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    Model S refresh!

    Totally agree, I've had Tesla's since 2017, love the cars, love the company. I have a Model X on order, it will be cancelled predominantly on the basis of this stupid wheel and no stalks for indicators rather than the wait time. Form over function and too much design bias towards FSD that just...
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    Yep I'll be cancelling my MX Performance order and keeping my 2019 MX P100DL, but predominantly due to the stupid steering wheel with no indicator stalks. Too much bias towards FSD in the design that will not get approval in the UK for the time I'm likely to have the vehicle. Shame I passed on...
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    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    Not sure. You could read it as "it would be more than just range/efficiency" or read it as "it's instead of as range, as that doesn't get a price hike" . My take is Elon stated larger range is coming for MS and MX a few months back, so I'd be surprised if it didn't include that, so understood...
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    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    His point was the price did not go up when they launched Raven. It has gone up now in general and that I should infer more than battery/drivetrain/efficiency updates as a result. I really don't know what he knows, more than to clear out the inventory stock, but strange to start the conversation...
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    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    For transparency, I work in the industry for a competitor so I'm clearly have my own views that I'd like to think are balanced. They (Octopus) are very innovative, generally very good on service and price. I like and admire them as a company, there is a lot to like. Greg the founder is a top...
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    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    I had a call from Tesla in the UK today, head office not local SC about my order I had placed in November for a March delivery. Before £5k price hike. He said (I paraphrase): "Just calling about your Model X order. Are you following the various rumours regarding the Model S and X production? If...
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    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    Did the price go up for US orders the same as it has in Europe out of interest?
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    Does the 2021 Model X come with a HEPA filter?

    Yes it has a HEPA filter. The $500 is for a replacement.
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    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    Yep just posted this on another thread. My order was in before the £5k price hike, but for March delivery. Sales management in UK (I know them well this is my 4th Tesla) saying that no MX and MS to be shipped to Europe after the December year end push until mid-late March 2021. I think tied...
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    Model X Next Refresh

    I don't know about the RoW, but as we have seen the European prices have just gone up significantly for MS and MX. And no delivery dates before March 2021. I ordered a Model X last week for March delivery and the price is now £5000 higher than my order. Currently I have no expected delivery...
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    Model X 2019 Pre-Raven EPA compared with current version?

    Yes thanks for the correction, 50miles is still a big difference energy consumption wise. Getting the quicker charging is also a bonus; lack of vented seats with the old headrests is the only downside. Order placed, online says March Delivery, however I got a call in the afternoon that asked if...
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    Model X 2019 Pre-Raven EPA compared with current version?

    Thanks both, that was really helpful. All in it doesn't really matter EPA or WLTP, it's more about the step changes in relative terms. As the 2019 MX was pretty much from a drivetrain and battery perspective the same as the 2017 100kWh based models; it's a relative jump for the P100DL...
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    Model X 2019 Pre-Raven EPA compared with current version?

    Hi I have a 2019 March Build Model X P100DL Pre-Raven. So it has HW3 and MCU2, it also seems to be CCS compatible, well the UK/EU CCS V3 Superchargers appear in the Nav (not sure if that is actually the way to tell). I'm considering swapping out for the latest Performance version (long story...
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    Upgrade to MCU2 and AP HW3.0 [Europe]

    I have a 2017 MS 90D and had HW2.0/MCU1 to HW3/MCU2 done a few weeks ago in the UK. I also had the CCS upgrade done at the same time. Booked it via the app with about a weeks notice, all parts available, it took pretty much the whole day, but worked perfectly and no issues. No radio, so I'm...
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    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Upgrade done. it went in for the CCS Upgrade/MCU1 > MCU2 and > AP2.0 to AP3. 8:15am arrival, complete at about 3:30pm. Like a different car, in fact just like my Model X that has MCU2 and AP3, with the exception of no Radio. SC said fix being worked on, no firm date when it will be. Could be...
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    Octopus Agile Peak Rate

    My understanding was there are a couple of Nuclear reactors offline at the moment. With some uncertainty on at least one on whether it's cost effective to bring back online after it's summer shutdown. Can't remember for the life of me which one though...
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    FSD - Change lane without NOA

    I always thought this was map limited? i.e. it was always consistently working or not working for me on particular routes. i.e. as if the AI was using the map to detect multiple lanes, as opposed to what it could 'see' through the cameras?
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    [UK] Octopus: Electric Juice Network

