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  1. GasDoc84

    Need help deciding between P3D or new Model S

    Sounds like you have decided, but I'll throw in my 2 cents since I had the same debate with myself and have had my S for over a year now; The P3D is "zippy" and fun to drive. That being said, I drive a lot like you, and the comfort of the S was unmatched. I felt like the 3 was more of a track...
  2. GasDoc84

    FS: Brand new Airmatic Evolution lowering links for Model S

    This isn't the brand I bought but they look identical to the ones I have. I installed them and absolutely love them. I can reach in and adjust them if I want the settings to sit higher or lower depending on my mood. You will have your ride height settings so slamming the low version is not an...
  3. GasDoc84

    Model S/X Piano black dash trim

    Is the 3M vinyl the carbon look?
  4. GasDoc84

    Stealth hitch for sale

    If it's for a model S I'm interested
  5. GasDoc84

    WTB ADV1 22" Wheels/tires for Model S

    Tires..smh..preferably with TIRES already.
  6. GasDoc84

    WTB ADV1 22" Wheels/tires for Model S

    Looking specifically for the 5.2.1 SL. Like these in the pics. Preferably with wheels already.
  7. GasDoc84

    WTT: 21" MS turbines (grey) for grey / black 19" wheels - PA/DMV

    PM sent. And the images just loaded for me. In the PM I stated I couldn't see them.
  8. GasDoc84

    Power Wall For Sale - For real this time

    Nobody said you were a bad person, just that looking for more money on here is poor form. Real Estate is a different animal. If you had 8 offers at asking price, chances are after 3-4 of those offers, the realtors would tell their clients they have to offer more or they won't be considered. It...
  9. GasDoc84

    Could the Dual Motor pull this?

    Use a slider hitch. I would have to see if I had a picture of one of mine. I had a Ram Mega Cab which only comes with a 6' bed. Not ideal for jackknifing trailers. I installed a sliding 5th wheel hitch, which allows it to ride just forward of the rear axle like it should, then at low speeds when...
  10. GasDoc84

    Could the Dual Motor pull this?

    I have a lot of hauling experience. I used to own a logistics/hauling company. You no doubt can adapt a GN ball into the bed of the CT. That's not an issue. The tongue weight is reduced on a GN in relevance to the overall weight when compared to a bumper pull. I have no doubt that even loaded...
  11. GasDoc84

    Death rattle fix estimate cost for a 2020 LR?

    @Havoc, I don't know where you are in California, but I have had the opposite experience at the Vista SC. EXTREMELY nice service writer. Went out of his way to make sure I was happy and to listen to everything I had to say. If you are somewhat close to there, I recommend checking it out when needed.
  12. GasDoc84

    Death rattle fix estimate cost for a 2020 LR?

    I saw someone post on here that if you call it a "noise" they will charge you if they don't find/fix anything. But if you call it a "vibration" on the service ticket, then it is covered. Then when you get there you explain to the tech what you are really experiencing. I have that same rattle...
  13. GasDoc84

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    Yes, but many of us were also seeing an equivocal drop in the displayed range. Randomly happened on mine with the 2019.40.50.7 update
  14. GasDoc84

    Just got the Long Range Plus update

    It seems that the sales staff doesn't know jack about what constitutes getting the updated range or not. They told r1200gs4ok that he would have to pay for some sort of hardware to make the change. Then randomly he received it as everyone seems to be. The earliest I have seen on here was a...
  15. GasDoc84

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    Nobody has determined a VIN determination yet. People have said it requires the F battery but that is still hearsay. That wasn't something said by Tesla as a company. The only thing FROM Tesla was Elon saying cars from the last few months would see the boost. The inventory cars would depend on...
  16. GasDoc84

    Will all Model S Ravens get the range boost?

