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  1. Pilot Steve

    Never seen before error message

    I do have MCU1. I performed a reboot and after 4-5 minutes came back on but messages remained. I called Tesla about message they made a service appointment for the next day. I was told they can replace the daughter board in the MCU1 cost would be $400 to fix the memory card that is failing.
  2. Pilot Steve

    Never seen before error message

    This is the message I received in my Mx. What’s does it mean??
  3. Pilot Steve

    Who is getting a Tesla Cybertruck

    I’m excited to continue my Tesla journey and get the new Cybertruck when it comes out. Who else is looking forward to this revolutionary truck and will you trade in your model X.
  4. Pilot Steve

    New Update 2019.32.11.1 is moving fast

    2016 75d ap1 and mcu1 received 32.11.1 so ap1 is also getting update. I am glad not to be forgotten
  5. Pilot Steve

    V10 on the Model X

    I found this to help everyone know what they will be getting
  6. Pilot Steve

    V10 on the Model X

  7. Pilot Steve

    Auto Pilot - need to confirm

    I have a 2016 model x with ap1. When I turn on autopilot it tracks center, when I turn on the turn signal to change lanes it's changes lanes automatically and accelerates around slow traffic. If someone is on the side of me it uses the sensors to detect if anything is in adjacent lane. It...
  8. Pilot Steve

    Outrageous $5000 repair bill after warranty expire!

    The same thing happened to me the AC was making a loud noise so I took it in to SC. They heard the noise and said just the AC fan unit was bad. One day later they texted back and said the whole unit and condensor and hoses need to be replaced, had bearing grinding inside, metal shards through...
  9. Pilot Steve

    2017 Model X 75D - Supercharging Slower (84KWh Max) - Anyone Else?

    Your battery has been capped at a slower charge. Tesla is trying to preserve longevity of your battery.
  10. Pilot Steve

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    What is the part number for the new motor mount?. I haven't seen the new part number or what version it is. I have an appointment to have the work done and want to make certain that it is done correctly. Also once the repair its done I heard they do an alignment as well. Is this true as...
  11. Pilot Steve

    Model X 75d hit 124kw on 2019.20.1

    I have a 2016 ap1 on 2019.4.2 and I am not seeing any charging difference tips out at 83kw called SC to ask them about faster charging speeds their response was it is a 3 year old car and only the new ones get higher charge speeds anyway that will only save you 10-15 minutes charge time. Are...
  12. Pilot Steve

    2019 Aftermarket dashcam for AP1 Model X

    This is what an owl cam looks like
  13. Pilot Steve

    2019 Aftermarket dashcam for AP1 Model X

    If someone could post pics of waylens secure360 would be helpful
  14. Pilot Steve

    2019 Aftermarket dashcam for AP1 Model X

    Owl cam is another dash cam that works well. That is what I have and does a good job
  15. Pilot Steve

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Is this the solution
  16. Pilot Steve

    MX won't wake after update...help

    I thought the model X needed to be on a flat bed tow truck. I think I read that in the owner's manual. When I had mine towed to the SC I requested a flat bed only. I hope by towing it that no damage was done. Or am I being a little OCD.
  17. Pilot Steve

    150kw Supercharging

    the update 2019.12.1.2 is the one with the 150kw charging correct?
  18. Pilot Steve

    150kw Supercharging

    Please consult the Supercharger pin in your vehicle UI to view the max charge capability of various Supercharger locations What is this and where do you find it?
  19. Pilot Steve

    150kw Supercharging

    this was just sent to me from Tesla:. Thank you for reaching out to Tesla Support. Definitely a great question. Most Tesla owners will see an overall improvement in charge efficiency and peak charge rates, though not all will reach 150kW peak charge rates immediately. However, we expect...
  20. Pilot Steve

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Any updates?
  21. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    They sent them April 19th and received and installed on April 24th.
  22. Pilot Steve

    Pirelli tires for 20s

    I paid 220 a tire, I believe total install price was 960 at discount tire
  23. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    They still work. That was the first question I had. They told me the seat covers are designed not to interfere with the airbag deployment.
  24. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    Installation of all 6 seats took me about 2 hours.
  25. Pilot Steve

    AP1 2019 software upgrade includes battery pre-conditioning?

    Is this update for 100d only or does it include 75d too?
  26. Pilot Steve

    AP1 2019 software upgrade includes battery pre-conditioning?