    Nice and slick. Just frustrating if you have more than one EV and more than one driver, to need multiple cards dependent on who is driving rather than just using your own phone and one app. Octopus are doing some really good stuff though and this is still a step forwards for many people. Their...
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    [UK] Octopus: Electric Juice Network

    Good podcast, although Ben did go into details that might be beyond what a lot of EV drivers might need. He is driving a lot of the narrative on this personally and doing a great job. It's harder than you would think to get this to work even with the standards, as there are lots of issues with...
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    [UK] Octopus: Electric Juice Network

    That's pretty accurate. Tesla owners need this far far less than the owners of any other EV. In fact dependent on where you live and travel too, you might find you would never need this as a Tesla owner. Wales like you say is the dark side of the moon for EV charging in general regardless of...
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    [UK] Octopus: Electric Juice Network

    It is really early doors with the standards and how they will be adopted and when, but I think it will move quite quickly with new installations from potentially late 2021 onwards. Retrofits though will be very sketchy and hardware vendor specific. I certainly believe there is a role to be...
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    [UK] Octopus: Electric Juice Network

    I'm directly involved in the Zap-Pay initiative on the Zap-Map app so I can, with good authority, say that this is their biggest priority for the next 18 months. There is a solid pipeline of networks wanting to join and the commercials and contracts are being worked through at good pace. With...
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    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    I didn't ask them TBH. It's not that important to me, that said they didn't flag it wasn't being upgraded either. I guess they can add it retrospectively, albeit they might charge me for the pleasure. I'll ask on the day. I want the CCS upgrade doing and HW3. So if I have to put off the MCU2...
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    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Yep, I'm booked in for MCU1 with HW2 (AP2.0) > MCU2 with HW3 upgrade (I have FSD) and the CCS Upgrade on the 23rd September in Manchester (Stockport SC). Confirmed today that parts are on order and they should be there on time. Otherwise appointment will be pushed back... We have a March 2017...
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    Model S/X CCS Adaptor - Experiences?

    Hi I have a 2017 MS and a 2019MX. The later is a late pre raven and apparently says I just need the adaptor. Equally the price has apparently just dropped on the conversion for our MS. I cannot for the life of me find any information on how to just buy the adaptor for the MX? Any ideas and do...
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    Looks like there's a bugfix already to the 2019.36 release

    Yep certainly. Quite unusual to have a very big push on one release, historically happens maybe a few times a year at the very most. Updates are usually incremental with lots of 'dot. sub releases. Sometimes specific to a particular model or age. For example I'm currently getting various...
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Yep that was sort of my point, if Dashcam and Sentry are AP specific, then I'm expecting that those features may well be available once AP3 hardware is installed. I didn't expect MCU 1 to be a limitation on those features. Clearly games, video, etc are all off limits to MCU 1 users and as such...
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    UK Owners with v10?

    I can confirm we are getting rear camera recording on the AP3 Model X. As expected V10 on a MCU1 and AP2 Model S is even more underwhelming. As these cars already have Spotify and data, but no hardware for Dashcam or better games/video. The only things are to improve are the visualisations, Joe...
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    UK Owners with v10?

    Yep I also had 2019.32.11 pushed to both my Model X (2019 P100DL) and Model S (2017 P90D) both have FSD. Only installed on the Model X at the moment (Model S is with my wife on the road really early, so I'll update tonight). Model X is AP3 and MCU2. So it does get Netflix and YouTube and...
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    An MCU1 to MCU2 Upgrade might be REALLY worth it

    I’ve wondered this. I have FSD but currently on MCU1 and HW2. So 2 questions if anyone knows : Is it the MCU or AP HW that limits dash cam? I.e. when I get HW3 will that enable dash cam or will I still need MCU2 as well. As above do we think that HW3 can work with MCU1? I have HW3 in a new MXP...
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    Teslafi - recommended settings?

    Glad you asked this as I have always wondered about the optimal settings too. My MS and MX only idle, don't sleep and I get quite a bit of vampire drain ,of which I put most of it down to Teslafi....
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    What New Owners need to Know - UK FAQ

    Really? On my 2017 MS and 2019 MX you hold the Park button down for 3 secs and that engages the parking brake and the symbol appears on the dash, your hear it engage. Not sure on a M3, but I'm pretty convinced about the MS and MX. I do it everyday when I park up. Strangley though the manual...
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    Just getting a software update...

