased my P3D+ in Sept 2018 it regularly stated 307-310 miles on a full charge. 19,000 miles later it states 297-299. I mostly charge to 90%. But I sometimes charge to 100% on road trips. It is cold here. Regularly 40F in my garage and 32-20F outside. In all reality , this is...
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    P3D+ 326 wh/mi @ 18,000 miles and 14 months of ownership in Michigan. Sticky tires and cold weather eat efficiency. OTOH I have had no problems with range. Highway range is better as the car and battery warms up.
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    Battery drain while parked or car in storage

    Turn off sentry mode and make sure you don't have summon on "standby" mode. Both eat battery. Last year I left my car at the airport unplugged and lost maybe 10% over 3 weeks. But you have to have all of those modes off so your car can go into deep sleep mode. I definitely want to have at...
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    Model 3 Winter Tire Pressure Recommendations

    My experience last winter with my P3D+ and Michelin Alpins on the 20 in wheels was that 42 psi filled around freezing was best. It often drops to 0F here and so then pressure is more like 38-39. I prefer not to let the pressure drop too low lest I damage the rims. Too low a pressure and you...
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    Fall leaves in the frunk!

    I opened my frunk yesterday to refill washer fluid. It was filled with leaves.
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    Model 3 - 175 miles from a 277 mile charge?

    I've had my P3D+ for a year in Michigan. So I have winter experience. The start/stop mileage craters as the temperature drops. What I mean by that is that you use the most energy taking a 5 mile trip, warming up your car and battery and stopping for a few hours at work and cold soaking your...
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    Charging to 90%?

    I've set it to 90% or 100% even for a year+. Went from 309-308 new to about 305 after 17000 miles.
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    Thoughts on Michelin Pilot Alpin 4 snow tires for 20" performance rims?

    I had the Alpins on my car last year and need to switch out my summer tires soon. The Alpins drive about as well as the summer tires on cold dry and wet roads. So dry roads 0 deg and aggressive driving - no problem. I don't think performed better as snow tires than most all season tires I've...
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    For those with Free Unlimited SuperCharging: Mine is showing "Pay Per Use" but I'm not charged

    Mine says "pay per use" for a few months now. Used to say "free unlimited supercharging." But, I'm not getting charged.
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    Tesla glass: corners were cut

    I've had two windshields replaced and I have chips on the 3rd. It would be nice if the windshield was tougher.
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    Autopilot not calibrating after windshield replacement

    You don’t strictly need to calibrate after a windshield replacement as long as the camera was replaced within angle tolerance. Calibration tunes a camera in as long as it’s close. The techs usually force recalibration after replacement. But not always. Just don’t use autopilot for 50 miles...
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    Final Decision: Is Going from AWD to P Worth $9,946-$12,946?

    As a P3D+ owner ... sometimes I wonder if I should have bought the AWD and a Rolex. More range, cushier ride, fewer curbed wheels, no snow tires/wheels AND a nice watch. The P3D+ really needs an “oh *sugar*” handle for the passenger. Perhaps the omission in the AWD is not as glaring.
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    Battery Degradation - How concerned should I be?!

    Tesla warrants their batteries for 8 years or 100,000 miles. I've driven mine 15,000 miles in 1 year. At most, I've lost 2%. I'll hit the mileage limit at 6.67 years. Extrapolating, linearly I'll lose 13.4%. So down to 270 miles. At worst, on long trips, I'd just have to supercharge a bit...
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    New Model 3, left unplugged for 5 days lost 80% of charge

    I took my P3D+ to my son's scout troop. I'm a troop volunteer and I stayed for the week at camp and drove down myself and 3 scouts. I arrived at camp with 70% charge. I turned off cabin overheat protection. It was sunny and hot - 90-95 every day by 4pm. I did go into my car twice. Even so...
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    20-inch OEM wheels on P3D-?

