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    Can you turn the screen off?

    I just tried it and it keeps turning on the voice command. Sorry, I could have sworn it worked before the current updates. I even remember using it on a long road trip at night.
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    Can you turn the screen off?

    If you hold it it restarts, if you press once it just turns off the screen. Have you tried this before you go around downvoting other peoples suggestions?
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    Can you turn the screen off?

    @Dan203 In case no one mentioned this yet - just press in both the left and right scroll wheels at the same time to turn off the screen. Do the same again to turn the screen back on.
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    Do I have a heat pump?

    I have been dealing with this noise all summer. I never noticed it last year, i only started noticing it in May. I can replicate it 100% of the time by turning on the fans to full blast with the AC on. On a hot day when getting in the car (Auto climate) the noise stops after about 20-30 seconds.
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    Clicking Noise from Driver's Side Door

    If you are having the same issue i used to have, it's the mirror making the noise when it opens. Try unfolding the mirror with the screen command.
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    Tesla Is Officially Selling A Used Model 3 With Serious Paint Issues

    From what I remember rust/corrosion warranties only cover rust if the rust has gone through the entire panel. It does not cover surface rust.
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    Model 3 Track Mode V2...RIP BMW M3

    Lower center of gravity does not make up for increased weight. The fact is that the tires and brakes will need to handle the extra 1000 lbs at high speeds and the available mechanical grip will be much less compared to a lighter car. Your tires and brakes will also overheat/fade alot faster...
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    Model 3 Track Mode V2...RIP BMW M3

    I cannot believe the misinformation here, why have you linked an article that compares against cars at-least 1 generation (in some cases multiple generations) in the past? That was such a biased article, and the track is only 1.2 miles long and is suited for cars that accelerate fast. Does the...
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    Model 3 Track Mode V2...RIP BMW M3

    No doubt electric cars are the performance cars of the future. But i have my doubts if this will happen in the next 5 (possibly more) years. Electric cars are using the same suspension tech that ICE cars use, the only thing different is lower center of gravity and higher curb weight. Lower...
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    Model 3 Track Mode V2...RIP BMW M3

    You do realize that the BMW M3 is pretty much 50:50 weight distribution?
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    Model 3 Track Mode V2...RIP BMW M3

    Let me know when a software update is able to defy the laws of physics and reduce the curb weight ;). You can only compensate so much with clever coding. Tesla needs to design a lighter weight battery or release a lower capacity track version of the model 3 to compete with the newer generation...
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    Model 3 Track Mode V2...RIP BMW M3

    BMW has been making terrible choices when it comes to driver engagement and most recently design choices. No argument from me there. But one thing the M3/M4 have been consistent about is the performance on paper. I have no doubt that the new M3 will NOT be a flop when it comes to handling/power...
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    Passing Porsche and Lambo at Laguna Seca

    Porsche driver had the right of way, it is the responsibility of the overtaking car to overtake safely. The Porsche was setting up for the next corner which is why he swung to the right. Aside from going off track, OP also came dangerously close to rear ending the Porsche. The GT3's brakes are...
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    I meant to dislike someone else's post and disliked yours instead. Sorry about that.

    I meant to dislike someone else's post and disliked yours instead. Sorry about that.
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    Loud wind sounds at 55mph or more

    Can you compare the seal (below the upper trim) where the drivers window seals against on both cars? Does your window perfectly fit against the indented portion of the seal? Also, adjusting the window will affect wind buffeting noise significantly.
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    New Track Mode v2 and Track pack!?!?

    You aren't missing anything, trust me.
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    Looking for suspension shop near Seattle/ Tacoma, WA

    What is "Performance Parts and Materials"? and why are you paying for "Inbound Freight"? Isn't shipping free? When i installed Eibach springs myself i didn't need any extra parts or materials. Only thing i can think of is that they may be charging for model 3 jack pads? One thing i would say...
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    Back from renting an ICE - M3 wins hands down except for blind spot warning

    Comparing to a BMW M4: Positives Heads up display was awesome Less road noise and insignificant wind noise compared to Model 3 Better brakes More fun because of manual transmission Better leather quality Better handling due to adaptive M suspension Automatic high beams which I coded to have...
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    Poll: Is FSD Worth the Cost?

    3. FSD will be implemented before it's time to trade in the car.
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    Poll: Is FSD Worth the Cost?

    I have the automatic lane switching disabled for the reason OP mentioned. And enhanced summon is pretty much useless since it is unpredictable. The only feature that is actually useful to me is the lane change without disabling AP. It's nice to see the traffic lights/signs and I hope Tesla...
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    Loud wind sounds at 55mph or more

    If its coming from upper trim area where the window seals - it's probably a mis aligned window. I know this because I had the window re aligned and the noise went away.
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    Loud wind sounds at 55mph or more

    Yea.. it's soo annoying hearing the same talking points. My GFs Range Rover Sport is pretty quite on the highway. Also you don't really hear the engine on luxury cars (normal driving) anyway. Also what's even more interesting is that my Corvette Z06 (current gen) is much quieter than the model...
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    Loud clunk on 1st reverse of day

    If it is the brakes, it's more of a thud instead of a clunk. I have had this on all my previous cars and it's actually not bad in the model 3. My previous car had massive brakes that would require quite a bit of engine power to break free. I would suggest maybe scrubbing your brakes (by using...
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    Will bagging Tesla model 3 void warranty

    I lowered about 1" and really noticed a difference on long highway trips. I have since added wheel spacers which slightly lowered efficiency, but they are totally worth it for the look. My car is still much more efficient than stock.
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    Will bagging Tesla model 3 void warranty

    Lowering my car has significantly improved high way efficiency, probably like 8%.
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    How to lower a Model 3?

