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    FSD Beta 10.12

    Someone has been reading Hail Mary. 😉 I loved that book.
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    where to buy new tires?

    What about Costco tires?
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    I’m seeming to have the same issue as some of you. Have 4.1 on iOS but dont see the Safety Score in the app.
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    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    It’s been a while since the last update, right? 3 weeks? I think we’ve moved from weekly, to biweekly, and now at least every 3 weeks (or more).
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    2020.20.12 being pushed out now (6/9/2020)

    Yep got it also.
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    Don’t use hand sanitizer on your 15” screen

    I can vouch for this. Don’t do it because it screws it up like the OP mentioned. And before everyone starts jumping on me about this, I had just picked it up from the service center so I wanted to sanitize everything!
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    Newer Revs for HW3?

    I’m talking about the physical hardware itself. Not the software improvements HW3 takes advantage of.
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    Newer Revs for HW3?

    I’ve been waiting on HW3 and haven’t pulled the trigger to request the upgrade through the app. From some of these posts it now looks like it’s possible to just ask and you may get scheduled. But before I do I was wondering if there’s any information on whether the hardware has been improved in...
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    2020.4 Anything New?

    Yep, just got 2020.4.1. 2019 LR AWD 12/2019
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    Anyone else trade up from LR RWD to AWD?

    I upgraded from the RWD to the AWD on December 31 2018. I had the RWD since May 2018. I’m extremely happy with my decision. I had three main reasons to switch. One, like you I was looking for better winter performance. I live in Northern Virginia and although there are not many snowy days, there...
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    Is the Server for the Tesla mobile app down?

    Yes, still down!
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    Sentry Keeper- free Windows software to manage your Sentry videos

    Very cool software! Installed with no issues. But I have a more general question. Because Sentry Mode creates so many files and videos, what's the best way to find the relevant ones? The ones where someone actually comes up to your car and/or does something bad? These are lost in the...
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    Firmware 2019.12.1.2

    I also just got the update. 12.1 showed the same release notes So maybe just some quick bug fixes
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    Long term parking and Sentry Mode

    I will be going on an 7 day cruise and keeping the car parked at the airport for 8 days. With Sentry mode on all that time, should I be worried about a low battery when I get back? I know it turns off at 20% but has anyone left it on for an extended amount of time? I assume so..
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    Supercharger - Edison, NJ

    Yeah, I can confirm relatively slow charging rates. I tried three different stalls and the fastest I’m able to get is 54 kW, or about 225 mph on empty battery. One charger was not even working. Yesterday I was able to charge up to 500 mph in Allentown Pennsylvania, so definitely there’s an...
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    Parts of 2019.8.3 are great, but ...

    Update: Yesterday I started this thread and lane changes did NOT work 100% of the time (yes, I have all options including FSD). But today? It worked each and every time I tried it. For my 20 mile commute, I initiated a lane change a bunch of times in the morning and afternoon. It worked...
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    Parts of 2019.8.3 are great, but ...

    Yes, phantom braking even on this release. But seems less than before. Braked for an overpass.
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    Parts of 2019.8.3 are great, but ...

    ... the car will not complete an auto lane change anymore! Not in standard autopilot or on NoA. I tried it multiple times on my 20 mile commute to work this morning and it was back to hesitating and starting the lane change but then suddenly veering back to the lane. The strange thing is that...
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    Yes!!! Enhanced summon is on its way.....

    I just got 8.3 but enhanced summon is not there. Which version is in enhanced summon released in?
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    Major NoA and other software updates today?

    So has anyone with an AWD noticed a power increase after the update? We don’t get the range boost, but should see faster 0-60 times
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    Model 3 lighted applique

    Just now seeing this. Is there a link to a picture or description of what it will be like? I’m a little uncertain to what this is, but may be interested if it’s cool enough!
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    Model 3 review - After moving from RWD to AWD

    That calculation did not count for tax loses. I figured that was an eaten cost... I wouldn’t expect to get anything close if taxes were counted. Just close your eyes at that point and hand it over to Uncle Sam (again).
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    Model 3 review - After moving from RWD to AWD

    I thought about this also and checked my last year’s return. Yep, I do have enough tax liability. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad! I guess a good thing for at least this year!
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    Price Drop of $2k on M3P+

    How do you guys know if it's 2018 vs 2019? I don't see anything mentioned on my Tesla account page. It just says Model 3 with the VIN.
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    Model 3 review - After moving from RWD to AWD

    I realized that after I posted, but it looks like there’s no way to change the title. LR should be RWD.
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    Model 3 review - After moving from RWD to AWD

    I was a Day 1 reservation holder and my number came up this April. From the beginning I wanted AWD with white seats, but as we all know that configuration wasn’t available for the first few months. I couldn’t wait so I ordered a beautiful multi coat red with all the options and thoroughly...
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    Frunk won’t open