    I have a P3D+. The 20s with summer tires are fun - look nice. But big tradeoffs in curbing wheels and bending rims. If you want a glitzier looking wheel and more traction - get a TSportline 18 in silver wheel with summer tires. You'll have 90% of the look, great traction, good enough...
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    Model 3 reliability so far?

    11 months 14,000 miles P3D+ Zero warranty issues or quality complaints. Mechanically and electrically car has worked as advertised. No paint problems. Took a while to get spoiler and badges, but SC installed perfectly (no gaps on spoiler, really looks great). I - however - am unlucky...
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    Is Autopilot camera recalibration ever needed?

    Yes, my autopilot camera went through re-calibration when I had my windshield replaced. I recently was hit with another rock. So I expect it will happen again when I get my 3rd windshield (!?!).
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    6 month old Tesla model 3 losses 7 miles

    Your warranty is 8 years or 120,000 miles for 70% retention. Meaning, it has to be less than 217 miles left. Meaning you have to lose 93 miles. If your battery is truly degrading that fast, you might qualify for a replacement in year 7 or 8. Mine has degraded 4-6 miles in 1 year 14,000 miles...
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    Service Center Experience.

    I am giving the SC experience a "terrible" vote not because of shoddy workmanship but because their customer service makes Comcast and the cable companies look like 5 star concierge. Scheduling only through app, communications only through text, no phone numbers at the newer SC's, and no one...
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    My Model 3 Needs Yet Another Windshield

    Windshield #1 was hit by a rock. I waited 10 weeks to finally get it replaced. During that wait, it was hit by a second rock for a total of 2 star cracks and one really long one to the edge. Now two weeks after getting Windshield #2, it now has 2 large star cracks from rock impacts...
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    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    Took my P3D+ in to have its windshield replaced 2 weeks ago at Tesla Service center in Toledo. They put on the spoiler and badges too. The spoiler fits well - no gaps - feels really solid. Looks great so far!
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    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    Complete inability to talk to anybody at Tesla. No phone numbers. Being routed through the APP only.
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    Windshield Replacement Experiences

    I'm in Michigan. Service center in Toledo, or Cleveland. AND Safelite. I've been waiting about 7 weeks for a windshield. All of my appointments keep getting cancelled. I have a 2+ ft. long crack. Believe it or not, I damaged my bumper and had it replaced in the meantime waiting for my...
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    How accurate is the "since last charge" info? Troubleshooting excessive consumption

    I own a P3D+ and a Chevy Bolt. The Bolt uses virtually no charge when shut down. A/C and heat don't start until you press the start button. The Bolt also tracks energy usage whether you are driving or not. The Tesla P3D+ starts the AC as soon as you open the door. It runs a lot of fans and...
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    Rear ended today. 3-4 month wait - parts not available.

    Unrelated to the OP - just my own story. Body shop called and said they received front bumper cover and associated parts. Took about 3 weeks. So, by the end of next week my creased bumper should be fixed. I am more upset that I'm driving with a cracked front window and it has been 5 weeks and...
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    What defects have you found at/after delivery?

    My P3D+ didn't come with a spoiler or badges. Seven months later, I'm still waiting for them. Otherwise, absolutely no defects.
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    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    10,000 miles from Sept. to May in my PD3+ wh/mile average is 343. *However* I expect that to go down by a full 1 year season cycle at the end of Sept. The average is dominated by the winter cold.
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    How many people had perfect Model 3's delivered?

    Fit and finish great when picked up last Sept. 10,000 miles later no warranty repairs. I have driven over 2 screws, needed tire patches, curbed my 20 in wheels to heck, popped off a plastic cap on a charge pin by using a broken supercharger, and now chipped and cracked my windshield (trying...
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    Alpin PA4S Are Off, and Pilot Sport 4S Back On - P3D+ is *Quieter*

    I don't have any complaints about the summer Michelin Sport 4S tire ride on the 20 inch wheel. It is amazingly good and not jarring for that short a sidewall. When I had my Alpins removed one my rims was slightly bent and I had that straightened. While the Alpins were on, I had to have one...
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    Alpin PA4S Are Off, and Pilot Sport 4S Back On - P3D+ is *Quieter*