    I would recommend the Eibach springs. This was the only lowering spring manufacturer which recommends trimming bump stops. The springs are stiffer but the ride is more composed and handles bumps better. I believe it is because of the trimmed bump stops.
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    Bad white model 3 seat stains

    I spilled boiling hot coffee on the drivers seat when taking a highway exit (one of those exits that are circular). Terrible design choice on Tesla's part for placing the cup holders where they did, it spilled half the contents of the coffee onto the seat. It burned so much that I couldn't...
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    convince me why i should keep my model 3 order and not get a model y

    Less acceleration (confirmed by Tesla), less efficiency (more drag), worse handling (due to higher center of gravity and more weight)
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    Non-Tesla Service Center wheel alignment questions

    Thats ridiculous, I recently lowered my model 3 myself and literally everything is the same as any other car. Only difference is that you need to take the aero cover off the rear control arm (one 10mm nut) and might need to take the plastic under panel behind the rear wheels. Camber and caster...
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    Thinking of 245/45/r18 on 18" Aero Wheels with 5mm Spacers from Adaptec

    The 5mm spacers will be barely noticeable. And it would be dangerous to do 10mm since you are reducing the useable threads in the lugnuts. I would suggest either 15mm blox sport 7075-T6 (the stronger version) or looking into 265/40/18 advan/conti tires. These tires will have the same overall...
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    Tesla RPM seems more like RPMonths....

    Maybe they are waiting to receive the item from eBay lol
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    Fixes to request prior to warranty expiration?

    That is most likely the mirror making the snapping noise when it opens and closes. It needs to be adjusted at the service center. It sounds like the door because the mirror opens at the same time. I had the same issue and thought it was the door. Just make sure that you do not have excess wind...
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    How noticeable is the acceleration boost from a dual motor long range to a performance Model 3?

    I thought about one word to describe the feeling, its "hilarious". This is coming from someone who's previous car had a 0-60 time of 2.95 s
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    C7 Corvette Z06, i miss the quiet interior and removable roof. But don't miss getting 10mpg and spending $1200 in tires every 4k miles.
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    Emulate Engine Noise - Agree or Disagree?

    I bet you had your destination set to a supercharger. The car will start making a whirling noise on acceleration/deceleration while warming up with the motors.
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I had the same issues, I always thought there was something off about the suspension/setup. The model 3 controls body roll fairly well, but It almost felt like the springs were not matched with the shocks properly. My previous cars were an M4 and a Corvette Z06, so initially I just assumed that...
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    Noise in front when starting in cold

    Does it happen with the climate off? I've noticed slight buzzing noises when the climate control starts
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    How good is RWD in the winter

    Yes, if you watch closely it is applying the brake to the spinning wheel in an attempt to transfer power to the wheel which has traction. You can tell the exact moment it succeeds because the spinning wheel completely stops the exact moment the car is able to power off the rollers. It is not a...
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    How good is RWD in the winter

    The issue is not RWD, the issue is that most cars including Tesla's have essentially open differentials. What that means is that when one of the wheels looses traction, all of the power is diverted to that wheel. You can imagine how often this could cause you grief in various slippery...
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    The biggest surprise I have after two weeks of Model 3

    Pittsburgh is actually an awesome city for car enthusiasts. Local cops cannot use radar/lidar for speed traps. They have to manually time you between two reference points (two white lines on the road usually).
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    Corvette Z06 vs. Model 3 Performance comparison

    Almost forgot about the Magride. It is was soo amazing. Even with the car on the lowest ride height, road imperfections were tuned out soo perfectly. There is a reason Ferrari buys these from GM. I also had the $350 mag ride software update and it was amazing.
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    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    I always go for the minimum height i can where i can get the legs under. I guess there will be quite a bit of twisting force on the jack point if the car is lifted to maximum height. At that point, the inside part of the jack pad will hold most of the weight in a smaller area. Regardless, the...
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    MASTER THREAD: Jack Points — location, use, damage, pads, etc.

    I have used the safejack with the same adapter as the one in the video from i1Tesla. I've had half the weight of the car on one jackstand for 24 hrs while i was installing lowering springs (got stuck because i didn't have a specific tool). I do not see any deformation on the jack points. I take...
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    Model 3 Motors on the Tesla Parts Catalog

    I just recently lowered my model 3 and have been noticing massive differences in efficiency on the highway. Maybe you are correct, the efficiency gain is from lowered ride height. @UnpluggedP has a study on their website which states that efficiency is increased by 8% when lowering the car.
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    Corvette Z06 vs. Model 3 Performance comparison

    Haha what a small world, i went from a C7 z06 to a model 3 dual motor. I daily drove mine including the winter. I had snow tires and specifically loved taking it out during snow storms. I also had the suspension on the lowest setting. Here are the reasons i got rid of mine: Going through...
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    The current generation Bmw M3 is just not a drivers car anymore. It went soft in all the wrong areas (exhaust note, non NA, muted steering feel). It basically defeats itself even before you compare it with another car. It is the wrong car to benchmark against a Model 3. I had one custom ordered...
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    Geico just raised my insurance rate

    I can definitely vouch for Ameriprise, i got a pretty good deal. Do you know if they are good about paying claims/repairs?
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    Is my Model 3 totaled

    I bet he can get a raven model s with the bodily injury money. Looks like a decent hit.
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    I had to drop my long term insurance carrier when i got the model 3 non-performance because they considered it a performance. They wanted $300/month when i was paying only $100/month on a corvette z06 with 650hp that went 0-60 in 2.95 sec (lol).
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    So all current stealths have "C" in the 8th position of the VIN? I guess if it's in the VIN then there is no getting around paying the extra premium. When i got quotes for insurance, some insurance companies considered my non-performance a performance car. It's weird because i have a "B" as the...

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