    What update did you receive supercharging preheat/ conditioning?. So I can keep an eye out for it.
  27. Pilot Steve

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Just stopped by my SC in Portland and showed them the post of the new part numbers. They called the parts guy over to take a look at the new part numbers. I was told those are the old numbers but there is a D revision that has just come out and is hard to get. Asked my service center to get...
  28. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    39,000 miles
  29. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    These seats are constructed so it does not interfere with airbag deployment. To answer the other question of why it's needed...i have a 6 inch split in the driver seat. My Tesla is still under warranty so I took it in to the SC to have them look at it. They took pictures and said they could...
  30. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    I wasn't expecting the middle console covers from taptes. I like that they sent them but they do pucker a little. I like that it brings cohesion to the car. I may remove them and try to get them to lay flatter. I have gotten a lot of compliments on them and the fitment is incredible. I will...
  31. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    I took it to the SC and they were floored that they looked ado good
  32. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    They fit amazing
  33. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    Not yet... I had them send me pictures from the factory after they were done. It takes 10 days to ship them to me... So at this point still waiting but I am impressed with the photos. I will post more pictures when installed.
  34. Pilot Steve

    Taptes leather seat covers

    Picture is worth a thousand words
  35. Pilot Steve

    Tesla dropping the 75X

    I wonder what the range might be?. Also if the old 75 can be replaced with the new battery. We have 8 years infinite miles so a replacement should be possible.
  36. Pilot Steve

    Tesla dropping the 75X

  37. Pilot Steve

    Replace with generation two latches on pre-owned before delivery

    I asked if I could buy them and have the FWD switches replaced they told me they could. Cost $10 a switch
  38. Pilot Steve

    Windshield part number

    I have a 2016 ap1 model x I need the new part number to resolve ghosting issue. I know it is in the forum but there is 51 pages to read and maybe some already knows the correct part number to help out. Thanks in advance.
  39. Pilot Steve

    Which charges faster

    which charges faster a 75d model x or a model 3 and why?. The reason I ask is that I have a lot of model 3 owners tell me how fast they can charge even faster then me. Why is that?. Is yay because of new battery chemistry or something else. Can tesla change the charging parameters and charge...
  40. Pilot Steve

    Updated autopilot sucks!

    I agree with all this discussion couldn't they come out with a better release?. This is supposed to be a smart car equipped with cameras and sensors to guide the car. You would think the car would know heavy traffic, light tragic, stop and go traffic and would enable a higher functioning AP...
  41. Pilot Steve

    Winnemuca NV to Boise ID?

    There is a supercharger in twin falls you could use the jackpot route. Never have done the route but that would be my.02
  42. Pilot Steve

    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    The markings of the road make a huge difference. I watched the videos that were made, illustrating how AP will take you of course, describing they had to take over. If you watch closely one line is very faded or non extent so the AP recognizes our sees the darker more prominent line and takes...
  43. Pilot Steve

    Ambient lighting for non PUP X's

    I recently sent an escalated email to tesla headquarters: I recently was given a loaner model x while mine was being fixed. I loved the ambient lighting in the loaner that I drove. Just curious now if that can be activated in my model x non PUP. This is now standard with all model x's. It looks...
  44. Pilot Steve

    Bleach on UW seats?

    Tide to go pen works great as well.
  45. Pilot Steve

    Topfit dashcam

    I am searching for the top fit dashcam for ap1 and can't find it. Will the ap2 dashcam fit?. It seems they stopped making them. Looked into the blackvue dash cam to and have it installed they want over $1300. Seems overpriced. I swear when you tell a shop what car you drive especially a...
  46. Pilot Steve

    Pirelli tires for 20s

    I just found Pirelli scorpion zero all season plus tires in 20 size. I need to replace my tires. I haven’t heard anyone using these tires before. They came out in July I think...
  47. Pilot Steve

    2017.44 02fdc86

    Chill mode=eco mode. Prius mode. Mini van mode. Geo mode. Yugo mode. Now the question is better range mode?
  48. Pilot Steve

    2017.42 a88c8d5

    This OTA update is being used to uncork the performance for the 75D's per the technician that did my uncorking. It contains some software adjustments that make it possible to uncork the 75D's. At least that is my understanding.
  49. Pilot Steve

    0 to 60 uncork

    Thinking about doing this
  50. Pilot Steve

    0 to 60 uncork

    Super quick. This is the best upgrade so far hands down

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