    Mine is a few updates behind others too. I did the mobile service trick and they also told me I was current. I don't know how they figure what is "current" for each vehicle. It will come with time. I did the same thing to snag the tax credit and the CA rebate. Last day of the CA rebate for...
  17. GasDoc84

    Model S Long Range Plus - 390 miles (Model X upgraded, too)

    Airforcebj, do you know what battery code you have? E or F? Mine is a Nov build too but it is the E battery. Wondering what yours is since it's the same month. That's awesome you got the updated range. I am still on 2019.40.57. I put in for a mobile service appointment and asked to push...
  18. GasDoc84

    Service Center Experience - Warning to others & Advice/Opinion welcomed

    As for your experience, you have WAY more patience than me, Sir. After 2 revisits I would have been flipping over desks. That sounds crazy what you have gone through there. I have only taken my car in once. I took it to Vista, CA. I had a popping noise coming from the passenger side dash where...
  19. GasDoc84

    Questions about returning to the brand...

    2020 Raven S. Absolutely love it. I have had a lot of nice cars and this thing beats all. As for service, I have taken it in once. The tech came out and drove with me, discussed the issues, I was given a 2018 MS 75D (they have enterprise on-site with a dozen matching cars), and I was called that...
  20. GasDoc84

    P100D ludicrous+ loses to Model 3?? What the??

    Many of you have probably seen this, but it's fun to watch. The dude in the blue 5 point slow gets sooo pissed
  21. GasDoc84

    P100D ludicrous+ loses to Model 3?? What the??

    Tesla Model 3 nails 0-60 mph in 2.9 sec after OTA software update When I did the test drive, I was told they were 3.2 but the new update brought it to 2.9. I see on Tesla's site right now it does advertise as 3.2. I don't own an M3P so I can't tell you. Just saying what I was told and what it...
  22. GasDoc84

    P100D ludicrous+ loses to Model 3?? What the??

    When I bought my car in December the numbers I was given were: MS Raven Performance; 0-60 2.4sec M3P; 0-60 2.9sec Your car should be updated to make it come in at 2.4. His could be 2.9. Driver error, frustration with fiddling with the screen, probably a few other variables could eat that 1/2...
  23. GasDoc84

    How do you decide? Regrets?

    I had the same dilemma with the LR and the Performance. I drove the LR first, and man, I thought it was fast. After driving the performance, all bets were off. But I couldn't rationalize that being worth $20k, or 25% more cost. The LR is still very fast. Like you said, you have the money but it...
  24. GasDoc84

    Disinfecting options for M3

    You are correct about you putting the germs on your own wheel. I don't know about the leather, but here's what you do: 1. Rag with Soapy water, wash the wheel 2. Rag damp with only water, wipe the soap off 3. Dry rag 4. Leather conditioner I would say just use some hand sanitizer or a wipe...
  25. GasDoc84

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    I didn't see it posted or asked, what wheels are these? Size and specs? Did you lower with brackets or links and how much?
  26. GasDoc84

    Disinfecting options for M3

    Being in the medical field and having dealt with and being trained in virus protection, I can safely say that washing your hands with soapy water is the best way to prevent transmission. However the OP asked about disinfecting his car for precaution. Nothing wrong with extra precaution. The...
  27. GasDoc84


    Did they both experience a range increase with the update?
  28. GasDoc84


    The amount of regen braking took me by surprise when I first test drove the MS. Obviously was not used to it coming from a mega cab Cummins truck. However, knowing the value and economic benefit of it I just left it on "hold" mode and was used to it by the time I got home with my new car. Now I...
  29. GasDoc84


    I didn't know you could send the bug report like that until I read your post the other day. There is a street around our mall here that is 40mph and the car says it's 45 on the dash. (My wife pushed it 5mph and actually got a ticket last month thanks to it, smh) I tried yesterday to send the bug...
  30. GasDoc84

    Figured Ash Cracking

    Got in my car this morning after work and something caught my eye. The wood dash panel to the left of the wheel is beginning to crack on the hard line that angles toward the vent. It is much more noticeable in person than I could appreciate in a picture. I'll set up an appointment with SC as I...
  31. GasDoc84