    Like most, glad to see us getting Nav AP. However these lane change limitations are flakey and seem very dangerous. My car has repeatedly abandoned lane changes mid way and then swerved back into the original lane as someone else was looking to occupy the space I was vacating. I'm a massive...
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    Software Update 2019.16.x

    I was on 16.2 and advanced. Had 16.3 pushed to my MS with AP2.0 first thing this morning. Upgraded by App as I'm at the opposite end of the UK to my car this AM. So no Release notes, I'm expecting only bug fixes. Especially as Nav on AP has been very flakey in the UK when you include the EU...
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    Owning Tesla in rural areas

    This is important. If you have charging at your destination you can pretty much just use the onboard Navigation to ensure you get there and not have range anxiety. However, if you don't have destination charging and need a return trip, this is a current gap in the Nav on a Tesla and where...
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    Owning Tesla in rural areas

    As above, it's only really the older 2 bay sites that are a problem. Warrington M56 and Bristol that have been issues for me. However now in the navigation you can see the status and how busy these are. If you have a 100kWh battery you may be able to skip one Supercharger to get to the next...
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    EAP & FSD changes?

    Thanks really helpful. I seem to remember that it was between £3k and £4k so that rings true with me.
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    First long drive using autopilot

    I have a 2017 Model S and have not experienced the "cruise not available" issue in 30k miles and lots of it on AP, certainly not if road markings are good. I did have the car not centre aligned in early versions of the software, but these days it's pretty central, nearly all of the time. I'd...
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    Owning Tesla in rural areas

    In general having a Supercharger near to you isn't really the thing you need. The cost of the power is equal to or more expensive than charging at home. Which as an EV owner you ideally should be doing overnight, every night if needed to ensure you have a full tank of electrons each morning...
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    Model S future pricing

    Yep, I've just decided to keep my March 2017 S90D for those very same reasons. No Supercharging costs and no Tax, plus it has AP2.0 that can be upgraded to FSD HW3 according to Elon. Which I may well do. I also like the current interior design and a larger display in front of the driver and...
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    EAP & FSD changes?

    I've got a 2017 AP2.0 MS with EAP. Does anyone with a similar age car remember the cost to upgrade to FSD after purchase if you already have EAP? I also had the £1900 offer, it's now gone up to £4900. However I seem to recall the upgrade was cheaper than that at time of purchase, which they...
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    Home charging options

    Also remember that a 32A Commando in the UK will pull 8KW off a Single Phase supply. I have a PodPoint at home at 7KW that in 2 years has been faultless. But does get expensive if you want the 3 Phase and as a result I'd be going for a Tesla installation if I had the luxury of 3 Phase. However...
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    Looking at the used market for a Tesla Model S

    Totally agree on all points. As per my comment on my 21" which are not the Turbines, but at one point there was a lot of talk of quite significant range loss due to the 21" wheels over the 19". I was just wondering whether my step down was in line with that event. I need to take a look at my...
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    Looking at the used market for a Tesla Model S

    Yes it just looks at charges and the projected ranges post charge, it does so in all weather, but as it's based on estimated ranges post charge there are lots of other factors in there too. However given the long term trend it does give a pretty smoothed out line of best fit. Having looked at...
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    Looking at the used market for a Tesla Model S

    I have the Arachnid 21" wheels, which are much lighter than the Turbines, so probably not totally representative. I'm also on Springs not Air Suspension. However I've found the ride not that different TBH and equally handling pretty much the same. Which did surprise me given the very low...
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    Looking at the used market for a Tesla Model S

    I have a pair of spare mint 19" Cyclones with Tyres that have done about 8000 miles and look nearly new from a tread perspective. I'm not desperate to get rid of them, far from it so no sales pitch, however happy for them to go to a good home if there is a reasonable offer on them. I don't need...
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    Tesla Black Wall charger for sale

    How long is the lead on it?
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    Reward Powerwall UK

    Thanks that's great. Not that bothered about founders edition, just the Powerwall! Will enquire further through a sales request! Any other comments or experience welcome.
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    Reward Powerwall UK

    OK I've been waiting over a year for the Powerwall due from the last reward scheme. I did wait over 6 months for wheels, so I wasn't expecting a quick turn around. However on this reward and lack of, customer service is silent on this matter. Don't even answer e-mails. Has anyone in the UK...
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    19.8.3 sentry mode, finally

    I'm on 19.4.3. In what release did the Phantom braking issues start? I have noticed more in this release, but I don't know if subsequent ones are even worse. As I'm on AP2.0 then I might not take this upgrade when it comes and wait....

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