    Man... this is the worst timing. Went to get my daughter’s gifts (err, Santa’s) that are in the frunk and it is not opening! Oh no, the worst timing ever! I am In the middle of central Pennsylvania and the nearest Tesla service Station is in Pittsburgh over two hours away! Service station was...
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    Software Update 2018.36.x

    Yep, got it this morning also. Same message as last time “minor bug fixes”. Will look for any differences on the commute to work this morning.
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    Software Update 8.1 2018.34.1

    Haven’t experienced either of these issues before or after this last update. Using an iPhone X.
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    Software Update 8.1 2018.34.1

    Updated today in my work’s parking garage with no signal. No issues. Haven’t driven it enough to notice any difference, but maybe AP is a touch smoother at times.
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    AWD (non-P) delivery set for 8/1

    Well, how does it drive?! I’m very curious to hear about the acceleration vs Rwd if you have experience with the latter.
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    Super fast charging rate - 433 mph

    Was at the Harrisburg, PA supercharger just now (3A) and experienced a very fast charge rate. Only second time supercharging my 3, but this is the fastest by far. What’s the fastest others have experienced?
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    Did anyone receive another software update today?

    I also got 21.9 this afternoon and I don’t notice any noticable change to “nag” behavior. But the view of adjacent cars is a great addition! Haven’t driven enough to test out any potential improvements to AP.
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    Tint Shops in NoVA/MD?

    Wanted Stratos but ended up with Pinnacle. Wanted a subdued look and not too metallic or shiny so the shop steered me to Pinnacle, which also saved me close to $200. Very happy with the result!
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    Tint Shops in NoVA/MD?

    The $900 is for the Model S. It’s $1200 for the 3. They say that the back window is much bigger and they use only one sheet so the cost is higher.
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    Newbie Question - Tesla Apps for iPhone

    There’s an app called Co-pilot Plus for Tesla that looks interesting. One of the features they offer is a crowd sourced review of places where Autopilot fails or doesn’t perform well. The app also has some other features and is relatively new.
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    You know, mine wasn’t opening either, but today it started to. I know I didn’t miss it because I was specifically trying to open the door with the charger button (running 18.3) and it didn’t work. But now it works..
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    Tint Shops in NoVA/MD?

    Unfortunately the LA Tint in Sterling does not do Photosync. In fact, the guy I spoke to never heard of it. LOL. I'll probably just stick with Pinnacle then.
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    Tint Shops in NoVA/MD?

    Picking up on an old thread.... but asking for the No. VA area, specifically around Ashburn, VA. I think I’ve narrowed it down to Photosync or Llumar FormulaOne Pinnacle. A friend of mine recommended LA Tint in Sterling, but I don’t think they do Photosync. I will call them tomorrow to...
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    Wow, I can’t believe all the issues people are reporting. 18.3 downloaded a couple days ago for me, since then I’ve had no issues. Everything has been running smoothly. Then again, I’ve had no issues since I’ve had the car which has been about 10 days now.
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    New Model 3 Seats!

    VIN 18XXX and I have the new seats. Not that I would have noticed the difference either way...
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    Vendor Tesla Model 3 | DIY Ceramic Coating

    Another question on this.. I picked up my M3 last week and inspected it closely. There are no swirls or scratches on the surface. I haven't washed it yet and it looks like it's in perfect condition. SO, would I be able to skip any of the above steps? I don't believe I need to polish it (step...
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    Vendor Tesla Model 3 | DIY Ceramic Coating

    Do you really need the polisher? Or can you do it by hand? Debating on whether to spend the $75 (current price on Amazon) or power through by hand.
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    Vendor Tesla Model 3 | DIY Ceramic Coating

    Thanks for the info.. makes sense!
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    Vendor Tesla Model 3 | DIY Ceramic Coating

    Also, why are the prices on the Orbital Sanders all over the place. Some are $300 others are $65, like this one
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    Vendor Tesla Model 3 | DIY Ceramic Coating

    Thanks for posting this (as well as the OP!), it’s very helpful. Just wondering, did you use a foam wand? I’ve hand washed my cars for years but never used the soap foaming wand. Wondering if it’s necessary?
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    Northern Virginia group buy for PPF / ceramic?

    Did we ever get a group buy price on the ceramic?
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    What do you dislike most about your Model 3?

    I happened to time it well. Finalized the loan information and ACH’d Tesla the down payment yesterday. Bank is overnighting the check to delivery center today and I’m picking her up tomorrow!
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    Talking Teslas Podcast

    On their last show they said that it won’t be the last. That they will get together again at some point. Who knows when that will be though... yeah, they were one of the best Tesla podcasts.

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