    Decoding the Reservation Number

    Ordered tri motor as soon as it popped up on refresh at the end of the unveiling RN112752504 Ordered a dual motor about 30min later RN112807287
  32. GasDoc84

    opinions on trade-in offer for my S85

    When I was buying mine I contemplated trading in my truck. I called Tesla and they said they offer KBB for non Tesla vehicles, but any car (including Tesla) they will price match a Carmax offer. And like ekendahl said, you will probably gain a couple thousand by doing that. My thoughts; Take it...
  33. GasDoc84


    Thanks. I saw a post in another thread saying to schedule service and say software update. The SC will see this in triage and push it through instead of having you come in. I set one up. I'll see what happens during the week.
  34. GasDoc84

    Model S as a Long Range Commuter Car

    A friend of mine drives his M3 to Mammoth quite often. He said his trip home (down the mountain) uses less than half of the actual mileage.
  35. GasDoc84

    Model S as a Long Range Commuter Car

    I drive 120-200 miles a day, and sometimes do this 6-7 days a week. I got the MS for the sole reason of the long drive. The autopilot does wonders on driving fatigue after long shifts, and especially if you do have any stop and go traffic. Like others have said, the "splash and dash"...
  36. GasDoc84

    New Software Diff 2020.4.2 thru 2020.4.11

    My 7th character on the VIN is an "E". Raven with a build date 11/19. Elon said "the Raven's within the last few months will get the range boost." Was hoping this will come. Unfortunately I'm still stuck on 2019.40.50.7 so I wouldn't know either way. Thanks Zanary for the tip about the service...
  37. GasDoc84


    Totally not complaining. It would just be nice to get a range boost as some have mentioned may come my way. Especially since 90% should already be rated at 335, not 320. I just find it odd that I haven't even received the 2020.4.11 software and people are already receiving the next new thing...
  38. GasDoc84


    320 at 90%
  39. GasDoc84


    I'm still stuck on 2019.40.50.7. Anyone know how to get new updates pushed through? Still waiting for the 2020 let alone this new one. My Raven has an 11/19 build date. I'm hoping it gets included in this 390mi update
  40. GasDoc84

    New Raven Model S Long Range - Range Question

    That's not a bad plan, but I need the mileage display so when I get in the car, or look on the ap, I can quickly calculate in my head all the driving that will be done that day or before I get back home the next day so I know if I need to charge. I often drive from one overnight shift at a...
  41. GasDoc84

    New Raven Model S Long Range - Range Question

    I did mean 2019. Thank you
  42. GasDoc84

    New Raven Model S Long Range - Range Question

    I was searching for a thread like this because I had the exact same question as OP. Took delivery on Raven LR 12/2/19. 90% was always 323-324mi. 100% yielded me 360mi. For the first few weeks I used superchargers because I didn’t wire in my 220v yet, so I was worried about that being the...
  43. GasDoc84

    Tesla front license plate mount missing lower screw holes

    Yeah, see the top just has the 2 screws?
  44. GasDoc84

    Tesla front license plate mount missing lower screw holes

    I think the stock Tesla license plate frame for the front is curved a bit to fit that mount and it has tabs on the bottom that drop in before screwing in the top screws. I'm sure the SC would give you one, or I have one that I could drop in the mail for the price of postage. I removed my front...
  45. GasDoc84

    Hello from SoCal

    Evening everybody. My name is Pepe. I got my 2020 Model S Raven Dec. 2nd, the day before the CA rebate changes ;) I am absolutely loving the car and all the benefits of it. We have a cybertruck on order as well. I also have Tesla solar on my home. I have been browsing the forum in my limited...
  46. GasDoc84

    WTB: MS Spoiler

    I'm looking for a stock style/shape spoiler. Doesn't have to be OEM. Not the Gotham style though. I want to paint it so I'm hoping to find one that is ugly for cheaper ;) Chinese stuff on Amazon/eBay seems iffy. I'd rather give one of you my money.
  47. GasDoc84

    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    You're an awesome human :cool:

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