    I just recently had my winter Michelin PA4S tires on my P3D+ 20 in rims swapped back for the OEM Pilot Sport 4S summer tires. I also had one slightly bent rim fixed. Oh boy - the road noise from the Pilot 4S tires is just *so much more pleasant*. Perhaps on average the dB meter might not be...
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    Supercharger - Gaithersburg, MD

    Supercharger 3B at Gaithersburg stole the plastic pin from my model 3's port on or about March 26. There was a note on the charger I didn't see driving in late at night kind of frazzled from my trip from Michigan. Unfortunately, the plastic part was left stuck in the plug. Maybe that is...
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    Rim Rash

    I've got so much rim rash...when it warms I'm just going to sand a bit and use some touch up paint.
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    Might be returning AWD 3 (advice request)

    I just got back from about a 1,700 mile road trip through MI, OH, MD, and PA. My Performance AWD with 20 in wheels and Michelin snow tires averaged 318 wh/mi. Temps ranged from 30s-60s. Speed ranged from 50s to mostly 80+ on long range stretches. I used navigation to charge to where I'd...
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    20” Pilot Sport 4S tires: all-season??

    The Pilot 4S tires on the 20 inch sports are definitely not all seasons. A week before I put my snow tires on in late October, we had a surprise sleet storm. My car slid like butter on teflon. They work great on dry and wet. Cold and frozen - zero traction.
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    P3D Highway Passing Speed.

    IMHO my P3D+ is much faster from 70 to 100 than my A6 supercharged 6. It sprints around high speed traffic. No muss finding yourself at 110 when you expect to be at 90.
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    298 miles is my new 100% (LR RWD)

    Another way to look at it: How you drive, how you use heating and cooling, and the outside temperature has a lot more do with it. I got a Chevy Bolt for my teenage son. It has an EPA of 238 miles. On a nice 75 deg day, babying it, with minimal A/C I can get maybe 260+. Hypermilers get nearly...
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    298 miles is my new 100% (LR RWD)

    Do not worry about short term trends in the battery pack(1 month). The Tesla reported range is just the Tesla %SOC multiplied by its EPA range. It is not a guess o meter like what the Chevy Bolt shows. The %SOC is trying to estimate the total energy in the battery pack by measuring the...
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    New rims/tires and how Tesla estimate range

    Are you getting an improvement in range with the 18 inch wheels? Is the ride quality better than the 20 inch wheels? Is the road noise better than the 20 inch wheels?
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    Any practical advantages of PUP red brembo brakes over standard brakes?

    P3D+ brakes are not Brembo. They are just red. Downsides: Restricts you to larger wheels. Most 18 in wheels won’t fit.
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    M3P FANTASTIC in the Snow!

    My experience with Michelin Alpins on my 20 in rims is that the P3D+ understeers more than I'm used to on AWD cars and that it behaves more like a RWD in the corners. I have to be careful to always let up on the accelerator significantly on the tight deep snow turns - or I go more straight than...
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    M3 MR vs Chevy Bolt (energy consumption)

    I'm surprised that the P3D- and the 3D+ was more efficient than the 3D-.
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    Flickering Headlights?

    I've got the flickering too. It is less than 20F, and it was happening. I really have to put on my EE thinking cap about how this is firmware issue. Maybe they can control the max amperage draw for different sub modules and now there isn't enough reserve for the lights? In any case, annoying...
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    M3 MR vs Chevy Bolt (energy consumption)

    I own both a Performance Model 3 and a Bolt Premier. I am a little bit surprised that the MR Model 3 did so poorly in the city. However, my Performance Model 3 clearly does worse in the city than the Bolt with one caveat. I drive the Model 3 daily. My teenage son drives the Bolt daily...
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    severe range anxiety

    Elon should add a range anxiety easter egg. It could open your glove compartment so you can get to your prescription and pop a Xanax. or maybe play soothing mood music or chant: Om mani padme hum

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